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Islam, Israel and peace, Re: What’s your peace plan?, National Post, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not possible because Islam won’t permit it and militates against it.

Islam is a religion of violence, intolerance, misogyny and hatred toward unbelievers, with perhaps the most hatred reserved for Jews because of their ancient refusal to recognize Muhammad as the last and greatest prophet and Allah as the supreme being.

This hatred of Jews translates into a hatred of Israel, which in turn translates into an obligation to obliterate it and remove it from the face of the earth. When Palestinians and other Muslims demonize, villify, attack and kill Israelis, Jews, they are really doing so in the name of Islam and because Islam commands them to. Israelis, Jews, are infidels and are seen as occupiers and interlopers at best with no right to the land they live on, historical or otherwise. Their presence is viewed as an affront and an insult.

Nothing will change until these misguided beliefs do. Since they go back 1400 years, are rooted in the Koran and are basic to Islamic thought and action peace is not going to come soon, if it ever does. The best we can hope for is some sort of grudging ceasefire, enforced by a third party that isn’t the United Nations. Islam itself is the cause of the conflict in the Middle East and there is no possibility of peace until Islamic countries recognize and accept Israel’s legitimate right to exist and stop trying to annihilate it. That is a contradiction of terms so don’t hold your breath.

Peace? Forget it in this day and age. Maybe in another 1400 years though…

It’s the United States that doesn’t understand, Re: Clinton warns Iran, Syria, Jerusalem Post, April 29, 2010

Friday, April 30th, 2010

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Iran and Syria must understand the consequences of threats to Israel.

They do understand, they do.

Only to well.

To bad President Obama and his administration don’t understand the consequences of empty rhetoric.

That includes you Hillary.

Testing 1, 2, 3, Re: Obama is Enabling Nuclear Breakout, American Thinker, April 26, 2010

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

America’s enemies are upping the ante. Tests are getting more and more violent out there.

Example number one. North Korea torpedoes a South Korean warship in international waters, killing 46 South Korean naval personnel. This should have triggered an immediate, decisive, military response by the United States as guarantor of South Korea’s security but no response has been forthcoming despite the event having taken place over a month ago.

North Korea has certainly taken notice. Attacks by the North Koreans on South Korea will increase in frequency and severity because North Korea now knows that the U.S. will not use it’s military to stop them or allow the South Koreans to respond in kind.

Example number two. On April 23 an Iranian naval vessel stopped French and Italian ships in international waters in the Strait of Hormuz. If these actions continue the free transit of ships in the strait is threatened, Iran becomes a much stronger player in the Middle East and America’s position becomes that much more weakened and compromised because the United States Navy is supposedly willing and able to keep those waters open. The U.S. has not responded to this provocation nor is there any indication that it will do so.

Iran has also certainly taken notice, which means incidents of this sort will increase in frequency and severity as well.

Example number three will be…what? A small scale attack on America, or Israel? An attack on one of America’s other allies? An attempt to intimidate or coerce the United States? The possibilities are endless. We can be sure of two things however. The next test will come soon and it will either be violent or have an element of violence to it. America’s enemies smell blood because they realize President Obama is weak and feckless and the U.S. under his leadership doesn’t have the will or the wit to stand up and act in it’s own best interests. It doesn’t even know what it’s best interests are.

The United States is being bullied and bullies only stop when they are forced to. The fact that the U.S. has the largest, most powerful military on earth is irrelevant because it is unwilling to take full advantage of it, even in self defense or the defense of it’s allies. America’s enemies are perfectly aware of this. It portends one thing and one thing only…escalating violence against the United States and/or it’s friends. Test number three will be worse than test number two, test number four will be worse than test number three and so on. There could easily be a new nuclear arms race, a series of small, localized wars and one very large war-however the scenario plays out there will certainly be a great deal of blood spilled, much if not most of it American.

We can thank Obama for all of that. No country has ever protected itself by being weak and President Obama and his hopeless policies are making the U.S. weaker and more vulnerable every day.

Mocking Muhammad, Re: BEAR INSULTS, South Park creators rile again for depicting Muhammad in a bear suit, National Post, April 22, 2010

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

The Post has it backwards and is missing the most important aspect of this whole sorry affair. The headline really should read ‘Muslim protesters rile again over depiction of Muhammad’ and the story should really be about how Muslims are casting a pall over freedom of expression in the United States and Canada by threatening retaliation for anything they deem insulting.

As free citizens in free societies we have every right to criticize, satirize, ridicule, question or skewer whatever we want to and any attempt to prevent us from doing so is a direct frontal attack on our civil liberties and way of life. This includes Islam, the Koran, Muhammad or Allah. Saying that the creators of South Park face violent retribution for depicting Muhammad in a bear suit is saying to all of us that we cannot express ourselves in any way that may be seen as disrespectful by the Muslim troglodytes among us for fear of being attacked or killed like Theo van Gogh or many others. If that doesn’t spur us to defend our right to express ourselves freely nothing will.

Pushing back is long overdue. Freedom of expression is one of the cornerstones of western civilization and if we lose that we will lose everything else as well.

Muhammad in a bear suit…that’s barely worth mentioning, except of course for those who would muzzle us with their seventh century mindset.

Obama the ostrich, Re: Iran boosts Qods shock troops in Venezuela, Washington Times, April 21, 2010

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Obama the ostrich has his head buried in the sand and this is severely compromising our national security and personal safety. Our enemies are becoming bolder every day, our military is being reined in and emasculated, our institutions are being gutted, accommodation and political correctness are running amuck, our allies are being deserted and we are cozying up to dictators, despots, religious fanatics and other assorted zealots around the world, all of which has made us much weaker and far more vulnerable than we were when he became President.

Obama doesn’t recognize the severity of the situation we are faced with, doesn’t understand how his strategies and actions exacerbate our predicament and doesn’t have the spine to make the necessary changes. Today’s story is Qods shock troops in Venezuela, virtually in our back yard. What’s tomorrow’s, someone threatening to bomb New York or Los Angeles if we don’t accede to their demands?

The man is an ostrich alright, one whose willful blindness and utter incompetence could well be catastrophic. And bloody.

Not quite, Re: Cracks in the bedrock of U.S.-Israel relations?, Toronto Globe & Mail, April 20, 2010

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

If there are cracks in the relationship between Israel and the United States they aren’t nearly as wide as Jeffrey Simpson says they are, nor are strategic objectives nearly as divergent as he implies. Despite President Obama and his administrations undeniable antipathy to Israel both countries remain heavily dependent on one another and almost everyone recognizes that a serious breach would have disastrous consequences for each of them.

For example, 50 former U.S. generals and admirals recently wrote and signed a letter to Obama, Congress and the American public entitled ‘Israel as a Security Asset for the United States’. They make the case that America’s security is intertwined with Israel’s and that a strong, secure Israel is vital to U.S. national interests, in the Middle East and around the world. Over and above shared values and deep historical ties, Israel is seen as a trusted, dependable partner and ally which provides a great deal of military expertise, intelligence and cooperation to the United States and threats to Israel’s security are viewed as threats to America’s as well.

These sentiments have wide resonance in the U.S. defense community and are also shared by millions upon millions of other Americans.

Simpson makes the same mistake that many other commentators have made…he overestimates the importance of political posturing and underestimates the importance of facts on the ground, of reality and realpolitic. In the end, America will stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel because the national security of the United States would be severely compromised if it did not, to put it mildly. President Obama could well become a political casualty as the process unfolds, but that would be no small blessing in itself and would be a result entirely of his making.

Idiocy from Iran, Re: Iranian cleric: Promiscuous women cause quakes, Associated Press, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

A senior Iranian cleric says women who dress immodestly and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes.

And we’re supposed to let troglodytes like┬áthat possess nuclear weapons?

Don’t be silly.

Tone deaf, Re: Pentagon toughens it’s tone on Iran, National Post, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

The Government of Iran is tone deaf because it knows perfectly well that the United States under President Obama will never launch a preemptive strike against it’s nuclear facilities. Iranians regard sabre-rattling by the Obama administration as meaningless prattle and see no reason to feel threatened by it at all. Threats that won’t be backed up are no threats at all and Iran knows it has nothing to fear from the U.S., at least as long as Obama is President.

Rhetoric is one thing, reality quite another.

Does it or doesn’t it?, Re: Gates says U.S. Lacks a Policy to Thwart Iran, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, April 18, 2010

Monday, April 19th, 2010

United States Defence Secretary Robert Gates recently wrote that America does not have an effective strategy to thwart Iran’s short and long term nuclear ambititions.

President Obama’s national security advisor General James Jones says it most certainly does but refuses to elaborate further.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has also chimed in, along with numerous and sundry others.

These differences of opinion are inimical to America’s security interests. Obama is the only person that can speak authoritatively on the subject and clarify a very confusing situation. To do so he must answer the following questions in a forthright and unambiguous manner.

What exactly is the U.S. strategy to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons?

Does it include a unilateral, preemptive military strike?

If it does, under what conditions would the United States use force?

If it doesn’t, why not?

What is the American strategy for dealing with Iran should it become a nuclear power? More specifically, since Iran’s purposes in acquiring nuclear weapons are to remove Israel (the Little Satan) from the face of the earth, establish it’s hegemony in the Middle East and then defeat the U.S (the Great Satan) on the way to establishing a world wide Islamic caliphate, how will the United States react if Iran announces that it possesses nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, even though intelligence agencies told us it was years away from having this ability?

Needless to say, President Obama should take the strongest possible stance on the Iranian nuclear weapons file and publicly present it to the American people and the government of Iran. He should leave nothing open to interpretation and should let the Iranians know in no uncertain terms just how extreme the consequences will be if they continue on their current path. In the end, a weak, insipid or non-existent response to Mr. Gates assertions can only result in rivers of American blood and an unfathomable loss of American lives, among other things. A strong response that leaves nothing to the imagination at least holds out the possibility of bringing the lunatics in Iran to their senses, exceedingly slim though this may be.

Obama being Obama there is no chance of this happening however. All we will get from him is more useless prattle which will give the Iranians additional time to develop their nuclear program. Enter the Israelis. You can bet they have a strategy to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and you can bet it will be effective too. It has to be because their survival depends on it.

Make That Criminally Irresponsible, Re: Iran brands US ‘nuclear criminal’, BBC News Website, April 17, 2010

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

The United States is a nuclear criminal but not in the sense Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei means. It is a nuclear criminal because it has done nothing that will prevent Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons, nor will it do anything in the future despite having the ability to keep this from happening. On the contrary, it’s misguided approach has encouraged Iranians to pursue nuclear weapons of their very own because the U.S. has made it crystal clear that it is unwilling to do anything substantial to prevent them from becoming a nuclear power.

It is in fact acting against it’s own best interests. A nuclear Iran is more than a serious threat to other countries in the Middle East, Israel and the west in general…it is a serious threat to America as well. The minute Iran acquires nuclear weapons is the minute full fledged war between it and the United States becomes inevitable.

Allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons guarantees that untold numbers of Americans will suffer and die because there is no doubt whatsoever that they will be used against the United States in due course. No one who understands Islam, the Middle East, history and current events can possibly doubt this.

Failing to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is criminal irresponsibility of the highest order.