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Faster, Higher, Stronger no longer, Re: Olympic Ideals Don’t Match Reality, Wall Street Journal, July 25, 2012

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

The Olympics motto is Faster, Higher, Stronger. Not so. Dominated, Captured, Enslaved is more like it.

Faster, Higher, Stronger may apply to the athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games in London (at least to those who are upholding the Olympic motto by not cheating in some way or by not letting politics, religion or ideology blight the competition) but it certainly doesn’t apply to the games themselves. The Olympics have been dominated, captured and enslaved by Islamists and Islam and the threats posed by both and Olympic ideals have been tarnished forever as a result.

Security has been a dominant feature in the run-up to the games, perhaps the dominant feature, and the security presence throughout them will be overwhelming and omnipresent. Security dominates everything and trumps everything in London and this is a direct result of well-founded fear that Islamists may try to murder and maim large numbers of people in the name of Islam, may try to blow up bombs or unleash suicide bombers or use chemical weapons or carry out other such atrocities to kill and injure as many people as possible as part of their religious war against the West and Western civilization.

The emphasis on security above all against threats posed by Islamists and by extension Islam means that Islamists and Islam are in effect dominating the games whether incidents occur or not because the security provisions and intrusions constantly inconvenience and affect everyone, spectators, athletes, officials, tourists, ordinary Londoners who have no connection to the games simply going about their business, everyone. That in turn means that Islamists and Islam have captured and enslaved the games because they have forced officials to react to the threat they pose and forced everyone to be worried, harassed and inconvenienced, incidents or no incidents.

All at an enormous financial cost and an enormous cost to civil liberties and freedom of expression too.

Security isn’t the only area of the London Olympics that has been dominated, captured and enslaved by Islamists and Islam either.

The opening ceremony, the games signature event, is another.

Forty years ago at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany eleven Israeli athletes were slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists. The International Olympic Committee has refused to hold a minute of silence during the 2012 opening ceremony to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of this atrocity… to remember the Israeli athletes who were killed by the Palestinians. This simple act of humanity and decency will not be held because Islamic countries objected and the IOC bowed to their demands. President Obama, every single United States Senator, every single Australian and Canadian parliamentarian, Germany’s foreign minister, Israelis and people of many different nationalities from around the world have all pressed the IOC to hold the minute of silence but it will not happen because Islamic countries don’t want it to.

That’s just one more instance of Islamists and Islam dominating, enslaving and capturing the Olympics, of them making a mockery of the Olympic motto and Olympic ideals. It also means the IOC supports terrorist acts against Israelis, supports Islamists murdering Jews in the name of Islam, because in refusing to hold a minute of silence it is for all intents and purposes sanctioning and supporting them instead of repudiating them.

The Olympic motto? Meaningless words. Olympic ideals? They don’t exist in any meaningful way.

Islamists and Islam have dominated, captured and enslaved the 2012 London Olympics alright. If we’re not careful and don’t fight back to preserve, protect and defend our values, ideals, institutions and way of life they’ll dominate, capture and enslave us too.

No sane, rational justification for mass murder of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, Re: Lethal terror bombing of Israeli tourists, American Thinker, July 18, 2012

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

I was going to begin by saying that there are no words to describe the bus bombing in Bulgaria yesterday which targeted Israeli tourists, killing at least six of them and wounding over thirty others as of this writing. I would have been wrong. There are words, lots of them.

Here are some that come to mind.

Monstrous…barbaric…inhuman…evil…savage…grotesque…horrific…insane…sickening…repulsive…revolting…nauseating…irrational…psychopathic…atavistic and abhorrent. There are many others in the same vein as well.

They describe the bombing itself, whoever was responsible for it and the creed and ideology that was behind it, the creed and ideology that justified it and in whose name it was carried out.

That’s Islam.

There is simply no sane, rational justification for the bombing, for the mass murder, and people of good heart and good conscience are sickened and appalled by it, as they should be.

That includes Muslims, millions of them.

What kind of sane, rational person would set off a bomb in a bus full of tourists in order to murder and mutilate as many of them as possible? None, because no sane, rational person would commit such an act.

What kind of sane, rational creed or ideology would justify the bombing? None, because bombing a bus full of tourists in order to murder and mutilate as many of them as possible is, by definition, insane, irrational and unjustifiable.


That about covers it.

Actually, one more word comes to mind too.


Israelis, and Americans as well for that matter, have long been the victims of terrorist attacks. They are spreading and becoming more frequent for a variety of reasons (blindness, ignorance, stupidity, political correctness, misplaced sympathy, misplaced blame, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, the rise of Islam, technology, a complicit media, weak and complicit politicians, you name it) and may soon come to a community near you, if they haven’t already.


Entirely predictable.

Better hope not, Re: Assad will fall, Israeli spy chief predicts, Vancouver Sun, July 18, 2012

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

The head of military intelligence in Israel just told a closed session of Israel’s parliament that it is merely a matter of time before Syrian President Bashar Assad is overthrown. Major General Aviv Kochavi said that Assad would not be able to defeat the uprising in Syria and that his fall from power was dead certain. Kochavi made his comments before the bombing which killed the Syrian Defence Minister and Deputy Defence Minister and wounded the Interior Minister during a high level security meeting in Damascus. Assef Shawat, the Deputy Defence Minister, was also President Assad’s brother-in-law. The bombing was a crippling blow to the Syrian President and his inner circle and gives credence to Kochavi’s statements.

All of which should cause a great deal of consternation and fear for Syria’s minority Alawite and Christian communities and whatever other religious minorities that still survive in the country as well, not to mention Israelis and anyone else who wants to keep war from breaking out and engulfing the Middle East.

Syria’s population is roughly 22 million people, approximately three million of whom are Alawite and 2 million of whom are Christian…the population of other religious minorities in Syria is negligible. That leaves approximately 17 million Syrians who are Islamist and have no liking or tolerance for the Alawites, Christians and others in their midst to begin with, 17 million Syrians who will be led by the Muslim Brotherhood…the Islamist organization that is at the head of the uprising and which will take power should Assad be toppled…the Islamist organization whose attitude toward and intentions for religious minorities in countries they rule are well-known and beyond dispute…the Islamist organization whose attitude toward and intentions for Jews, Israelis and Israel are also well-known and beyond dispute.

What does all this mean?

It means that should Assad be toppled the Muslim Brotherhood will take over in Syria and that there will be a massive, unimaginable bloodbath in the country…Alawites, Christians and the others will be victims of genocide. It also means that Syria will attack and attempt to destroy Israel because it simply cannot abide a Jewish presence in the Middle East, let alone a Jewish country as a neighbor. Blood, blood and more blood throughout the Middle East, that is what a Muslim Brotherhood victory in Syria will bring…religious persecution, ethnic cleansing, destruction, death and war…that is what a Muslim Brotherhood victory in Syria will bring. Of that there can be no doubt. Islam, history and reality tell us exactly what will happen.


Assad may be a malevolent dictator but should he be overthrown at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood the world will soon see that he was by far the lesser of two evils. That does not mean that Assad’s behaviour is acceptable. It isn’t. Nevertheless, evil though he is, the forces that would be unleashed should he be toppled at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood will dwarf whatever he did during his time in power.

Palestinian life-a snapshot, Re: Hillary Blames Israel for Middle East Woes, FrontPage Magazine, July 17, 2012

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Here are a few recent lowlights, that’s lowlights not highlights, about Palestinian life I found on a brief, cursory search of the internet today. I found many others I could have given as well but time, space and beautiful summer weather won’t permit me to.

Hamas has renewed its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes in order to use the land for its own purposes. This follows demolitions which took place earlier this year. One hundred and twenty families are slated to lose their homes in this latest round of demolitions, a far higher number than Israel has demolished in recent years. This is causing a great deal of pain and suffering for the families involved but Hamas is proceeding anyway, even though there are no compelling economic, social or military reasons for doing so, no compelling reasons at all really.

Christians in Gaza just held a public protest against forcible conversions to Islam there, which have been increasing in number since Hamas took power five years ago. The population of the Christian community in Gaza has shrunk to approximately 1,500 hundred people from approximately 3,500 people in recent years, in large part because of forced conversions, and the demonstrators showed a great deal of courage because they knew full well that Hamas would punish them severely for speaking out about their plight.

Fatah has just named a summer camp for young people “Sisters of Dalal Mughrabi”. Mughrabi was a female terrorist who led the most lethal terrorist attack against Israel in the countries history, which is really saying something. The attack took place in 1978 and 37 Israeli civilians were murdered, 12 of them children. Mughrabi has been honored and glorified ever since and she is frequently presented as a heroine and role model, especially for Palestinian youth.

A subcommittee of the United States House of Representatives heard testimony that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his two sons have been siphoning off millions of dollars of foreign aid funds and that corruption is both rampant and endemic in the Palestinian Authority. This is nothing new at all. It is well known that former President Yasser Arafat was among the most corrupt of men and that corruption in the Authority and many other Palestinian institutions is long-standing and deep-rooted. Ordinary Palestinians are well aware that corruption is a fact of life and the testimony given to the subcommittee will come as no surprise to them.

Not surprisingly, international condemnation about any of this has been non-existent…the international community has been utterly silent about any of it. Imagine what would happen if the Israelis were guilty of any of these activities? The reaction would be swift and virulent and Israelis and Israel would be condemned in no uncertain terms. Punished too.

Therein lies the difference. Palestinians get excused for anything and everything and get an completely free ride for whatever they do, no matter how heinous and inhuman. No one calls them to task for anything, terrorism, mayhem, murder, anything. Israelis on the other hand get blamed for anything and everything, are under constant, minute scrutiny and are vilified and attacked even when they defend themselves against those who would destroy and obliterate their country.

A snapshot of Palestinian life-sickening isn’t it?

As for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the rest blaming Israel for Middle East woes that’s more than sickening, that’s ignorant, blind, dumb, idiotic, naive, foolish, shortsighted, worrisome and extremely dangerous too.


You bet. Israel is absolutely vital to the national security of the United States and Clinton, Obama and their fellow ideologues forget it at American’s peril. The United States has no better friend and closer ally than Israel and when Israel is vilified, attacked and imperilled America and the rest of the free world are as well. Vilify, attack and imperil Israel and you vilify, attack and imperil the rest of the free world too.

Israel responsible for Middle East woes…what rubbish, utter and complete rubbish. Palestinians, their Arab brethren and fellow Islamists and anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, anti-American bigots and ideologues of all stripes are responsible, no one else.


You ain’t seen nothing yet, Re: Romney: ‘Best offense is to look at the president’s record’, Washington Times, July 16, 2012

Monday, July 16th, 2012

By his own admission, President Obama has begun running negative advertisements in the American media about Mitt Romney, his opponent in the upcoming 2012 United States presidential election.

There is a very good reason for this. It is the only reason, regardless of anything Obama might say.

The reason is simple.

The reason is that Obama has been arguably the worst President in American history and America and Americans are worse off in every way anyone can think of since he took office. Economically, socially, internationally, in every way imaginable his track record has been disastrous for America and Americans and there is absolutely no reason to believe that it will improve in any way, shape or form if he wins a second term in Novembers election. Quite the opposite…there is every reason to believe that things will become worse, much worse, if he wins the election and is granted another four years in office, every reason to believe the country will be unrecognizable and that Americans values, institutions, finances and lives will be much more diminished by the time his second term is up. If the country survives as a free, democratic state at all that is. Facts are facts. Obama simply has nothing positive to run on, no record of achievement to offer the American people, no hope that a second term will be any better than the first. He has to run a negative campaign because he cannot run a positive one.

If Obama was an honorable person he would admit his failure and withdraw from the race. He has proven time and time again that he is not an honorable person however…that means that he is running again even though his track record tells us clearly and unequivocally that he is unfit for office and that his campaign will be negative in the extreme because he has nothing positive to run on. Mudsling, demonize, vilify, prevaricate, frighten, threaten, intimidate, exaggerate, lie, attack…that’s all he can do and that’s all he will do. Think its been bad so far? You ain’t seen nothing yet, as the saying goes. Obama’s campaign is going to get a lot uglier that’s for sure, especially as the election approaches and he becomes more and more desperate.

That’s about as dishonorable as you can get and aside from anything else a person like that simply has no place in the White House, let alone as President. Believe Obama about Romney? Americans can’t believe him about anything else so why should they believe him about Romney either?

They shouldn’t.

That’s Obama and that’s always been Obama…Americans should reject his narcissism, bullying, cynicism, lying, underhanded methods, anti-American activities and sheer incompetence and toss him out of office in November for their good, the good of the country and the good of the free world as well. His track record couldn’t make it any clearer.

Tell us another one, Re: Olympic security not compromised by G4S shortfall, says Lord Coe, The Guardian, July 15, 2012

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Lord Coe, the Chairman of the London 2012 Olympics, has said that security for the games has not been compromised even though it has just been revealed that G4S, the firm contracted to provide security at the venues, has failed to recruit and hire enough staff and that many of the staff that have been recruited and hired may not be able to do their job properly… allegations have surfaced that many of those recruited and hired slept through training sessions, have little or no security experience (or work experience of any kind for that matter), have not been properly vetted, are not terribly interested in working for the eight pounds fifty per hour salary and will desert their posts or not show up in the first place or may only be able to speak pidgin English.

As of this writing 3,500 British military personnel are being called upon to make up the shortfall and more may be required as time goes by and the security situation for the venues plays itself out. With less than two weeks to go before the opening ceremony the security situation for the venues is a fiasco and that is putting it mildly. Very mildly.

Yet Lord Coe says security for the games has not been compromised.

Bollocks, or tell us another porker, as ordinary Brits might say. There is no possible way security for the venues has not been compromised. Britain is full of Islamic terrorists and potential terrorists who would like nothing better than to commit mayhem and murder at the games, to blow up and kill people at an Olympic venue in the name of Islam, and the compromised security situation makes it that much easier for them. The chances of a catastrophic event taking place were high before the security fiasco came to light. They are much higher now that security shortcomings have become common knowledge. A catastrophic event was likely before this. Now it is a virtual certainty.

Sorry Lord Coe security for the Olympics has most definitely been compromised. If I was an Islamic terrorist or potential terrorist I’d be salivating at this golden opportunity to commit mayhem and murder. On the other hand, if I was a tourist or ticket holder I’d be very reluctant to go anywhere near an Olympic venue for fear of getting blown up, for fear of getting killed.

Although I hate to say it here’s a prediction, a very safe one. Islamists living in Britain will set off explosives at an Olympic venue and many people will be killed or wounded. I hope that by some miracle the prediction doesn’t come true of course but sad to say I fully believe that it will.

Islamists living in Britain…isn’t mass immigration and multiculturalism wonderful?

Oh well, if there is a catastrophic event, maybe it will spur Brits on to wake up, come to their senses, deal with the Islamic plague in their midst and take serious, concrete measures to keep the Islamists among them from turning Britain into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law, which is precisely what they want to do and precisely what they are working very hard to do. The Islamization of Britain is well and truly underway and has already had a terrible effect on the country and its institutions and way of life…perhaps a catastrophic event will be a catalyst to stop the damage and reverse it.

That’s some consolation, but not much of one if you or someone from your family gets killed or wounded at the 2012 London Olympics.

Tell us another porker Lord Coe.

Read this while you can, Re: Pointing the Way for Freedom of Speech and the Press, Gates of Vienna, July 12, 2012

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Islamists are seeking to ban freedom of speech and freedom of expression all over the world.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which comprises 57 Islamic countries, is trying to enact the blasphemy provisions of Islamic law, Sharia, worldwide…to make it illegal to debate, question, criticize, examine, satirize, mock, expose, raise concerns or raise objections about Islam or anything related to it and to punish transgressors according to Sharia if they do.

It could very well succeed. In this politically correct age we live in there is a great deal of support for their effort in the United Nations and in many countries throughout Europe and the West, including that bastion of freedom, the United States…countries that should know better because if the OIC succeeds in turning the blasphemy provisions of Sharia into international law freedom of speech and freedom of expression will no longer exist and free, democratic countries will be free and democratic in name only, if that.

Your right to read, write or express yourself about Islam or anything related to it in any but the most doctrinaire of ways will no longer exist and you will be punished under Sharia if you do…you will not be able to read freely, to speak freely, to write freely or to otherwise express yourself freely and if you try to do any of those things you will be subjected to Sharia and punished. You will in effect find yourself living in an Islamic country governed by Islamic law, whether you live in the United States or any other country in the West where the law will be applied, and your civil liberties will be a thing of the past.

Fortunately, there are people and organizations among us who recognize and understand the serious threat to freedom of speech, freedom of expression and civil liberties in general posed by the OIC, Islamists and Islam itself and who are working hard on our behalf to preserve and protect them.

The International Civil Liberties Alliance is one such organization.

The ICLA just held a conference in the European Parliament in Brussels in direct response to the OIC’s effort to impose Sharia law on us, to ban freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Over 100 people from 18 countries attended the conference and Lars Hedegaard of Denmark was presented with a Defender of Freedom Award on behalf of the ICLA and freedom lovers everywhere…Hedegaard is the founder of the Danish Free Press Society and the International Free Press Society and is himself a victim of Islamic intolerance, intimidation and violence because he dared to express unflattering views about Islam.

The conference also launched concrete measures to stimulate public discussion on the conflict between freedom and Sharia and to provide guidance to politicians and lawmakers on dealing with Sharia’s totalitarian reality.

So, if you value freedom and democracy and you’re concerned that your civil liberties, your right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, will be lost at the hands of the OIC, Islamists and Islam rest assured that you are not alone, especially if you live in the West. There are people and organizations in your country and community which share your concerns, which are working very hard to keep freedom alive and which would love to have you join them in the struggle to keep freedom’s light shining brightly. You may pay a personal price for taking up the fight but fighting for freedom is worth it.

Congratulations and thanks to the ICLA and Lars Hedegaard. Your work is valued, appreciated and very, very necessary.


Terrific idea…now do it, Re: Walsh: Withdraw Egypt Aid, Washington Free Beacon, July 12, 2012

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

It is glaringly obvious that the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi, its representative who was recently elected President of Egypt, simply cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of the United States and that their election is a direct threat to peace and security in the Middle East and the national interests and national security of the U.S. Their values and beliefs and the Islamic imperatives they operate under are also unacceptable and repugnant to Americans and totally contradictory to American values and beliefs and the American way of life.

Thirty-five members of the United States Congress, led by Representative Joe Walsh of Illinois, have just signed a letter calling upon their leaders to re-examine the two billion dollars in aid the U.S. gives to Egypt every year in light of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi coming to power.

Rightly so. Two billion dollars is a great deal of money, money that comes straight from the pockets of American taxpayers. Why should American taxpayers pay to prop up governments, countries, that pose a direct and serious threat to America and American’s, who, like the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, essentially hate and are disgusted by everything America and Americans stand for and by the American way of life and want nothing more than to conquer America and turn it into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law, Sharia?

They shouldn’t. Aside from anything else, sending American tax dollars to Egypt, to the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, is tantamount to using them to cut Americans own throats. Since Americans aren’t suicidal that makes no sense at all.

The members of Congress wrote “Every tax dollar that goes to propping up a government directly opposed to American interests is a tax dollar wasted,” and “That money should instead be put towards paying down our national debt or providing tax relief to struggling American families.”

Absolutely right.

Representative Walsh also said that Egypt must maintain a peaceful relationship with Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi’s hatred and revulsion for Israel is well-documented and there are serious, well-founded concerns that they will try to modify, abrogate or tear up the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel and/or act to make it easier for terrorists to sow destruction and death in Israel e.g. blow up people and property, thus sparking a war in the Middle East and beyond, a war which Israel could conceivably lose and which the United States will most assuredly be dragged into.  Walsh said “Israel is a critical strategic partner for the U.S. in the Middle East. Only a strong, secure Israel will bring lasting peace to the Middle East.” That’s absolutely right too. When Egypt threatens the strategic interests and national security of Israel it is threatening the strategic interests and national security of the United States as well. If Egypt’s actions spark war in the Middle East, America and Americans will pay a terrible price, make no mistake. A strong, secure Israel is essential to peace in the Middle East and when Egypt threatens that it also threatens the United States.

Trust the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi?

No, no, no.

Nothing they have done merits it…nothing they believe in merits it.

American aid to Egypt should be re-examined. Whatever aid is granted in the future (and it should certainly not be two billion dollars annually) should come with strict conditions, conditions which relate directly to the strategic and national security interests of the United States and to American beliefs and values.


It is Americans taxpayers money after all.

One more thought…why on earth has U.S. President Obama invited Morsi to visit him at the White House in September? It wouldn’t be because of his well-known antipathy to Israel or because he is a closet Islamist and anti-American and anti-Semitic ideologue who sympathizes with and endorses the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi’s aspirations and beliefs would it? Given Obama’s own history and actions that is perfectly plausible.


The enemy within, Re: ‘Don’t interfere’: Ottawa warns Iranian embassy over alleged recruitment of expats in Canada, National Post, July 11, 2012

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Hamid Mohammadi is a cultural affairs counsellor with the Iranian embassy in Ottawa. During an interview he recently gave in Farsi to a website directed at Iranians living in Canada he called upon them to infiltrate the Canadian government and advance Iran’s interests both inside and outside the country. He said the embassy plans to reach out to the Iranian community in Canada by presenting cultural programs, the goal being to persuade Iranians in Canada to “be of service to our beloved Iran.”

This has raised serious concerns among terrorism experts and government officials in Canada and the United States. Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism and an implacable enemy of the United States, Canada and the West in general. Operatives from the Iranian community in Canada could be used to commit terrorist acts in the U.S. because if they hold a Canadian passport they can enter the U.S. relatively easily and once inside the U.S. they can commit all kinds of mayhem and murder. Operatives who infiltrate government, either government, can cause an enormous amount of damage as well.

These concerns are not to be taken lightly. Iran has been linked to many terrorism related activities in the United States in recent years, including a brazen attempt to assassinate the Ambassador from Saudi Arabia in Washington. Iran would love to have Iranian/Canadians with Canadian passports at its disposal because that would make it much easier for its operatives to enter the U.S. and by extension, much easier for it to bring its war against America to the American homeland itself. Iranian operatives that infiltrate government can also advance Iran’s interests (which most certainly aren’t Canada’s, America’s or the West’s) from inside too. Americans have a real problem with Islamists who have infiltrated government at all levels and Iranian operatives from Canada would exacerbate it.

Despite its meaningless protestations the Iranian embassy in Ottawa has long been involved in promoting anti-Canadian, anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli, anti-American and anti-Western activities in Canada. Mohammadi’s interview was a clear, unequivocal statement that the embassy intends to keep on conducting its nefarious activities in Canada, that it in fact intends to expand them. It has also sparked legitimate, real, well-founded fears that the embassy may be used to recruit terrorists to attack the United States.

David Harris, former head of operations for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service believes that the embassy is a menace to public safety in Canada and inimical to Canada’s national interests and should be closed. He’s right. The West, including Canada, is at war with Iran and that is the least Canadians can do…the least Canadians should do. A warning to cease and desist is useless. Iran pays no attention at all to warnings to cease and desist, witness its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

The enemy isn’t at the gate in Canada anymore. The enemy is within…within the Iranian embassy in Ottawa. Canadians in general may not be fully aware of that, yet, but their enemies in Iran and the embassy certainly are.

Latest Islamic Pyramid Scheme, Re: Muslim Clerics Calling For Destruction Of Egypt’s Pyramids, Atlas Shrugs, July 10, 2012

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Now that the Muslim Brotherhood and its puppet president Muhammad Morsi are in power in Egypt prominent Islamic clerics in the Middle East and beyond have called for the country’s pyramids to be destroyed.

Never mind that the pyramids are among the wonders of the world. Never mind that they attract vast numbers of tourists to Egypt and that the country could not survive economically without them and the money they spend. Never mind that the pyramids are universal symbols of wonder and ingenuity and mystery. Never mind that they are thousands of years old and that all those who view them are awed by their size and scope. Never mind that they really belong to all mankind, not just the Egyptians. Never mind that destroying them would be a human tragedy of epic proportions and that people all over the world would be angered, disgusted and sickened. The Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi are Islamist to the core and Islam sees them as nothing more than pagan symbols which must be destroyed because their existence is an affront to the Prophet Muhammad, Allah and Islam itself.

There is absolutely no room in Islam for anything outside its purview and since the pyramids are both outside its purview and huge and universal as well destroying them is required. Similar destruction has occurred as long as Islam has existed and destroying them would be entirely in keeping with Islam’s history, tradition, narrative and imperatives…it wouldn’t be unusual at all and those that destroy them would congratulate themselves and feel proud of themselves for carrying out Islam’s mandate.

Will they really be destroyed? Now that Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi are in power in Egypt you can bet on it. If you want to see them before they’re demolished you’d better go soon.

Unless you’re Christian or Jewish or Hindu or some other sort of non-believer…a non-Islamist.
In that case you’re not welcome and are advised to stay away. Islam cannot abide you any more than it can abide the pyramids and now that the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi and their Islamist cronies control things if you go to Egypt to see them you are taking your life in your hands and could easily, very easily, be attacked and killed.

Attacking and killing non-believers also being entirely in keeping with Islam’s history, tradition, narrative and imperatives…entirely in keeping with Islam’s reality, from its beginning to the present day.

The pyramids are seen as worthless because they are outside of Islam’s purview and if you’re a non-believer so are you.

Go ahead, look it up.

Oh, and by the way, destroying the pyramids would be bad enough but there is worse, much worse, to come in Egypt.

Now that the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi and their Islamist cronies are in power.