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Oh no he’s not, Re: Obama The Same As Bush: Iran, National Post, June 26, 2009

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Obama most certainly isn’t like George Bush. Unfortunately. As President…..

Bush was proud of his country. Obama isn’t.

Bush understood his country’s achievements and their importance to the world. Obama doesn’t.

Bush understood the true nature of regimes like the ones in Iran and North Korea. Obama doesn’t.

Bush stood up to the Ahmadinejads and Kim Jong-ils of the world. Obama doesn’t.

Bush knew who America’s friends and enemies are. Obama doesn’t.

America’s allies could count on Bush. No one can count on Obama.

Obama has a gigantic ego and believes he can change anyone or anything. Bush knew better.

Obama is open to anything. Bush understood that others aren’t, no matter what they might say.

Obama is a very slippery character who sacrifices for the sake of expediency. Bush was much more resolute. He could be trusted. Obama can’t.

Obama is a micro-manager who doesn’t understand the big picture. Bush saw the big picture very clearly.

Obama believes everything needs to be changed and that he is precisely the person to do it. Bush understod that some things are worth fighting for and defending and that real change does not come easily or quickly or through displays of powerlessness or repentence.

Does Obama have the ability to fullfill his promise and end up as one of the great Presidents in the history of the United States? Because of his enormous gifts he certainly does. He is off to a terrible start however because he doesn’t understand the nature of man, has little or no humility, has shown no inclination to lead and no willingness to use America’s strength to the world’s advantage.

Unless he can recognize and overcome these characteristics it is entirely possible that he will be a one term President and that his time in office will be seen as a great waste full of missed opportunities. That would be tragic. The world has also become a much more dangerous place during his first few months on the job because of his performance and the consequences of that could be tragic as well.

While George Bush had a great deal to answer for and could be crticized for a great many things everyone always knew where he was coming from and where they stood with him. He didn’t pussyfoot around and was very honest and straightforward in that sense. Obama has to be the same.

Can he do it? I sure hope so. I did vote for him after all.

Seize the moment Mr. President! Re: No holds barred: Spectator of the free world: Obama and Teheran, Jerusalem Post, June 22, 2009

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

The Iranian and North Korean regimes are giving President Obama an opportunity to reassert American moral authority and reestablish foreign policy credibility.

Five months into his presidency he has angered and disappointed a great many Americans, of all political stripes, by continually demeaning American values and achievements and presenting them to the world as far less than they are. He has also failed to speak out forcefully against demagogues and despots whose actions are anathema to the United States and has in fact consorted with several of them. Obama can rectify both by unequivocally condemning the regimes in Iran and North Korea, by instituting stern, serious, concrete measures to prevent them from continuing on their destructive paths and by telling the world clearly and proudly that he believes the American narrative is second to none and an inspiration to people everywhere, despite it’s warts.

The President must also make it crystal clear that it is completely unacceptable to the United States for Iran and North Korea to possess nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them and that the U.S. will do everything in it’s power, starting immediately, to eliminate their weapons programs. In North Korea’s case Kim Jong-il must be told in no uncertain terms that America will retaliate on a massive scale instantaneously if he launches a missile toward Hawaii on or about July 4, as he has threatened to do. Obama must then do so if North Korea does launch.

President Obama seems to think that being an apologist for America, refusing to stand up to those who are actively working to bring down the U.S. and it’s allies and refusing to support and encourage the people of Iran in real terms makes negotiation and peace more likely. This is utter nonsense. The opposite is true. The regimes in Iran and North Korea and others of their ilk cannot be negotiated with and anyone who believes they can be is naive in the extreme, even if that person is President of the United States. In the end they must be contained or removed and either can only be done by exercising strength, not through weakness and contrition. The American President cannot be a passive spectator in this….he must be vociferous and uncompromising and most of all he must take the reins and lead because if he doesn’t the consequences are entirely predictable and disastrous.

American moral authority and foreign policy have taken a real beating since President Obama came into office. This must be turned around very soon or the world is going to pay a terrible price. President Obama has the wherewithal to do so but whether he has the backbone or understands the pressing need to act remains to be seen.

The moment is now Mr. President. Wake up and seize it!

Talk is Cheap, Re: US President Barack Obama urges Iran to ‘stop all violent and unjust actions’, BBC News Website, June 20, 2009

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

President Obama today urged Iran’s government “to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people”, saying the “world is watching”.

What exactly will he do if they don’t?

Is he prepared to take stern, serious, concrete measures against the regime if it continues to act ‘violently and unjustly’? This is a very important question as the regime is going to do precisely that.

If not, the perception of him as someone who talks a good game but is unwilling to back up the rhetoric with action will be reinforced. This will encourage zealots and despots around the world and would do enormous harm to the United States and it’s allies. Why not take on the U.S. if the U.S. won’t take you on in return?

The world may be watching the events in Iran, as Obama has said, but you can be sure that Kim Jong- il and many others are watching him with every bit as much interest. How he reacts as events unfold could very well determine, for example, whether or not North Korea will launch a missile toward Hawaii on or around July 4, as it has threatened to do, or whether or not Israel decides to act unilaterally against the Iranian nuclear threat because it believes American intransigence gives it no other choice.

Let There Be No Mistake….Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, The Islamic Guardian Council, Ahmadinejad Revealed, Re: New Protest Builds as Iran Expands It’s Crackdown, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

The longer the protests and demonstrations against President Ahmadinejad’s electoral “victory” go on in Iran the more the true face of the regime is revealed to the world. It is a very ugly picture indeed and the more we see the uglier it gets.

The crackdown, violence and suppression perpetrated by Khamenei, the Guardian Council, Ahmadinejad and the rest shows them for exactly what they are: brutal, uncompromising, ruthless, hateful, dishonest religious fanatics willing to go to any lengths to keep themselves in power and force their country and the rest of the world to live according to their dictates.

There can no longer be any doubt about this and no underestimating their danger to the West, especially the United States and Israel. Trying to placate them in the hope they will change their behaviour is not possible because their views are so rigid and atavistic. Instead, we must take the blinders off and do everything we can to encourage and support progressive reform movements in Iran, be forthright in our condemnation of the regime and it’s practices and prevent it at all costs from acquiring nuclear weapons and the ability to deliver them.

I hope you’re listening President Obama. The Iranian people and our own best interests need you to act, not just mouth meaningless platitudes which only exacerbate the situation.

History and attitudes demand nothing less, Re: Palestine-Minus Arms, National Post, June 15, 2009

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Given the weight and lesons of history and the virulent anti-Semitism that is endemic in Palestinian and Arab societies, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s conditions for the creation of a Palestinian state are entirely reasonable, sensible and justifiable.

Allowing a Palestinian state to be armed and control airspace would guarantee war because Palestinians believe that Israel is illegitimate and an affront to them and their religion. An armed state controlling airspace would simply give them the means to act on these beliefs on a national level, which they would no doubt do.

That Israel is a Jewish state is self evident and to say otherwise denies reality and history. It is disingenuous in the extreme and is merely a smokescreen to keep the Palestinian “right of return” alive, which in turn is merely a smokescreen for the eventual elimination of Israel as a Jewish state.

Palestinians who fled in 1948 and 1967 cannot be “repatriated” because allowing them to return would overwhelm Israelis demographically and fundamentally change their country’s character. See above. A mass return would be unprecedented in history as well and there are several other viable solutions to dealing with the refugee problem in any case.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the historical and biblical reasons for this are indisputable.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s opening the door to a Palestinian state subject to conditions which guarantee Israel’s security and existence is a very important and significant step. None of the conditions prevent Palestinians from creating a prosperous and generous state that would be an example to the world, as Israelis have done. They would be well advised to stop their bleating, seize this moment in history and get on with the business of building their nation. They have no one to blame except themselves if they don’t.

Change for the worse, not the better. June 15, 2009

Monday, June 15th, 2009

When I returned from vacation on June 14 I was hoping to learn that some positive changes had occurred in world politics and that the American response to provocations and threats by North Korea and Iran had hardened since I left on May 18. I was incommunicado and completely out of touch for almost a month and I hoped to find that North Korea had decided to close it’s nuclear weapons program in the face of a no nonsense, possiby military, U.S. response to it’s missile launch and weapons test, that Iran had done the same because the powers that be there were convinced that they would suffer the same fate as the North Koreans if they didn’t, that President Obama’s speech in Cairo would stand up for American values and history and not pander to Muslim sensibilities or be full of odious and inaccurate moral equivalencies and that Obama would be absolutely unequivocal in his support of Israel and would make it very clear that threats to the Israeli state would not be tolerated and would be responded to with force if necessary.

Sadly, none of this happened, not that I really expected it to of course. North Korea has decided that it will proceed full speed ahead with it’s nuclear weapons program in defiance of the U.S. and United Nations, Iran just re-elected a President who is full of hatred for Israel and the United States, who would like to wipe Israel off the map and would do so if he could and who will no doubt proceed with his own nuclear weapons program because he knows he has nothing to fear from America, President Obama’s Cairo speech was a disgrace because he came across as weak, vacillating, not proud of his country and willing to discuss anything with anybody and Israel is feeling very threatened because U.S. support seems to be wavering because of ideological and political considerations.

Somehow the world seems to be a much more dangerous place than it was a month ago, much more on the brink and closer to a catastrophy that would envelop us all. This is largely the fault of President Obama’s failed approach to diplomacy and the perception he has given the North Koreans and Iranians, among others, that they can get away with anything, even if it compromises the security of the United States or it’s allies, or in the case of Israel, compromises it’s very existence.

There is one thing and one thing only that can bring the world back from the edge. Obama has to stop being naive and apologetic, see American enemies for what they really are and understand what they would really do and develop a spine. What the world needs more than anything is a tough, uncompromising cop to keep  destructive elements in check and only President Obama and the Americans can carry out that role. They must  do so because if they don’t we are all in deep, deep trouble.