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An Islamic Christmas Coming, Re: It Just Isn’t Christmas without a Muslim Bombing, Canada Free Press, November 29, 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The attempt by a 19 year old Somalia born naturalized United States citizen named Mohamed Osman Mohamud to murder and maim hundreds if not thousands of Americans at a Christmas tree lighting in Portland Oregon will most likely be the first of many such attempts to sow death and destruction in the U.S. this Christmas season. Islamists seem to have concluded that killing people in large numbers at this time of year will give them the biggest bang for the buck so to speak and it is virtually a foregone conclusion that unrepentant, cold blooded killers like Mohamud will try to set off car bombs in crowded places, blow up airplanes, detonate explosives at sporting events and so on as they seek to do exactly that, all in the name of Islam of course.

Hopefully none of these attempts will succeed but the fact that they will take place should unnerve and alarm us all. After the holidays are over perhaps we will be wise enough to recognize the true nature of Islam and understand how much of a menace to our existence it really represents. Maybe we’ll even be disgusted, angry and worried enough to take serious, concrete measures to combat it and overcome the plague that it is. Serious means serious. Profiling, deportations, tightening up immigration practices, revocation of citizenship, refusing to succumb to threats or intimidation and rejecting accusations of Islamophobia or prejudice against Muslims all come to mind, among other things. The Transportation Security Administration’s silly plan to pat down all air passengers or send them through security screening devices doesn’t.

A serious, well thought out campaign to combat and overcome Islamic terror and the will and determination to execute it…what wonderful presents those would be.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all make it home safely.

Sensible Swiss, Re: Swiss approve foreign criminal initiative,, November 28, 2010

Monday, November 29th, 2010

The people of Switzerland have voted in a national referendum to automatically deport foreigners residing in the country who have been found guilty of committing serious crimes or welfare fraud. The proposal passed in 18 out of 26 cantons and 53% of those voting were in favor of it. The Swiss Federal Government said it would begin working to implement the newly passed proposal immediately.

While the proposal was not aimed at any particular group it is obvious that it will have a disproportionate effect on Muslim foreigners if the rest of Europe can be used as a barometer. A very high number and percentage of Muslim foreigners in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe (see Britain, France and Germany for example) do commit serious crimes or welfare fraud. Or both. Given the Islamic mindset and track record it is safe to say that this subset is higher in the Muslim foreigner community than in other groups of foreigners. Deporting perpetrators will make citizen’s lives safer and reduce the chances of their being victimized plus dramatically reduce welfare costs. As an added bonus there will also be a negative impact on the Islamization of Swiss society as well since many of the Muslim foreigners who run afoul of the law will have been involved with trying to Islamize the country.

The newly passed proposal is eminently fair and reasonable. All it is really saying is that foreigners, Muslim or otherwise, who wish to continue to reside in Switzerland must respect the country’s laws and institutions and live their lives accordingly…they are welcome if they do and aren’t if they don’t. Those who say Islamophobia, racism and prejudice against Muslims are really at its root should be disregarded. The proposal deals with foreign criminality and welfare fraud in general, not Muslim criminality and welfare fraud in particular.

Well done Switzerland. Hopefully other European countries will follow your example and introduce similiar laws of their own. Crime and welfare fraud will be reduced and Islamization will be slowed at the very least for those that do, both of which are all to the good.

Canada says no to United Nations conference on racism, Re: Canada skipping UN racism ‘hatefest’ again, Ottawa says, Toronto Star, November 25, 2010

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

The United Nations is holding a conference in New York next September dubbed Durban 111 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Durban 1, the 2001 ‘anti-racism’ conference it held in Durban, South Africa which was racist in the extreme because it was totally dominated by anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli rhetoric and activities. There was also Durban 11 in 2009 in Geneva Switzerland which featured more of the same, including a hate filled speech by President Ahmadinejad of Iran which denied Israel’s right to exist and condemned the United States.

Led by Canada, Australia, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and the U.S. pulled out of that conference. Canada is following up  by being the first to pull out of Durban 111 because it is going to be just like Durban 1 and 11 and there is no doubt many others will do the same since these conferences have nothing to do with preventing racism and everything to do with promoting it. They are full of hatred and recrimination for Israel, the United States, Jews and the West in general and anti-Semitic governments, religious ideologues, human rights abusers and other racist atavists dominate them. Their beliefs, positions and actions are vile, odious and contemptible and have no place among civilized people and Canada is to be admired and congratulated for deciding not to have anything to do with them.

In making the announcement Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said “Our government has lost faith in the Durban process.” and “Canada is clearly committed to the fight against racism, but the Durban process commemorates an agenda that actually promotes racism rather than combats it.”

Absolutely correct. Well done Jason and well done Canada.

Restraint the wrong approach, Re: North Korea Will Never Play Nice, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, November 25, 2010

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

North Korea has committed two major acts of war against South Korea so far this year, last March when it torpedoed a South Korean naval vessel in international waters destroying the ship and killing 46 sailors and last Tuesday (November 22) when it launched a missile attack on South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island which killed two soldiers and at least two civilians. Just prior to that the North Koreans unveiled a modern up-to-date nuclear facility they constructed which will enable them to enrich uranium and produce more powerful nuclear weapons than the 10 or so they already have. Governments and pundits around the world have been counselling restraint to this latest attack because it is felt that a military response could lead to all out war between the two countries, a war which could involve nuclear weapons and drag in the United States, China and others.

Restraint is precisely the wrong approach to take, at least if you’re South Korean. North Korea is going to continue to commit acts of war against the South and sow death and destruction until she is stopped and the only thing that is going to do that is a strong, unambiguous, targeted military response by Seoul. Its either that or suffer the death of a thousand cuts. Since South Korea is not willing or able to undergo that and North Korea will not stop attacking a targeted military response makes a great deal of sense. It may lead to all out war to be sure but then again it may not…no one except the North Koreans seems to want war and cooler heads may prevail once the firing commences. In any event South Koreans have to protect themselves and prevent further attacks and using their military is the only way to do it, unless of course committing slow national suicide is part of their equation.

All of which begs several questions. How much restraint would the United States show if China purposely sunk an American navy ship and killed 50 0dd U.S. sailors? What about vice/versa? What if the United States or China launched non nuclear missiles at the other’s territory and killed soldiers and civilians alike? What good would restraint do then? What would a failure to respond tell either nation’s antagonists and how would that prevent further attacks and loss of life? How have President Obama’s policies of conciliation, appeasement and containment towards North Korea contributed to the situation and how do the lessons learned pertain to the Middle East and Iran? Etc. etc. etc.

Yes, South Korea has to respond militarily. The United States and China have to restrain North Korea and perhaps themselves once that occurs, but South Korea has to respond.

Acid test imminent for America and Obama, Re: South Korea says it will unleash ‘enormous retaliation’ if North strikes again, Yahoo News, November 23, 2010

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

The world is about to find out whether the United States under President Obama will meet its commitments and defend its allies and friends in their time of need.

North Korea is escalating its attacks on South Korea and forcing the South Koreans to respond militarily to their provocations. This is leading to all out war between the two countries, which could commence at any moment and will no doubt happen sooner rather than later in any case. While South Korea’s military is very capable the North is an extremely formidable foe with its massive army and ability to use nuclear weapons against the South. South Korea cannot defeat the North or prevent large scale destruction and huge numbers of casualties in the country on its own, which of course is where the Americans come in. Hopefully. The United States is firmly committed to the defense of the South but whether or not this means that Obama will actually allow the U.S. to be drawn into a shooting war with North Korea remains to be seen, especially since it could easily lead to a shooting war with China in turn.

This is a true acid test for America and President Obama. South Korea is an important, strategic, long term ally and friend of the United States and if she can’t depend on the U.S. at a time like this who can? No one, that’s who. The message to other allies and friends around the world would be crystal clear if there was no intervention…you’re on your own and don’t count on the American military to come to your assistance regardless of the circumstances. Needless to say, the message would also be crystal clear to our enemies as well and they wouldn’t hesitate to act on it.

Speculation about why the North Koreans are attacking the South Koreans and why their Chinese puppetmasters are allowing them to do so is rife. Such speculation is irrelevant at present. The attacks are happening and it is safe to say they will do nothing but increase in frequency and severity until they are stopped. Is Obama smart enough and strong enough to do exactly that when called upon? Let’s hope so because if he isn’t South Korea is finished, America’s status as leader and defender of the free world is over and regional wars will break out everywhere. That’s the best case scenario, not the worst by any means.

Support the South Koreans Barack, support the South Koreans.

Checks and balances Chinese style, Re: N Korea showed US scientist ‘vast new nuclear facility’, BBC News Website, November 21, 2010

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

The Government of North Korea let a senior American nuclear scientist see a state of the art nuclear facility it just built when he visited there last week. The new facility was constructed to enrich uranium, which can be used to create more powerful nuclear weapons than the 8 to 12 the North already has, which are all plutonium based.

There has been a good deal of speculation about the North Koreans motive for revealing the facilities existence. Some believe it is an attempt by North Korea to coerce the United States into sending huge new aid packages in return for suspending operations or dismantling the facility altogether, some believe it was done to enhance the credibility of Kim Jong Sun, the North Korean dauphin and next Supreme Leader, some believe it was done to show the world that North Korea is a nuclear power and wishes to be treated as such, some believe it was done to wring concessions out of its neighbors or to strike fear in their hearts, some believe it was done to convince the world to abandon the crippling sanctions that have been imposed on the country because they have obviously failed to achieve their purpose and so on. The real reason the facilities existence was revealed has nothing to do with the North Koreans however.

It has to do with the Chinese.

North Korea would never have let the world know that the new facility existed without the prior knowledge and approval of China. It simply beggars belief to think otherwise. That being the case the question then becomes, why did the Chinese do it…what was behind their decision to let the North Koreans go ahead and what were they really doing?

They were sending a message to President Obama and America, that’s what.

Ever since Obama took office American military might has been diminishing. The U.S. military is not as powerful or capable as it was prior to Obama’s election and the possibility that it will continue to be diluted and weakened under him is very high. This has created a void which Russia is eagerly seeking to fill. If Russia doesn’t have to be preoccupied with the United States it can turn its attention to China, which is the last thing the Chinese want. A weak America is making the Russian bear hungry and the Chinese know the bear will be looking in their direction to feed itself if it can. A strong America precludes that, a debilitated America makes it both possible and likely. By allowing the North Koreans to show off their enhanced nuclear capabilities and by extension increase the threat to the U.S. and its allies it is telling Obama and America to stop emasculating the military, to restore its capability and to make the balance of power a reality again. From the Chinese point of view a strong America and a weaker Russia is far preferable to a weaker America and a strong Russia in the geopolitical scheme of things. That’s their motive and their message.

Its checks and balances Chinese style.

Oh yes it is, Re: Killing Christians not a part of Islam, National Post, November 20, 2010

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

The trouble with letters like that is many people believe them and think the sentiments which are expressed are true, especially if the writer is Muslim or has a Muslim sounding name. The fact is those who write such letters either know little or nothing about Islam or are trying to whitewash it on purpose and mislead the reader. Islam sanctions lying to and misleading non-believers by the way.

Killing Christians is most certainly part of Islam. Every single day Christians are murdered and mutilated, among other things, in its name all over the world. At its core Islam is a way of life requiring non-believers to submit to its dictates and religious imperatives or face horrific consequences. Christians have been victimized throughout history up to the present time as a result, not only through violence but through being classed as inferior, ethnic cleansing and apartheid as well. The treatment of Christians in the Islamic world today is no different than it has ever been, those that are left that is.

To deny that is to deny reality, history and Islam itself. Doing so can only be done for one of two reasons-ignorance or some ulterior motive like making the imposition of Islamic law (sharia) palatable, even though everything about it is fundamentally at odds with the principles and values our society and the rest of the free world are built on.

Killing Christians is not a part of Islam. What a big fat falsehood that is. Or to put it another way, bull…

She won’t get the chance, Re: Sarah Palin believes she could beat President Obama in 2012, Syracuse Post-Standard, November 18, 2010

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

In a recent interview with ABC News Sarah Palin was asked, “If you ran for President, could you beat Barack Obama?” Her reply was, “I believe so.”

That may very well be the case, if she decided to run and if the Republican Party nominated her as its candidate for the Presidency, neither of which is a certainty at this point. Even if both come to pass however she is not going to get the chance to find out because Obama is not going to be the Democratic Party nominee in the 2012 election. Either the Democrats will convince him to resign on his own volition because he cannot possibly win as a result of his uniformly disastrous first term and his unwillingness and inability to substantially change his policies and style or the party will choose a different candidate in the primaries that it thinks will secure the White House. Whatever happens, Obama is destined to become a one term President because the Democratic Party is not going to run a candidate who is sure to lose. The only real question is whether he will choose to go gracefully for the good of the country and the party or whether he will decide to stand again for the nomination and have the party implode around him. So no, it isn’t going to be Palin versus Obama in 2012 and Palin isn’t going to find out if she could have beaten him.

It might be Palin versus Hillary Clinton though. Could Palin beat her? Will either or both run for their parties’ nomination? The Presidency? We’ll just have to wait and see as the process unfolds. One thing is certain…if Clinton really does want to be President she’s going to have to divorce herself from Obama soon or else she’ll be tainted by his failures and personality and whatever chance she might have had will disappear.

Here’s betting she does exactly that.

Welcome to the club, Re: German Government Issues ‘Concrete’ Terror Warning, Spiegel Online International, November 18, 2010

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

The Government of Germany has announced that it has credible evidence  terrorist attacks are being planned to take place in the country around the end of November. Security has been increased accordingly, especially at airports and railroad stations, and the added security will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Even though there has never been a successful terrorist attack on German soil she has a large and growing Islamist community and Germans no longer believe they are immune from such events.

The Americans, British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Israelis (especially the Israelis) and numerous others learned a long time ago that they are most certainly not immune from terrorist attacks by Islamists and each has attempted in their own way to keep these attacks from happening to them, with varying degrees of success. The Germans have now learned that they are every bit as vulnerable as anyone else, at least in Western Europe anyway.

With 82 million German people added to the list of potential victims perhaps there will be enough of a critical mass to produce a co-ordinated response by the West against the scourge of Islamic terrorism and the doctrine which makes it possible, Islam. That will happen sooner or later because Western countries will come to realize it is the West as a whole that Islam is at war with, not just individual nations. In unity there is strength, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we are all Americans, British, Israelis or whoever the latest victims are etc.etc.

In the meantime, welcome to the club Germany.

Yes you can and yes we must, Re: Can’t separate Israel from anti-Semitism, National Post, November 15, 2010

Monday, November 15th, 2010

The notion that Israel’s existence and behavior is the precipitating factor in anti-Semitism around the globe, especially in Islamic countries, is dead wrong. So is the notion that anti-Semitism cannot be addressed without considering Israel’s role. Virulent anti-Semitism existed for literally thousands of years before Israel was born. Israel could accede to every single demand made upon her by the Islamic world vis a vis the Palestinians or could in fact cease to exist as a Jewish state and the plague of anti-Semitism would still be with us. That is because Islam’s role in anti-Semitism is paramount and has been since it came into being 1400 years ago. To deny that is to deny reality, history and Islam itself. Islamic anti-Semitism has nothing to do with Israel-it has to do with hating and reviling Jews. Israel is just a convenient scapegoat, a red herring, that’s all.

Islam is not only anti-Semitic, its anti-Christian and anti everyone and everything that doesn’t submit to its dictates and religious imperatives. It is out to rule us all and conquer the earth. There is no room in Islam for free people living in free societies and everything about the free world is anathema to it. That is why we cannot allow the false link between anti-Semitism and Israel to stand. All it does is create a diversion and keep us from examining and understanding the true nature of Islam and seeing how it manifests itself. Unless we see Islam as it really is we can’t possibly fight for our cultures survival in any kind of meaningful way, which is the whole point of Islamists creating diversions to begin with.

Instead of linking anti-Semitism and Israel, how about linking Islam to submission, violence, hatred, misogyny, cruelty, suppression, torture, death and all of the other things it stands for? Now that would be getting us somewhere. Israel will survive because it understands what its up against. Do we? No, we don’t. Will we survive? That remains to be seen. Islam has already made deep, serious inroads into Western societies, including the United States and Canada, and is making more as we speak. How much time do we have before our nations become Islamic? Not as much as we think I fear.

The time to act is now. A good start would be to take a hard, serious, factual, honest look at Islam. Go ahead, I dare you.