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So much for freedom, Re: Gaza’s elected Islamist rulers crack down on secular community, The Telegraph, February 27, 2011

Monday, February 28th, 2011

All aspects of secular society are coming under attack in Gaza as Hamas is attempting to impose Islamic Law there, contravening promises it made after getting elected in 2006. Secularists are being forced to conform to Islamic imperatives or suffer the consequences and many of them are leaving as a result, especially the more educated ones with a wider world view than their tormentors. Whatever freedom there was to think or act differently from official dictates is quickly disappearing and will soon be gone altogether as the religious fanatics tighten their grip. It won’t be long before Gaza is entirely Islamized and the modicum of freedom that existed will be no more. Hamas has always enforced its rule with intimidation and violence and kept freedom to a minimum…Islam won’t permit even that.

This journey back to the seventh century when Islam was born is very sad. Among other things, it consigns Gazans, Palestinians, to a life of poverty and suffering and makes peace with Israel impossible since Islam is anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli by definition and Islamists are duty bound to do everything they can to destroy Israel and remove the country from the face of the earth.

Freedom in Gaza? Not possible as long as Islam and Islamists are part of the scenario. Peace, security, prosperity…those things aren’t possible either.

Nor are they possible in the rest of the Arab/Islamic world.

The contrast with Israel couldn’t be more stark. The Middle East’s only free, secular, democracy flourishes while Gaza and the rest of the Arab/Islamic world languish. Why? Islam, the religion of hatred, violence, ignorance and backwardness, that’s why.

Three strikes and you’re out, Re: U.S. to impose sanctions on Libya, Washington Times, February 25, 2011

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

The United States has just announced that it will impose unilateral sanctions on Libya in order to end the violence and repression there.

What is it with Obama and sanctions? He seems to be fixated on them as a means to prevent madmen from sowing death and destruction. Its as if he doesn’t have any other weapons at his disposal.

The President keeps on telling us he is a sports fan. If he was a batter in a baseball game he’d have two strikes on him and would be facing a third.

Strike number one is Kim Jong-Il of North Korea. Sanctions certainly haven’t prevented him from pursuing his nuclear ambitions, which was their whole point. Obama swung at the North Korean dictator with a sanctions bat and missed completely.

Strike number two is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. Obama thought sanctions would prevent Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons but they have been no more successful there than they were in North Korea. Iran is very close to becoming a nuclear power and sanctions have done nothing to prevent Ahmadinejad from pursuing and achieving this status. Obama’s sanctions bat swung at him and missed too.

Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi will be strike number three. The sanctions bat won’t be any more successful with him than it was with the other two, which Obama will soon find out. The violence and repression in Libya will end when Gadhafi falls from power and not one minute before. He will keep on killing people to remain head of state for as long as he can. That is his nature and his way and sanctions simply won’t change him.

Three strikes and you’re out alright. Too bad we won’t be able to get Obama out of the game until 2012 though.

This group of three not work for you? How about foreign policy in general, domestic policy in general and economic policy in particular…Obama swung and missed at those as well.

Blustering and suffering two different things, Re: Palestinians to ‘boycott US’ over Security Council veto, Jerusalem Post, February 23, 2011

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Palestinians are furious at the United States for vetoing an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations last week. They are so angry that they are prepared to stop accepting financial aid from the U.S. unless President Obama changes his mind, supports the resolution and apologizes for vetoing it in the first place.

America’s national debt on January 31, 2011 was 14.13 trillion dollars. That’s 14.13 trillion dollars. The Treasury Department projects a rise to 19.6 trillion dollars by 2015.

The deficit at the end of 2010 was 1.480 billion dollars.

In 2010 the United States gave the Palestinians 223 million dollars to put against their deficit of 1.145 billion dollars. Whether they actually used it for that purpose is open to question. Given their fiscal management track record the words malfeasance, misappropriation and corruption come to mind.

If they are serious about refusing to accept a like amount in 2011 those windfall savings for the U.S. could be applied against America’s own debt or poured into the American economy in some way.

Let’s hope they stay nice and mad and those hundreds of million dollars stay in the U.S.

Don’t bet on it though. Palestinians may bluster but they won’t suffer. In the end they’ll take every penny they can get their hands on.

As always.

Update-Iranian/Islamic doublespeak and duplicity on the sea, Re: Iranian Warships That Crossed Suez Canal Carry “Advanced Hezbollah Weapons”, Atlas Shrugs, February 23, 2011

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

The two Iranian warships that just sailed through the Suez Canal to Syria weren’t supposed to be transporting weapons or military equipment. However, reliable reports have surfaced that they were carrying missiles, rifles, ammunition and other such items for delivery to Hezbollah through the Syrians.

Now that Iran has established the fact that the new government in Egypt will allow it to send ships through the canal in order to deliver weapons to those who would use them to attack Israel and murder and maim Israelis we can fully expect to see more Iranian ships going through in the future. This is worrisome and problematic for Israel as I explained in my previous post and Israelis are going to have to take steps to stop this trafficking in death and destruction. They’ll have to do it on their own because the only other country that could conceivably bring this traffic to a halt, the United States, won’t as long as Obama is President even though it is patently in America’s best interests to do do.

Iran said that the warships journey to Syria was a message of peace to Muslim nations. Nonsense. In Iranian/Islamic doublespeak peace can only exist when Israel is destroyed and wiped off the map and Jews are subjugated, converted or killed. The journey wasn’t a message of peace at all. It was a call to war. The Israelis understand this. The Americans don’t, or if they do they are too hopeless under Obama to do anything about it.

Looks like the previous post is prescient, doesn’t it? Perhaps a bit sooner than expected but prescient nevertheless.

Batten down the hatches indeed.

Batten down the hatches, Re: Iran warships sail through Suez, BBC News Website, February 22, 2011

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Two Iranian warships just sailed through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Syria, ostensibly for training purposes. That of course was not their purpose at all. Their purpose was to see whether or not Egypt would give them permission to sail through the canal in the first place and to see how Israel and the United States would react in the second. Israel has rightly called this a provocation and expressed its concern in no uncertain terms and the U.S. has failed to react on an official basis at all.

While the warships were not supposed to be carrying military equipment, nuclear materials or chemicals their transit has established a precedent and warships that go through the canal in the future may do so. This is particularly worrisome because once they exit into the Mediterranean they can wreak all kinds of mischief and cause all sorts of damage. They could deliver a wide variety of weaponry to Hezbollah and Hamas through Syria and Lebanon for use against Israel. They could fire ship based missiles at Israeli or American vessels, at Israeli vessels which enforce Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza and American vessels that protect free trade in the Mediterranean and beyond for example. They could combine militarily with Turkey and/or Syria, two other Islamic countries that have no love for Israel and could easily go to war with her. Whatever the scenario, more Iranian warships in the Mediterranean pose a real threat to Israel and the United States which neither country will be able to ignore because Iran won’t allow them to. 

These provocations will continue and escalate until war does come or until President Obama is replaced by a President who is firmly committed to Israel’s defense and who re-establishes America’s deterrent credibility in the Middle East. Right now no one believes that the United States will use its military might should Israel be attacked or should other vital U.S. interests be threatened. Right now America is seen as weak and leaderless because in fact it is. No one in the Middle East respects weakness and the United States is seen as weak indeed…put another way, weakness is seen as something to take advantage of and Iran is doing just that and will continue to do so until it is stopped. Who can stop her? For the moment Israel might be able to win a war by itself but it cannot stop one. That leaves the U.S.

America can but it won’t with Obama in office.

One way or the other Iran is going to have a war before the next Presidential election because it knows Obama could very well be tossed out of office then and its window of opportunity would close. Either Israel will be forced into launching a preemptive attack or Iran or one of its proxies will manufacture some excuse and launch an attack of its own.

Batten down the hatches as they say.

No kidding, Re: This Just In…, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, February 19, 2011

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

So President Obama reportedly isn’t foreign born or a Muslim. So what. His birth and his background may be significant issues in the 2012 Presidential campaign but they are not major issues now. The overriding issue now is his competence.

Barack Obama is a lousy President who deserves to be impeached for any number of reasons, not the least of which is his unconscionable, unconstitutional response to the events in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, he is not going to be impeached but he is also not going to get re-elected either. His domestic and foreign policies have been disastrous, the country is in far worse shape than it was when he took office and so are the lives of ordinary citizens, the future is bleak and getting bleaker every day, he constantly prevaricates and misleads, America’s standing internationally and ability to influence world events is the lowest in living memory and his smug, supercilious, profligate, bullying, vengeful personality has led to a disconnect with the American people.

And on and on.

Time and time again he has shown that he is simply not up to the job and the electorate is going to vote him out of office in 2012 because he is demonstrably unfit to serve. He’ll get tossed out of office because he was a lousy President in his first term and Americans know he would be just as lousy if not more so if he was given a second one.

No kidding.

Obama’s display in Wisconsin dangerous, demeaning and disgraceful, Re: Obama’s war on democracy, Washington Times, February 18, 2011

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Wisconsin is one of many states in the U.S. with severe financial problems. The state has a massive debt load and a deteriorating tax base and is unable to meet budgetary requirements unless reforms and cuts are made. Put another way, without reforms and cuts Wisconsin will be insolvent.

Newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker has proposed that unionized government employees (not including police and firefighters) contribute 50% of their pension costs and 12% of their health care costs and limit collective bargaining negotiations to salaries and not benefits because of the dire financial situation the state is in. This comes as no surprise. Walker promised to put Wisconsin’s financial house in order and the state’s electorate voted him in to do exactly that. It also gave the Republicans a majority in both houses of the Legislature as well.

Walker’s proposal has been met with widespread unrest, much of which is violent and ugly. Republicans and other supporters of the proposal have had to face death threats, intimidation, inflammatory rhetoric and demonization and police have had to be called in to protect legislators homes and businesses. Public namecalling and villification has been rife and there has been a marked lack of civility. In one particularly egregious instance a placard was displayed with the words Repeal Walker and his head in a rifle’s crosshairs. Walker has also been compared to Mubarak, Mussolini and Hitler and had to deal with a mob that marched on his house. There have been illegal walkouts and all 14 Democratic Senators in the state are refusing to attend sittings of the Legislature in an effort to prevent a funding bill from being passed. The ugliness and extremism has been regular and consistent and shows no sign of slowing down.

President Obama has played a central role in all of this. His behavior and actions endanger democracy because they are an attack on democratic institutions and a clear statement that his leftist, socialist ideology takes precedence over the will of the people, who after all gave Governor Walker and his Republican colleagues a clear mandate to balance the budget, keep the state from going bankrupt and fix the financial mess they inherited.

Obama’s fingerprints are all over the events in Wisconsin.

The unrest is being organized and directed by the President’s campaign arm Organizing for America and the Democratic National Committee.

The President has declared that Governor Walker’s attempt to restore sanity to Wisconsin’s finances are an assault on unions and he has instructed his followers to “get in the face” of their opponents.

He has refused to condemn and call for an end to the violence, rhetoric and ugliness and has in fact endorsed it by his silence. He has also contributed to it himself.

The Democratic legislators who walked off the job could not possibly have done so without the knowledge and collusion of the President and his minions. The walkout is a direct attempt to subvert the rule of law and derail a legal legislative process. By allowing them to leave in the first place and failing to order them back in the second Obama is undermining and flouting democracy and acting as a demagogue.

The President is purposely impeding elected representatives of the people from carrying out their mandate because he fundamentally opposes their point of view…he is acting against the democratically expressed wishes of the people and punishing them for thinking differently than he does.

The White House has backed similiar unrest in Ohio and Indiana and may be making plans for other states too.

There’s much more but you get the idea.

All of this is well in keeping with Obama’s mentality, ideology and track record. His behavior and actions are a serious threat to civil discourse, civil liberties and the rule of democracy in the United States. Not only are they exceedingly dangerous, they also demean the Presidency itself and are disgraceful in the extreme.

They are also worthy of impeachment, along with the many other offenses he has committed since being elected.

The Future of the Region, Re: Arab Regimes Crack Down On Dissent, National Post, February 18, 2011

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Pundits and prognosticators all over the world have been trying to predict the future of the Middle East ever since the riots in Tunisia spread to Egypt and beyond. Will freedom and democracy bloom? Will social justice and its principles take root? Will the religious hatred and intolerance that is endemic virtually everywhere be excised or ameliorated? Will people’s standard of living be raised? Will the riots and protests lead to lasting change? Will tyrants and dictators continue to be all powerful? The answers are simple…no, no, no, no, no and yes. This means that the future of the region is plain to see.

In the short term there will be chaos, bloodshed, violence, torture and death in individual countries as rioters and protesters persist in taking to the streets and as regimes crack down and assert their authority. That includes the new regime in Egypt, which is really nothing more than the old regime in mufti.

In the medium term cosmetic changes will be instituted in various countries to mollify the West, but there will be nothing of any real substance. There will also be war between Israel and the Arabs or Israel and the Iranians, or both, because Israel will be made into a scapegoat and blamed for the region’s problems, because the United States under President Obama will be seen as weak and unwilling or unable to come to her assistance, because thanks to Islam hatred of Jews and Israel is bred in the bone of the region’s people and because Islamic governments will conclude that this moment in time affords them a tangible opportunity to destroy Israel and wipe it off the map, an opportunity which may not come again soon.

In the long term scholars and historians will pontificate, Islam will continue to reign supreme, nothing much will  change and history will repeat itself.

Thats the future folks. Don’t believe me? Check back in a year or two and see if I’m wrong.

And by the way, if you want to know why freedom and democracy won’t bloom in the Middle East its because Islam won’t permit it. If you want to know why social justice and its principles won’t take root its because Islam doesn’t allow for them. If you want to know why the religious hatred and intolerance that is endemic virtually everywhere in the region won’t be excized or ameliorated its because hatred and intolerance is at the very heart of Islam and is mandated by it. If you want to know why people’s standard of living won’t be raised its because systemic poverty and ignorance is part and parcel of Islam. If you want to know why the riots and protests won’t lead to lasting change its because Islam doesn’t permit change. If you want to know why tyrants and dictators will continue to be all powerful its because Islam is defined by both.

Islam is in fact the real source of the problems in the Middle East, not Jews, not Israel, not America, Islam, and nothing will change until it is overcome. Just think for example how different the Middle East and the world would be if Islamists and Islamic countries recognized Israel’s right to exist, welcomed her in their midst and allowed Israelis to live in peace and security instead of constantly trying to kill them and destroy their country. Why won’t they? Because of Islam, that’s why.

Don’t believe any of that either? Study Islam itself really seriously, objectively and independently, look around the world and see how destructive it is and check back in a year or two on that as well.

Muslim Student Association to peddle usual bile on Canadian campus, Re: Gaza Concentration Camp?, BlazingCatFur, February 15, 2011

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

The Muslim Student Association at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada is presenting an awareness event about Gaza on February 23. Judging by the notice on the Association’s website,, advertising posters on campus and the content and tone of similiar events at colleges and universities throughout Canada and the United States it will have nothing to do with reality and will be full of outright lies, distortions, hatred and attacks on Jews and Israel. Real awareness won’t be on offer and anyone who tries to present a contrary viewpoint will either be shouted down or prevented from speaking in the first place. Bias and disinformation will be the order of the day and those who seek an accurate picture of the situation in Gaza and the reasons for it will have to look elsewhere…they certainly won’t find what they’re looking for at this event.

Simon Fraser University should be ashamed of itself for allowing such an unbalanced, hateful, inaccurate, patently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel event on its campus. This calls the academic integrity of the university into question, aligns it with Islamists, their apologists and other racist, destructive elements in Canada and the U.S. and greatly diminishes its reputation for honesty, fairness and objectivity.

Unbalanced, hateful, inaccurate, patently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. That’s an exact description of the event alright. If SFU keeps sanctioning events like it (the odious Israeli Apartheid Week for instance) it will soon be known as York University West or University of California at Irvine North, York and UC Irvine being institutions which have been beset by Islamists and their apologists and whose standing has suffered accordingly.

Rightminded Canadians and Americans should speak out vociferously against these events on their campuses and keep the purveyors of hate and lies off them. The event at Simon Fraser is but one example of the rot that is infecting colleges and universities in Canada and the United States and it would behoove all of us to excise it while we still can.

Our students deserve much better.

What else did anyone expect?, Re: A rude awakening under military rule, Toronto Globe & Mail, February 14, 2011

Monday, February 14th, 2011

If the revolution in Egypt was all about democracy, improving the ordinary Egyptian’s quality of life and getting rid of corruption the Egyptian people are finding out how meaningless it really was. Egyptians are waking up on the morning after the night before and discovering that their revolutionary frenzy may lead to a few cosmetic changes but real, substantial change will remain as elusive as ever. The revolution was a failure from all three points of view and this will become more and more obvious as time goes by.

The new leaders of the country are the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. The new head of state is Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the Council’s Chairman. Since taking power the Council has suspended the constitution, dissolved parliament, banned strikes, established martial law, given itself an open ended mandate, forcibly removed protesters from Tahrir Square and retained former President Mubarak’s cabinet, which will have to submit any new legislation to the Council for approval.

Some democracy. There may be “free and fair” elections at some unseen point in the future but the Council will spend the intervening time consolidating its power and there is absolutely no chance of anyone getting elected or any legislation being enshrined that it doesn’t approve of. The armed forces have been the de facto rulers of Egypt for 60 odd years and anyone who thinks they are going to relinquish their postion has blinders on. The Muslim Brotherhood is going to take over the reins of government at some stage but that will initially be with the armed forces approval and backing. There is no history of true democracy in Egypt and it isn’t going to be established in the foreseeable future either. The armed forces give up their power? Forget that. The Muslim Brotherhood will take it down the road but give it up before then? Not a chance.

The revolution is also not going to improve the ordinary Egyptian’s quality of life because the economy is broken and there is no possibility of fixing it because of the massive social resistance that would ensue, resistance which would make the revolution look miniscule by comparison…patching it here and there yes, fundamental changes leading to prosperity for all, no. Like the old government the new government is faced with high unemployment, rising food prices, regular shortages, an inability to attract foreign investment, rampant inflation, systemic poverty, a ballooning deficit and decreasing income. The revolution has exacerbated these problems, not diminished them and the resultant instability and uncertainty will make things worse, not better. Its really basic economics. None of the necessary building blocks of a successful economy are in place and the revolution isn’t going to put them there. Under the old government there was some degree of certainty and stability and some hope for the future, especially since it was keeping the Muslim Brotherhood and others of its ilk at bay. It could even be argued that until very recently the economy under Mubarak was improving and that many of the problems he faced were not of his own making. The revolution took all of that away and no new government is going to be able to replace it.

What about the revolution leading to a decrease in corruption? No way. The Supreme Council has been central to government corruption in Egypt and ordinary Egyptians are corrupt by nature anyway. Baksheesh anyone? None of that is going to change, revolution or no revolution. There may be a few show trials but nothing more.

In the fullness of time when we look back at the results of the revolution what will we see? We will see that it led to a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood, war in the Middle East and beyond and electoral defeat for President Obama because his handling of the situation was so obviously incompetent and so obviously at odds with the best interests of the United States.

Rude awakening indeed. What else did anyone expect?