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That’s not all that hangs in the balance, Re: Obama health care law hangs in balance, BBC News, March 29, 2012

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

The United States Supreme Court has just heard three days of arguments on whether or not President Obama’s health care bill is legal according to the U.S. Constitution and should therefore be allowed to stand. The Supreme Court is expected to release its decision in June, in the heat of the American Presidential election. The Court has three possible options. It can say that the entire bill is unconstitutional and has to be scrapped, it can say that the bill is constitutional and can go ahead or it can say that parts of the bill are unconstitutional and have to be scrapped but the rest can go ahead.

The decision by the Supreme Court is arguably one of the most important in its history, if not the most important. At stake is whether or not America will continue to be a free country with strict limitations on the power of government to intervene in and control people’s lives or whether it will become a socialist nanny state whose government can compel people to do virtually anything it wants them to…at stake is whether Americans will remain free to make personal decisions in their lives or whether the federal government will have the power to make personal decisions for them, thus taking away their individual freedom and decision making power. Either the nature, character, history, values, principles and Constitution of the country will be upheld or they will not. If they are America and Americans remain free. If they are not, America and Americans lose their freedom and all powerful big government takes over all aspects of life.

The crux of the bill is something called the Individual Mandate. That requires, not recommends or encourages, but requires, individual Americans to purchase and hold a particular commodity e.g. health insurance. That sort of mandate has never existed in the United States before and it is a radical departure from individual liberty and limited government power because it takes away individual liberty and gives the Federal Government unlimited, unfettered power. After all, if the government can compel Americans to purchase and hold health insurance it can compel them to do anything else too. It can compel them to buy certain kinds of cars, eat certain kinds of foods, possess certain kinds of products, act in certain kinds of ways, subscribe to certain ideas, refrain from certain kinds of behaviour, anything.

The Individual Mandate effectively allows the government to impose cradle to grave power over Americans and it has never existed before in America’s history. Is it constitutional? Can the federal government require American citizens to conduct their lives according to the government’s mandates? Does the government exist to serve the people or control them? Is the government subservient to Americans or are Americans subservient to government?

The Supreme Court will let us know in the next few months. In the meantime Americans should do everything they can to convince the Court to strike down the law. Our way of life depends on it. Not only is Obamacare unconstitutional, an affront to everything America is supposed to stand for and nothing more than a blatant power grab by President Obama and his ideological fellow travellers, it is also financially unsustainable and will bankrupt the country (if it hasn’t already), will cause massive unemployment and won’t provide quality medical care to all Americans anyway. If anyone believes that the passage of the bill will mean that every American will have quality medical care for whatever ails them they are fatally mistaken.

Dead wrong, as the saying goes.

Obama shares plans with Russians, not with Americans, Re: Obama’s Revealing Comments to Medvedev, Commentary Magazine, March 26, 2012

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

From the beginning of his first campaign for President of the United States President Obama has always been less than forthcoming with the American people about his plans for the future and where he intended to take the country. He never told Americans that he intended to exponentially expand the powers of the Federal Government at the expense of their civil liberties, decision making powers and the Constitution, that he intended to effectively disarm America and turn it into a second or third rate rate power unable to defend and protect itself or its interests at home and abroad, that he intended to be obsequious and apologetic about American history, ideals, values, principles and institutions in his dealings with foreign governments or that he intended to act outside the rule of law and rule by administrative fiat, for example. That pattern is well established, the latest instance being an exchange he had last Monday with outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev at a conference in Seoul, Korea which was accidentally picked up on an open microphone.

The gist of the exchange was that Obama told Medvedev to tell incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin that he would have more flexibility to deal with issues such as missile defense after the American Presidential election in November, but in the meantime he was constrained by politics and Putin would have to give him space until then. What did he mean by that? Speculation is running rampant but given Obama’s inane attempts to reset America’s relationship with the Russian bear it can’t be anything good for the U.S. More missile defense cuts? More degradation of America’s nuclear deterrent? More betrayal of America’s friends and allies? Sharing of American defense data and technology? Whatever he meant it cannot be truthfully revealed to the America electorate because it would hurt his chances for re-election. Whatever he meant would be news to the electorate and the general public, that’s for sure.

Restraints, what restraints Americans might well ask? Obama’s idiotic and weak-kneed agreements and concessions to Russia, Iran, North Korea, China and other antagonists and enemies of the United States have already severely damaged American present and future national security and his shabby treatment of America’s friends and allies, particularly Israel, have already led to ruptured relationships, a great diminution in trust and respect for America and a much increased likelihood of war as America’s antagonists and enemies seek to take advantage of his weakness and America’s friends and allies seek to defend themselves because there is no longer a credible American deterrent. That’s what he’s done while feeling restrained. If he didn’t feel restrained because he won a second a second term and didn’t have to worry about fighting another campaign and getting elected again Americans have to wonder what else he intends to do, what else he would actually do and how far he would actually go.

The mind boggles.

Americans will have to ask the Russians (or the Iranians, the North Koreans, the Chinese etc. etc.) if they want any answers at this point. If he’s revealed his intentions to the Russians he could have revealed them to the others as well. Asking him would be useless. Americans wouldn’t get any straight answers and whatever answers they did get would be politically expedient, deceptive and untruthful and would change according to circumstances.

One thing is certain though. His actions and policies have been exceedingly damaging and destructive to date, if not downright disastrous. If he does get a second term they will be catastrophic and could very well lead to the demise of the country or to destruction and death on an unimaginable scale.

What to do about Islam?, Re: After Toulouse, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, March 23, 2012

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

There is no question whatsoever that Islam is at war with the West and means to conquer it and force everyone to live under Sharia, Islamic law. Islam is both expansionist and supremacist and has no tolerance or forgiveness for those who are not Islamists (followers of Islam) and no ability to accept or allow viewpoints or lifestyles that are not Islamic, not sanctioned and permitted by the Koran and the rest of the Islamic narrative. If Islam prevails, freedom, democracy and the Western way of life will disappear and a new dark age will descend upon the earth. Islam has been trying to conquer and force non-believers to submit to it since it first came into existence 1,400 years ago so this is nothing new. It is what Islam does and has always done.

In the aftermath of the murders in Toulouse the question arises…what can we do to stop it? What can Western governments and ordinary citizens do to overcome and defeat it, to defend, protect and preserve Western civilization?

Here are some ideas.

Every time a citizen of a Western country, Muslim or not, commits an act in the name of Islam or Islamic law that contravenes the law of the land prosecute him or her to the fullest extent possible. That will make it clear to Islamists and apologists for Islam that Islamic law does not take precedence over secular law and that religious practices which contravene secular law will not be accepted or condoned, especially if they are violent, misogynistic, racist or an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Every time Islamists ask a community or institution in a Western country to make concessions in order to accommodate Islam or Islamic practices, refuse. Make sure that communities and institutions aren’t changed by Islamists in order for them to practice Islam and fulfil their religious obligations, especially if the concessions and accommodations involve building Mosques or involve changes in how institutions like courts and schools operate.

Insist that Western governments do a much better job of vetting potential immigrants from Islamic countries and that they close the door to anyone who does not subscribe to Western values and refuses to live according to Western law. If a potential immigrant insists on living according to Islamic law and practice or refuses to accept the supremacy of Western law and practice refuse them entry and don’t let them in.

Deport any non-citizen who commits a criminal act in the name of Islam or incites others to do the same, in public, on the internet, through social media or any other means. For good measure, deport anyone who on the balance of probabilities is likely to do so as well.

Take back the streets. There are no-go areas in every Western country where authorities and ordinary citizens fear to tread, where Islam is predominant and Islamist thugs enforce Islamic law, where Islamists commit crimes with impunity, where non-Islamists are not welcome and kept out. That cannot be permitted and has to change. So does the practice of filling public areas during prayer times and making them inaccessible and unusable for non-Islamists.

Ban the Koran and remove it from the public sphere because it incites violence, hatred, discrimination and murder. Books that express opinions about outsiders are one thing. Books that incite people to act violently, that mandate, legitimize and require violence like the Koran does, are quite another. It is much more than hate speech, which is bad enough. It calls on its readers to commit atrocities and requires Islamists to commit them. That’s incitement and there can be no place for it in civilized societies.

Quit electing politicians like President Obama. Obama is incapable of understanding and recognizing the severity of the problem and doesn’t have the backbone to take remedial measures even if he did. He is very typical in that sense. Until we elect politicians with strength, courage, foresight and real instead of fake, opportunistic love of country and Western values who are willing and able to take on and defeat the scourge that is Islam it will plague us, pure and simple.

Those are some of the ideas which come to my mind. I know they sound harsh but they are necessary if Islam is to be stopped and Western civilization is to survive. There are also many far harsher ones out there and they aren’t harsh at all when one looks at the reality of Islam and not the rhetoric. We are after all at war with Islam and if we lose we will find ourselves living under Islamic law and our way of life will be a thing of the past.

And make no mistake, losing is what we’re doing.


The time to act is now, while we still can.

Monstrous murders in Toulouse a warning to West, Re: Toulouse jihad murderer was recruiting boys for jihad, giving them Qur’ans, Jihad Watch, March 22, 2012

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

There are no words which can describe or justify on any kind of human level what Mohammed Merah did in Toulouse, France earlier this week. None.

Merah is the Islamic Jihadist who murdered three French soldiers, a Rabbi and three Jewish children in cold blood, one of whom was an eight year old girl who was chased down, grabbed by the hair and shot point blank in the head. Words like inhuman, barbaric, sick, evil, demented, delusional, deranged, psychopathic and horrific all come to mind but they and others like them cannot begin to provide a picture of just how monstrous the murders really were in human terms and it is useless to try and do so. Suffice it to say that any decent human being would be mortified by the murders and that anyone who isn’t mortified or who tries to justify or rationalize them is not a decent human being, is racist and anti-Semitic and most definitely needs to have their head examined. They are also most likely either an Islamist (a follower of Islam) or an apologist for Islam.

One other word comes to mind too. That word is warning.

Merah acted in the name of Islam and felt that the murders were justified by Islamic teachings and exhortations. He was of course correct because they were and they are. France, and Europe, are full of Islamic Jihadists just like Merah, full of Islamic Jihadists with the same attitude, mentality and beliefs. They are already a serious threat to the safety, security and freedom of Europe’s citizens (especially Jews and Christians) and are becoming more of a threat every day. The fact that Merah felt brazen enough to commit the murders in the first place and in broad daylight in the second is very telling. Islam is fundamentally changing the nature and character of European countries and trying to turn them into Islamic states governed by Islamic law (Sharia) and it is foot soldiers like Merah who are intimidating ordinary citizens into acquiescing. The murders were a warning alright…a warning that Islam will continue to advance at the expense of the continent’s Judeo-Christian heritage and Western way of life until it is stopped or until it reign’s supreme, a warning that it will bring to twenty-first century Europe the same things it has brought everywhere else it has ever appeared…violence, hatred, destruction, misogyny and death. Freedom and democracy are becoming a thing of the past in Europe and it is Islamic Jihadists like Merah who are pulling the trigger. It is no stretch of the imagination to say that the face of Europe is being changed by Islam and that it could very well become entirely Islamic at the hands of Islam and its soldiers.

The same thing is happening in North America. Islam has made deep and serious inroads in the United States and Canada. Just like Europe, the United States and Canada are full of Islamic Jihadists more than willing to commit murder and mayhem. Terrorist acts by Islamic Jihadists are becoming commonplace and there are frequent demands by Islamists to accommodate Islam and institutionalize its teachings and requirements, Sharia among them. There are many areas in the United States and Canada where Islam predominates and American and Canadian laws, institutions and values are being eroded or eliminated in both countries, including freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The situation is dire and it is only going to get worse until Americans and Canadians recognize its severity and take meaningful steps to preserve and protect their way of life.

That is what Merah was really telling Europeans, Americans, Canadians and other Westerners. There is more, much more, to come unless you until you either stop us or until we conquer you and force you to submit to Islam. Merah gave us a warning from Islamic Jihadists, Islamists and Islam’s apologists. Until we heed it and take meaningful steps to keep Islam from taking over our lives and turning us into Islamic robots under the thumb of Islamic law more and more murders will take place, more and more blood will be shed and more and more of our freedoms will be eroded and eliminated.

Let’s hope he provided a wake-up call to everyone. His victims and Islam’s victims will all have died in vain if he didn’t.

Intolerant Islam no religion of peace, Re: Destroy all churches, Washington Times, March 16, 2012

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, declared a few days ago that it is “necessary to destroy all the churches in the region.” The Grand Mufti is one of the most important leaders in the Islamic world and the declaration reaffirms a religious obligation for those who he has direct control over to remove all vestiges of Christianity from the land. It also sends a very clear message to the rest of the Islamic world that destroying churches is permitted, necessary and mandatory. When Muhammad was on his deathbed he supposedly said “There are not to be two religions in the (Arabian) Peninsula.” and this is what the Grand Mufti based his declaration on. Islam legitimizes and mandates ethnic and religious cleansing and the declaration is just the latest affirmation of that.

Islamists (followers of Islam) like to portray Islam as a religion of peace but it is in fact exactly the opposite. From its very beginning 1,400 years ago in the Arabian desert it has sown nothing but violence, war, degradation, destruction and death and it continues to do so to the present day all over the world. Its purpose is to get non-believers to submit to its dictates and the only way to do that in the first place and to maintain their submission in the second is through the use of the sword. Islam is expansionist by its very nature and the only way it can expand is by conquering other people and forcing them to submit to it. Since people of good mind, heart and conscience cannot accept its barbaric, backwards precepts and teachings it cannot expand by convincing people intellectually to accept it…it has to expand through force. That is why it is anything but peaceful now and that is why it has never been peaceful. If it was peaceful its ideas would never have survived 1,400 years ago and they wouldn’t survive today either.

That is also the real reason why churches, temples and synagogues are destroyed and ethnic and religious cleansing takes place wherever Islam is found. Its Islam removing the competition because it can’t stand on its own.

Islam as a religion of conquest and submission…its a 1,400 year old story which came to the Middle East ages ago and is coming to the United States, Canada, Europe and the rest of the free world as we speak. Actually, its already there and unless Americans, Canadians, Europeans and others fight back and defend themselves and their Judeo-Christian civilization and way of life freedom and democracy will be lost and they too will be conquered and forced to submit to Islam.

In the name of Islam “Destroy all churches” says the Grand Mufti.

That’s pretty peaceful, isn’t it?

Tolerant too.

Can’t believe a word they say, Re: Afghan jihadi soldier murdered Marine on February 1, Pentagon lied about cause of death, Jihad Watch, March 16, 2012

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

All the lying, covering up and conniving going on in Afghanistan makes it impossible to believe anything that anyone says about what’s really going on there…anyone includes the American military, American politicians and officials and Afghan politicians and officials as well. Lying, covering up and conniving by Afghan politicians and officials is to be expected. It cannot become the norm for Americans however and Americans who do these things must be called to account.

Even President Obama.

Especially President Obama.

Item: Marine Lance Corporal Edward Dycus was shot in the back of the head and killed while on guard duty at an Afghan-U.S. Base in Helmand Province last February 1. He was murdered by an Afghan soldier, who has since been turned over to Afghan authorities for prosecution. The day after Corporal Dycus was murdered the Pentagon announced that he died in combat, which was a blatant lie.

Item: At least six American military personnel have been murdered by their Afghan colleagues since then, two U.S. soldiers, an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, an Army Major and two Army paratroopers. When announcing the casualties the Pentagon failed to mention that the Americans were murdered by Afghan colleagues and not in the heat of battle. In announcing the casualties the Pentagon used highly misleading language calculated to cover up the true circumstances of the deaths.

Item: Afghan allies turning their guns on their American colleagues and killing or wounding them is a large and growing problem in Afghanistan. The American public is not generally aware of this and the American military and American politicians and officials have been less than forthcoming about its extent. The military has also been very disingenuous about it as well.

Item: The top American commander in Helmand Province and his British deputy were almost killed by an Afghan interpreter during a suicide attack on a welcoming party for U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who was making a surprise to the Province earlier this month. Whether or not Panetta was the actual target is not known since the Afghan died in the attack. Although the attack was thwarted it could easily have succeeded in killing Panetta and the commanders. This was a major breach of security which was initially glossed over by officials, who in any case did not disclose details of the incident for several days after it occurred and used misleading language to minimize it when they did.

That’s a taste of the lying and covering up which has been going on. Now what about the conniving?

There is no question that the most important thing in President Obama’s political life at the present time is getting himself re-elected in November’s Presidential election, there is no question that he will say or do virtually anything to do that, there is no question that lying, deceit, exaggeration, flip-flopping and duplicity have characterized his time in office and his career as a politician and there is no question that bad news from Afghanistan could hurt his chances of being returned to office and good news could enhance them.

The only possible good news he could offer the American electorate is withdrawing the military prior to the scheduled departure date in 2013. In order to do that however he has to convince the public that the Afghan military is ready, willing and able to replace it and carry out all of its duties and responsibilities, including combat and security. Afghan soldiers murdering Americans and being instrumental in major security breaches doesn’t help him make his case and hurts him politically and that is why the lying and covering up has been going on. President Obama and his minions are trying to keep bad news from the American public for political gain. Political gain is also why we can expect more and more ‘good news story’s’ from Afghanistan as the election approaches. It is conniving of the most cynical sort and is entirely in keeping with his personality, attitude and track record. Aside from anything else it jeopardizes the safety and lives of Americans in Afghanistan for purely personal reasons, not for any good military reasons. If I was an American in Afghanistan, whether I was a member of the military or not, or if I was a family member of an American in Afghanistan, I’d be very upset and angry indeed.

Note that I wrote that the scheduled departure date is in 2013. That is a very recent development. The original departure date was in 2014 but it has just been accelerated and moved up. That wouldn’t have anything to do with electioneering would it? Of course it does. It doesn’t have anything to do with military reasons or successfully completing the mission (whatever that is), that’s for sure.

Like I said, conniving from the highest level on down.

Lying, covering up and conniving…the American public and every American who is serving or has served in Afghanistan deserve much, much better. President Obama’s word has always been suspect and so has his commitment to America, his commitment to anything except himself and his ideology for that matter. Events in Afghanistan are just one more example of this.

Quebec Imam responds to concern with meaningless accusations and cliches, Re: Islamic halal meat: It ‘slams against Quebec values,’ Parti Quebecois says, The Canadian Press, March 15, 2012

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

The Parti Quebecois is the democratically elected opposition party in the Province of Quebec, Canada. It has formed the government there in the past and may very well do so again. Halal meat is used by Islamists (followers of Islam) as a food staple. Islamists are in fact forbidden to eat meat that is non-halal. Halal meat is produced by cutting the throat of an animal and letting it bleed to death. The Parti Quebecois has expressed concerns that halal slaughtering does not meet lawful standards and that Quebecers are being sold halal meat that hasn’t been labelled as such. It has demanded that the Provincial Government produce a report on the halal situation in the province by March 23 and then rectify it accordingly.

Mohammed Ghalem, an Imam and the spokesman for the halal meat association, responded by saying that the controversy is tinged by Islamophobia and that it shows a lack of understanding of the Muslim community and by extension, Islam. This is exactly the same way that Islamists everywhere respond whenever criticisms or concerns about Islam or Islamic practices are raised. It is trite, it is a cliche, it is untrue, it is disgraceful and it is very tiresome. It is also designed to intimidate and silence critics and potential critics and divert attention from the issue or issues at hand.

Islam, Islamic law (Sharia) and Islamic practices are fundamentally incompatible with life in the secular, free, democratic West and all are abhorrent and unacceptable to civilized people of good heart, good mind and good conscience. Saying so has nothing to do with Islamophobia or a lack of understanding of Muslims and by extension, Islam. It is exactly the opposite. Criticisms and concerns about Islam, Sharia and Islamic practices are caused by the fact that all three clash with Western values, laws, principles, institutions and practices and that Islam is a supremacist, expansionist religion which is foisting itself upon us and trying to turn Western countries into Islamic states. Those who object are simply trying to protect and preserve their way of life, nothing more. They are becoming knowledgeable about Islam, Sharia and Islamic practices and raising their voices in opposition. That doesn’t make them Islamophobic (although it is hard to see how anyone who knows anything about Islam and how it manifests itself in the world couldn’t be) or ignorant or obtuse. It makes them prescient and very courageous because Islam being Islam and Islamists being Islamists speaking out against Islamic tyranny can and does carry a very price.

The Parti Quebecois is absolutely right to express its concerns about halal slaughter and consumption in Quebec and to demand that the provincial government investigate the situation and meet its demands. We can only hope that the government will have the courage to follow through in the face of what will no doubt be fierce, threatening, violent, unlawful and entirely predictable opposition.

What about that Mohammed? Going to call me Islamophobic, ignorant, xenophobic, anti-Muslim and anti-Islam are you? Going to threaten me too? Rubbish, complete rubbish. Well, anti-Islam yes, as anyone of good heart, good mind and good conscience would be, but not the others, not at all.

Typical, very, very typical.


Hamid the self-serving hypocrite, Re: A Heinous Crime and a Double Standard, FrontPage Magazine, March 12, 2012

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

There is no doubt that the American soldier who murdered 16 Afghan civilians in their homes in the early hours of the morning the other day committed a heinous crime and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There is also no doubt that he will be. Murdering civilians as they sleep is a barbaric, inhuman act no matter who does it, Americans, Palestinians anyone, and there simply is no excuse or rationalization for doing so. The American military and the American people rightfully take this breach of discipline and morality very seriously and the soldier, a 38 year old Staff Sergeant, will pay a heavy price, perhaps even including the death penalty, for doing what he did. There may be mitigating circumstances which will come out at his trial but what he did was plainly unacceptable and he will be called to account.

That is not the issue. The issue is Hamid Karzai’s hypocrisy and his attempt to appease the Taliban and their supporters in his government and personal circle by using this rare, unfortunate incident to vilify and discredit the American military while accepting its money and protection and ignoring or justifying heinous crimes committed by the Taliban and ordinary Afghans, crimes which are committed infinitely more frequently than any committed by Americans. That’s very self-serving and very hypocritical. That’s also very typical because playing both ends against the middle like that is something Karzai has always done…its how he’s survived this long.

Rightly or wrongly, Americans from the President on down prostate themselves and apologize to all and sundry when unfortunate instances occur and take steps to make sure they don’t happen again, steps which sometimes jeopardize the lives of American soldiers and civilians. Neither Karzai or anyone in his government or personal circle has apologized to the Americans or anyone else for crimes committed against them nor has Karzai or anyone in his government or personal circle called for the perpetrators to be captured and tried and held responsible. American soldiers and civilians have been murdered in cold blood by the Taliban and their supporters recently in response to the mistaken, inadvertent burning of Koran’s that were defaced by Islamists. These murders were not acts of war regardless of what anyone says. Did Karzai or anyone else in his government or personal circle apologize or offer condolences or pledge to bring the perpetrators to justice? No they did not.

Hypocrisy and double standards are alive and well in Afghanistan and are exemplified by Karzai and his government. One thing is certain. Americans have far less to apologize for in Afghanistan than they do and in the end the Taliban will make them pay for their duplicity and corruption, no matter what they do to try and prevent it. It won’t be pretty once the Americans leave and are no longer there to protect them but hey, perhaps condolences will suffice. If Obama is still President he can even apologize some more.

Fat lot of good another apology would do aye?

Israel…Jews saving Christians from Islam, Re: Israel and the Plight of Mideast Christians, Wall Street Journal, March 9, 2012

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Christians are being attacked, dispossessed, exiled and murdered all over the Middle East and their churches, shrines and religious paraphernalia are being burned and destroyed throughout the region, all at the hands of Islamists (followers of Islam) acting in the name of Islam. Except for Israel, Christians in every single country and area in the Middle East, including Gaza and the West Bank, live in fear and trepidation and face constant heavy-handed persecution, subjugation, degradation and the threat of death. The Islamic world acting in the name of Islam is trying to remove Christians and Christianity from the land and is well on the way to success. In another generation or two, Christians will be almost entirely gone and so will most of the physical evidence that they were ever there to begin with. Religious cleansing is going on throughout the Middle East and Christians are being cleansed by Islamists acting in Islam’s name and according to its imperatives.

This is nothing new of course, not to anyone who knows anything about Islam and history anyway. It has been going on since Islam first came on the scene and is no different today than it ever was. Hatred and disgust of Christians has been a basic, intrinsic, fundamental part of Islam from the very beginning and Islam has a 1,400 year record of treating them absolutely abominably, of viewing them as inferior beings who are less than human. Its not just that they are held in low regard. They are held in no regard at all and therefore Islamists can treat them with impunity with no fear of consequences under Sharia, Islamic law. In fact, Islam mandates and demands that Islamists view them and treat them the way they do. It is the will of Allah as expressed to Muhammad and is entrenched in the Koran and as such Islam leaves Islamists no choice in the matter. There are terrible consequences for not obeying the will of Allah, but none for doing what he commands, for obeying him and carrying out his commandments.

One of which is Koran 9.5, which reads as follows “ Fight and slay the pagans Christians wherever ye find them and seize them, confine them and lie in wait for them in every place of ambush.”

That is by no means the only passage about Christians in the Koran or the rest of the Islamic narrative, all of which are in the same vein.

Thanks to Allah, Muhammad and Islam that’s the reality Christians and Christianity face in the Middle East. That’s the reality they have always faced.

Except in Israel, where its a very different story.

In Israel, Christians and Christianity flourish. Christians are free to practice their religion without interference from the state or anyone else and Christian churches and holy places are under the exclusive control of Christian clergy and authorities. Christians participate fully in the life of the nation…they serve in the Knesset, the Foreign Ministry, the Supreme Court and virtually all other Israeli institutions as well, including the military. They are welcomed and appreciated and the Israeli government protects them and their holy sites from Islamists as the need arises. Christian communities in Israel have expanded by more than 1000% since the country’s founding in 1948 and Christian immigration shows no signs of slowing down at all. Indeed, Christians from throughout the Middle East are clamouring to come to Israel and escape the horrors of living under Islam.

Islam and Islamists hate and revile Christians but they hate and revile Jews even more. Jew hatred and disgust is commanded by Allah and entrenched in the Koran and the rest of the Islamic narrative and is part of every Islamist’s being. It is something they simply cannot escape and have to act upon. The treatment of Jews by Islamists throughout Islamic history has been every bit as terrible and barbaric as their treatment of Christians and remains so to the present day. It is very ironic that Jews protect Christians from Islam and Islamists in the Middle East and gives Islamists one more reason to kill Jews and destroy Israel.

Christians flourishing in a thriving Jewish state in the Middle East surrounded by Islam and Islamists…Christians being protected and saved by Jews from Islam and Islamists in the Middle East…maybe God really does have a sense of humor.

The Christian and Jewish God that is.

The United States is a sovereign country…for now, Re: The Obama Doctrine: seek international permission, not Congressional authority, to employ our military, American Thinker, March 8, 2012

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

The Congress of the United States and only the Congress of the United States is the sole legal authority that can grant approval and permission to a U.S. President to go to war, except in truly extraordinary circumstances. In other words, if an American President wants to use the United States military to go to war, he or she has to have the permission of Congress, unless there is some compelling reason to act quickly without Congressional approval and permission.

Unilaterally effectively ceding that authority to the international community as Obama has done is not a compelling reason. It is a violation of American law and American sovereignty and an abrogation of his responsibility to uphold the Constitution of the United States and act within the boundaries and restraints of the office of President. It is also an impeachable offence. Obama did it once when he used the military to go to war against Libya without Congressional approval and permission and senior officials in the Administration have let it be known that it could very well happen again. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey just testified before a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting that international permission rather than Congressional approval provided a legal basis for military action by the United States. That Obama shares this opinion is a given.

If an American President refuses to go to war without the approval and permission of the international community, or goes to war without Congressional approval and permission, the United States is no longer a sovereign country and the international community controls the American military and American foreign policy, not the American people. The Obama Doctrine is to seek international approval and permission not Congressional approval and permission to use the military and it must be stopped in its tracks if Americans want to be masters of their own fate and want their President to be subject to the Constitution and the law…the American Constitution and American law.

Obama has to act in the best interests of the United States, not the international community, whatever that is. His primary responsibility is to America and Americans, not the international community. He is President of the United States not President of the international community and he has to do what is best for America and American’s, within the bounds of the Constitution and American law. If he fails to do that he must be impeached because of his flagrant disregard for the country, the Constitution, the law and the people, pure and simple. Does Obama deserve to be impeached? You bet he does. In fact, he deserved to be impeached a long time ago for any number of reasons, long before Libya and the so called ‘Arab Spring’ came along.

As for Panetta and Dempsey, their comments make them unfit for office and they should be removed from their positions, just like Obama. The question arises, why should the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff be in office if they don’t uphold the Constitution and American law and act in America’s best interests?

They shouldn’t.