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Idiotic question asked by idiotic people, Re: Were Shafia murders ‘honour killings’ or domestic violence?, Toronto Star, January 30, 2012

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Mohammad Shafia, his second wife Tooba Mohammad Yahya and their son Hamed were all convicted of first degree murder in a court in Kingston, Ontario for murdering Shafia’s first wife and his three teenaged daughters by Tooba. The murders were planned and deliberate and the trio were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for twenty five years.

The Toronto Star wants to know if the murders were honour killings or domestic violence.

I’ll answer the question for their readers right off the bat.

The murders were honour killings, absolutely no doubt about it. The victims were murdered because they violated Mohammad Shafia’s sense of honour, period. There was no other motive for the murders, none. Shafia felt dishonoured by the victim’s behaviour and decided to murder them to restore it.

That decision and the subsequent murders were rooted in Shafia’s religion, Islam, which degrades and oppresses women and sanctions, indeed mandates, violence against them. Islam sees women as nothing more than chattels who exist for men’s benefit and pleasure – they are to obey men and do as they wish without question. They are objectified and in no way equal to men…their lives are strictly proscribed and there are terrible consequences for those who step outside the bounds laid down for them. Shafia’s victim’s behaviour was innocuous and in no way violated Canadian norms or laws. It violated Islamic norms and laws however and that is what got them killed…Islamic norms and laws also allowed Shafia to excuse and justify the murders.

Almost as soon as the sentence was announced apologists for Islam claimed that the murders had nothing to do with Islam and that honour killings don’t exist in the Islamic community. This is complete and total nonsense. The murders had everything to do with Islam and its teaching towards women (read the Koran yourself if you doubt it, specifically 4:34, 2:228, 33:59, 33:33, 2:223, 66:5, 4:11, 2:282:, 5.6, 24:31, 4:3, 53:27, 4:24, 33:50, 38:44, hell, read the whole thing) and honour killings have been a staple of Islamic life from the very beginning and are a large, well-documented and growing phenomenon in Islamic communities everywhere in the Western world as countries become more and more Islamized. They are not an extreme case of domestic violence, as apologists and putative feminists would have you believe. They take place in Islamic communities all over the world and have taken place ever since Islam came into existence 1,400 odd years ago. Domestic violence occurs in all societies. Honour killings are common to Islamic ones and have been so for a millennium and a half. Occasional murders to assuage someone’s honour take place in all societies. Honour killings as a matter of course take place in Islamic ones and always have.

Shafia’s victims were tragic figures who deserved much better. There will be more like them in Canada if Islam becomes more and more established, if Canadians continue to turn a blind eye to what it really is, not to what its apologists and adherents would have them believe it is. Perhaps the Shafia case will serve to wake Canadians up to Islam’s true nature and essence and to the threat it poses to them and to take meaningful steps to overcome it.

That would be a very fitting legacy.

The Rule of Law or The Rule of Obama, Re: Georgia Judge Considered ‘Default’ Against Obama, WorldNetDaily, January 28, 2012

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Americans face many stark choices in the 2012 election for President but the starkest of all is whether or not they want their President to be bound by the Constitution and act within the law or to act as a dictator outside the bounds of the Constitution and the law. Given Obama’s track record and stated intentions, the choice cannot be more stark for Americans…do they want to live in a dictatorship with Obama as the dictator or do they want to live in a free country where their leader is accountable to the people and the country’s institutions and not to himself and his cronies?

Obama has spent the first three years of his presidency ignoring and flouting the rule of law and refusing to abide by the constitutional and legal requirements of his office, refusing to be bound by its restrictions and conventions. He is a megalomaniac who has acted above the law on many, many occasions and his actions show beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is contemptuous of it and has no intention of changing. Electing him to a second term in office will validate his behaviour and lead to more of the same. The Constitution will be shredded and there will be nothing to prevent him from doing exactly as he wishes. That is what he has done in the past and that is what he will do in the future if he is allowed to. The United States will no longer be a constitutional republic and will become a dictatorship with Obama at the helm. He could conceivably decide to dispense with elections altogether in 2016 and simply stay in office without even going to the electorate.

A current court case in Georgia is a prime example of Obama’s attitude and behaviour. It is far from the only one.

Obama’s eligibility to run for President to begin with is being challenged in Georgia, among many other places. American Presidents must be “natural born citizens” according to the Constitution and there is every possibility that he is not. State law in Georgia requires that every candidate for federal office meet the legal and constitutional requirements for holding that office. Earlier this month a group of citizens presented evidence to a court in Georgia that he does not meet those requirements and as such his name should not appear on a ballot there for the upcoming election. The Judge in the case issued a subpoena requiring Obama to appear before the Court and answer challenges to his eligibility.

Obama did not appear even though he could have and should have and his lawyers said he would ignore the subpoena and not participate in the proceedings.

Rumor has it that the Court will declare that he is in fact ineligible to run in Georgia and that his name cannot appear on ballots there. That decision will then go to the Georgia Secretary of State, who will almost certainly uphold it. Will Obama respect those decisions or will he act outside the law and run in Georgia anyway? The answer is no he won’t respect them and yes he will run there. Why shouldn’t he since he is after all above the law?

The question of his eligibility to run anywhere in the U.S. will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court. Given the overwhelming amount of evidence against him the Court could very well decide that he is ineligible to run for President because he does not meet the legal and Constitutional requirements to do so. What will he do then?

I’ll tell you what he’ll do. He’ll ignore the ruling of the Court and run anyway, all the while doing everything he can to demonize and discredit it. If he is elected again he’ll get rid of it altogether.

That’s Obama for you.

Dictatorship anyone?

Lies, omissions and delusions, President Obama’s loaded State Of The Union speech, Re: Obama’s State Of The Union: The Hollow Man Speaks, American Thinker, January 25, 2012

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Virtually every speech President Obama makes is characterized by outright lies, delusions and/or convenient omissions. It has always been like this but the characteristic seems to be even more pronounced recently because of the upcoming presidential election, to me at least. The 2012 State Of The Union speech he just gave is a prime example and was marked by all three.

I’ll cite four examples of each rather than discuss all of the many examples I could give. This seems fitting as it was Obama’s fourth (and hopefully last) State Of The Union speech.

Let me mention a quote from the speech first though that should be of great concern to Americans who believe in the rule of law and the separation of power between the Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of government, to Americans who want to preserve our system of checks and balances, to Americans who want to be governed instead of ruled.

Obama said “With or without this Congress, I will keep taking actions that help the economy grow.”

Leaving aside the fact that Obama and his socialist, interventionist, big government, top-down policies and his profligate spending have practically destroyed the American economy and have crippled the country for years to come, this is Obama saying that he will act unilaterally if he so chooses, that he will not allow Congress to stop him from doing whatever he wants, that he will not be bound by the rules, regulations and conventions that Presidents are normally bound by, that the law doesn’t apply to him and that he will do what he thinks is best whether Congress likes it or not. It is him telling us he will act as a dictator to get his way, not as a President. He has regularly ignored or circumvented he legal and constitutional restrictions our system places upon a President since he took office but this statement makes it very clear that he sees himself as a dictator and will continue to act as one.

That’s dangerous and treasonous. “With or without this Congress” indeed…it doesn’t work that way and any President who thinks and acts differently, like Obama, isn’t fit for office and should be censured and removed.

And now onto four lies. Four of many.

Lie number one-”We gather tonight knowing that this generation of heroes has made the United States safer and more respected around the world.”

This is utter nonsense. The U.S. is most certainly not safer than it was when Obama became President and respect for America has plummeted everywhere. We have lost the peace in Iraq, Afghanistan is an unfolding disaster, Iran is on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons, the Middle East is imploding and anti-American feelings are rampant and growing throughout the region, our military is being gutted and may no longer be able to protect us, our friends and allies no longer trust us, attacks are increasing in number and frequency at home and abroad, our enemies are implacable and have taken to ridiculing us, Russia, China and others grow stronger as we grow weaker, we have lost the ability to impose our will or even influence events as they unfold and on and on. The country itself is not safe and neither are Americans, either at home or abroad, and respect for us has diminished wherever one looks as well.

Lie number two-”The state of our Union is getting stronger.”

More utter nonsense. Its getting weaker day by day in no small part because of Obama’s politics of demonization, vilification, race, blame, envy and division. The country is far more divided than it was when Obama took the Oath of Office because it is following the example he sets. He demonizes and vilifies anyone who disagrees with him and any institution which impedes him, plays the race card constantly, blames anyone and everyone for everything, stokes the fires of envy and fosters division by always referring to Americans according to their differences, as black, white, rich, poor, immigrants, non-immigrants, union, non-union, religious, non-religious, rural, urban, red state, blue state and so on. The country is growing more balkanized and Americans are becoming more divided along all kinds of lines as we speak and Obama has played a very large role in this. That makes the Union weaker, not stronger.

Lie number three-”Tonight my message to business leaders is simple: Ask yourselves what you can do to bring jobs back to your country, and your country will do everything it can to help you succeed.”

No it won’t. Will it reform an unfair and punitive tax regime? Will it get an omnipresent, overweening, overwhelming Federal Government off of employer’s backs and make it easier to do business and create jobs in America? Will it break the power of the unions and special interest groups? Can it ensure a ready supply of skilled labor and will it take the necessary steps to provide it? Will it provide meaningful, universal incentives to businesses and corporations who bring jobs back? Will it recognize that capitalism and small government create jobs and socialism and big government don’t and act accordingly? Obama knows the answer to these questions and others is a resounding no and was lying when he said the country would do everything it could to bring jobs back.

Lie number four-”our health care law relies on a reformed private market, not a Government program.”

This is perhaps the biggest lie of all, which is really saying something. Obamacare is most certainly a Government program because it was conceived, created and rammed down our throats by Government, Obama’s Government, because every aspect of it is controlled by Government and because it is funded by Government to the tune of hundreds of millions (if not trillions) of dollars annually. Saying Obamacare is not a Government program is like saying America’s humongous and growing deficit and debt can be overcome by a bigger Federal bureaucracy. It just isn’t so. Obamacare is wildly unpopular and may yet prove to be unconstitutional and illegal and Obama may be lying to try and distance himself from it to help him get re-elected, but a Government program it certainly is and he knows it. Pull the other one Barack.

Onto four omissions. Four among many.

Omission number one-any notion of personal responsibility for the predicament America and Americans are in.

Omission number two-any notion of humility.

Omission number three-any mention of Islam and the Islamization of the United States.

Islam is totally incompatible with American values, principles, institutions and laws and is a serious threat to the very existence of the country. Islamic practices have taken over in communities nationwide at the expense of freedom and democracy, Islamsts are trying to expand their reach throughout the land and the Islamization of the U.S. is well and truly underway. Obama made no mention of any of this in his speech, nor did he denounce it or outline any plans to overcome it.

Omission number four-any reduction in his personal circumstances in order to show sympathy and support for Americans who have had their personal circumstances reduced during his Presidency.

Obama did mention that he gets tax breaks he doesn’t need…why not take the difference between what he does pay in taxes and what he would pay under his tax reforms and donate it to a worthy cause? Michelle Obama has 30 personal assistants and he and his family take frequent, lavish, expensive vacations on the public dime. Why not reduce all of that? Obama omitted to tell us that financial responsibility and living within one’s means doesn’t really apply to him and that he fully intends to continue his exorbitant spending. Some example that sets.

Four delusions now. Like the lies and omissions, four among many.

Delusion number one-brightness of being.

Obama considers himself to be the brightest, most competent person in the room, a person whose intellect and ideas are far superior to those of us mere mortals…anyone who begs to differ is ridiculed, discounted and marginalized. He is arrogant beyond belief, considers himself blameless for the mess the country is in and thinks it is in the mess because his inferiors have rejected him and prevented him from implementing his agenda. He thinks he is above us all and that the Presidency and the country revolve around him. He referred to himself in the first person 88 times in the State Of The Union speech. His record tells us in clear, unequivocal terms that his “brightness of being” is vastly overrated. Points taken.

Delusion number two-rhetoric will trump reality.

Obama believes that his soaring rhetoric will cause Americans to overlook the harsh reality of their lives and the sorry state the country has fallen into at home and abroad under his leadership and return him to office for another four years. He thinks of himself as a silver tongued orator whose brilliant speaking can convince Americans that more of the same will safeguard and improve their lives and restore the country to its rightful place in the world. In his view, Americans will ignore the reality that is everywhere around them and return him to office on the strength of his rhetoric. History tells us the opposite. Reality always trumps rhetoric in the end and it will in the next election as well. Talk is very cheap as they say and the American people know it.

Delusion number three-grandeur.

See delusion number one and omission number four.

Delusion number four-staying the course will bring vindication.

Nothing could be further from the truth. America and Americans have suffered immensely under Obama’s stewardship and more of the same will bring more suffering, not less. That is also something history teaches us. Far from vindicating him more of the same will cement his spot as the worst President Americans have ever had. He could even go down as the President who presided over the death of America and the American ideal, the President whose idiotic policies led to the death of freedom, democracy, capitalism and the American way of life.

That’s Obama’s 2012 State Of The Union speech in the raw, a speech that was an affront and a warning and a speech which was loaded with lies, omissions and delusions.

Islam Makes Integration Impossible, Re: How to Integrate Europe’s Muslims, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, January 24, 2012

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Jonathan Laurence is dead wrong if he thinks Muslims in Europe or anywhere else can integrate into their host societies and practice Islam at the same time. His comments show how profoundly ignorant he and other apologists like him are about the true nature, essence and history of Islam, about Islam as it really is and always has been. This is very different from the unreal, sugar-coated version presented by its adherents and a media that is complicit in keeping the truth from being exposed, including the New York Times sad to say.

Islam is supremacist, expansionist and uncompromising and demands that all those it comes in contact with submit to it or suffer terrible consequences. It legitimizes anything which allows it to establish and maintain itself, including mass murder. There is no room for freedom or democracy or tolerance in Islam and it is fundamentally incompatible with Western values, principles and institutions. Since it first came into existence 1,400 years ago it has bred violence, hatred, destruction and death and continues to do so as we speak, in Europe, America, indeed all over the world. It spreads by the sword and lives by the sword and unspeakably cruel and inhuman acts are perpetrated in its name and always have been.

Truth be told, Islam is at war with the non-Islamic world and has been for 1,400 years,

Truth be told, Islam aims to conquer the non-Islamic world and have everyone live under Sharia, Islamic law.

Truth be told, Islam is a serious threat to Western civilization and the Western way of life.

Truth be told, the Islamization of Western countries is well and truly underway and Islam has made deep inroads at the expense of freedom and democracy everywhere in the West.

Truth be told, Europe’s Muslims will never integrate until they reject Islam. Islam makes integration impossible and until it is rejected root and branch it simply will not happen.

Not in Europe, not in the United States, not anywhere.

They’re Being Taught to Destroy and Kill too, Re: Muslim Children in America are Being Taught to Hate, Family Security Matters, January 19, 2012

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Hatred for America and everything it stands for is being spread throughout the Muslim/Islamic community in the United States and Muslims everywhere are being told to reject American values and the American way of life and that it is their solemn duty under Islam to bring the country down and turn it into an Islamic state governed by Sharia, Islamic law. Hatred, violence, destruction and death is being justified, encouraged and taught all over America by Islamists who believe Islam must reign supreme in the United States, that freedom, democracy, secularism, pluralism and all the other things which make America what it is must be destroyed to make this happen and that anything which brings this about, including violence and mass murder, is legitimate.

This poison is being spread in mosques, schools, colleges, universities, on the internet, in social media, in bookstores, indeed in a wide variety of different ways, and there isn’t a section of the country that hasn’t been affected and infected. It is widespread and becoming more pervasive every day. Governments at all levels, including the Federal Government and the Obama administration, have fallen prey.

The consequences for the American people and America itself are apparent and becoming more so every day as well. Violent acts carried out in the name of Islam happen regularly and frequently (many of them truly horrific and despicable) and there are constant attempts to undermine and eliminate the laws, principles and institutions that are the bedrock of the country, to get rid of them and replace them with Islamic ones. The very nature and fabric of the United States is being changed and Islam and its evil practices are already predominant in many parts of the U.S.

None of this is surprising to anyone who knows anything about the essence of Islam, about Islam as it really is and always has been, not as it is sugar-coated by its adherents and a media that is complicit in keeping its true nature and history from being exposed. Islam mandates strict obeisance to its requirements and will brook no dissent whatsoever. It is supremacist, expansionist and uncompromising, demands that all those it comes in contact with submit to it or suffer terrible consequences and legitimizes anything, repeat anything, which allows it to establish and maintain itself. There is no room at all for freedom or democracy or tolerance in Islam and it is fundamentally incompatible with Western countries like America.

Islam is at war with America and means to conquer the United States and force all Americans to submit to it and live under Islamic law. Of that there is no doubt. Whether it succeeds or not is open to question but many parts of the country have become thoroughly Islamicized and many of our institutions have been compromised and it very well could.

The onus is on all of us, Muslims included, to have the knowledge, foresight, courage and strength to rid ourselves of the scourge of Islam and preserve our freedom, democracy, values and way of life. If we don’t America as we know it will be a thing of the past.

Don’t think these comments apply only to America and Americans either. They don’t. No place is immune from Islam’s depredations, Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Australia, no place, and if you live in a Western democracy they apply to you and your country too.



Israelis to Obama-we don’t trust you, Re: The cancellation of a U.S.-Israeli Drill, FrontPage Magazine, January 17, 2012

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Austere Challenge 12 was supposed to take place at the end of April and was going be the largest joint U.S.-Israeli war game in history. The game was two years in the planning and was massive in size and scope and thousands of American military personnel and various U.S. missile defense systems were going to be deployed in Israel. To quote the Jerusalem Post “The drill was supposed to include the simulation of various missile defense scenarios with the objective of creating a high level of interoperability so that, if needed, US missile defense systems would be able to deploy in Israel and work with local defense systems during a future conflict.”

The game was abruptly cancelled three days ago and senior U.S. and Israeli defense officials were surprised and taken aback by the cancellation. No one really knows who cancelled the game or why it was cancelled in the first place and speculation is rife about what was behind the decision.

Some say President Obama was behind the cancellation because Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister criticized his commitment to keeping nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands. Some say Israel cancelled the game as a message to Obama to get serious about stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and that it was telling the White House it will act alone to deal with the Iranian threat if need be. Some say Obama was angry because he thinks Israel views him as a one term President and is not showing enough deference and respect for his liking. Some say Israel cancelled the game because the Israelis have given up on Obama and are planning a unilateral attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities and don’t want to complicate matters.

There are many other possible explanations as well.

There is one possible explanation for the cancellation that no one has mentioned in all the speculation however.


Remember interoperability? The Israelis don’t trust Obama to keep its military secrets secret and don’t want to reveal the innermost workings of their missile defense systems to him, which the game would require them to do. Obama’s antipathy towards Israel and proclivity towards Iran is well known and well documented and the Israelis may think that giving Obama too clear a picture of how their systems work would be detrimental to Israel because Obama would somehow use the information against them.

The Israelis don’t trust Obama, for very good reasons. That’s why the game was cancelled. The Israelis said to Obama “the game can’t go on because we don’t trust you”.

Nor should they.

Nor should anyone else either, Americans included.

New York Times unwittingly indicts President Obama, Re: Iran Face-Off Testing Obama the Candidate, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, January 16, 2012

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

The New York Times long ago lost its reputation and status for reporting objectively on the events of the day. Its reporting is left wing and biased in the extreme and it has taken an uncritical, apologetic, unbalanced and totally supportive approach in its reporting on Obama and his actions, as but one example. However, it unwittingly indicted Obama in a story it just printed that was published in order to elicit sympathy for him because of the myriad difficult decisions he has to make as President and to show how these decisions may impact his chances for being re-elected in the upcoming 2012 Presidential election.

According to the Times, whose sources on this story are impeccable, Obama and his administration are reluctant to take much more firm measures than they have in the past to prevent Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons because if they do it could damage the American economy and hurt him as he campaigns for another four year term in office.

Leaving aside the facts that Americans know that their economy is damaged almost beyond repair and that Obama’s economic performance has been miserable and incompetent and that they also realize a nuclear armed Iran would be catastrophic for them and their allies, the story clearly shows he is making making decisions on matters that are indisputably in the national interest from the point of view of Obama the candidate, not Obama the President. He is weighing his options and trying to decide which are the better ones for him as he campaigns, not as he governs. As the Times says, in this instance the question in this instance is whether or not nuclear weapons in Iran’s hands would be more damaging to his campaign and the possibility of him being returned to office than an even more eviscerated economy or is it the other way around?

You can be sure that whatever decision he makes he makes about this will be the one he perceives as best for him, not the country…you can also be sure that whatever decision he makes about anything will be made from the point of view of Obama the candidate, not Obama the President. He will do what is best for him, not what is best for America and Americans. How will it, whatever it is, affect my re-election chances? That’s the question he’ll ask about everything.

You can’t get a much more serious indictment than that.

You can’t get a clearer picture into his mindset and personality either.

Taliban not charged, remain free to desecrate victims, Re: Marines take first step in laying charges over Taliban-corpse urination video, National Post, January 14, 2012

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

A video has surfaced of four United States Marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. The act took place after a firefight which resulted in the Taliban deaths. The firefight was extremely harrowing and could easily have resulted in any or all of the Marines getting killed or wounded.

The act has been roundly condemned by everyone from U.S. Secretary of State Clinton to U.S. Secretary of Defence Panetta to American military officials and politicians of all stripes, to pundits all over the world, to President Karzai of Afghanistan, who denounced it as “completely inhumane”. Karzai also said “The government of Afghanistan is deeply disturbed by a video that shows American soldiers desecrating dead bodies of three Afghans.”

In a fit of hypocrisy and chutzpah even the Taliban denounced it.

In the meantime, no progress has been made towards bringing those responsible for killing Mohammad Najibullah in 1996 to justice. Najibullah was President of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. His government fell to the Taliban and he took refuge in the United Nations compound in Kabul. The Taliban forced him out of the compound, publicly beat, tortured and castrated him and dragged him to his death behind a pickup truck before hanging his dead body on a traffic barricade and leaving it there to rot.

There also hasn’t been any progress made towards bringing to justice those Taliban responsible for desecrating the dead bodies of thousands upon thousands of other victims of theirs. The Taliban delight in torturing, mutilating and killing their victims and desecrating their dead bodies and have a long, well-documented, indisputable history of doing exactly that. Talk about torturing, mutilating, killing and desecrating people…the Taliban are masters of all four and always have been. Unless they are stopped they will keep on doing what they’ve always done and thanks to U.S. President Obama’s feckless policies the chances of them being stopped are nonexistent.

No one is saying the Marines were right to urinate on the Taliban. No one is saying the desecration of their bodies was justifiable or acceptable, even if it did happen in the heat of the moment. Acts like this by American military personnel are few and far between however and absolutely pale in comparison to the torture, mutilation, killing and desecration which has always been the hallmark of the Taliban and remains so to the present day. The four Marines will be charged and convicted and pay a heavy price for what they did. The Taliban will not pay for what they do every day nor will they be stopped.

The Marines were wrong to literally piss on the Taliban. They were right metaphorically though. The Taliban are barbaric, inhuman monsters who bring nothing but misery, death and desecration with them wherever they go. Metaphorically they deserve to be pissed on.

Literally, they deserve a lot more than that.

Metaphorically they’re pissing on Obama and the United States, but Obama is too blind to see it and wouldn’t do anything about it even if he did.

Iranian hypocrisy, Re: Killing off Iran’s nuclear scientists, one at a time, Toronto Globe & Mail, January 12, 2012

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

A top Iranian nuclear scientist was killed by a car bomb in a targeted assassination in Tehran yesterday. It was the fourth such targeted assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists in the last two years.

The Government of Iran accused Israel and the United States of carrying out the killing and vowed to continue developing its nuclear program, the goal of which is to produce nuclear weapons to be used against both countries, against Israel in order to annihilate it and remove it from the face of the earth and against the United States in order to first eliminate the U.S. as an impediment to establishing Iranian hegemony in the Middle East and beyond and then to eventually wipe it off the map as well. That is the program’s purpose and Iranian denials are lies and nothing more than attempts to deceive the Israelis, the Americans and the rest of the international community in order to forestall military action against the program until it is successful and Iran possesses nuclear weapons.

All because of hatred and disgust for Jews, Christians and free societies. All because of hatred and disgust for Israel, the Little Satan and the United States, the Great Satan. All because of Islam. All because the Iranians believe making Islam supreme everywhere is their divine duty and Israel and the U.S. stand in their way.

Iran has vehemently protested the assassination but all Iranian protestations are nothing more than sheer hypocrisy. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and the Government of Iran and its agents and proxies are directly responsible for innumerable acts of terror resulting in destruction and death throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world. The Government of Iran and its agents and proxies kill people in large numbers regularly and frequently, which makes its protestations about the assassination ring very hollow and renders them meaningless and hypocritical. Furthermore, if Iran did acquire nuclear weapons there is no doubt whatsoever that it would use them to kill millions upon millions of people. Iranians don’t believe in the sanctity of life and their protests about the death of a nuclear scientist simply cannot be taken seriously.

So Iran’s nuclear scientists are being killed off. Good. Better that than allowing Iran to become a nuclear power. Let’s hope it works. If it doesn’t, the only other option for keeping nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands is the military one e.g. a preemptive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Although that would engender a great deal of destruction and death it would prevent much, much more and is far preferable to allowing Iran to possess nuclear weapons. Keeping nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands is the number one priority for Israel and the United States (and also for many other countries in the Middle East and elsewhere, truth be told) and if it takes the death of a few scientists instead of a preemptive military attack to achieve that so be it.

If it takes a preemptive military attack, so be that too.

Muslim anti-Semitism and failure to integrate in Europe rooted in Islam, Re: The New Scapegoats of Europe, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, January 9, 2012

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Muslim violence against Jews is increasing rapidly in countries all over Europe…not only are acts of physical violence increasing but so are threats and intimidation and acts of desecration such as defacing synagogues and cemeteries. Trying to cope with virulent Muslim anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic acts is a part of daily life for Jews wherever they live in Europe and Jews throughout the continent are being harassed, threatened and attacked by Muslims in the name of Islam regularly and frequently.

The New York Times would have us believe that the root cause of this barbaric, abominable behaviour is the failure of European countries to successfully integrate Muslim immigrants into their societies, to define them as British or French or German instead of immigrants from wherever they came from. The Times is of the opinion that Muslim violence against Jews would decrease if Muslims were less marginalized and had more economic opportunities. The Times also believes that Muslims are scapegoats, although it doesn’t say for what.

These positions are dead wrong and simply serve to point out how ignorant about Islam their proponents really are.

The reason why anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic acts are commonplace all over Europe and becoming more and more commonplace every day is because the number and percentage of Muslims living there is high and increasing and Islamization has taken hold and become a serious problem in every European country. Vilification, hatred and disgust for Jews has been an integral part of Islam since its very beginning 1,400 years ago and so have Islamic religious imperatives against them. Muslim immigrants have brought this ancient poison and Jew hatred with them from their home countries and are acting on it as Islam compels them to do, as they did in those home countries. More Muslims means more anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic acts, plain and simple.

The Times also doesn’t recognize and understand that as a rule Muslim immigrants to Europe don’t want to integrate into their new countries and become British or French or German or whatever. What they want to do is live according to Islam’s dictates and Islamic law and make Islam supreme in their new countries, both of which Islam requires them to do, both of which are religious imperatives. They don’t want to become British or French or German or whatever. They want the British, the French, the Germans and everyone else to become Islamic and live under Islam

Islam demands nothing less.

Muslims in Europe who are marginalized and don’t have as many economic opportunities as they otherwise might have have no one to blame but themselves. One cannot practice Islam as it is meant to be practised and become a full-fledged functioning member of a Western society. In the end those who practice Islam make a choice and choose to isolate themselves and reject their host countries way of life. They will say they have no choice because Islam doesn’t give them any, but freedom of choice is one of the things that living in the West is all about and it is up to them if they want to take advantage of it and reap the benefits or remain imprisoned by an outdated, barbaric seventh century creed which has no place in the modern, civilized world.

According to the Times “there is no broad and systematic anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe”. There most certainly is. It is inherent in Islam and flourishes wherever there are Islamic communities. Muslims and Islam are also not being scapegoated. The Muslim/Islamic presence has brought a wide range of serious social and economic problems with it wherever it exists, not only against Jews but against other Europeans and non-Islamists too, indeed against Western civilization itself and the principles and institutions it is based on as well…the examples are many and varied and very real. That’s not scapegoating anybody or anything.

Its just telling the truth.