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Islam throws down the gauntlet in Britain, Re: ‘Sharia-Controlled Zones’ Sweep U.K., FrontPage Magazine, July 29, 2011

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Bright yellow notices have been posted in several London boroughs declaring them to be a sharia controlled zone. The warning at the top of the notices reads “You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone-Islamic rules enforced.” They are being placed in Islamic and non-Islamic areas and specifically prohibit gambling, music, concerts, pornography, prostitution, drugs, smoking and alcohol. For now. More prohibitions will no doubt come later if Islamists get away with this. The nationwide group behind the notices says one of their goals is to “put down the seeds for an Islamic Emirate in the long term.” It is expected that the notices will appear in every part of Britain shortly.

This is more than just the latest example of Islam and Islamization attacking British values and institutions and trying to fundamentally change the nature and character of Britain…it is more than a slap in the face to British freedom and democracy…more than an attempt to eliminate the rule of British law…more than an attempt to establish beachheads where everyone is subject to Islamic law whether they are Islamic or not…more than an extremely serious challenge to Britain’s secular way of life, to Britain itself. It is a serving of notice. It is Islam and Islamists telling the British people in clear, unambiguous, unmistakable terms that Britain will be turned into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law unless the British people stop that from happening-it is Islam and Islamists throwing down the gauntlet and saying we’re here, we’re going to conquer you and stop us if you can.

The British people need to pick up the gauntlet and do exactly that, even if it means bloodshed and pitched battles. Britain has to fight back and defend itself against Islam and Islamization, now, or else there soon won’t be anything left to defend. Anything British anyway. That’s the real message of the sharia controlled zones.

Tahrir Square-cradle of freedom, no, cradle of theocracy, yes, Re: Thousands demontrate for an Islamic state in Egypt, Toronto Globe & Mail, July 29, 2011

Friday, July 29th, 2011

A crowd estimated at over a hundred thousand people calling for the establishment of an Islamic state and sharia law in Egypt crammed into Tahrir Square in Cairo yesterday. The demonstration was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic group that wants Islam and sharia to reign supreme in Egypt and is working very hard to make this come about. Former President Mubarak kept them away from the levers of power but now that he is out of the way they are becoming stronger and stronger and are well on the way to achieving their goal. Knowledgeable observers think that achieving it is a foregone conclusion and that it became a foregone conclusion the minute Mubarak was driven from office.

Knowledgeable observers don’t of course include United States President Obama and his acolytes, who were too stupid and dogmatic to keep it from happening.

As a result, when, not if, when, Islam and sharia reign supreme the position of Egyptian secularists, democrats and religious minorities will become completely untenable, all hopes for freedom and democracy will disappear, Egypt will remove itself from the Western camp and align itself firmly with the Islamic one, the chances of war with Israel and the West will increase exponentially, the Egyptian economy will be destroyed and the Egyptian people will find themselves living back in the seventh century when Islam came into existence instead of the twenty-first. Much of this is already occurring and it is only going to get worse as Islam fully establishes its dominance in the country.

The Egyptian revolution launched in Tahrir Square earlier this year was ballyhooed as leading to freedom for the Egyptian people. It is leading to exactly the opposite-an Islamic theocracy in which freedom does not and cannot exist. Tahrir Square was not the cradle of Egyptian freedom, it was the cradle of Egyptian theocracy. That was totally predictable. Mubarak’s removal from office was catastrophic for everyone in Egypt who is not Islamic (secularists, democrats and religious minorities included) and that is becoming more and more obvious with each passing day. It is also catastrophic for the rest of the Middle East and the West and that is becoming more and more obvious as well.

Arab spring? It never existed and never will in Egypt or anywhere else in the Islamic world until the people break out of Islam’s shackles, until they cast out Islam and remove its yoke.

The blame game begins-don’t fall for it, Re: Breivik and His Enablers, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, July 25, 2011

Monday, July 25th, 2011

All over the world attempts are being made to pin the blame for the mass murders in Norway on critics of Islam and the rapid Islamization of Western countries. These are patent lies, utter and complete nonsense and part of a broader religious and political agenda.

Anders Behring Breivik bears full responsibility for the atrocities in Oslo. Even if he had help in planning and organizing the bombing and shooting in the end only he set off the bomb and pulled the trigger. No one forced him to do either and he could have stopped himself. That is the salient point. No one forced him to do either and he could have stopped himself. He made the decision to go ahead, no one else.

Blaming our actions on those who influence us denies our free will and our ability to make independent decisions, which of course is the essence of man, the very definition of what it means to be human. No, critics of Islam and Islamization aren’t responsible for Breivik’s actions. He is.

Besides, Breivik didn’t need critics of Islam and Islamization to conclude that both were causing great harm to Norway and fundamentally changing the nature and character of the country. All he had to do was look around. Islam and Islamization have had a very harmful effect on the Norwegian people and their values and institutions. That is a sentiment which is gaining traction in Norway as Norwegians come to recognize and understand the danger that Islam and Islamization places them in. Those are hard and cold facts. They are not rationalizations or justifications for Breivik’s acts because he is a lunatic and there are none, but they do provide a context for what he did.

All he had to do was look around.

Islam’s apologists are already trying to take advantage of the situation. They are trying to take away our freedom of speech and freedom of expression by shutting down criticism of Islam and Islamization, ostensibly to prevent other Breiviks from appearing and carrying out acts like he did but really to further their agenda, which is to make Islam and Islamic law supreme in the West. In that sense Breivik’s actions must have seemed like a great gift and a great opportunity to them because it gives them a chance to use our revulsion in the heat of the moment to strip away our right to freely criticize Islam and Islamization, which would of course be a real boon to them as they pursue their goal of turning Western countries into Islamic states.

We can’t let them get away with it. Not if we want to survive as free people in free countries that is.

The murderer couldn’t have acted alone, Re: Norway reels following attacks in Oslo, Utoya youth camp, Toronto Star, July 23, 2011

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

The mass murders in Norway cannot be justified or excused or celebrated. They were abominable, inhuman acts and the perpetrator or perpetrators are monsters. So is anyone else who was involved. Those are givens and no amount of rationalization can change that. It is also a given that the 92 people who were killed and the hundreds who were wounded were innocent victims who did not deserve their fate.

It is clear that Anders Behring Breivik, the sole accused so far, could not have acted alone. Even if there was no second shooter (and police are investigating rumors that there was) Breivik still had to have help in executing the bomb attack in downtown Oslo and the shootings on Utoya Island. A great deal of expertise and months of planning and training are required to carry out acts like this and it defies belief to think he could have done it all on his own.

There were unexploded munitions in buildings in the downtown and on the island. Do you think he put them there by himself? Do you honestly think that one man can shoot and kill 85 people in 90 minutes the way he supposedly did?  

Personally, I think Breivik is a weak, shallow, disaffected, angry young man who was manipulated into carrying out these acts and set up to take the fall for them by people who wanted to deflect attention away from themselves for any number of reasons.

Who did this? The possibilities range from right wing extremists to left wing extremists to Islamic terrorists to anti-war nutters and every variation thereof. One thing is obvious however. Whoever was in the background was terribly unhappy with the Nowegian government, possibly over its immigration policies, its growing concern about Islamization in Norway or the Norwegian military participation in Afghanistan and Libya.

Until we have concrete evidence we should avoid assigning blame because without concrete evidence anything that is done will be based on conjecture and stereotypes and ultimately harmful to us all. It may even lead to religious or racial persecution and war…come to think of it, sparking that may have been the motive behind these atrocities. Perhaps right wing extremists wanted to provoke a reaction against Muslims? There have been volumes written about Breivik’s Christian background…perhaps Islamic terrorists wanted to provoke a reaction against Christians?

Perhaps left wing extremists wanted to provoke a reaction against right wing extremists?

Perhaps anti-war nutters wanted to make a particularly graphic point?

All things are possible but without concrete evidence we really don’t know anything.

Once we get concrete evidence the people in the background should be punished to the full extent of the law, as should Breivik.

It goes without saying that the Norwegian government should conduct a thorough, ongoing, open investigation and should leave no stone unturned until the case is solved and the public knows who was involved besides Breivik and what their motivation was. There should be no hint of a cover-up  like there was in the Oklahoma City bombing, regardless of the consequences.

It also goes without saying that Breivik’s rantings or pronouncements aren’t concrete evidence of anything except his own lunacy.

Connect the dots, Re: Islamic Iran’s Jihadi-In Chief Threatens To Send US, Israel “To The Morgue”, Atlas Shrugs, July 20, 2011

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

President Ahmadinejad of Iran just threatened yet again to destroy the United States and Israel, to send both “To The Morgue”.

There is no doubt at all that this is precisely what he is going to try and do when Iran acquires nuclear weapons and the short and long range misiles to deliver them, which is very soon now.

The Iranians will attack Israel with nuclear weapons and follow up with an attack on the U.S., or perhaps launch coordinated attacks on both countries to sow maximum confusion and damage.

Either way, Iran will use its nuclear weapons against Israel and America as soon as it can.

This is a given and there is no use denying it.

A preemptive strike by Israel on Iran’s nuclear facilities is the only way to keep that from happening.

Israel will have to go it alone because the United States under President Obama doesn’t have the sense or the gumption to act.

Look for the Israelis to move by the end of the year, perhaps in the fall if predictions are to be believed.

Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear power and they simply cannot allow that to happen.

Not if they want to prevent an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel that is.

The U.S. may not recognize and understand the gravity of the situation but the Israelis certainly do.

They recognize and understand that the unilateral military option is the only one they have left.

In a related development, the United States Department of Homeland Security released a report on July 19 saying there is credible intelligence warning that Al-Qaeda may attempt a massive attack in America itself on the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11.

There may even be coordinated attacks, coordinated attacks being an Al-Qaeda hallmark.

Iran, Al-Qaeda and Islam are implacable enemies of the United States and Israel and threaten both countries very existence.

Connect the dots people, connect the dots.

Then get busy and fight back.

While you still can.

U.S. interests and Obama interests not the same, Re: Assad’s Survival Threatens U.S. Interests, Commentary Magazine, July 19, 2011

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

The three most vital interests of the United States in the Middle East are the survival of Israel, keeping the shipping lanes open and the oil flowing and preventing Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Israel is essential to the national security of the U.S. and if she is attacked and falls America won’t be far behind, if the shipping lanes are closed and oil stops flowing the American economy will be devastated and if Iran possesses nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them nuclear attacks against Israel and the United States are a foregone conclusion. There are other important interests as well of course but these three are the most vital.

The Assad regime in Syria is actively pursuing the destruction of Israel and has been for many years (in partnership with Iran I might add), is a key ally of the Iranians and will materially support them if they shut the shipping lanes and close the taps and plays an important role in Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and the short and long range missiles to mount them on. These activities clearly threaten U.S. interests in the region and just as clearly threaten America itself. The United States should be doing everything in its considerable power to topple the regime and break the Iranian connection for national security reasons if nothing else. It isn’t doing anything of the kind however because President Obama’s interests take precedence over U.S. interests.

Obama has a long and well-documented antipathy to Israel and wants to weaken it and bring it to its knees to accommodate the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab/Islamic world. Obama wants to lessen America’s dependence on oil and make the cost of gasoline prohibitive by lowering supply in order to reduce its use. Obama doesn’t mind if Syria helps Iran develop and acquire nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them because he sees that as a means of dealing with Israel and thinks their use can be contained in any case. Obama wants to reach out to the Arab/Islamic world and align America with it and believes toppling Assad would preclude that.

Those are Obama’s interests. They are not America’s, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Obama doesn’t understand the Middle East at all and doesn’t have a clue about what America’s real interests are. Or why. Or how to achieve them. That puts us all in a great deal of danger.

Freedom from religion in danger everywhere in West, Re: Australia: Muslims break into house of convert to Islam and give him 40 lashes for drinking, Jihad Watch, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Freedom from religion is a pillar of Western countries. Westerners are perfectly free not to subscribe to or practice religion of any sort if they so choose, nor is religion allowed to intrude in the public sphere. Conversely, there is no such freedom under Islam and in Islamic countries. Practicing Islam is mandatory. People who choose not to abide by Islam’s imperatives or ex-believers who choose to leave Islam altogether suffer terrible consequences, including torture and death.

Freedom from religion is being eroded throughout the West. Islam and Islamization are large and growing problems in every single Western country there is and they are impossible to avoid virtually wherever we are. Westerners are confronted by them daily. Islam manifests itself all over the West and freedom from religion is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as a result because Islam is forcing itself down our throats no matter where we live.

Although non-believers in the West aren’t being forced to practice Islam, yet, our countries are being attacked and fundamentally changed as Islam becomes more and more prevalent and as it attempts to force us all to live under Islamic law…as Islamists refuse to abide by our values, principles and practices where they conflict with theirs (which is essentially everywhere) and as Islam seeks to reign supreme in all our lands. The incident mentioned above happened in Australia but the same sort of thing happens daily in every Western country as Islamists try to impose and enforce Islamic law and to change our way of doing things to conform to Islam.

Freedom from religion is basic to Western thought and the Western way of life. If that goes everything else goes too, freedom ceases to exist and Islam takes over all our countries. Don’t think it can’t happen either.

It will if we let it.

Oh, the 40 lashes was not an arbitrary punishment. Islamic law is clear. Muhammad once flogged a man 40 times for drinking alcohol and that remains the punishment to this day.

Leopard’s don’t change their spots, Re: The Obama downgrade, National Post, July 16, 2011

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

No one really knows what will happen if the debt ceiling is or isn’t raised in the United States. Economists, politicians, prognosticators and pundits of all ideological persuasions have written about a wide range of possibilities regarding both scenarios but nobody knows for sure either way.

One thing is absolutely certain however.

Leopard’s don’t change their spots and if President Obama is re-elected in 2012 the U.S. economy will be destroyed and American’s lives along with it because he will not alter his disastrous fiscal philosophy and policies one bit. Regardless of what does or does not happen about the debt ceiling Obama will destroy the economy if he is re-elected because he will continue on the same ruinous path he is on now. A Republican President may or may not bring the United States back from the brink it currently is on but its a dead certainty that the economy will collapse together with the country if Obama is returned to office. Think things are bad now? As the saying goes ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’ if he’s re-elected. Take a good, hard, honest, non-partisan look at his personality and performance and you’ll soon agree, if you don’t already.

Remember, this is just the economy we’re talking about. His performance in every other important area (foreign and domestic policy to name but two) has been equally bad and has compromised and jeopardized the future and very existence of America itself, the American ideal and the free world.

And this guy deserves to be President? Everything he has done or is likely to do tells us he most certainly does not.

Results reveal real attitudes, Re: Survey Shows Palestinians Far Worse Than the Inhabitants of Nazi Germany, FrontPage Magazine, July 15, 2011

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

Here are some salient results of a recently released survey of 1,100 Palestinian adults in Gaza and the West Bank. Face to face intensive interviews were conducted in Arabic with participants and the survey has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.

73% of the Palestinians surveyed agreed that Jews should be annihilated as per a Hadith demanding the same. Hadiths are considered to be the words and deeds of the Prophet Muhammad and are often seen as equal in weight to the Koran. This particular Hadith is cited in the covenant of Hamas as an obligatory call to Muslims to carry out a genocide of the Jews. Hamas of course is dedicated to commiting genocide and wiping Israel off the map and does everything it can to do both.

80% agreed with a quote from the Hamas covenant about the need for battalions to be raised in the Arab and Islamic world to defeat the Jews and destroy Israel.

72% backed denying the thousands of years of Jewish history in Jerusalem.

62% backed kidnapping Israeli Defense Force soldiers and holding them hostage.

53% backed teaching songs about hating Jews in schools.

61% rejected a two state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people and Palestine as the homeland of the Palestinian people.

66% said that a Palestinian state encompassing Israel should be the goal of the Palestinian people. This would of course necessitate the destruction of Israel.

There’s much more but you get the idea. This scientic survey is just the latest evidence (as if more was needed) that Palestinians are simply not interested in peace with Israel. They’re interested in annihilitating Israelis, destroying the country and taking over the land for themselves, nothing else, and will stoop to any means to do it, including mass murder and trickery.

According to FrontPage Magazine Hitler hid his plans for the Final Solution from the German people because he thought they were too civilized to accept them. Palestinian leaders show no such restraint because they know that Palestinians share no such qualms and support and desire the genocide of the Jewish people and the removal of Israel from the face of the earth. Given Palestinian’s unremitting efforts to accomplish both since Israel first came into existence and Islam’s sordid attitudes and actions toward Jews since it first came into existence who can say its wrong? No one who’s honest, objective, unbiased and has an accurate knowledge of history that’s for sure. It isn’t just the Palestinian leaders who are fanatics, its the Palestinian population as a whole.

And Israel is supposed to make peace with these people? No chance, no chance at all. They don’t want it and will never accept it and anyone who says they think differently is either a fool, an apologist, blind as a bat or trying to trick Israelis and Jews into letting down their guard, which is an old ploy sanctioned by Islam. The survival of Israel doesn’t depend on peace with the Palestinians because that is not possible. It depends on maintaining strength and using it and keeping the Palestinians at bay. Real peace? Forget it.

You can blame Palestinians and the hateful, inflexible seventh century creed they live and breathe for that.

It succumbed to reality, nothing more, Re: Quartet succumbed to Israeli pressure, Jerusalem Post, July 12, 2011

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The Middle East Quartet (the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and Russia) met in Washington yesterday to try and reach an agreement on reviving peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians. They failed to do so and no peace talks are in the offing.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu nonetheless said that Israel is ready to resume negotiations at any time whereas the Palestinian Authority accused Israel of bearing sole responsibility for the collapse of the peace process because it refuses to enter into negotiations with certain conditions being set beforehand, conditions which the Israelis say would change the very nature of their country and make defending it impossible. The Palestinian Authority also said that the Quartet succumbed to Israeli pressure by failing to call for a resumption of talks with their desired preconditions being set, when in fact the Quartet did no such thing. It succumbed to reality, not to pressure from Israel or anyone else.

That bears repeating. The Quartet succumbed to reality, not to pressure from Israel or anyone else.

The Quartet correctly concluded that peace talks are pointless because they would have no chance of success unless the Palestinians are willing and able to modify their entirely unreasonable and unrealistic demands. They are clearly unwilling and unable to do that, so ergo no talks. The real reason peace talks aren’t taking place is because Palestinians don’t understand the meaning of the word negotiate, because their positions are frozen in place and there is no room for compromise or concessions. What’s the point in the two sides sitting down and talking if Palestinian intransigence makes negotiation impossible and failure a foregone conclusion? There isn’t any and the Quartet recognized this.

Rightly so and long overdue. If the Palestinians want peace they can have it, but not at the expense of Israel’s existence and security. That’s what the Quartet really said and that’s why the Palestinians are so upset. History tells us that they don’t want peace with Israel and never have…what they really want is to take over the country themselves and remove the Jews from the land like they’ve been removed from everywhere else in the Middle East. There have been innumerable opportunities for a just and equitable peace over the years but Palestinians have always prevented it even though they have always tried to convince us they desire it. They’ve been deceiving everyone and everyone has paid a terrible price as a result.

Is the world finally seeing through their deceit and calling their bluff? Let’s hope so for all our sakes, including theirs.