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Time’s running out, Re: While West Talks, Iran Gets Closer to Nuke, Commentary Magazine, May 25, 2012

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Recent talks in Baghdad between Iran and the P5+1 (the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Russia and China) about Iran’s nuclear program resulted in a defeat for the West and a victory for Iran.

The West was defeated because the talks did nothing to slow down or stop Iran’s nuclear weapons development program, did nothing to deter the Iranian’s from proceeding full speed ahead to develop nuclear weapons for use against Israel, the United States, Europe and their Islamic neighbors in the Middle East, which is of course exactly what they’re doing.

Iran was victorious because it because its strategy of stringing the West along and buying time through duplicity and meaningless negotiations until it successfully develops and possesses nuclear weapons worked yet again.

The West’s defeat and Iran’s victory was a foregone conclusion. For religious and ideological reasons Iran is totally committed to developing and possessing nuclear weapons and totally committed to using them as well, first against Israel, then against the United States and then against the others. Total commitment means total commitment. Short of destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities militarily, there is absolutely nothing the West can do to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power, not the imposition of more sanctions, not oil embargoes, not more diplomacy, not more meetings, not more condemnation and approbation, nothing.

Iran knows this and the West doesn’t, which is why Iran has been successful in stringing the West along. Iran has manipulated and deceived the West from the beginning and the West in its ignorance, naivete’ and cowardice has been laboring under delusions and making fundamental mistakes from the start.

Israelis on the other hand have no illusions and are fully aware that a nuclear Iran means a nuclear attack on Israel. They know perfectly well that the minute the Iranians become a nuclear power they will launch an attack against Israel in order to wipe the country off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth. They also know that they will have to use their military to keep nuclear weapons out of the Iranians hands because no one else will use theirs and military means are the only thing which will work.

They also know that time is running out and that Iran is much closer to developing and possessing nuclear weapons than the West believes. Just recently for example the International Atomic Energy Agency discovered that Iran is refining uranium at a rate up to 27 per cent…20 per cent is the rate that it can easily and quickly be turned into weapons grade material and the West was taken by surprise when the IAEA made the discovery because it didn’t think Iran had reached that level yet, never mind a level of 27 per cent.

The West has grossly underestimated Iran’s will, progress and intentions all along and this is just the latest example.

Time’s running out indeed.

Good, Re: 518 arrested in biggest crackdown on Montreal student protests, Montreal Gazette, May 24, 2012

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Calling the marches, riots and demonstrations which have been taking place in Montreal (and their accompanying violence, vandalism and intimidation) student protests is a gross distortion of the facts. They are anything but.

The student protests against a proposed increase in tuition which began last February have been hijacked and have evolved into something much bigger…an attempt by anarchists, radicals, left-wingers, nihilists, disenchanted, self-serving, Occupy types and other malcontents who have annointed themselves as guardians of the public good to bring down the freely elected government of Quebec and put in place a new government that is even more socialist and ideologically driven than the old one. What’s going on in Montreal now has nothing to do with protesting against modest hikes in tuition. The marches, riots, demonstrations, violence, vandalism and intimidation which is occurring on a daily basis are an effort by societies unhappy ideologues to force fundamental social change, nothing more. Student protests against an increase in tuition? Not any more. In fact, only about one-third of Quebec students protested against the proposed tuition hikes in the first place (the majority choosing to go about their business and carry on with their education) and the vast majority of people taking to the streets each day aren’t students at all…opportunists of all stripes yes, students no.

Make no mistake, it is the violence, vandalism, intimidation and general flouting of the law that the police are reacting to, nothing else. No one is denying anyone’s right to express themselves or to demonstrate peacefully within the boundaries of the law or to try and bring about government or social change through peaceful means. Canada is a free, democratic country after all…its citizens have every right to do all of those things and there are a myriad of ways that they can be done. No one has the right however to be a part of a mob and take over the streets…no one has the right to commit violent acts, to vandalize and destroy property, to threaten and intimidate dissenters or to prevent ordinary people from living their lives as normal. Mobs don’t rule in Canada and everyone who was arrested was part of a mob trying to take over the streets.

Arresting people who are part of a mob and committing unlawful acts…good. Let’s hope the police keep it up until the mobs are dispersed and the streets are made safe again. If we want to prevent mob rule in Montreal, in Canada, that’s exactly what going to have to happen.

Sad but true.

Raising the stakes, Re: Islamic Call to Prayer in the Royal Ontario Museum, Canada Free Press, May 21, 2012

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

The Islamic Call to Prayer made at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto on the May 21 Victoria Day holiday is an example of the creeping Islamization of Canadian society, an example of how Islam is injecting itself into Canadian society and threatening the secular, pluralistic character of the country. It is the first time that the Islamic Call to Prayer has been made in a public institution in Canada and the precedent it sets is appalling and frightening.

Its no accident that it was made on Victoria Day either. Victoria Day celebrates the birthday of the reigning Canadian monarch, Queen Elizabeth, and the fact that it was made then is a statement by Islamists (followers of Islam) that in their minds the Canadian monarch and everthing the monarchy stands for must be replaced by the Islamic monarch, Allah, his prophet, Muhammad, and his religion, Islam, and everything they stand for.

Must be and will be.

Its Islamists telling the rest of us that Islam is on the march in Canada.

Allah replacing Elizabeth in Canada, that’s what it was really all about.

Now that museum officials allowed it to take place they can expect Islamists  to up the ante, to make more and more requests to accommodate Islam in the building…there will be requests for permanent prayer rooms, for the Call to Prayer to be broadcast on an ongoing basis, for the museum’s cafeteria to serve halal-certified meat, for Islamists to approve exhibits to prevent them from insulting Islam, for exhibits that are deemed unbalanced or provocative to be removed or not shown to begin with, for all activities in the museum to come to a halt while prayers are taking place and so on.

Requests that aren’t met will soon turn into demands and those who object will be threatened and intimidated and labelled Islamophobic, racist and ignorant. If museum officials thought that the Call to Prayer on Victoria Day could and would be a one-off they were sadly mistaken. That is not how Islamists work and that is not the nature of Islam. The door has been opened and it will take herculean efforts by museum officials to slam it shut again, to prevent the ROM from being taken over by Islamists and turned into an Islamic institution.

Museum officials will need all the help and support they can get. Perhaps Torontonians, Canadians, can start by organizing a boycott of the museum until its public, secular nature is reaffirmed and procedures are put in place to prevent it from being hijacked and taken over by religious or cultural groups. That would be a very clear pronouncement that the Islamization of the Royal Ontario Museum is unacceptable and so is the Islamization of other Canadian cultural institutions and so is the Islamization of Canadian society itself.

Needless to say, a pronouncement like that is long overdue in Canada, especially one that is backed up by concrete action. Its long past time for Canadians to take meaningful steps to combat the Islamic plague that is infecting the country and threatening its very existence as a free, secular, pluralistic, liberal-democratic nation. Maybe this abominable incident at the Royal Ontario Museum will spur them on to do exactly that.

We can only hope that it will.

Mob rule and freedom and democracy cannot coexist, in Quebec or anywhere else, Re: Hundreds arrested in Quebec as protesters defy emergency law, National Post, May 21, 2012

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Love him or loathe him former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau knew what to do when radicals, left wingers, self-defined revolutionaries and useful idiots of all persuasions committed violent acts and civil insurrection to challenge the legitimacy and authority of the state, to bring the state to its knees and change and reshape it because they thought that it didn’t serve the needs of the people and that the people would be far better served if they were in power, to in effect destroy liberal democracy in Canada. He struck back hard when freedom and democracy were threatened on his watch and he was absolutely right to do so. Indeed, it was his duty and responsibility to do so.

Trudeau refused to cave in to the dictates of the mob and defended and protected freedom and democracy in Canada and that is what the government of Quebec is doing now through its creation of an emergency law to end ongoing, longstanding, violent street demonstrations and its use of the police to take back the streets from the mob, to detain and arrest those who commit violent acts against public order and return the streets to ordinary citizens to go about their business. Its response is entirely appropriate, if somewhat overdue.

Mob rule and freedom and democracy cannot coexist in Quebec or anywhere else and if the mob is allowed to dictate policy through violence and intimidation you can kiss freedom and democracy goodbye. Trudeau knew that and the government of Quebec knows that and its emergency law and use of the police are serving to defend and protect freedom and democracy against the rule of the mob, against the robotic, unthinking, simple-minded, manipulated, walking cliches that make it up, the socialist something for nothing crowd in present day terms. Just like it was Trudeaus duty and responsibility to strike back hard so too is it the Quebec government’s and it is heartening to see that it is taking up the cudgel.

The demonstrations in Quebec started off as peaceful protests and a subsequent boycott of classes against modest tuition hikes by a minority of university students but they have long since morphed into much more than that. Chaos, riots, violence and intimidation are the order of the day, smoke bombs have been set off in Montreal’s subway system, property damage and destruction is endemic, huge bonfires have been set off at intersections, thousands of people have marched on streets and bridges disrupting daily life, masked rioters and demonstrators are roaming the streets, students who wanted to attend classes and obtained court injunctions allowing them to do so have been beaten up and so on…the original student movement has been hijacked and the rioters and demonstrators are now made up mostly of people who think that violent protest against societies ills as they see them are a legitimate means of trying to redress them, who think that violent protest against whatever it is they don’t agree with is a legitimate way to bring down a freely elected government. The same thing happened to the Occupy movement. That too started off as a peaceful protest movement by well meaning individuals but that was hijacked as well.

Whatever it is that these people believe in it certainly isn’t freedom and democracy. The vast majority of the people of Quebec are fed up with the demonstrators and rioters and simply don’t agree with their rhetoric, tactics or goals. Only about one third of Quebec students were involved in the original protests and boycott…two thirds of Quebec students were not, and are not, involved and went to classes and carried on with their lives as usual. The demonstrators and rioters are well aware of all that but it doesn’t matter to them because they think they know better than everyone else, just like the Occupiers, their fellow travellers. Some freedom and democracy that is.

Good for the government of Quebec and good for the police. They are defending and protecting us against mob rule and safeguarding freedom and democracy in Canada.

Americans can’t trust Obama, Re: The Mystery of the Kenyan Birth, PJ Media, May 18, 2012

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

In 1991 President Obama’s literary agent produced a booklet which included a biography of him. The booklet clearly stated that he was born in Kenya. The statement remained in his biography until 2007.

Obama almost assuredly told the agent that he was born in Kenya. It was standard practice then and it is standard practice now in the publishing industry for authors and potential authors to provide agents information for the biographies they produce and to approve the biographies before they are printed. It is virtually inconceivable that Obama didn’t tell the agent about his birth in Kenya and didn’t approve of it being in his biography, especially since it stayed there for 16 years and was reprinted many times over before it was removed in 2007 prior to his running for President.

If the statement is true Obama was ineligible to run because he was not born in the United States, that being one of the requirements for running for the office. It is entirely possible that the statement was removed because Obama wanted to keep his birthplace from the electorate and from the people in the Democratic Party who were responsible for vetting him as a candidate. Obama has said that he was born in Hawaii but the ‘evidence’ he has produced to support this is questionable at best and has been disputed for years. If he was not born in the United States he would not have been eligible to run for office, pure and simple.

There are also many other aspects of his past which have been called into question as well, any one of which would have disqualified him from running in the first place and which disqualify from holding the office of President in the second. Obama has been very secretive and disingenuous about his past and there is much about him that we simply know nothing about. Is it possible that he wasn’t eligible to run to begin with and also isn’t eligible to hold the office of President? Absolutely. In fact, given his narcissistic personality, his ruthless character which makes lying and deceiving as natural as breathing, his penchant for historical revisionism, his obvious antipathy to America and Americans and his desire to fundamentally change the nature and face of the country, it is more than possible, it is likely.

Highly likely. He knew he had to be President to change the country the way he wanted to (to bring it down basically) and he knew that he couldn’t be President, can’t be President, without deceiving the electorate and keeping many things about himself secret. Is there a ‘smoking gun’ that can provide definitive proof of this? Not yet, but the questions and allegations are becoming overwhelming and building to a critical mass and the American people are finally recognizing and understanding that Obama has mislead and lied to them so that he could get elected President and implement his agenda, an agenda which has everything to do with his socialist ideology and nothing to do with their welfare and history..

Will we ever find a ‘smoking gun’ and be able to remove him from office immediately rather than wait for the electorate to render its verdict? Maybe, maybe not. It doesn’t really matter though. In the end an American President has to have the trust of the American people. Obama has amply demonstrated to Americans that they cannot trust him and will never be able to trust him. That’s the real reason why he won’t get elected President again and why he may not even receive the Democratic Party’s nomination for President for the upcoming election, even if no ‘smoking gun’ is discovered.

Americans can’t trust him and will never be able to trust him and they they know it.

Obama’s national security leak political opportunism at its worst, Re: Obama’s leaky underwear bomb-Politically convenient release of classified information hurts national security, Washington Times, May 15, 2012

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

A leak of classified information last week by a person or persons unknown in the Obama administration compromised the national security of the United States.

The nature of the details which were leaked means that the leak had to have been made by a person or persons occupying a very high position in the administration. Speculation is that the leak was made so that President Obama could take credit for a successful operation which involved an agent infiltrating al-Qaeda and delivering a highly sophisticated and virtually undetectable new underwear bomb it had developed to U.S. officials, a bomb which by all accounts was going to be blown up on an incoming commercial flight to the U.S. and which would have resulted in massive loss of life.

In reality, the American contribution to the operation was minimal…it was a joint British/Saudi Arabian operation, the agent who penetrated al-Qaeda was a Saudi with a British passport and America only got involved in it at the very end and never played any kind of a lead role.

The American, British and Saudi/Arabian intelligence communities are furious because the operational details which were leaked meant that the operation had to be cut short and that it will be much harder to penetrate al-Qaeda in the future and gain first hand knowledge of its methods, capabilities and plans, if it can be done at all. The leak will also make foreign intelligence agencies much more wary of working with their U.S. counterparts. They were already wary because of past leaks and other unfortunate incidents and this leak will only serve to make a bad situation worse.

All of this clearly compromises America’s national security.

Congress is considering several investigations into the leak, the FBI is looking into it and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has ordered an internal review of the 16 agencies he controls, a review which predictably won’t include the White House or National Security Council though. Despite all these investigations it is highly unlikely that the identity of the person or persons who leaked the classified information will ever be known, especially if they are close to Obama. That would reflect very badly on him and therefore cannot be allowed to happen for fear of losing votes. Two things are clear however. He, she or they are very high up on the food chain in the administration and the motive for the leak had to have been to enhance Obama and his administration’s national security credentials in this election year and thus improve his chances of being returned to office. Burnishing Obama’s national security bona fides in the eyes of the electorate…that was the motive for the leak. Never mind that it compromised national security and never mind that America’s involvement in the operation was minimal. The political and public relations value of Obama taking credit for the operation was obvious and it was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up.

Or so the perpetrator(s) thought.

There are many things that remain unclear about this whole sorry episode though and one of them is the extent of Obama’s involvement or lack of same, whether he authorized it, whether he heard about it and did nothing to stop it or whether he knew nothing about it and found out about it after the fact. We’ll probably never find those things out either, although it seems very odd that there was a press conference planned about the operation before the leak began attracting so much criticism. All things considered it seems inconceivable that he didn’t at least know about it beforehand in some fashion.

Did Obama authorize the leak? Did he hear about it and do nothing to stop it? Did he know nothing about it and find out about it after the fact? Who knows? Who will ever know?

One thing we do know however. He was prepared to take full advantage of the opportunity that presented itself and would have done so like he’s done in the past if he thought that the benefits would outweigh the consequences.

For himself, not the country.

That’s political opportunism of the worst kind.

That’s our President.

Forget it Catherine, its not going to happen, Re: Ashton hopes new talks will end Iran’s nuke program, Jerusalem Post, May 12, 2012

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Catherine Ashton is the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs e.g. its foreign policy chief. Last Friday she said that she hoped talks with Iran beginning May 23 in Baghdad would form the basis of an agreement for the Iranian’s to abandon their nuclear weapons program. Eventually. At a press conference in Brussels Ashton said “My ambition is that we come away with the beginning of the end of the nuclear weapons program in Iran” and “I hope we’ll see the beginnings of success.”

Its not going to happen. Iran is not going to abandon its nuclear weapons development program and is going to proceed full speed ahead until it becomes a nuclear power in its own right or until it is prevented from developing and possessing nuclear weapons by military force. Talks, diplomacy, negotiations, sanctions, condemnation or empty threats will not do the trick. Iran is hell-bent on becoming a nuclear power and all the talks, diplomacy, negotiations, sanctions, condemnation and empty threats in the world aren’t going to stop it, aren’t even going to slow it down. Ashton should know that because the record is as crystal clear as it can get. None of them have worked in the past and they are not going to work in the future either, regardless of Ashton’s hopes and delusions.

Ashton admitted as much during her press conference. She admitted that Iran has a nuclear weapons program and admitted that talks, diplomacy, negotiations, sanctions, condemnation and empty threats have failed to keep the Iranians from stopping it. When she said that she hoped to see the beginnings of success she really said that there has been no success whatsoever and that all have failed to stop the Iranians from proceeding apace. The words beginning and beginnings are also codes for further meetings, which means that there will be more of the same in the future and the Iranians will have more time to bring their plans to fruition. They have been stringing the West along masterfully from the very beginning of their nuclear weapons development program and they are continuing to do exactly that…they are playing for time is what they’re doing and they’re doing it very well, thanks to the blindness, stupidity, cowardice and hubris of leaders like Ashton, Obama and the rest.

Israel knows perfectly well why Iran wants to develop and possess nuclear weapons, even if Ashton, Obama and the others don’t, or won’t admit it if they do. The Israelis know that the Iranians want to develop and possess nuclear weapons so that they can use them against Israel, so that they can use them to commit genocide against the people of Israel and to wipe the country off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth. If the Iranians develop and possess nuclear weapons they will launch them against Israel as their first order of business and the Israelis know it. The Israelis also know that the only way to stop the Iranians from attacking Israel with nuclear weapons is to keep them out of their hands in the first place, that the only way to do that is through a preemptive military strike and that they will have to carry out that strike themselves because no one else has the sense, foresight and courage to do it.

The Israelis know two other things as well. They know that Iran’s second order of business is to use their nuclear weapons against the United States because they hate and despise the United States almost as much as they hate and despise Israel and because they view the U.S. as the major impediment to establishing their hegemony in the Middle East and beyond. The Israelis also know that the Iranians will use their nuclear weapons to coerce and intimidate their other foes in the Middle East and the West into submission and that they will not hesitate to use their nuclear weapons as they see fit.

All in the name of Islam and Allah of course.

Sorry Catherine, the Iranians really are manipulating you and taking you for a ride. Talks, diplomacy, negotiations, sanctions and empty threats haven’t worked in the past, aren’t working now and won’t work in the future.

Don’t worry though, the Israelis are well aware of this and will take care of the Iranians on their own, not for your sake to be sure but to prevent the Iranians from attacking Israel with nuclear weapons and to ensure the survival of themselves and their country. Unlike you, Obama and other Western leaders (useful idiots in the eyes of many, including no doubt the Iranians) they are neither blind, stupid, cowardly or delusional and they know they will have to launch a preemptive, unilateral military strike to prevent Iran from trying to commit genocide against them, to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

UNRWA shackles, the real Palestinian refugee problem, Re: ‘Refugees’ in name only, National Post, May 10, 2012

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Refugee status usually begins and ends with the person involved and does not apply to their descendants. The vast majority of people who call themselves Palestinian refugees therefore aren’t refugees at all. They are refugees in name only.

In the mid to late 1940’s approximately 750,000 people left the territory that would become Israel. These people, or those that remain, are Palestinian refugees. Their descendants aren’t., despite what the Palestinians and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency would have you believe.

UNRWA was set up in the 1940’s to deal exclusively with Palestinian refugees. Its definition of refugee is unique to itself and very much outside the norm. Only UNRWA and the Palestinians ascribe refugee status to a refugees descendants as well, both their immediate descendants and their descendants in perpetuity. That means that the number of people who call themselves Palestinian refugees is growing instead of declining and that the vast majority of them never actually lived in or left the land which eventually became Israel.

It also means that Palestinians are allowed and encouraged to wallow in ongoing feelings of victimhood and that they are allowed and encouraged to blame everyone else for their problems, especially Israelis and Jews. This in turn means that they always feel sorry for themselves and take out their misplaced anger and despair on Israel and Israelis. The violence and destruction that they perpetrate against Israel and Israelis can in many ways be traced to their unwarranted feelings of resentment at losing their land, unwarranted because the vast majority of them were never on the land in the first place and have no personal experience with it or attachment to it. They think of themselves as refugees even though they aren’t and this has profound negative consequences for them.

UNRWA is complicit in this because it has never done anything to disabuse Palestinians of these mistaken notions and has done nothing but reinforce them since it came into existence. That in turn means that UNRWA is complicit in keeping Palestinians poor, dependent and violent and also complicit in all the destruction, death and war that has occurred over the years and which will continue to occur until Palestinians change their attitudes.

They won’t get any help from UNRWA, that’s for sure. UNRWA is a huge bureaucracy which couldn’t exist without perpetuating Palestinian dependence and misery. UNRWA is going to keep on doing exactly that because if it did otherwise it would shrink and eventually cease to exist. Palestinian dependence and misery keeps UNRWA alive and UNWRA is simply not going to substantially change its ways on its own. Bureaucracies never do.

Palestinians are shackled by UNRWA and those shackles will have to be removed if they are ever going to improve their lives, if they are ever going to acquire their own state and make peace with Israel. They’ll have to remove them themselves because no one else will do it for them.

Palestinian refugees? Nonsense. The vast majority of people who call themselves Palestinian refugees aren’t really refugees at all. What they are are useful idiots who have been manipulated and taken advantage of by bureaucrats and ideologues who don’t care about them at all and keep them downtrodden for their own ends. UNRWA and its definition of refugee has been disastrous for the Palestinians and it is long past time for them to recognize and understand this and take remedial action, to get rid of the bureaucrats and ideologues who have done them so much harm.

Islamic schools can’t do that, Re: Islamic schools must shun jihad, Toronto Sun, May 10, 2012

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

An Islamic school operating out of a public high school in east end Toronto has been teaching its students to hate Jews and commit jihad, Jew hatred being Jew hatred and jihad being fighting and warfare meant to coerce or force non-believers to submit to Islam and its dictates and to live under Islamic law (Sharia). This is not surprising to anyone who knows anything about Islam and its reality and history. Jew hatred and jihad are at the very core of Islam and cannot be separated from it…both are an integral, fundamental part of Islam, part of its essence, part of its being. Trying to separate Jew hatred and jihad from Islam is like trying to separate the Resurrection from Christianity…it can’t be done.

Students in Islamic schools wherever they exist are being taught to subscribe to Islam and the Islamic narrative and to become Islamists (believers) and are being taught to hate Jews and commit jihad, by definition. It is impossible for them not to be taught those things. The denials and protestations of officials, administrators, teachers, religious figures and apologists are nothing more than lies meant to mislead and deceive those who raise objections or express concern, lies which are permitted, sanctioned and required by Islam.

This means that if there is an Islamic school in your neighborhood or community its students are being taught this bilge and their minds are being poisoned, no matter what Islamists, apologists for Islam or anyone else might say to the contrary.

That’s why its pointless to say that Islamic schools must shun jihad, must shun Jew hatred. That is not possible. If they shun jihad and shun Jew hatred they would be shunning Islam itself. This they cannot do. Islam won’t permit it and there are terrible consequences under Islamic law for believers who turn away from it, who question or reject its precepts and obligations or decide not to live under their yoke. You cannot have an Islamic school without teaching Islam and you cannot teach Islam without teaching Jew hatred and jihad…not teaching about them as abstract concepts, but teaching them as Islamic obligations.

That is also why there is one alternative and one alternative only for those who think students should not be indoctrinated with this hate, who think students should not be obliged to act it out, who think students minds should not poisoned with this bilge, who see it for what it is…sick, racist, destructive, dangerous and unacceptable in secular, pluralistic, civilized societies.

Islamic schools in the West must be shut down because they cannot help but teach Jew hatred and jihad and oblige their students to carry them out. If they are allowed to remain open it means that Jew hatred and jihad have been condoned by the wider society. Since both are abhorrent and not acceptable in most Western countries, for now anyway, the schools must close.

Including those in Canada.

Including those in Toronto.


Obama’s gay marriage announcement cynical and typical, Re: Democrats under pressure to move their convention out of North Carolina, Human Events, May 10, 2012

Friday, May 11th, 2012

President Obama’s recent announcement that he is in favor of gay marriage carries no weight because he is not taking any concrete action to support his position. The position is also a complete reversal of earlier ones he has taken stating most emphatically that marriage can only be heterosexual, that only men and women can marry, not men and men or women and women.

Americans have to question the sincerity of his current position in light of this reversal, particularly since this is an election year. Obama desperately wants to be returned to office for a second term and needs every vote he can get because his track record since the last election is uniformly awful and he has no real accomplishments to run on. He obviously made a political calculation that there were more votes in coming out in favor of gay marriage than there were in coming out against it or in not saying anything at all.

That’s very cynical on his part and very typical as well. It means that he doesn’t really have the courage of his convictions, whatever they are, and that he will make decisions based on political calculations in order to get elected again, as he has done so often in the past. It means that he won’t make hard decisions based on the country’s best interests if those decisions might prove unpopular and cost him votes. It means that no one can trust him about anything or know what he really believes or stands for because everything he says or does is politically expedient. It means that misleading voters is acceptable and so is outright lying or simple glossing over. It means that he will jettison or latch on to anyone or anything to get returned for a second term. He has done all of these things in the past, he’s doing them now and he’s going to keep on doing them in the future.

So what concrete action can Obama take to convince American voters that his current stance on gay marriage is sincere? He can see that the upcoming Democratic National Convention is moved from Charlotte, North Carolina, that’s what. Why? Because last week voters in North Carolina overwhelmingly approved a measure outlawing same sex marriage and any form of civil union for gays as well. It was a clear, unambiguous, unmistakeable repudiation of gay marriage in any form and the polar opposite of what Obama’s current belief is. There is already considerable pressure among Democrats to move the convention because of this and if Obama pushed for a move to a more gay friendly location it would really be putting his money where his mouth is so to speak.

Don’t hold your breath though. Obama will do what he’s always done. Stick his finger in the air, measure the political wind and act expediently…expediently for him, not for anyone else or for the country. Obama never has been any good at putting his money where his mouth is and he won’t be this time either.

Does Obama really believe in gay marriage? Who knows-who will ever know?

Principles? They’re either impediments or tools and can be cast aside or hauled out and used as required.

This whole episode has nothing to do with gay marriage. It has to do with Barack Obama’s character, or more specifically, Barack Obama’s lack of character.

Cynical, typical and very, very sad. Americans deserve much, much better.