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Free speech applies even to those spewing bile, Vancouver Sun, March 31, 2009

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

British Member of Parliament George Galloway and his apologists are nothing but hypocrites who no more believe in free speech than I believe that the moon is made of green cheese. They and their ilk would have prevented former U.S. President George W. Bush from speaking in Calgary, did in fact prevent incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking at Concordia University in Montreal and kept right wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders from speaking in England.

They also regularly try to shout down and shut up people who express views that are contrary to theirs in public, during Israeli Apartheid Week events for example. This will no doubt happen during upcoming Durban 2 events as well. Their hypocrisy is breathtaking and free speech is the last thing they believe in, despite their protestations.

Nevertheless, the Harper government and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney are dead wrong to keep Galloway out of the country and prevent him from speaking here. Free speech applies to everyone, no matter how much we disagree with them. It either exists or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t our democratic way of life is well and truly threatened. Keeping Galloway from the lecturn indicates a profound lack of respect and understanding for our democratic values and the nature of our society. It is very worrisome, far more worrisome than allowing him to spew his bile.

Let him in, let him speak and arrest and prosecute him if he violates any of our hate laws.

Can Israel’s Government Build Peace? BBC News Website, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Peace will not happen unless and until Palestinians and the wider Arab world recognize Israel’s right to exist, stop trying to wipe it off the map and stop the bombing and killing Israeli’s constantly live with. Period. Truth be told, that is the crux of the problem and always has been and nothing will change for the Palestinians or anyone else without that happening first. You want peace? Get those things to happen and it will come. Not before.

President Bush and President Obama, Toronto Globe & Mail, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

So Jeffrey Simpson is critical of George Bush for “The deregulation, the blind adherence to ideology, the growing deficits he bequethed, the shredding social safety net, the two expensive and unresolved wars, the unfunded health-care programs: These all weigh heavily now on the United States and, by extension, on the world.” (There he was, in perhaps the only city in Canada that would have him, Globe & Mail, March 18, 2009).

I wonder if Mr. Simpson will be equally critical of President Obama after he leaves office for his obsession with regulation, his unwavering devotion to the ideology of big government, the incomprehensible deficits he’s saddling us and future generations with, his unwillingness to rise to military threats against America and it’s allies, the continued degeneration of the American educational and health care systems and so on.

If Obama doesn’t show a lot more skill and spine than he has to date he’ll be a one term President like Jimmy Carter, much of what we hold dear wil be eroded or will have disappeared altogether and the world will be much worse off than it was when he began his presidency. His legacy will also pale in comparison to that of Mr. Bush.

Very worrisome indeed. Let’s hope that Obama has learned the lessons of history and that he turns out to be a strong, visionary, effective leader, not just another weak, opportunistic politician. The stakes are incredibly high for everyone.

Response to Fearful, divided and outraged, Toronto Globe & Mail, March 14, 2009

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

No one should be surprised at the results of the recent election in Israel. With the country under attack from all sides and the very existence of the nation called into question and seriously threatened how could Israelis have voted any differently? Only military might and the willingness to use it stand between Israel and oblivion. The Israeli electorate understans that, which of course accounts for the election results. The country simply would not survive if not for the strength of it’s military and the threat this poses to those who would destroy it. Unfortunately, that’s the way things are in the Middle East and just as unfortunately it has always been thus.

Anger and outrage over this state of affairs should not be directed towards Israel as it is simply responding to it’s environment. Palestinians in particular and the Arab world in general are entirely to blame for the carnage in the Middle East and bear full responsibility for the bloodshed and suffering that is going on there. None of this would be happening if they would accept Israel’s right to exist and allow Israelis to live in peace, free from attack and the death and destruction that is constantly being rained down upon them. There could be peace in very short order if Arabs truly wanted it. That they choose otherwise means that the consequences are on their shoulders and no one elses.

So Israel has a hawkish government and a strong military which it is willing, however reluctantly, to use….thank goodness for that. Given the circumstances what else would anyone expect? For those who want peace in the Middle East there is only one way to achieve it. Get Arabs to recognize Israel and stop bombing and killing and trying to wipe it off the map.

Israeli Apartheid Week, Re: Israeli Apartheid Week no “hatefest”, National Post, March 10, 2009

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Since Judy Rebick and Alan Sears believe free expression is paramount on university campuses across the land they couldn’t possibly object to the implementation of Arab Idiocy Week at universities throughout Canada in order to provide a counterpoint to the recent Israeli Apartheid Week i.e. to balance the scales as it were. Palestinian and Arab students would be subjected to exactly the same kind of activities in reverse during Arab Idiocy Week as Israeli and Jewish students were during Israeli Apartheid Week. Nothing could be fairer than that.

Activities during the week would include physically harassing pro-Palestinian students, especially Muslims and Arabs, displaying intimidating and inflammatory placards and posters, holding rallies which demonize and villify Palestinians and call for an end to them and their institutions, shouting down and shutting up anyone who begs to differ, lying and historical revisionism, spewing hate and intolerance towards Palestinians based on their religion and ethnicity and other such actions which seem to have become acceptable when directed towards Jews and Israelis. In the interest of fairness and balance if they can be subjected to them during Israeli Apartheid Week why can’t Arabs be subjected to them during Arab Idiocy Week….what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t it?

Various themes based on the week’s title could also be emphasized. For example.

Hezbollah and Hamas; sick sons of sick societies and why the Arab world encourages and supports them despite the damage they do to everyone.

Arab refusal to recognize Israel and it’s right to exist and how this eliminates any possibility of peace and prosperity for Palestinians.

Tolerating the use of women and children as human shields and what this says about Palestinian society.

Buying in to Islamist propaganda and the terrible effect this has on people everywhere, including Palestinians themselves.

Allowing thugs and villains to dominate and debilitate Palestinian life.

Arab refusal to accept any blame or responsibility for the predicament Palestinians find themselves in and what this means for the world.

The list goes on…..

Arab Idiocy Week. Why not? It’s no more ludicrous, shameful. odious and self-serving than Israeli Apartheid Week so let’s get on with it, in the name of free expression, fairness and balance of course. After all, it’s not anti-Arab any more than Israeli Apartheid Week is anti-Semitic and therefore nothing less is demanded. It’s the Canadian way.

Re: The Biggest Roadblock, National Post, March 9, 2009

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Mindy Alter is of course absolutely correct when she says that Islamic dogma is a huge impediment to peace in the Middle East. It is the biggest impediment of all in my view. There will never be peace unless and until the Arab world accepts Israel’s right to exist and allows Israelis to live free from attack and the death and destruction they constantly have to deal with. This is a point of view that isn’t seen often enough in our national media (actually, it isn’t seen at all) and the Post should be commended for printing it. Calling a spade a spade is never easy and I’m sure you will be criticized heavily by the usual suspects. Nevertheles, the more people that understand and act on this sentiment the closer we are to peace.