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The birth of the truth, Re: 9th Circuit will hear eligibility arguments, WorldNetDaily, April 29, 2011

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Barack Obama’s attempt last week to convince the American public that he is eligible to hold the office of President of the United States by releasing a copy of his ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ has hit two major snags in the past few days.

First, the purported ‘birth certificate’ showing that he was born in Hawaii and is a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution has been denounced as fraudulent by numerous forensic experts who examined it minutely and discovered several discrepancies and anomalies…it has been called an amateurish, cut and paste job and a very bad one at that by people who really know about these things.

Second, the 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to hear arguments about his eligibility. Controversy concerning his eligibility has been raging since he first sought to become President and it is entirely possible that he may in fact be ineligible and has been trying to hide this from Americans for many years now.

Obama has done nothing to eliminate the controversy and has purposely stoked it by refusing to release virtually all of his personal records-the only reason he released the ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ in the first place was because withholding it was beginning to become politically damaging. Still, whether the ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ is valid or not there are many many gaps in his past and other legitimate questions pertaining to his eligibility have gone unanswered. He remains a mystery man even though he is President. His days of stonewalling and deceiving the American people may be coming to an end though and a light may be shined on his background at last, especially since the moribund, somnolent and some would say compliant mainstream media are starting to show interest in the story.

Could he really be ineligible? Definitely. Why else would he withhold information from the people, information which is supposedly in the public realm and which we have every right to see? Could he really have lied to us about his eligibility? Absolutely. His narcissistic, supercilious, ideologically driven personality makes this a real possibility and he is after all a demonstrated liar. Could we all have been hoodwinked by him? Yes, we could have. He hoodwinked us about other things so why not about this too? Was P.T. Barnum right when he said “there’s a sucker born every minute” and are we the suckers? Quite possibly.

We’ll find out soon enough. The cat has been let out of the bag and there’s no going back now. This could easily be the birth of the truth for us.

You know, even if he does turn out to be eligible and even if all the questions about his past get answered satisfactorily, there’s no question at all about his suitability. The man has been an unmitigated disaster in every single important area there is and he is no more suited to be President than I am to be an astronaut.

What a pathetic Presidency he has given us. Let’s all do a much better job of vetting candidates next time around shall we? The United States and the world can’t stand any more like him.

Rightly so and good for the Israelis, Re: Israel rejects Palestinian unity government with Hamas, BBC News Website, April 28, 2011

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Hamas is totally committed to the destruction of Israel and would like nothing better than to wipe it off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth. It has no interest at all in peaceful coexistence with Israel…its sole purpose is to destroy it. It is an Islamic terrorist organization which constantly commits atrocities against Israelis which are an affront to humanity in pursuit of its one and only goal. Its arch-rival, the Palestinian Authority, shares the same philosophy and goal and is only slightly more moderate in its stance and behavior. To think that a ‘unity government’ between the two would advance the cause of peace and bring Palestinians closer to getting their own state is madness because it would not change their attitudes and actions toward Israel in the slightest. These attitudes and actions are of course the root of all their problems.

Would a ‘unity government’ renounce terror and violence, recognize and accept Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist, stop murdering and maiming Israelis, stop vilifying and demonizing them, stop spreading the most vile, laughable and pernicious hatred and lies against them or negotiate and make necessary compromises in good faith? No, it wouldn’t do any of those things. The Israelis recognize and understand this, which is why they are rejecting the ‘unity government’. Rightly so and good for them.

Besides, we’ve all been down this road before anyway. The previous ‘unity government’ collapsed in a heap four years ago in a violent, bloody coup when Hamas booted the Palestinian Authority out of Gaza. It defies belief that the two long-time antagonists and enemies can overcome their history, differences and characters and remain ‘unified’ for very long. It hasn’t happened before and it isn’t going to happen now.

If Palestinians want peace and their own state they’re going to have to reject a ‘unity government’ between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority too because it won’t get either for them. Palestinians will have to do the things mentioned in the second paragraph to achieve those ends and Hamas and the PA are demonstrably incapable of carrying them out.

Syria responds, Re: Obama presses Assad; Syrian violence rises, Washington Times, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

The regime in Syria has chosen to crush dissent in the country by unleashing its military and security forces to violently repress demonstrators and protesters calling for increased freedom there. This has resulted in widespread brutality and hundreds of deaths since the unrest began. President Bashar Assad has obviously decided that using violence is the preferred method of dealing with dissenters and has made it clear that the regime will continue to do so until it succeeds in achieving its ends no matter how many Syrians are killed, maimed or brutalized.

Assad is free to respond in this manner because he is perfectly aware that the United States and the West will not intervene militarily the way it has in Libya even though the case for intervention is much more compelling. Despite protestations and threats by President Obama and other Western leaders and despite the possibility of targeted sanctions and other non-military approaches he really has nothing to fear from the West and he knows it. Western military intervention is the only thing that can stop the slaughter and that is not going to happen. That makes Western leaders, including Obama, complicit in the carnage and death because they have the power to stop it and won’t take any serious measures to do so.

It also makes them stupid and hypocritical. Stupid because Syria has been a mortal enemy of the West, particularly the United States and Israel, for many years, because it is a close ally of Iran (it is in fact the only ally Iran has in the Arab world), because it is a state sponsor of terrorism, because it has a large and capable military including short and long range missiles and chemical weapons and because it is a serious threat to Western affairs in the Middle East and beyond. The West has the authority and power to remove this cancerous regime and stupidly is refusing to act in what are patently its own best interests. Humanitarian reasons aside, think how much better off the Middle East would be if the Assad regime were removed and replaced by a more pro-Western government. There is some small chance of that happening if the West helped get rid of him now. There is no chance if the regime fell and the West didn’t help at all.

If Assad and the regime don’t fall its just business as usual.

Hypocritical because the Responsibility to Protect doctrine under which the United States and the West intervened in Libya clearly doesn’t apply to Syria, which means that it is not universal, that the Syrian people are less worthy of protection than the Libyan people, that it will be applied selectively when it suits the U.S. and other Western nations and that it doesn’t apply to everyone in need and will only be trotted out when it is politically expedient.

Stupid, hypocritical and weak, weak, weak. That’s the response of President Obama and the West to the events in Syria. Assad and the Syrian regimes response…up yours, we’ll do as we please. Responsibility to Protect my foot, Obama and the West aren’t even smart enough, strong enough or responsible enough to protect themselves, never mind the Syrian people.

Happy Easter, Re: Nazareth: Banner hung near Basilica of the Annunciation says “whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and in the Hereafter he will be one of the losers”, Jihad Watch, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

That’s Koran 3:85 and its on a banner hung just below the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth.

Throughout the Islamic world Christians are being killed in the name of Islam just because they are Christian. Every day there are more and more atrocities, in the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, the Far East, Asia, everywhere. Church burnings, rapes, forced conversions, persecution, murders, all of these are common. It is a genocide perpetrated in the name of Islam and Christians are the victims.

Hatred, intolerance, destruction and death…that’s Islam’s real Easter message to Christians.

And Jews? Islam thinks even less of them than it does of Christians.

Happy Easter indeed.

Pastor Terry Jones-True American Hero, Re; Michigan Jails Pastor to Avert Muslim Riots, Allvoices, April 23, 2011

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Pastor Terry Jones is a true American hero who may yet save the country from those who would abrogate or eliminate basic, fundamental American freedoms such as freedom of speech and freedom of expression in order to appease Muslims and Islamists.

Pastor Jones was going to peacefully protest against “radical Islam” and increasing Islamization in the United States on April 22 outside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan, which is the largest mosque in North America. His right to do so is absolute and inviolate and is guaranteed and protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Nevertheless, in a stunning attack on the Constitution and therefore the country itself the local judiciary refused to grant him a permit for the protest, threw him in jail for refusing to pay a one dollar peace bond and prohibited him from going to the mosque or adjacent property for three years. This all occurred because officials were concerned that violent counterprotests by Muslims would take place, that Muslims would respond by marauding and rioting in the streets…an Assistant Prosecutor even warned that “people could die” if the protest proceeded.

All of that is irrelevant of course. In the U.S. a person’s right to protest and express themselves is unconditional and unlimited, no matter how offensive it might be to some. It cannot be moderated or adulterated and that is something officials failed to recognize or understand before they so blatantly took Pastor Jones’s rights away. It is also something that many Muslims refuse to accept, at least as far as Islam is concerned. It should be pointed out that one third of Dearborn’s 98,000 odd residents are Muslim, that Christians were arrested for passing out leaflets at a Muslim festival last July and that allegations have been made about covering up honor killings as part of a lawsuit that challenges City of Dearborn cooperation with Islamic interests.

Rather than give up or slink off Pastor Jones announced that he intends to file a lawsuit because his First Amendment rights were violated and that he would be returning to Dearborn from his home in Florida next week to hold a demonstration outside Dearborn City Hall. He also said that the issue has shifted from “radical Islam” to protection of the First Amendment. He is absolutely right about that. If this abominable decision is allowed to stand the First Amendment will in effect become null and void, the right to protest and freedom of speech and freedom of expression will disappear and criticism of Islam will become verboten, no matter how mild or innocuous it might be. Other freedoms like freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press will soon be lost as well and America will no longer be able to consider itself a free country.

The fight to protect, defend and preserve the First Amendment is arguably the most important battle going on in the United States today because it is about the essence and survival of the country itself. If it is lost America will no longer be America, simple as that. Pastor Jones is a true American hero for taking it up and deserves all the support and assistance we can give him.

What a load of rubbish, Re: Canada should wake up to the Arab spring and new democracy, Toronto Globe & Mail, April 22, 2011

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

This editorial in the Globe & Mail is full of assumptions and statements that have no basis whatsoever in reality or truth and are a complete denial of history. It shows that the Globe & Mail has a profound ignorance about the Middle East and Islam and tells us that the Globe cannot be relied on to provide knowledgeable, accurate, in-depth, up-to-date coverage of either. Words like inaccurate, wrongheaded, sophomoric, simpleminded, superficial and blind don’t even begin to describe the content of the editorial.

For the Globe’s information there is no Arab spring in the Middle East and the chances of true democracy developing in Arab states are nonexistent. Islam is the dominant, overriding, all encompassing entity in Arab states and Islam simply won’t permit democracy to establish itself. Democracy fluorishes in pluralistic, secular, free societies. By definition it cannot exist or function in Islamic states because democracy and Islam are polar opposites and fundamentally contradictory. Pluralistic, secular, free… none of this is possible under Islam and therefore democracy isn’t either.

The Globe cites Tunisia and Egypt as two countries where a transition to democracy may happen. Its wrong. In a very short period of time both countries will become full-fledged Islamic states governed by Islamic law, sharia, which is the absolute antithesis of democracy and freedom. To a very limited extent the previous regimes in both countries kept Islamists at bay. Now that they have been removed Islamists, e.g. al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, whatever they call themselves, are free to take over and make them even more backward than they were before, which is exactly what’s going to happen. You can bet on it. In Tunisia and Egypt Arab winter is coming and Arab spring never really existed.

The same applies to other Arab countries in the Middle East. If the regimes in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya or anywhere else fall rest assured that they will not be replaced by democratic governments operating under the rubric of democratic values, institutions, principles and procedures. Islamists will take over everywhere, sharia will be unchallenged and reign supreme and the region will be plunged into a darkness that’s blacker than the one which exists today. Islamists are working very hard to undermine and overthrow regimes everywhere in the Middle East because they know they will take over and implement their Islamic agenda once the regimes are gone. They’re succeeding too. Arab democracies aren’t emerging. Arab Islamic theocracies are.

The editorial says that “Canada maintains that it wishes to project its democratic values abroad.” If Canada were really interested in doing that it would tackle Islam head on and insist that everyone it dealt with in the Middle East operate according to said democratic values. Since its plainly not going to do that any talk of projecting democratic values abroad is just that, talk.

The editorial also says that “Egypt has maintained a stable, if cold, peace with Israel for more than three decades. The people, aroused and giving voice to their feelings, will certainly have something to say about that.” They already have, loudly and clearly. Throughout the demonstrations and protests in Cairo and other Egyptian cities signs and placards with Death To Israel, Death To The Jews, Death To America and other similiar sentiments were everywhere. Hatred of Israel and Jews is bred in the bone and endemic in Egypt and the Egyptian people have made no secret of their feelings since the regime was challenged and fell. That is another thing which is mandated by Islam and something else which the regime kept from boiling over. And boil over it will once the Islamists take power as is inevitable, make no mistake. Does that mean war? Yes, it does.

As an aside, the Egyptian people have also made their feelings known about Christians, women and infidels in general. It wasn’t, and isn’t, pretty, believe me. Ask Coptic Christians. Ask Lara Logan.

So Canada should wake up to the Arab spring and new democracy should it? Nonsense. What it should wake up to is the fact that there is no Arab spring or new democracy and the fact that every country in the Middle East except for Israel will soon be an Islamic state governed by sharia law, unalterably opposed to Western countries like Canada and bound by Islam to conquer them. What it should wake up to is the extent of Islamization which already exists in Canada, the fact that it is becoming more and more prevalent every day and the implications this has for Canadians and the country itself.

Like the survival of a free people living in a free country for instance.

$700 million and counting, Re: U.S. pledges $25M to Libyan rebels,, April 20, 2011

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

The United States spent $608 million on operations in Libya as of April 4 according to the U.S. Department of Defense. Defense Secretary Robert Gates also told the House of Representatives that operations will cost approximately $40 million per month if they remain at planned levels. What Gates didn’t say is that they most assuredly will not given the nature of war and the limitations of forecasting military expenditures in times of conflict. Everything always costs more than one might think, planned levels never remain static and unexpected, spur of the moment expenditures crop up regularly. Already in April an additional $25 million has been committed to assist Libyan rebels and the use of Predator drones targeting Gaddaffi’s forces has begun, neither of which were included in the $40 million monthly estimate. Expenditures have nowhere to go but straight up and you can rest assured that is exactly where they will go.

And for what, taxpayers might well ask? Nothing actually is the answer, unless you want to count self-inflicted harm. Libya under Gaddafi represented no strategic, economic or military threat to the U.S. at all when President Obama began bombing the country. There were no reasons for America to use its military against Gaddafi, none that had anything to do with self-interest anyway. In fact, sober consideration of self-interest would have kept the United States out of the war altogether. Any student of history with even a rudimentary knowledge of the Middle East in general and Libya in particular would have known that. The U.S. cannot possibly be in a stronger position in the Middle East because of its intervention when the war ends. It will in reality be in a much weaker one because it intervened, whether Gaddafi remains in power or is replaced. That was a foregone conclusion and should have served to keep America from entering the fray. At the very least it would have saved what must now amount to roughly $700 million. And counting.

That’s just the financial cost. The political costs, including the loss of stature and credibility, are incalculable. In the Middle East fools are taken advantage of and crushed and the United States acted, and is acting, very foolishly indeed in Libya. It really should know better.

Darn right the British should, Re: We too should ban the burka, The Telegraph, April 18, 2011

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Burkas are instruments of misogyny, oppression, subservience and separation and have no place in secular, democratic, free, pluralistic, Western societies because of what they stand for, represent and mandate. It goes without saying that banning the burka in Britain would be very positive but the British are going to have to do a great deal more than that if they wish to keep Britain from turning into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law, sharia. That is a very real possibility and it is no exaggeration to say that the evidence is everywhere. More than any other Western country Islam has made deep and serious inroads into British life at all levels and is making more and more every day. Britain is already a quasi Islamic state in many ways and if the British aren’t careful there soon won’t be any more quasi about it and Islam will reign supreme throughout the land.

Thanks to the rise of Islam in Britain, the British have already lost many of the rights and freedoms they once enjoyed and took for granted, freedom of expression and freedom of movement to cite but two examples. Unless the Islamization of the country is stopped it won’t be long before the others are lost too and the British wake up one morning and find that the freedoms they thought they possessed had disappeared and that they were all subject to Islamic law. Surprise surprise. The process is well under way and the British must stop it in its tracks if their culture and way of life is to survive. Islam is fundamentally incompatible with British values and society and the two cannot coexist because of Islam’s nature, teachings and religious imperatives. The British are in a war for survival with Islam, a war which they are losing badly. They must turn the tide soon before its too late and the only way to do that is to confront the evil that is Islam head on. Let’s hope they have the sense, pride, self-confidence and courage to do exactly that. The same applies to other Western countries in general as well, including the United States and Canada.

Ban the burka in Britain? Absolutely, but only as one step among many to the British reclaiming their country, not as an end in itself.

Poor will be standard by the time Obama’s through, Re: Standard & Poor’s downgrades entire nation’s financial health, American Thinker, April 18, 2011

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Standard & Poor’s has downgraded the United States long-term debt rating from stable to negative as a direct result of President Obama’s failed economic policies. Standard & Poor’s is an international credit rating and financial services organization with an impeccable reputation whose pronouncements profoundly influence public and private financial decisions around the world. Their downgrading is a very serious matter and bodes ill for the U.S. economy, or what’s left of it. The organization criticized the very large and growing budget deficits and increasing government debt in America and said that it failed to see how these problems would be dealt with. As soon as the announcement was made markets tumbled, the dollar fell and and the price of gold rose to new records.

Ordinary Americans don’t need Standard & Poor’s to tell them that Obama’s economic policies and performance have been disastrous and have put the country in a fiscal shambles. They know full well that their personal financial health has diminished considerably since Obama took office and that the overall economy is diminishing at an unheard of pace according to virtually every indicator there is, despite the phony rosy picture painted by the White House. America and Americans are becoming poorer every day and Obama’s policies will not do anything to mitigate the slide. They are what caused it in the first place and will do nothing but make things worse. Mitigate no, exacerbate yes. That’s dead certain. America is committing economic suicide under Obama. That’s dead certain too.

Poor really is becoming the new standard in the United States. The implications of that are beyond disastrous. They’re catastrophic.

Palestinians are, that’s who, Re: Who are the terrorists who murdered the Fogel family?, Jerusalem Post, April 17, 2011

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

On March 11 an Israeli family was slaughtered in their home as they slept, a father and mother in their mid 30′s and three children aged 11, four and three months. The father and three month old baby had their throats slit and the others were stabbed to death.

Two Palestinian teenagers from the village of Awarta in the West Bank were just arrested for the murders. Both confessed to the killings and even went so far as to reenact the bloodbath for Israeli authorities. The slaughter was planned several days in advance and neither one of the killers was remorseful at all. There were two other children in the house when the murders took place and one of the murderers said they would have killed them too if they knew they were there. Both murderers are affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist organization and were encouraged, aided and abetted by other members, several of whom were from their own families and clans.

Over and above this material assistance there was a conspiracy of silence and general lack of cooperation in Awarta which hindered the Israeli authorities in their investigation of this most heinous and despicable crime. Why, any civilized human being might well ask? Because crimes like this are nothing new that’s why. Palestinians hatred of Jews and Israelis is extremely deep-rooted and they have a long history of committing atrocities just like this one. Baby killers, child killers, woman killers, civilian killers, Palestinians have done it all for many years and are doing so right up to the present time. Murders like this are celebrated in Palestinian society and more than a few of the killers have become folk heroes. Like I said, crimes like this are nothing new and Palestinians encourage and enable them, do nothing to stop them and celebrate them when they occur. Who’s responsible for these ongoing atrocities? Palestinians are, that’s who.

Think they’re willing and able to make peace? Think they deserve their own state? Think they’re ready for their own state? Its no on all three counts.

For anyone that’s honest, unbiased and realistic that is.