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Guess who?, Re: Assassination works, keep it up, Washington Times, February 26, 2010

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

We should not automatically assume that the Israeli Mossad was behind the death of Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai. Several governments, Egypt and Jordan to name two, and rival terrorist organizations such as Fatah had ample reasons to welcome his demise and any one of them could have murdered him and let Israel take the blame. Like many other things in the byzantine world of Middle East politics we’ll probably never know for sure. Nevertheless, leaping to conclusions may be exactly what the actual killers want us to do and it is a trap that must be avoided if we are to consider the situation objectively and knowledgeably.

Some things we do know however.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was a long time terrorist who was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of people. He was in Dubai to purchase illicit weapons from Iran and then send them on to Hamas in Gaza. These weapons would have been used to maim and slaughter Israelis and to intimidate and silence Hamas opponents in Gaza and elsewhere. You can’t get much more illegal, or immoral, than that.

Whoever got rid of him did us all a favor. If it was the Mossad, they were more than justified and the real responsibility should be placed on the Arab and Muslim world and its apologists who make actions like this necessary in the first place. The central issue in this affair after all is not the use of forged documents as so much of the media has made it out to be. It is the Arab and Muslim worlds commitment to Israels destruction and the entirely negative effect this has on Palestinians, among many others.

Presidents are supposed to make decisions, not take their cue from televised debates, Re: Partisan Gap Mars Summit, Wall Street Journal, February 25, 2010

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

The health care summit in Washington is indicative of what’s wrong with President Obama’s administration and why his leadership style makes him an exceedingly poor fit for the office he holds.

A President of the United States has to be able to make tough, hard, uncompromising decisions, very quickly at times. He or she is not supposed to take their cue from televised debates before embarking on a course of action. Obama always tries to seek consensus and be all things to all people, which makes true leadership impossible.

The health care fiasco is but one example. If a bill is eventually passed it will be nothing but a watered down series of compromises and nowhere near as comprehensive as it could and should have been. It will also contain many provisions which clearly contravene American values, may be unconstitutional and may not survive legal challenges. The American people deserve much better and a strong President who is able to lead instead of follow would have seen that they received it.

There are many other examples as well, the most egregious being foreign policy and the fact that this leadership style means the United States cannot stand up to regimes and organizations which threaten its existence and the existence of its allies, nor can it take serious measures against Jihadists who maim and kill Americans in the name of Islam, sometimes on U.S. soil. It is a weak, vacillating, slow moving style which makes us all much more vulnerable to attack and the world a much more dangerous place.

What would Obama do if another 9/11 type event took place? Call a bipartisan summit to decide how to deal with it? Probably. Whatever comes after that would be just like a potential health care bill…insipid, weak and reeking of appeasement and compromise because the President is really a lightweight who can’t or won’t act decisively.

Like I said, the American people deserve much better.

It’s about time!, Re: For Israel, every traveller is an ambassador…a much criticized country calls on its citizens to show the world that it is modern, sophisticated and peace-loving, Toronto Globe & Mail, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

The Israeli government is launching a global public relations offensive called Making the Case for Israel which is designed to improve the countrys image outside its borders and show the world what it really is-a liberal, cosmopolitan democracy governed by the rule of law with a boisterous free press and thriving artistic, educational, technological, industrial, agricultural and other communities. It is a culturally advanced country with a strong desire to live in peace and security with its neighbors that can be a wonderful place to reside in or visit for people of all ages. While it certainly has its warts, it is young, vibrant and alive with an openness, tolerance and sense of joy that far outstrips the rest of the Middle East and compares favorably with virtually anywhere else.

Making the Case for Israel is long overdue and will provide a much more honest and realistic picture of the country than the one foisted on the world by its enemies. There is no doubt they have been winning the media war for some time now and that this has been detrimental to Israelis and Palestinians alike. It has presented a false picture of Israel to the world, has been a contributing factor in keeping Palestinians poor, backwards and in a state of servitude and has made peace impossible for those gullible enough to believe the lies and propaganda spewed forth by individuals and organizations that would like nothing more than to see Israels demise. Israels entrance into the media wars is most welcome because it will open peoples eyes to the true nature of the situation in the Middle East, because the real impediments to peace and prosperity will be exposed, because falsehoods will be countered and because the world will see what Palestians could become if only they would abandon their hatred of Israel and attempts to destroy it.

This campaign is a very unwelcome development for Israels opponents. Aside from anything else it cannot help but present them in a very unflattering light because the comparisons will be there for all to see. It could even lead to Israels detractors changing their opinions, to Palestinians throwing off their shackles because they want a quality of life comparable to Israelis and because they realize at long last that they will never get it until they change course and get rid of the ideologues and thugs among them, to an end to the vicious anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment that so debilitates Palestinian society and to peace, security and prosperity for all.

Of course, this is a real threat to Hamas, Hezbollah and others of their ilk so we can expect them to ramp up their efforts to use the media to demonize, villify and delegitimize Israel in order to reshape reality and keep themselves in power. It won’t work though because Israel will become very good very quickly at the media game and because in the end truth will triumph over fabrication. The Israelis will succeed at delegitimizing the delegitimizers as it were.

Like I said, long overdue.

With enlightened self interest, that’s how, Re: How should the world react to Iran’s nuclear regime?, BBC News Website, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

What it should do and what it will do are two different things.

We have already seen that the world is not going to do anything substantial to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, even though this will be disastrous for everyone. Sanctions are a waste of time and always have been. Military action is the only thing that can stop the Iranians and the world, meaning the United States, is not going to attack because it doesn’t have the wisdom or sagacity to do so. The U.S. is a paper tiger that doesn’t realize a nuclear armed Iran would be a calamity for it as well as everybody else. Even if it did it doesn’t have the fortitude to use it’s military in any case. Iran of course has known this from the beginning, which is why it hasn’t let sanctions or anything else get in it’s way.

The Israelis harbor no illusions however and they will destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities on their own because they simply can’t allow the Iranians to possess nuclear weapons. Whatever else they may be they are not ignorant, willfully blind or suicidal and they know full well that Iran will launch nuclear armed missiles at them as soon as it can in an effort to remove them from the face of the earth. Since Iran is very close to becoming a nuclear power and since it is obvious the world will not prevent this from happening we can expect Israel to take the matter in hand any time now.

Rightfully so, good for the Israelis and the sooner the better. The world will thank them in the end, that’s for sure.

Even the Arab world. Even America.

Hillary’s real message-we give up, Re: Clinton sees Islamist terror as No. 1 threat, Washington Times, February 8, 2010

Monday, February 8th, 2010

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday “even a nuclear armed North Korea or Iran isn’t as great a threat to the U.S. as al Qaeda and allied jihad groups.” What this really means is that President Obama’s administration will not use military means to eliminate North Korea or Iran’s nuclear development program. It is a tacit admission by the administration that it’s attempts to prevent either country from developing nuclear weapons have been an utter failure, that it holds no optimism similiar attempts in the future will be successful and that America doesn’t have the stomach or foresight to use it’s military to stop them from becoming nuclear powers.

This also means that both countries will proceed full steam ahead in their quest to develop and possess nuclear weapons. It means too that an Israeli preemptive strike on Iran is inevitable and will take place soon because the Iranians are very close to achieving their aim, which Israel cannot allow.

War is coming to the Middle East and it is coming in large part because Obama’s administration doesn’t see that a nuclear armed Iran would be absolutely catastrophic for the U.S., because it is arrogant and foolish enough to believe that it can ‘isolate and manage’ the situation once the Iranians have a nuclear capability and because it doesn’t have the courage or sense to eliminate the problem the only way it can, by bombing Iran’s facilities into oblivion while it is still possible. Terrible as that sounds, it really is the lesser of two evils.

The situation is essentially the same regarding North Korea, although it is not quite as precipitous.

Make no mistake, al Qaeda and allied jihad groups are serious threats to the United States and no effort or expense should be spared to defeat them. That is a given. It is also a given that keeping nuclear weapons out of North Korean and Iranian hands is a fundamental part of this and that it is not an either/or scenario. There are many linkages involved and the administrations failure to recognize and act on them makes us all far more vulnerable.

Weakness, ignorance and willfull blindness won’t make us safe. Understanding our enemies, strength and the willingness to use it will. Israel knows this. To bad Clinton and Obama don’t.

Arab Idiocy Week proposed to counter Israeli Apartheid Week, Re: Let’s mobilize against anti-Israel week, Jerusalem Post, February 7, 2010

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Organizing and implementing Arab Idiocy Week as a counterweight to Israeli Apartheid Week is an excellent way for supporters of Israel to mobilize and strike back wherever IAW events take place. Since Israeli Apartheid Week events usually occur on university campuses Arab Idiocy Week events would provide students with a much different viewpoint than they would otherwise be given. The scales would be balanced as it were. Palestinian and Arab students would be subjected to exactly the same kind of activities as Israeli and Jewish students but from a very different perspective. It would be very educational for them indeed and for the general public as well.

Activities during the week would include physically harassing pro-Palestinian students, especially Muslims and Arabs, displaying intimidating and inflammatory placards and posters, holding rallies which demonize and villify Palestinians and call for an end to them and their institutions, shouting down and shutting up anyone who begs to differ, lying and historical revisionism, spewing hate and intolerance towards Palestinians based on their religion and ethnicity and other such actions which seem to have become acceptable when directed towards Israelis and Jews. If they can be subjected to them during Israeli Apartheid Week it’s only fair that Palestinians and Arabs be subjected to them during Arab Idiocy Week….what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t it?

There could also be various workshops and presentations based on the weeks theme. For example.

Hezbollah and Hamas: sick sons of sick societies and why the Arab world encourages and supports them despite the damage they do to everyone.

Arab refusal to recognize Israel and it’s right to exist and how this eliminates any possibility of peace and prosperity for Palestinians.

Tolerating the use of women and children as human shields and what this says about Palestinian society.

Buying into Islamist propaganda and the terrible effect this has on people everywhere, including Palestinians.

Why Palestinians allow thugs and villains to dominate and debilitate their lives.

Arab refusal to accept any blame or responsibility for the predicament Palestinians find themselves in and what this means for the world.

The futility of the boycott movement and how this harms Palestinians far more than it does Israelis.

The Goldstone Report as political theatre and propaganda and how it has backfired on Palestinians.

The list could go on ad infinitum….

Arab Idiocy Week. Why not? It’s no more ludicrous, shameful, odious, idiotic and self serving than Israeli Apartheid Week so let’s get on with it. Balance and fairness demand nothing less.

Wrong! It’s really the other way around, Re: ‘It would be an utter calamity if his views were embraced’, National Post, February 4, 2010

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

This is comletely mistaken. It would in fact be an utter calamity if Geert Wilders ideas weren’t embraced.

The core of Mr. Wilders argument is that freedom of expression is an esential requirement of an open, secular, democratic Western society. Anything or anyone can be exposed, criticized, ridiculed, satirized or skewered. Nothing can be placed out of bounds, including Islam, the Koran or Islamic figures past and present (even the Prophet Muhammad) because the minute we allow that to happen is the minute we can no longer call ourselves free. Wilders believes, rightfully so I might add, that Islamization in the Netherlands and elsewhere is compromising and eroding freedom of expression and other Western values and if it is not stopped our culture will disappear and the West will no longer be recognizable.

One of your correspondents writes “I cherish the Western civilization I grew up in.” That is precisely what Mr. Wilders is trying to defend and preserve in Holland and other countries and why she should do everything she can to prevent Islamization from taking root in Canada. Islamization in Europe has been a well documented disaster in any number of ways and it would be the same here as well.

Another correspondent writes “Geert Wilders has called the Koran a “Fascist book,” the Prophet Muhammad “the Devil” and ranted against halal meat at grocery stores.” All that is totally irrelevant. Like us, he has every right to express himself as he wishes because the freedom he possesses allows him to. If people take exception so be it. Disagreeing with or being offended by something is no reason to take away our freedom of expression, which is exactly where Islamization would lead us and exactly what Wilders wishes to avoid.

Security prognosis in Middle East poor at best, hopeless at worst, Re: Toward a Secure Middle East, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, February 3, 2010

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Amr Moussa says “In my opinion a secure Middle East requires full appreciation of the past, a full understanding of the present and a vision for the future.”

Unfortunately and predictably his appreciation of the past and understanding of the present are both very limited, perhaps even willfully blind and his vision of the future is completely unrealistic because it is predicated upon Arabs working together over time for a common cause, which has historically never happened to any great degree and also because the destruction and removal of Israel is implicit in it as well.

A full appreciation of the past means that Mr. Moussa would have to admit that Israel has every right to exist and that it’s presence in the Middle East is entirely legitimate from every point of view imaginable, including historical. It would mean that he would have to see the existence of Israel as a fait accompli and that overt or covert attempts to remove it from the face of the earth make security in the Middle East impossible for everyone, including Arabs. It would mean that he would have to acknowledge that Arab hatred of Israel, and Jews for that matter, is rooted in history and culture and religion and that this must change before anything else does.

None of this is mentioned in Mr. Moussa’s article.

A full understanding of the present would mean that he would know that Israel’s military might and willingness to use it is in response to the constant attacks and wars the country has had to deal with since it came into existence. It would mean that he would view Hamas and Hezbollah as enemies of the Palestinian people and impediments to their peace and prosperity. It would mean that he would understand that Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons is a serious threat to the Arab world and that Israel’s nuclear weapons program isn’t now and doesn’t have to be in the future. It would mean that he would know that Israel would be a true friend to Palestinians and would do everything it could to improve their lives and raise their standard of living, including helping them to create their own state, if they would only allow Israelis to live in peace. It would mean that he would see that Arabs have no one to blame except themselves for the social problems in their societies and that blaming Israel for them is disingenuous in the extreme.

None of this is mentioned either.

Not only is Mr. Moussa’s vision of the future completely unrealistic it is also very bleak. Suffice it to say that Israel isn’t going anywhere and that there will never be peace and security in the Middle East until Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world come to their senses, recognize and accept Israel’s right to exist and stop trying to maim and kill Israelis and wipe the country off the map. What are the chances of that happening any time soon?

The ball, as always, is in their court, which is why the security prognosis is poor at best and hopeless at worst.

Taiwan’s endangered, not China, Re: China endangered?, Jerusalem Post, January 31, 2010

Monday, February 1st, 2010

The United States may have agreed to sell 6.4 billion dollars worth of arms to Taiwan but this will never actually happen. In the end President Obama will abandon the Taiwanese in return for the Chinese agreeing to place sanctions on Iran or some such thing. The Chinese are far more important to Obama than the Taiwanese and he would desert them in an instant if his agenda was seriously threatened, regardless of his rhetoric. China is well aware of this, which means there is no way arms will be delivered because the Chinese will ramp up the pressure until the deal is called off.

That’s called geopolitics President Obama style. Any day now we can expect him to say that the agreement has been cancelled but the cancellation in no way lessens the U.S commitment to Taiwan’s defense etc. etc….

The President cannot be trusted and the Taiwanese would be well advised to purchase their arms elsewhere. Obama has a history of backtracking and any country that believes it can depend on him could easily find itself out on a very long limb.

Are you listening Israel?