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Usurping Congress and harming Americans yet again, Re: Obama lifts freeze on $192 million aid package to Palestinian Authority: “Important to the security interests of the United States”, Jihad Watch, April 28, 2012

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

President Obama has violated Section Three of the Palestinian Accountability Act of the United States Congress by authorizing a $192 million aid package to the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Accountability Act clearly and unequivocally stipulates that “no funds available to any United States Government or agency…may be obligated or expended with respect to providing funds to the Palestinian Authority.” By signing a Presidential Waiver and authorizing payment of the 192 million dollars Obama is unilaterally going against the law, the will of Congress and the wishes of the American people as expressed by their democratically elected representatives.

This is very dangerous because it flouts the American system of checks and balances and usurps the authority of both Congress and the law, by the President of all people. Obama is sworn to uphold the law and act within its restraints, not defy, circumvent and usurp it as he is doing here and as he has done on many other occasions. The use of Presidential Waivers and Executive Orders to circumvent and defy the law and usurp authority is nothing new for him. He must be stopped and this waiver, plus all the others for that matter, must be reversed if the American system of government is to survive and America is to be prevented from becoming a one-man dictatorship, the dictator being Obama.

Obama has done many things that are harmful to America and Americans during his time in office but his continual use of Presidential Waivers and Executive Orders is arguably the most threatening to freedom and democracy in the United States because it means that power is being concentrated in the office of the President and the person of Obama, that restraints on presidential power which have served the country well throughout its existence are being ignored or cast aside, that elected representatives are fast losing their authority and say and that the system of checks and balances is being whittled away and disappearing. Obama thinks he can act like a dictator instead of a President and his continual use of Presidential Waivers and Executive Orders, among other things, means he is doing exactly that.

He’s dead wrong, and hopefully the American people and their elected representatives will desert and reject him and show him how dead wrong he really is.

In justifying this latest Presidential Waiver Obama said that the aid package was “important to the security interests of the United States”. He’s dead wrong about that too. Its detrimental to the national security of the United States, extremely detrimental, because it will help to keep the Palestinian Authority in power and enable it to keep on carrying out its anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic activities (including its violent activities), because it rewards the PA for acting against the wishes of the United States in any number of areas and because it encourages the PA to keep on doing everything it can to torpedo peace negotiations and peace itself…it strengthens the Palestinian Authority which in turn weakens Israel, America’s most important ally in the Middle East and probably anywhere else as well, and makes war in the Middle East much more likely, war in which the U.S. cannot avoid getting involved in. That’s about as detrimental as you can get. Obama didn’t enhance or even maintain the national security of the United States by enacting this Presidential Waiver. He diminished it. A lot.

Message to America’s elected representatives in Washington-don’t let him get away with this.

Message to Americans-vote the guy out of office.

While you still can.

Don’t encourage them-giving in to mobs just means more mobs, Re; Don’t negotiate with violent students, National Post, April 27, 2012

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Students in Quebec have turned to violence to protest against and overturn a proposed modest hike in university tuition by the provincial government. The increase would total $1,625.00 per year per student and would be phased in over seven years at the rate of $232.14 per year. At the end tuition would still be among the lowest in Canada and students in Quebec would still be paying a small fraction of the actual costs of their university education, the rest being borne by taxpayers all across the country.

Students went on strike eleven weeks ago to try and get the provincial government to rescind the increase but the government has held firm and students have turned to violence and vandalism as a result. Student mobs are roaming the streets, blocking transportation arteries, intimidating ordinary citizens, vandalizing businesses and private property, committing violent acts and generally causing mayhem. These mobs are becoming larger and more violent and destructive by the day and there is every indication that they will grow and become even more disruptive until the provincial government backs down or until they are they are stopped.

On no account should the provincial government back down or negotiate with the students and civil authorities should do everything they can to stop the violence and destruction and restore order, to take back the streets from the mobs. Peaceful protest is absolutely legitimate in Canada, but what is going on in Quebec is absolutely not.

If peaceful protest doesn’t work, violence, destruction and intimidation shouldn’t be seen as alternatives, which is exactly what has happened there. The original strike failed, peaceful protest didn’t work and students turned to mobs, violence, destruction and intimidation instead. If that works you can be sure that it will happen again and again in Quebec and the rest of Canada on a whole range of issues raised by societies malcontents, not just by impressionable students who wrongfully think they are being victimized and who live in a world of platitudes and simplistic notions. If mobs get their way in this instance in Quebec we will soon see them everywhere else in Canada too and violence, destruction and intimidation will become legitimized and acceptable and the order of the day. That is why the provincial government in Quebec should not back down or negotiate and that is why civil authorities must bring the unrest to an end and hold lawbreakers fully accountable. Mobs, mob rule, violence, destruction and intimidation are not legitimate or acceptable or the norm in Canada and Canadians must never allow them to be. Rest assured they will if Canadians don’t rise up and stop them.

Leaving aside the ludicrous demands of the students in Quebec and the fact that they are being rightfully seen as self-indulgent, spoiled, coddled children who are having a tantrum because they are not getting their way, plus the fact that the protests have morphed into a socialist, anti-capitalist, anti-democratic, anti-freedom movement, the choice for Canadians is really very simple.

Mob rule or the rule of law, that’s the choice.

Happy Independence Day Israel-Congratulations and Best Wishes, Re: Obama, Clinton praise Israel on Independence Day, Jerusalem Post, April 26, 2012

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Israel celebrated its 64th Independence Day today and received messages of congratulations, best wishes and support from all over the world.

Two of the messages came from United States President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

Obama sent his “warmest regards and congratulations on behalf of the American people” and said that “based on our shared values and interests, the bonds between our two countries are deep and strong.” He also said that the United States is fully committed to Israel’s security and added “ I wish the State of Israel continued prosperity and a peaceful future.”

Clinton called Israel a “beacon of hope and an inspiring example” and said that Israel and the United States “are united by a deep and unbreakable bond based on mutual interests and respect. Our relationship grows stronger every day as we work to promote regional security, create new economic partnerships, increase two-way trade and broaden our energy cooperation.” She also said that “We are steadfast in our commitment to Israel’s security, which is a cornerstone of our foreign policy in the Middle East.”

These are fine words indeed but whether or not they are sincere and can be believed is very much open to question. I don’t think they are sincere or believable at all and neither do a great many other people of all political stripes and nationalities.

Obama and his administration’s antipathy for Israel is well known and well documented and actual American concrete support for Israel has left a great deal to be desired since he became President. Many of his policies and practices in the Middle East have severely jeopardized Israel’s security and there is no question at all that the relationship between the two countries has deteriorated since he took office. Large numbers of Israelis think that he cannot be trusted and that he wouldn’t be there for Israel in a time of crisis, at the critical moment as it were. Words are very nice but in the end its actions that count and in the end Obama and his administration’s actions have been harmful to date and promise to be even more harmful in the future, notwithstanding the platitudes he and Clinton continually spout for public consumption.

This is something Israelis and their government have to keep in mind when they make decisions that affect Israel’s future, particularly military decisions. They cannot assume that Obama and America will help them if they decide to take action against Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities in order to prevent the Iranian’s from using the weapons to try and remove Israel from the face of the earth for example or if one or more of Israel’s other antagonists in the Middle East attack her in force. In fact, based on their track record they can assume the opposite, that Obama and his administration will hinder and hurt them, not help them.

This is also something American voters have to keep in mind when they decide to elect or not elect Obama to a second term in November’s Presidential election. The national security of the United States is intimately tied to the national security of Israel and if Israel is weakened or demolished the result for the national security of the U.S. would be catastrophic. A weak, defeated or dead Israel would be a national security catastrophe for America…at the very least an enormous amount of American blood and treasure would be lost and at the worst America would be defeated, demolished or dead as well. Obama’s policies and practices are appreciably weakening Israel, which means they are appreciably weakening the United States too.

That’s Obama, Clinton and the administration. As for me, Happy Independence Day Israel-Congratulations and Best Wishes-Here’s Hoping There Are Many More to Come.

Islamic Apartheid Conference at Temple University goes on despite attempts to wreck it, Re: Fighting the fascists at Temple University, Atlas Shrugs, April 25, 2012

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

The Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom hosted a Conference on Islamic Apartheid last Monday at the university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Four high profile, renowned, respected and exceedingly knowledgeable speakers prominent in the fight against Islamic Apartheid in the United States and elsewhere spoke at the conference and gave their views on the topic. All four have been subject to numerous threats and attacks over the years by Islamists and ignorant, indoctrinated apologists for Islam and Islamic Apartheid…by those who would strip away their right to express themselves about the horror and reality of Islam and Islamic Apartheid and your right to learn about them. All four have had speeches and presentations disrupted or even cancelled on various occasions and all four literally put their lives in danger whenever they speak out.

The situation was no different at Temple. Islamists and various left wing individuals and organizations tried very hard to prevent the conference from taking place to begin with and then proceeded to try and shout down and shut up the speakers when they failed to do so. It was the antithesis of peaceful, reasoned protest… the Islamists and their apologists were not interested in dialogue or learning anything or opening their minds or allowing others to present information that ran counter to their crude, misinformed ideology…all they were interested in was taking away the speakers right to express themselves and the right of the audience to hear what they had to say. Free speech, freedom of expression, freedom to listen, examine and debate meant nothing to them. All they really wanted to do was stop any discussion of the reality of Islam and Islamic Apartheid in the United States and elsewhere from occurring, nothing more, freedom of speech, expression and thought be damned.

That’s about as un-American as you can get. That’s about as fascist as you can get. That’s about the biggest threat to freedom and democracy in the United States and elsewhere there is.

That’s also very typical of Islamists, apologists for Islam and leftist individuals and organizations. Eliminating free speech and freedom of expression is paramount for them because those things always lead to them being exposed for what they really are…emperors with no clothes, intellectually, factually and morally bankrupt able to offer simple-minded, failed solutions, pious platitudes and nothing more to very real problems. People that can actually think and examine a particular phenomenon and are free to express themselves are their deadly enemies. Islamic Apartheid? It exists and is horrible, cruel, inhuman, widespread and growing but Islamists don’t want you to know that or learn about it or think about it, which is why they tried to cancel and disrupt the conference and take away your right to find out about it. Leftist individuals and organizations don’t want you to think about, find out about or express yourselves about all kinds of things either and will also stop at nothing to keep you from doing so.

The Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom, the university itself, the conference speakers and the conference audience should all be congratulated for refusing to be intimidated and going ahead with the proceedings. It was a very courageous thing to do and every American who values free speech and freedom of expression and their right to learn about, think about and examine anything, including Islam and Islamic Apartheid, owes them a debt of gratitude.

Freedom from Islam in danger in Canada, Re: Toronto in rage over ‘No God but Allah’ Subway Ads, EuropeNews, April 23, 2012

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

People who take the subway in Toronto have been confronted with advertisements for Islam stating that there is ‘No God but Allah’. Some Torontonians are enraged by this incursion of Islam into the public sphere and have complained to civic authorities.

Good. Hopefully more and more Torontonians will become enraged as well and begin to fight back against the Islamic presence in their city, a presence which has one purpose and one purpose only…to coerce or force all Torontonians to live under Islam and according to Islamic law, Sharia.

Coercing or forcing unbelievers to submit to Islam and live under Islamic law has been Islam’s true purpose since it first came into existence 1,400 years ago and it remains its essence, its true purpose, today. Coercing or forcing unbelievers to submit to Islam and live under Islamic law is what Islam and Islamists have always done and it is what they are trying to do in Toronto as we speak, and in the rest of Canada too for that matter.

Islam has already changed the nature, character and reality of Toronto and the rest of Canada in many ways and it is becoming more predominant and omnipresent every day. Torontonians and other Canadians have already compromised or shed many of the basic values and principles that are the foundation of their way of life and unless they fight back and stop Islam and Islamists in their tracks it is only a matter of time before Toronto becomes an Islamic city and Canada becomes an Islamic country.

There is no real freedom of any kind in Islam and Torontonians and other Canadians will find out that there is no freedom from Islam either once it establishes itself. It is well on the way to establishing itself in Toronto and the rest of Canada but there is still time for Torontonians and Canadians who cherish freedom and the Western way of life to fight back and reverse their losses. They better hurry up though. There is no greater threat to freedom (of thought, speech, expression, the press, assembly, of and from religion, etc. etc., you know, freedom) in Toronto and the rest of Canada than Islam and if freedom is to be regained and preserved Torontonians and other Canadians have to start fighting back now, while they still can. Islam being Islam and Islamists being Islamists it won’t be easy because people who speak out against the reality of Islam and its presence and growing influence literally and figuratively take their lives in their hands, but it must be done if freedom is to survive.

So some Torontonians are enraged about advertisements in their subways stating that there is “No God but Allah’. Good. Let’s hope that more and more of them become enraged as well. Let’s hope that they take that rage and do something positive and constructive with it, while it remains possible.

Getting rid of those atrocious ads would be a start.

Hamas big disappointment to Gazans, not giving them what they really want, Re: In Gaza, Hamas rule has not turned out as many expected, Washington Post, April 20, 2012

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Gazans blame Hamas for their economic condition and the relative lack of terrorism against Israel.

Israel bashers constantly tell anyone that will listen to them that Israel is responsible for poverty in Gaza and for Gazans lack of goods and services and that ordinary Gazans cannot and should not be held responsible for terrorist acts committed by their Hamas rulers.

That’s not what ordinary Gazans think.

The Washington Post recently dispatched a reporter to Gaza who spoke to many ordinary Gazans and asked them what they thought about Hamas’s performance since it was elected in 2006. The response was overwhelmingly negative. Hamas was elected because it promised to provide clean government free of corruption and to carry out unrelenting terrorist acts against Israel. It has not lived up to either one of these promises and the people the Post reporter interviewed were clearly angry, frustrated and disappointed. Surveys have shown that their views are widespread and that Hamas would not be re-elected if an election were held today.

Ordinary Gazans want clean, uncorrupt government because they draw a straight line between government corruption and the poverty and lack of goods and services in their society, not because they value clean, uncorrupt government as an end in itself. They know that Hamas is corrupt through and through and that this corruption causes their penury. They don’t blame Israel because they understand that Israel is not at fault. Hamas is at fault because it is corrupt and ordinary Gazans are fully aware of this…they see the results of the corruption every day and know full well that they suffer because of it.

Its not Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza that causes economic hardship there, despite what Israel bashers say. Its corruption, Hamas’s corruption, and ordinary Gazans know it, even if Israel bashers don’t, or even worse if they do and refuse to admit it.

Gazans are disappointed that Hamas has not carried out more terrorist acts against Israel because they are unalterably opposed to Israel’s existence and are consumed by Jew-hatred and anti-Semitism. They want nothing more than to see Israel destroyed and Israeli’s driven from the land and they view Israel’s existence and the Jewish presence there as an insult and an affront to them and their religion, Islam, which is full of Jew-hatred and exhortations for the faithful to murder Jews and rid the world of them. Terrorist acts are seen as a means of doing this and ordinary Gazans are disappointed that Hamas has not committed many more of them.

A young mother who was interviewed asked “Where are all the dead Jews we were promised?” and blamed Hamas for not killing more Jews than it has, for not providing her with more Jewish corpses than it has. Ordinary Gazans in their multitudes are asking the same question.

So there you are Israel bashers. That’s what ordinary Gazans really think, what they really want.

Here’s a prediction. Hamas won’t change its corrupt nature and corruption will remain endemic in Gaza, but it will launch a major terrorist attack against Israel soon in order to curry favor with Gazans. .

Ordinary Gazans.

It will murder as many Israelis as it can to pander to ordinary Gazans barbaric, inhuman desires and keep itself in power.

Bet on it.

Israel bashers take note.

Counter-Jihad Report full of lies, distortions and slanders, Re: The Scandalous Lies of ‘Hope Not Hate’, EuropeNews, April 20, 2012

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Let’s get one thing straight at the very beginning.

Countering Jihad, actually, countering Islam,is noble, honorable and necessary and individuals and organizations who do so exhibit a great deal of courage and deserve gratitude and kudos for fighting against a backward, atavistic, 7th century ideology that has brought nothing but death, destruction and misery since it came into existence 1,400 years ago and is doing exactly the same all over the world even as we speak…an ideology that seeks to destroy freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism wherever they are found and force everyone to live according to the dictates of Islamic law…an ideology that is cruel, intolerant, violent, hateful and uncompromising… an ideology that brooks no dissent and would turn us all into good little Islamists whether we wanted to become one or not…an ideology that is fundamentally at odds with the values and principles Western civilization is built on and most important of all, an ideology that seeks to conquer Western countries and bring Western civilization to its knees and wipe out the Western way of life.

Countering Islam is noble and honorable because it means that Islam’s doctrine of hatred and death is rejected in favor of a doctrine of light and life, it is necessary because unless Islam and the Islamization of our countries are stopped freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism will be things of the past and we will soon find ourselves living in Islamic societies governed by Islamic law and it is courageous because those that do so are constantly threatened and attacked and literally place their lives in great danger.

Nevertheless, a left-wing British organization full of ignorant, simple-minded apologists for Islam called Hope Not Hate has just released a screed entitled the Counter-Jihad Report which lists individuals and organizations around the globe which are prominent in countering Jihad, in the fight against Islam and its manifestation in the world. The release coincided with the beginning of the trial of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring-Breivik. The Report draws a link between the atrocities he committed and criticism of Islam. According to the Report, critics of Islam inspired him to commit mass murder, the implication being that the murders would not have been committed if critics of Islam had just kept silent.

This is of course patent nonsense. Breivik was inspired by Islam manifesting itself in his country and by how the Islamic presence was changing its nature and character, nothing more. Not one of the individuals and organizations listed in the Report has ever espoused violence as a means of overcoming the problems raised by Islam in their country or anywhere else either, not one. Equating criticism of Islam and concern about the effect it is having throughout the West is disgusting, misleading and a great big fat obvious lie. What then is the real purpose of the Report? That’s easy.

The real purpose is four-fold.

The first is to demonize, vilify and discredit critics of Islam and in the end, silence them, no matter how prominent, knowledgeable, credible and respected they are.

The second is to make criticism of Islam criminal and take away our right to raise concerns about its presence in our countries, to remove our right to speak out against it or even to raise questions about it.

The third is to whitewash Islam, to convince people that it is benign and not malignant and that we really have nothing to fear from it, to convince us that Islam’s presence does not contradict our values and principles will not destroy our way of life.

The fourth is to pave the way for Islam to conquer us, to force us to submit to it and turn our countries into Islamic states governed by Islamic law.

That’s what the Report is really all about. It is no coincidence that its release coincided with the beginning of Breivik’s trial. He’s just another tool for the stooges at Hope Not Hate, like the Report itself.

Which means that its nothing more than propaganda and has nothing to do with reality.

Al Davis, Vince Lombardi and Barack Obama, Re: ‘Fair’ elections, Obama-style, Washington Times, April 18, 2012

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Al Davis was an infamous American football coach and team owner whose credo was “Just win, baby.” His teams embodied this and were well-known for playing hard, brutal football and often skirting the rules to achieve victory.

Vince Lombardi was one of the most successful coaches in American football history who was widely quoted as saying “Winning isn’t everything, its the only thing.”

Barack Obama is President of the United States. Getting re-elected in November and spending the next four years implementing his top-down, big-government, socialist, ideology-driven, anti-American agenda is the most important thing in his life. His credo is “Anything it takes.”

Actually, I made the last sentence up. There is no record of Obama ever having said that.

Still, given Obama’s ruthless, narcissistic personality, his undeniable desire to fundamentally change the nature and face of America and turn the country into a European style welfare state while stripping away American’s freedoms and basic democratic rights and his well-documented, proven history of lying to the American people it might as well be his credo. Obama has done and will do practically anything to secure a second term in office. That he will continue to lie to Americans about anything and everything, continue to attack America’s most basic principles and values, continue to vilify and demonize his opponents and continue to turn every possible occasion into political theatre is a very safe bet…attempting to rig the election is well within the realm of possibility too. Playing dirty is second nature to him and we can fully expect him to play very dirty indeed during the Presidential campaign. His track record tells us that.

That is why Americans have to very conscious about the possibility of electoral fraud and very distressed about the recent Department of Justice decision which blocks state laws requiring voters to present picture identification at polling stations. Without picture identification an honest, accurate vote, and count, is impossible and without an honest, accurate vote, and count, there can be no confidence in the final result, particularly if it is close and particularly if Obama is declared the winner. The situation as it stands virtually invites electoral fraud and virtually guarantees that it will take place. Picture identification is required in many other areas of American life and it is simply ludicrous that it will not be required to vote in the upcoming election. If one was inclined to organize and commit electoral fraud, to rig the election, not requiring voters to produce picture identification makes it relatively easy.

Fair, honest elections are the most central American hallmark of all. Without them freedom and democracy simply cannot exist. They are more than just important to American’s way of life. They are absolutely essential to it. One has to wonder why Obama and his administration refuse to require voters to produce picture identification, thus opening up the door to electoral fraud. Could it be a ham-handed attempt to rig the election in his favor? You bet it could.

Just win, baby.

Winning isn’t everything, its the only thing.

Anything it takes.

Words to live by, aye Barack?

Speaking deadly truths, Re: Death threats over free speech, Toronto Sun, April 18, 2012

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

The Parliament of Kuwait has decided to kill Muslims who insult Allah. The accused will be judged by Islamic clerics and killed if found guilty.

There really was no need for the Kuwaiti Parliament to formalize and institutionalize this and one has to wonder why it did so. Perhaps the decision was made to placate the West in some way or to solidify the Parliament’s Islamist credentials with other Islamic countries in the Middle East that have the potential to harm both Kuwait and individual Kuwaiti’s who aren’t sufficiently Islamic. In any case, Islamists killing Muslims or anyone else that insults Allah has been a feature of Islam since it came into existence 1,400 years ago and remains a feature to this very day. The Parliament of Kuwait didn’t have to formalize and institutionalize it. Islam did both ages ago.

The term insult is used in the widest possible sense. Anyone or anything that criticizes, questions, satirizes, caricatures or otherwise treats Allah (or the Prophet Muhammad or Islam) with anything but the utmost deference and respect is seen as insulting to all of them and people that do so literally place their lives in great danger. All over the world people who express even the mildest reservations about Allah, Muhammad or Islam are being intimidated, threatened, silenced and in many cases killed as a result. Anything and everything that supposedly disrespects Allah, Muhammad or Islam in any way, shape or form, even if it is completely innocuous such as an innocent discussion or debate, is seen as an insult and insults are absolutely forbidden upon pain of death.

Not living according to Islam’s strictures and laws is also seen as insulting, especially if one was born into the faith.

All over the world means all over the world, not just the Arab/Islamic world. People are being intimidated, threatened, silenced and killed everywhere, including the United States, Canada, Europe and the West in general. There is no such thing as true freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought or real freedom of any kind in Islam and Islamists everywhere are attempting to bring down Islamic curtains on everyone. The phenomenon is already very widespread and very evident and will do nothing but grow until thinking people who believe in freedom and democracy fight back and stop it. Those that do deserve our respect, gratitude and admiration because it is no easy task and could easily get them and/or their families killed. We better hope they succeed too. If they don’t we’ll all be forced to live under Islam and Western civilization will be nothing but a hazy memory.

That’s the truth, the deadly truth. If you don’t believe me and you live in the United States, Canada, Europe or anywhere else in the West just take a serious look around and see what Islam and Islamists have already done to your country and how they have already affected your life.

Then have a serious think about what your country will look like and how you will be forced to live if they are not stopped, what you will lose and what you will have to accept and put up with if things continue on the way they are and they take over.

Then go out and stop them, using every legal means at your disposal.

While you still can.

Like flushing money down the toilet, Re: World Bank to donate $55 m. to West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem Post, April 7, 2012

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

The World Bank just announced that it is going to donate 55 million dollars to the West Bank and Gaza to strengthen public institutions and promote growth in the private sector there, both of which are seen as essential to a future Palestinian state.

This is a complete waste of money. Its much worse actually. It ignores and denies reality, history and religion and is really tantamount to the World Bank flushing 55 million dollars down the toilet.

What public institutions is the World Bank talking about? Surely not an independent judiciary and legal system, an apolitical, merit-based civil service, a democratically elected government, a free press, a constitution that guarantees freedom of thought, expression and religion and limits the power of the state over ordinary people’s lives , an apparatus that enforces the constitution and prevents it from being abused and other institutions which are indispensable to a free, democratic state. Institutions like this have never existed among Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza (or anywhere else in the Arab/Islamic world either for that matter) and they never will as long as Islam dominates and controls all aspects of life there. Freedom, democracy and all their prerequisites simply cannot exist under Islam, which means that there cannot be a free, democratic state in the West Bank and Gaza and the necessary public institutions to support, maintain and defend it unless and until Palestinians reject Islam and throw off its shackles. That’s reality, that’s history and that’s Islam.

The World Bank does see a future Palestinian state as being free and democratic, doesn’t it?

The same applies to the private sector. There is in fact no private sector in the West Bank and Gaza because in order for a sector to be truly private it must be independent from government and it cannot be independent from government as long as government and every aspect of people’s lives are controlled by Islam, which is what Islam does. Private sector? What private sector? There is no private sector because Islam won’t permit one, not a real one that would be recognizable to entrepreneurs and capitalists in the West anyway.

55 million dollars to strengthen public institutions and promote growth in the private sector in the West Bank and Gaza…what a joke, what a monumental waste. It really is just like flushing 55 million dollars down the toilet. The Palestinian toilet. If the World Bank and other donors were really serious about developing public institutions and a private sector in the West Bank and Gaza, not strengthening things that are non-existent but building them in the first place, they would withdraw all aid and make its resumption contingent on concrete results, not plans and rhetoric but results.

Now that would be progress. It might even stop Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza from living on welfare and blaming Israel, the United States and everyone else for their troubles instead of developing enough gumption to take control of their lives and make something of themselves.