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What will Obama lie about next?, Re: Ayers affirms he wrote Dreams from My Father, American Thinker, March 28, 2011

Monday, March 28th, 2011

President Obama has said many times that he wrote Dreams from My Father, his ostensible autobiography. Not collaborated on it, not co-authored it, not dictated it, but wrote it. That is indisputable and a matter of historical record. He has publicly stated on any number of occasions that he was the sole author of the book and even used this ‘fact’ to constantly bolster his image as a literate person with a superior intellect. There is no question that this image played a major part in getting him elected as President.

The trouble is he was lying through his teeth whenever he made the claim because he didn’t write it. An old friend and colleague of his named Bill Ayers just disclosed that he wrote the book, not Obama. This has been suspected for some time and Ayers finally divulged the truth at a speaking engagement in New Jersey last week. It has correspondingly been suspected for some time that many of the ‘facts’ about Obama’s background and upbringing as revealed in the book are also lies. There are credible researchers looking into these suspicions as we speak and the truth will be no doubt be exposed about them as well.

Does Obama continuously lie about other things beside his intellectual and literary capabilities? Absolutely. Not only that but he also frequently misleads, prevaricates, exaggerates, fibs and disguises too, not just to the American people but also to America’s friends and allies all over the world. No one really believes a word he says about anything anymore and the dignity of his office, the credibility of the United States and the security of the free world have been severely diminished as a result. In fact, the case can be made that he is a pathological liar who defrauded the American people and is leading the U.S. and the free world to rack and ruin. This is a view which is gaining currency across the political spectrum in America and around the globe. His motivation remains a bit unclear at this point (there are some who think that he is a closet Islamist who wants to turn the United States into an Islamic state and get rid of Israel to boot, some who think he is a socialist and so on) but the personality flaw and its deleterious results have become all too evident.

He certainly lied when he took his oath of office, which is arguably the most serious and egregious lie of all because it strikes a dagger into the very heart of American freedom and democracy. The oath reads “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” From Obamacare to the war in Libya and at many places in between he and his administration have run roughshod over the Constitution and shown a wanton disregard for its requirements,  restraints and principles. He has done this willfully and purposely and has been disingenuous, dismissive and unforthcoming when challenged. Swearing the oath was just another lie, all things considered.

So what will he lie about next? I don’t know. I just know he will, again and again and again.

Oh, by the way, Bill Ayers is a long-time left wing radical with a real antipathy for America and its values and institutions who, among other things, co-founded the Weather Underground, a communist revolutionary group that bombed public buildings in the U.S. in the 1970′s. Obama has often lied about his relationship with him too.

Moral equivalency folly, Re: Bus blast heralds new cycle of violence, National Post, March 24, 2011

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Moral equivalency means that distinct events are seen as similar or equivalent regardless of their scale, type, ferocity, horrific nature or the motivation of the perpetrator. Specific circumstances are not taken into consideration. Killing a person in self defense is considered to be on the same level as mass murder and terrorists murdering and maiming civilians is seen as equivalent to soldiers killing enemy combatants for example. No act is seen as evil in and of itself and every act is justifiable in one way or another, no matter how savage or inhuman. Moral equivalency means that relativism reigns supreme…nothing is ever right or wrong because everything is relative.

Reporting on the war between Israelis and Palestinians is full of moral equivalency and has been since day one in 1948. It gives a terribly inaccurate, incomplete, unbalanced and slanted picture of the conflict and is a major contributing factor to ongoing Palestinian barbarity because it excuses their behavior and lets them off the hook. They are simply not held to account by the international community or anyone else regardless of how outrageous or unsupportable their demands are and regardless of whatever atrocities they commit. It is no stretch at all to think that moral equivalency in reporting precludes peace and prolongs the war, helps keep Palestinians downtrodden, servile and backward and causes anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli sentiments and activities which are detrimental to civilized human beings everywhere.

The story in the Post illustrates the point.

The author mentions that nine Palestinians and one Israeli have died since last Tuesday the 22nd. What he doesn’t mention is that five of the Palestinians were killed by the Israeli Defense Force because they were a terror cell caught launching grad rockets into populated areas of Israel in an attempt to murder, maim and terrorize Israeli civilians. Grad rockets have multiple warheads, a range of 25 kilometers and are lethal killing machines. The other Palestinians were killed by accident because they were in close proximity to the terror cell. If they weren’t human shields they were the next best thing.

Hardly the same as setting off a bomb in a crowded bus station in order to kill and mutilate as many Israelis, Jews, as possible is it? The fact that only one person died and 39 were injured is irrelevant and doesn’t take away from the barbarity of the act and the mentality and religion behind it.

The first is defensible by any measure. No civilized human being could possibly defend the second.

Earlier this month five members of an Israeli family were murdered in their sleep, a father and mother in their mid-30′s and three children aged 11 years, four years and three months. The father and baby had their throats slit and the others were stabbed to death. Palestinians reacted to the murders by taking to the streets and celebrating and passing out candies and sweets. What was that morally equivalent to? Nothing the Israelis have ever done, although you’d find that impossible to realize from the mainstream media, which is where most people get their information from. Does that make it complicit? You bet it does.

Moral equivalency is more than just sloppy and lazy thinking and reporting. It is folly and beneath us all as thoughtful, well informed, moral individuals.

Iran smells blood, Israel must respond, Re: 1 dead, 39 injured in Jerusalem bus station bombing, Jerusalem Post, March 23, 2011

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

There is no doubt Iran was behind the bombing in Jerusalem earlier today which killed one person and injured 39 others, all of them civilians. Even though the investigation into the bombing has barely begun as of this writing it has evidently become obvious that Iran’s fingerprints are all over it.

Speculation is that Iran is trying to provoke Israel into launching a massive attack on Palestinians because it wants to foil talks between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to form a unity government. Iran is supposedly concerned that Hamas may moderate some of its positions during the talks and it wants to prevent that from happening. The Iranians have apparently concluded that the best way to accomplish this is to goad Israel into attacking Palestinians, thereby making more moderate positions impossible and that the best way to get Israel to attack is by committing terrorist acts against Israelis, the more horrific the better.

While there may of course be some truth to this speculation there is a deeper, more sinister reason behind the bombing. The reason is simple and obvious.

Iran smells blood.

In the recent past Iran has, among other things, sent warships through the Suez Canal, been caught red-handed trying to smuggle weapons designed to kill Israeli civilians into Gaza, authorized and backed increasingly large-scale rocket attacks on Israel and used its proxies to commit terrorist attacks against ordinary Israelis (including the inhuman attack in Itamar which killed five people, two adults and three children, one of whom was a three month old baby girl who had her throat slit), all the time relentlessly pursuing nuclear weapons which have one purpose and one purpose only-to annihilate the Jewish state and remove it from the face of the earth.

Except for the usual meaningless pro forma condemnations and messages of condolence by the usual suspects the international community, especially the United States, has done absolutely nothing to prevent Iran from carrying out these nefarious activities. It has basically left Israel to its own devices and given Iran de facto permission to ferment destruction, death and war because it has refused to take meaningful steps to stop to it from doing so. Iran thinks it has nothing to fear from the U.S. or anyone else in the international community and that it has approval and license to keep carrying on exactly as it has.

Iran is doing all this because it believes it can get away with it. Israel has reacted with remarkable restraint but the time has come to respond in force and show the Iranians and their proxies that they cannot. Restraint hasn’t kept the country from being attacked and Israelis from being murdered and maimed. Iran and her proxies have left Israel with no choice. Israelis have to make them pay heavily for this latest outrage and all the ones that came before it because if they don’t more and more attacks on Israel will occur and more and more Israeli blood will be shed. Iran and her proxies have to pay a heavy price because in the end that’s the only thing which will deter them.

That’s the way things are in the Middle East. Strength is respected and feared and weakness is taken advantage of and gets you killed.

Bomb the savages right back Israel. Back to the stone age where they belong.

Obama’s responsibility is to protect Americans, not Libyans, Re: Obama justifies decision to attack, Washington Times, March 21, 2011

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

R2P stands for Responsibility to Protect and is the doctrine behind the West’s intervention in Libya. It means that the international community is duty bound to protect civilians against acts of aggression even if they are carried out by their own government and President Obama is one of its leading proponents.

Obama should understand that his first responsibility is to protect American civilians, not Libyans or anyone else. He obviously doesn’t understand this because the intervention in Libya endangers American civilians wherever they are, the Middle East, the American homeland, anywhere and everywhere. Anti-American hatred and disgust is rife in the Middle East and Islamic world to begin with. The minute the first American bomb fell on Libya these feelings were stoked by Islamists and Jihadists and will be used by them to provoke and justify violence against American civilians around the globe. Obama should have understood this and the fact that he didn’t is just the most recent measure of his incompetence and an abdication of his responsibility to place the protection of Americans above all.

Don’t think that Islamists and Jihadists will hesitate to attack, maim and murder American civilians either, just as they don’t hesitate to attack, maim and murder civilians of other countries, Israel being but one example. The historical record is beyond dispute and the Libyan intervention simply gives them one more excuse. We can expect to hear the first reports of attacks on American civilians resulting from the intervention any time now.

Of course Obama’s responsibility to protect goes beyond American civilians and extends to the United States itself. Even before Libya he had failed miserably in both areas. Islamists and Jihadists have struck or attempted to strike on many occasions in the homeland since he took office and it is only a matter of time before an attempt at large-scale mass murder succeeds. The Islamization of the country is also well under way and its values and institutions are under constant attack. The U.S. is far weaker and more vulnerable militarily and economically than it was before he was elected as well, which has emboldened its enemies and discouraged its allies and placed its very existence in jeopardy. The intervention in Libya has just exacerbated a very bad situation, that’s all.

America can’t stand any more of this and neither can the rest of the free world. What Obama has done to date is bad enough. The damage that could occur if he is allowed to serve out the rest of his term is incalculable and could be irreversible. Impeachment is in order and proceedings should begin immediately. There are ample and compelling grounds and time is of the essence.

Responsibility to protect. Obama doesn’t know the meaning of those words, not as far as Americans and America are concerned anyway.

And now it starts, Re: The Arab League Condemns the Help It Requested, Commentary Magazine Website, March 20, 2011

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Amr Moussa is Secretary-General of the Arab League, a candidate for the presidency of Egypt and a long-time antagonist of the United States, Israel and the West.

Moussa and the League have condemned the United Nations coalition for causing civilian deaths in its bombing of Libya. According to them the bombing has gone well beyond their expectations, said expectations being the establishment of a no-fly zone and the protection of civilian populations. The League has called an emergency session to discuss the scale of the bombing and reconsider Arab support for the endeavor. In the meantime the coalition, which is led by the United States, Britain and France and includes several other Western countries, says that it is acting within the bounds of the United Nations resolution under which it is operating.

And now it starts. The backlash. The recriminations. The cries of ’21st century crusaders.’ The calls for revenge and defensive Jihad. The accusations of cultural imperialism and Islamophobia and murder. Anti-West riots and demonstrations throughout the Middle East, particularly riots and demonstrations against the U.S. and Israel, e.g. Americans and Jews. Riots and demonstrations in the West as well by the usual suspects.

America’s Obama, Britain’s Cameron and France’s Sarkozy are the prime movers behind the coalition, with the United States providing the bulk of its military muscle. They could have seen this coming. They should have seen this coming. They should have known that bombing Libya could not possibly result in anything positive for the West and that it would in fact have very negative consequences even if Gaddafi falls, actually especially if Gaddafi falls. They should have told the Arab League to do its own dirty work if it wasn’t happy with the way Gaddafi was dealing with his people and that military intervention on their part was out of the question. Instead, all they did was ferment further hatred and disgust for the West in the Islamic world. Islamists and Jihadists all over the globe must be praising Allah and giving thanks for the West’s stupidity and shortsightedness.

Talk about stepping into deep doodoo. The West stepped into it with both feet, that’s for sure.

Talk about being suckered into self destructive behavior. The West was certainly suckered in this instance, the only question being by whom. Amr  Moussa perhaps?

Our esteemed leaders really dropped the ball on this one. Far from helping their countries they hurt them considerably. They may even have unwittingly ignited a religious war in the Middle East and beyond.

By the way, Russia, China and the African Union have also condemned the bombing, with others sure to follow.

American intervention in Libya part of 2012 Presidential campaign, Re: Airstrikes begin in Libya, Al Jazeera English Website, March 19, 2011

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

President Obama’s decision to have the United States intervene militarily in Libya as part of a United Nations coalition whose professed aim is to remove Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi from power is not in the best interests of the U.S. and was made for political reasons. It was made because he wants to get elected to a second term in 2012 and sees bombing Libya as a means of helping him do so, not because of any abiding need on the part of America.

Libya posed no strategic or economic threat to the United States prior to this intervention. No matter how the situation plays out now the U.S. made another enemy when it really didn’t have to in a part of the world where it needs all the friends it can get. The Russians and Chinese, who are not participating in the U.N. exercize, must be laughing their heads off.

If Gaddafi survives his emnity for America will know no bounds and he will do everything he can to harm the United States, militarily, economically and through sponsoring terror in any number of ways. There is every likelihood that he will survive too because the imposition of a no-fly zone and surgical air strikes won’t be enough to bring him down. Boots on the ground are needed for that and no country is willing to send its soldiers on a mission to drive him out of office. If on the other hand he doesn’t survive for some reason he will almost assuredly be replaced by Islamists who see the U.S. as their mortal enemy and who would do everything they can to bring it to its knees. Benghazi is crawling with these people and the damage they could inflict is considersable, especially since right next door Egypt is about to be taken over by Islamists and the Libyans would collaborate with them. Whether Gaddafi stays or goes now is irrelevant. Either way America has another enemy in Libya and a formidable one at that.

Gaddafi was keeping the Islamists at bay in Libya and Mubarak was doing the same in Egypt. Obama should have understood that and left well enough alone. He should also have understood what their replacements would be like and what this would mean for the United States.

Nothing good, that’s for sure.

So why did he do it? Why did he authorize the U.S. Air Force and Navy to bomb Libya? I think he did understand and went ahead anyway for political reasons. He is being heaviliy criticized on all sides for his inadequate response to Islamic terror in America and he knows that this is an issue that could very well cost him the Presidential election next year, or even his parties nomination for President. He has also been accused of being an Islamist himself and of currying favor with the Islamic world at the expense of the United States and the West. Bombing Libya allows him to refute these accusations in some small measure, at relatively little cost. He’s doing it to gain votes, to stay in office, that’s why he’s doing it. That’s also why he won’t authorize the U.S. military to intervene in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain regardless of how much the regimes in those countries repress their people or how cruel they are and no matter how large demonstrations and protests become. America needs Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia wants the government in Bahrain to stay in power so he won’t do anything to anger either one of them because it could ultimately cost him votes. His thinking is that Libya and Egypt won’t but those two could.

As for intervening in Iran or Syria (two other countries in the Middle East where anti-government riots are taking place) or supporting Israel either when she is attacked or carries out preemptive measures of her own…forget any of that unless its politically expedient.

Personally, I think he miscalculated because aside from anything else tying himself to the United Nations and refusing to act unilaterally is not something voters will appreciate. It makes him look weak and subservient rather than strong and independent and will raise questions in their minds about whether or not he would act unilaterally if the U.S. itself was attacked. If someone committed an act of war against America, especially in the American homeland, would he respond immediately or would he wait on the United Nations, effectively ceding sovereignty to the U.N.? That’s something voters will now be conscious of. 

Nevertheless, we are burdened with a cynical, callous, cold, calculating President who will do anything to win in 2012. Principles and people be damned, if  he thinks something will help him get elected he’ll do it no matter how questionable and objectionable it is and if he doesn’t think something will help him get elected he won’t do it no matter how compelling the reasons are.

Say what you want about George Bush but he never bombed another country to manipulate the electorate and convince Americans to vote for him. In President Bush’s mind some things weren’t election issues. In President Obama’s mind everything is.

Remember that when you vote in the next Presidential election.

Religion and fear a lethal combination, Re: Saudis challenge Tehran, American Thinker, March 14, 2011

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

An all-out religious war is about to explode in the Middle East but it won’t be between Israel and any of her numerous antagonists, although the Israelis will no doubt be drawn into it in some way. It will be between Saudi Arabia and Iran and their two competing strains of Islam, Sunni (Saudi Arabia) and Shia (Iran). The Sunni and the Shia have been violently opposed to each other virtually throughout Islamic history and the coming war will be the latest in a long line of clashes between the two, this one precipitated by events in Bahrain and the United States under President Obama abandoning its role as guarantor and protector of its friends and allies in the region.

The Government of Bahrain has had to deal with ongoing protests and demonstrations since unrest began boiling over in Arab countries in the Middle East. Many of the protests and demonstrations in Bahrain have turned violent and the Government has had to use force to suppress them. Saudi Arabia has sent troops into Bahrain to help the Government crush the dissidents and maintain order. Even though the majority of the population is Shia the country is ruled by Sunnis and Saudi Arabia no doubt thought it was assisting co-religionists when it decided to send its troops in. There is also a small Shia population in Saudi Arabia which has been restive of late and the move may also be seen as a warning to them. Shia Iran sees this as a major provocation and could very well send troops of its own into Bahrain to assist the Shias there. Many commentators, including me, think that is exactly what is going to happen and that the entire region will be engulfed in war when it does.

Nothing ever being simple in the Middle East there is of course another reason why the Saudis are provoking war with Iran now. Fear. Its really a preemptive action. When Iran becomes a nuclear power and when its military achieves operational superiority, both of which will happen soon unless it is stopped, Saudi Arabia will be placed in mortal danger as the Iranians attempt to establish their hegemony in the Middle East and beyond. That’s history and history will repeat itself, which the Saudis are perfectly aware of. Better to take on the Iranians now while there is still a chance of victory rather than wait and be overrun. The fear is brought on because the Saudis can’t trust the United States under President Obama to keep the Iranians in check and realize that they may be abandoned just like the Egyptians were. After all, if America under Obama could abandon an important long-term strategic ally like Egypt it could do the same to Saudi Arabia no matter how much oil it is sitting on, especially since Obama is an “environmentalist” who believes that Americans should use far less gasoline anyway.

Religion and fear, fear and religion. What a lethal combination that is.

Israel of course is watching all of this very closely. If Saudi Arabia takes out Iran she won’t have to. If Saudi Arabia doesn’t she will because her national survival will depend on it. Israel can’t trust the United States either.

Who knows, once the Iranian threat is removed either by the Saudis doing Israel a favor or the Israelis doing the Saudis one perhaps the two can bury their differences, work together and usher in an era of peace and security for all.

No thanks to President Obama and the U.S.

Palestinian baby killers butcher children yet again, Re: Hamas Praises Savage Attack on Jewish Settlers in Arabic, Denies Responsibility in English, Translating Jihad, March 13, 2011

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Last Friday night five members of an Israeli family were murdered in their sleep, a father and mother in their mid 30′s and three children aged 11 years, four years and three months. The father and baby had their throats slit and the others were stabbed to death.

Palestinians reacted to the murders by taking to the streets and celebrating and passing out candies and sweets. There were some tepid expressions of regret by the Palestinian leadership, in English not Arabic, but the overwhelming response of the Palestinian community, the Arab street if you will, was exhilaration and joy. Hamas even praised the attack and excused the murders because the victims were settlers.

There is no possible rationalization or justification for such heinous acts. They are barbaric, savage and inhuman and so are the people who commit them, the communities that enable them and the apologists that excuse them. Stabbing children to death in their sleep because they are Israelis, settlers…it doesn’t get any more barbarous than that. Slitting the throat of a three month old baby…the savagery and inhumanity is beyond words. Celebrating the commission of these acts…that’s inhuman and beyond words too.

Pure evil, that’s what all of this is, pure evil.

This brings the number of Israeli children killed since 2000 to 123. All of them were killed on purpose, not accidentally, every single one of them. Many of the killers have been glorified and are part of Palestinian folklore. Palestinian baby killers is an apt description, that’s for sure.

What a bunch of primitive, primeval, atavistic barbarians. They have no place among civilized human beings and their attitudes and behavior should be denounced and rejected in the strongest possible manner.

Backlash long overdue, Re: Ottawa Slams Apartheid Week, National Post, March 12, 2011

Monday, March 14th, 2011

It is very encouraging to hear that the Government of Canada is slamming Israeli Apartheid Week and that there is a growing Canadian backlash against it. This is IAW’s seventh year of pelting Canadians with dishonest, disingenuous, racist, anti-Semitic rubbish that has no basis in reality and a backlash is long overdue.

IAW serves no one except the ideologues and bigots behind it because it gives them a forum to indoctrinate young minds and spread their anti-Israel bilge. It does a terrible disservice to everyone else, including students and Palestinians themselves…students because it presents a very one-sided, unbalanced and incomplete picture of events in the Middle East with no historical context or recognition of contrary viewpoints whatsoever and Palestinians because it reinforces their false sense of victimhood, because it precludes them from recognizing the real roots of the problems that plague them and taking constructive measures to improve their lives and because it allows them to carry out and justify unspeakable atrocities like the murder of an Israeli family in their sleep two days ago, a father and mother in their mid 30′s and three children aged 11, 4 and 3 months, all of whom had their throats slit.

Palestinians reacted to the murders by taking to the streets and celebrating and passing out candies and sweets. The day after the murders they also named a town square after the leader of a 1978 bus hijacking in which 35 Israelis were killed.

Israeli Apartheid Week won’t bring Israel down or raise up Palestinians. All it really does is diminish everyone and act as an impediment to peace, security and prosperity for Israelis and Palestinians alike. The sooner we reject it and rid ourselves of it the better.

Islamists afraid of being exposed, Re: The King Hearings: Intimidation, Lies and the Suicidal Denial of Islamic Terrorism, NewsRealBlog, March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Congressman Peter King, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, is holding hearings in Washington on Muslim extremism in the United States. The hearings will examine “the extent of radicalization in the American Muslim community and that communities response.”

Homegrown terrorism by American Muslims is indisputably a large and growing problem in the U.S. and the hearings will result in recommendations about how to curtail it. Nevertheless, they have been met with fierce criticism from Islamists, leftists, the politically correct crowd, the head-in-the-sand crowd, the naive nurturing crowd, radical religionists and various other constituencies, with Islamists being in the forefront. King has been called a bigot, a racist and Islamophobic, among other things, and has received numerous death threats, all because he is doing his job. Homegrown terrorism carried out by American Muslims threatens the lives of ordinary citizens throughout the country (think Fort Hood, Portland, Seattle, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, Michigan and other places too numerous to mention) and it is his responsibility to examine the phenomenon and recommend steps to deal with it. He is not trying to demonize or scapegoat American Muslims in general, promote Islamophobia or anything else like that. All he is trying to do is keep people from getting killed or maimed by American Muslim terrorists, including American Muslims themselves, most of whom have no use for the lunatics in their midst or for their tactics and actions. It is very telling for example that many of those who are testifying and sounding the alarm are American Muslims who are doing so in spite of the personal risk involved.

Why are Islamists criticizing the hearings so fiercely? In the end there is one reason and one reason only. All the talk about bigotry, scapegoating, creating a climate of fear and so on is just a smokescreen, a diversion. They don’t want their real goal exposed and they are afraid the hearings will do exactly that. They don’t want the American people to know that they consider terrorism as a means to an end, not an end in itself. They don’t want the American people to know that their real goal is to Islamize and conquer the country and turn into an Islamic state subject to Islamic law and that the use of homegrown American Muslim terrorists is just one of the many tools at their disposal, just one of the many tools they are using to make that happen. That’s why they’re fighting the hearings. They don’t want their real goal to be exposed.

What about all the others I mentioned earlier? They’re just tools too, useful idiots who are being used by the Islamists as well.

Well done Mr. King. Keep up the good work and don’t let the forces of darkness scare you off. For all our sakes.