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Muslim madness in Dearborn, Re: Muslims in Dearborn rally against free speech, call for anti-blasphemy laws, Dearborn Examiner, September 29, 2012

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Americans have every right to denounce, denigrate, ridicule, criticize, question, express concerns about, mock or satirize Muhammad, Islam or anything related to it. This is called freedom of speech and freedom of expression and is enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are an essential part of the American way of life, of freedom and democracy in the U.S. Take them away, or place limits on them, and Americans will no longer be a free people living in a free country.

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Whether something is blasphemous according to Islamic law is completely irrelevant. In the United States we live under secular law, not Islamic law, and because we do you and I are perfectly free to denounce, denigrate, ridicule, criticize, question, express concerns about, mock, satirize and yes, blaspheme Muhammad, Islam or anything related to it. That’s what living in America as a free person gives us…the right to speak freely and express ourselves freely about anything we want to regardless of whether or not anyone is offended.

Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan and all around the country would take that right away from us. If we allow them to do that the country as we know it won’t exist anymore because one of our most basic, fundamental freedoms will have been taken away from us…if we allow them to do that it won’t be long before Islam and Islamic law will take over the country, will take over our lives, will turn the United States into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law. Anyone who thinks Muslims, Islamists, will stop at taking away our right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression knows nothing about Islam and is living in a dream world. Islam is supremacist and expansionist and if we give up freedom of speech and freedom of expression we will soon find ourselves giving up everything else too.

Do we want to continue living as a free people in a free country? Do we want to continue being able to speak freely and express ourselves freely about anything we want to, including Muhammad, Islam or anything related to it? Those are questions all Americans have to answer and answer soon because the Islamization of our country is well and truly underway and is rapidly reaching a point of no return.

If the answer is yes we have to overcome this Muslim/Islamist/Islamic madness in our midst, stand up for our values and way of life and make it crystal clear that we will defend and protect them and not tolerate any attempts to change them to conform to the demands of Islam. If the answer is no, all we have to do is give things up as Muslims/Islamists/Islam demand and we will soon find that our freedom and way of life are gone, Islam and freedom of any sort being totally incompatible and unable to coexist.

Do we want to be Americans or do we want to be Islamists, that’s what it boils down to.

We can’t be both.

Voltaire once said “To learn who rules you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

If we allow the mad Muslims in Dearborn and many other places around the country to prevail we’ll soon find out how true those words really are.

By the way, according to Islamic law I have just committed blasphemy by writing this.

What a pathetic, pitiful, backward, contemptible state of affairs that is.

That’s Islam for you though.

Oops, more blasphemy.

See how easy it is?

Red line deadline, Re: Bibi schools the world, New York Daily News, September 28, 2012

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) told the United Nations yesterday that Iran would become a nuclear power unless it was stopped by next spring or early summer at the latest. He used a drawing of an exploding bomb to show everyone how close the Iranians are to developing nuclear weapons. As the drawing showed they are well past 70% of the way there and will reach 90% in the next 9 to 10 months…next spring or early summer. From that point it would only be a few weeks before Iran became a nuclear power.

Netanyahu made it very clear that the 90% level is the red line beyond which Iran cannot be allowed to go. Although he didn’t say so as such the red line would trigger military action by Israel against Iran’s nuclear facilities whether the United States or anyone else liked it or not or participated or not, military action being the only means of keeping nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands at that point. His message was that a nuclear Iran would jeopardize Israels very existence, that Iran would use her nuclear weapons against Israel in order to obliterate the Jewish state and remove it from the face of the earth and that Israel would have to strike regardless of the repercussions and regardless of what anyone else did or did not do, survival being the most important factor of all.

He also made it very clear that the consequences for the United States, the rest of the free world and much of the Arab/Islamic world would be horrific and catastrophic if Iran became a nuclear power and told everyone in no uncertain terms why that would be and why it is essential that nuclear weapons be kept out of the Iranians hands.

Netanyahu pleaded for the world to take the situation seriously and to take serious measures to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear weapons while it still can, for everyone’s sake, not just Israels…he believes there is still a brief ‘window of opportunity’ for non-military means to be successful and implored the world, especially the United States, to act while it still could, before a military strike became the only option.

Before the red line is reached.

While all this was going on Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak emphasized Israel’s readiness to act militarily if left with no alternative and reiterated her doctrine of self-reliance in national security matters during a speech he gave at a memorial ceremony for soldiers who fell in the Yom Kippur war in 1973.

Will the United States and the rest of the world act? As long as Obama is president, no.

Put another way, if Obama is re-elected in Novembers presidential election a unilateral Israeli military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is guaranteed. It will happen because Israel will have been left with no alternative and it will happen in the name of Israeli survival and self-preservation.

That red line is getting closer all the time.

Which is one more reason to vote Obama out of office in November.

Can’t say we haven’t been warned, can we?

Can’t say we haven’t been warned, Re: Ahmadinejad and Morsi Lay Out the Islamic Agenda, FrontPage Magazine, September 27, 2012

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi spoke before the United Nations General Assembly yesterday and reiterated the Islamic agenda yet again.

The Islamic agenda is very simple, very clear and very straightforward.

Here it is.

Destruction of Israel (the Little Satan) and wiping the country off the map, removing it from the face of the earth.

Eliminating freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the United States and the West.

Conquering the United States ( the Great Satan) and turning the U.S. into an Islamic state governed by Sharia, Islamic law.

Creating a country for Palestinians on the ashes of Israel.

Creating a worldwide Islamic caliphate, making all of humanity submit to Islam and live under Sharia.

No surprises there.

None of this is new and all of it has been obvious for many, many years. Islamists have made it plain that this is their agenda and have been working towards all of these goals for many, many years as well.

Thanks for reminding us though Mahmoud and Mohammed.

Whatever you and other Islamists do to carry out your agenda at least no one can say that we in Israel, America and the West haven’t been warned.

Time and time again.

Obama endorses and encourages limits on freedom of speech and freedom of expression, Re: Obama vs. free speech: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”, Jihad Watch, September 25, 2012

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

True, accurate statements or expressions may be considered slanderous under the Islamic definition of slander. This is very different from the Western definition of slander. In the West slanderous statements or expressions have to be false and inaccurate. Under Islam they may be true and accurate. Under Islam any statement or expression about Islam or matters Islamic that an Islamist dislikes or finds offensive may be considered slanderous and subject to punishment, even if it is true and accurate.

President Obama told the world yesterday that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

I don’t know if he understood that the Islamic definition of slander is very different than the Western definition before he said what he did but he certainly should have. The repercussions could very well be enormous. Unwittingly or not in saying what he did he endorsed limits on free speech and freedom of expression. Unwittingly or not in saying what he did he encouraged Islamists in America and the West to call for limits on free speech and freedom of expression to avoid offending Islamists, to avoid slandering Islam under the Islamic definition of slander. Even if he backtracks and says he used slander in the Western sense and not the Islamic one it is too late. Free speech and freedom of expression have been under concerted attack by Islamists in America and the West (with more than a little bit of success I might add) and Obama’s comment will spur others even if he backtracks. Islamists will use it as they continue to attack freedom of speech and freedom of expression, of that you can be sure.

If they are successful in taking away our right to speak freely and express ourselves freely about Islam or matters Islamic, and that is not farfetched by any means, you and I will not be able to discuss, question, raise concerns about, argue against, criticize or take action against Islam or anything related to it, nor will we be able to mock or satirize Islam or anything related to it. It will all be totally off limits. We will have to close our eyes and shut up because anything we say or do will be labelled slanderous, even if it is completely innocent and innocuous.

Which means of course that free speech and freedom of expression would be gone and that we would no longer be free people living in a free country.

Which means of course that the Islamization of America and the West would proceed much faster because any attempts to stop and reverse it would be deemed slanderous and verboten.

Which means of course that I would not be free to write this and you would not be free to read it.

Thanks Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama.

Oh, and I fully believe that Obama personally endorses limits on free speech and free expression, that he fully understood the meaning and import of his words and that saying them was no accident. All anyone has to do is look at his background and track record to know it is true.

Not slanderous.


Obama’s speech at the United Nations-fantasy, claptrap and bull…., Re: Obama’s Apology Tour Continues at UN, Commentary Magazine, September 25, 2012

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

President Obama’s speech at the United Nations earlier today showed that he has no grasp of reality, no understanding of the forces shaping the world the United States is living in and no concrete solutions to the problems the Islamic world is forcing the U.S. and the West to deal with. It also showed that he remains apologetic and deferential to the Islamic world, at the expense of America and the free, civilized world.

There were several basic premises in the speech, all of which are totally false to anyone that isn’t blind.

Here are a few.

One was that people everywhere long for freedom, democracy and self-determination, that freedom, democracy and self-determination are universal values, not just American or Western ones. .

Another was that Islam can coexist peacefully in multicultural, secular, pluralistic, free, democratic societies.

Another was that there is no excuse or justification for the sort of violence Islamists inflicted (and are inflicting for that matter) on America and the West in response to Innocence of Muslims, the 14 minute internet video produced in the United States which mocked Muhammad and denigrated Islam.

Another was that peace, prosperity and mutual respect and tolerance can come, will come, through dialogue and diplomacy.

Another was that the United Nations has to play a central role in the quest for freedom, democracy and self-determination, in the quest for peace and prosperity for all.

Another was that blasphemy and bigotry are synonymous and that they preclude understanding and respect.

None of these premises are true and anyone who doesn’t live in a dream world knows that they aren’t, knows that they have no basis in reality. Unfortunately, tragically, Obama does live in a dream world and actually does believe these premises, which among other things makes him patently unfit to be President of the United States and leader of the free world because he cannot possibly understand the dynamics and reality of the environment the U.S. and the West live in and therefore cannot protect and defend either.

For Obama’s information…

Freedom, democracy and self-determination are most certainly not universal human values. The vast majority of the worlds people do not long for freedom, democracy and self-determination. They long for peace, security, stability, decent clothing and housing, a steady supply of food and water and the ability to worship or not worship as they please. Freedom, democracy and self-determination are one thing…food in your belly, a roof over your head, clothes on your back and being able to worship or not worship are quite another.

Islam cannot coexist peacefully in multicultural, secular, pluralistic, free, democratic societies, cannot in fact coexist peacefully in any non-Islamic society. It never has and it never will. Its documents tell us that and its nature, essence, history and manifestation in the world show us that.

Islamists will tell you (if they’re speaking honestly) that there are perfectly good excuses and justifications for their behaviour, that the violence they have inflicted and are inflicting is perfectly legitimate and sanctioned by Islam, that it is committed in the name of Islam and therefore entirely reasonable and acceptable.

Peace, prosperity and mutual respect and tolerance will not come through dialogue and diplomacy.
History tells an entirely different story and Islam is inherently incapable of respecting or tolerating non-believers anyway. Besides, certain behaviour and attitudes cannot and should not be respected or tolerated by free, civilized human beings in any case.

The United Nations cannot play a central role in the quest for freedom, democracy, self-determination, peace and prosperity because it is philosophically and structurally incapable of doing so. It is a corrupt, biased institution plagued by bureaucracy and inertia and is inherently anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-West. The majority of member countries are far more interested in taking away westerners freedom, democracy and self-determination instead of extending them to their own people.

Blasphemy and bigotry are not synonymous. The Islamic definition of blasphemy is extremely broad and it is virtually impossible to discuss Islam in any way, shape or form without being accused of blasphemy. It is certainly not possible to mock, criticize, satirize, question or speak out against Islam or anything related to it and not be called blasphemous by Islamists. That doesn’t necessarily make those that do bigoted or racist. It might mean that they’re knowledgeable, or frightened, or angry, or upset, or have an instinct for self-preservation, or don’t want their freedoms taken away or their way of life destroyed…it might mean any number of things. Just because Islamists say that blasphemers as they define them are bigoted doesn’t mean that they actually are. Not at all. Obama was right about one thing though. Bigotry does preclude understanding and respect. What he neglected to say however was that Islamists are the most bigoted people on the planet and that they have no understanding or respect for non-believers and their values and institutions.

Not only did Obama’s speech at the United Nations earlier today show yet again that he has no grasp of reality, no understanding of the forces shaping the world the United States is living in and no concrete solutions to the problems the Islamic world is forcing the U.S. and the West to deal with it was also full of lies, distortions, rhetoric, pious platitudes and veiled threats to people who value freedom of all sorts and freedom of speech and freedom of expression in particular. It was apologetic, deferential and demeaning both to the United States itself and to the Office of President. There was also no direct response to the poison and vitriol Iranian president Ahmadinejad has been spreading at the UN and elsewhere since he arrived in New York.

Fantasy, claptrap and bull…. is what it was.

Utterly inadequate is what it was.

As usual.

Innocence of Muslims just a pretext…freedom of speech, freedom of expression, Jews, Israel and the United States the real targets, Re: Innocence of Muslims fury arrives in Toronto, The Torontoist, September 24, 2012

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Thousands of Islamists descended on the United States Consulate in Toronto two days ago to protest against the production and airing of a 14 minute video in the U.S. entitled Innocence of Muslims which mocked Muhammad and denigrated Islam. At least that is what they said they were there for. The truth is something very different.

Innocence of Muslims was simply a pretext to bring out Islamists to try and intimidate the governments of Ontario and Canada into placing limits on free speech and freedom of expression, into taking away Canadians right to speak freely and openly and to express themselves freely and openly about Islamism, Allah, Muhammad or anything else related to Islam, including the growing Islamization of Canadian society and the widespread harm it is causing and the fact that Islam is violent, barbaric, savage, intolerant, misogynistic, hateful, supremacist and backwards by its very nature and essence and has no no place in free, democratic, secular, pluralistic civilized societies. Islamists want to extend Islamic prohibitions against questioning, criticizing, ridiculing, skewering, mocking, or satirizing anything or anyone related to Islam to all Canadians. They want to take away Canadians right to speak freely and openly and express themselves freely and openly about Islam or matters Islamic and make all Canadians subject to Islamic prohibitions and law. That is what the demonstration in Toronto was all about. The demonstration was really a means to that end, nothing more.

Of course Islamists being Islamists and Islam being Islam the demonstration was also suffused with hatred and fury directed at Jews, Israel and the United States. Those are staples of demonstrations by Islamists and they were a staple of this one too. Ugly and sad, but true.

There is of course only one proper response to Islamists who demand that Canadians give up their right to speak freely and openly and to express themselves freely and openly about matters Islamic or anything else.

Here it is.

Get stuffed.-if you think I’m going to give up my freedom because you feel offended or because I’m a blasphemer according to your beliefs you’re crazy.

Will Canadians have the courage, strength, survival instinct and sense to say exactly that and then act accordingly when challenged and threatened?

We’ll see.

They should though if they want to keep on living as a free people in a free country. After all, once freedom of speech and freedom of expression go everything else goes too.

Countries that turn swords into ploughshares get ploughed under, Re; Former VP Cheney urges U.S. to fight back after protests in Islamic world, Sacramento Bee, September 21, 2012

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Protests? What protests?

The Islamic mobs that have been rioting in the streets all over the world ostensibly in response to Innocence of Muslims are doing much more than simply protest over the production and airing of a 14 minute video in the United States which Islamists found offensive because it mocked their Prophet Muhammad and denigrated Islam. The mobs are calling for the death of America…they are calling for Americans to be murdered, including President Obama…they are burning American flags and destroying American property…they are calling for Americans right to free speech and freedom of expression to be removed…they are beating up and killing Americans…they are vilifying, damning and threatening America and Americans in the name of Islam. Peacefully protesting against Innocence of Muslims is not what is happening. Violent, angry, hateful, anti-American Islamic mobs have taken over streets all over the world and have left chaos, destruction and death in their wake, that is what is going on.

This is happening with the encouragement and collusion of Islamic governments and Islamic terror organizations worldwide.

President Obama and his administration have responded by trying to appease the mobs and the governments and terrorists spurring them on. They have apologized for free speech and freedom of expression rather than defending them, disavowed any responsibility for the video, persecuted and tried to prosecute its producer/director and demeaned America and its values by not standing up for them, by being apologetic and contrite. Obama and his administration have also not taken any meaningful, concrete, decisive steps to stop the riots and hold the sponsors and perpetrators responsible. This all means of course that the current round of riots will continue for some time and that others will follow them as Islamists become more and more emboldened by Obama’s weakness and appeasement.

Why is all of this anti-American violence happening? Its not because of Innocence of Muslims (thats just the latest excuse) or because Islamists by their very nature and the nature of Islam are constantly offended or because Islamists hate America and everything it stands for and feel that it must be destroyed if Islam is to reign supreme. Its happening because Obama is allowing it to happen that’s why.

There are many military and non-military things he can do to end the violence but he is doing nothing and so it goes on. Want to stop the riots in Egypt for example? Immediately withdraw, not suspend, withdraw, all or part of the 1.6 billion dollars in aid Americans give Egyptians annually and see how fast the Egyptian government shuts them down. The same goes for Pakistan or anywhere else that benefits from America’s largesse.

Try that as a start. There are many other things that can be done as well. Hit them hard in the pocketbook first and if that doesn’t work, fast, hit them hard somewhere else. Hit them hard though and keep on hitting them until it stops.

There are three great lessons of history which Obama hasn’t learned and which account for the entirely predictable response of the Islamic world to his ideology and politics of appeasement and apology.

The first is that appeasement and apology never stop anyone from doing anything, all they do is make things worse.

The second is that in the Islamic world only the sword is respected and only the sword can stop Islamists from acting the way they do. Words, gestures, appeasement, apologies are signs of weakness and do nothing except bring on violence, death and conquest.

The third is that countries that turn their swords into ploughshares get ploughed under, which is exactly what Obama is doing and exactly whats happening to America.

Former Vice President Cheney was absolutely right when he urged the U.S. to fight back. Unfortunately, Obama won’t do any such thing, which means that American lives and treasure will continue to be lost to Islamic mobs as long as he remains president.

It also means that Islamic mobs will soon come to America itself and bring their violence, anger, hate, chaos, demands, destruction and death along with them because Obama is no more willing to stop them in the homeland than he is anywhere else.

Incalculable, Re: The price of Obama’s Muslim empathy, Washington Times, September 21, 2012

Friday, September 21st, 2012

President Barack Hussein Obama has shown a great deal of affection for Islam and empathy and support for Islamists in the United States and around the world since he took office. He has continually expressed sympathy and contrition to Islamists and given his history and track record his affection for Islam may exceed his affection for the U.S. itself. This is a matter of historical record and is the foundation on which his behaviour and foreign policy towards the Islamic world lie…behaviour and policy which have most certainly not been in the best interests of America, behaviour and policy which have been disastrous for America and behaviour and policy which may well prove to be catastrophic for the country.

Those are matters of historical record too.

Obama has failed to defend (or even stand up for) American values and interests and Islamists have recognized this weakness and rushed to take advantage of it and advance their cause because they know there will be no consequences no matter what they do. They have a friend and ally in the White House and they know it, a friend and ally who has aided and abetted the advance of Islam and Islamists in the United States and has placed the U.S. in mortal danger as a result and a friend and ally who has presided over the largest diminution of American power and influence in the Middle East and around the world in living memory. Obama hasn’t defended America he has apologized for it and America and Americans have paid a terrible price, a price which will get higher and higher until he leaves office.

If you’re American like me are you…

Angry and upset at all the anti-American insults, chaos, riots and attacks taking place around the world.

Angry and upset that Islamists around the world (including in the U.S.) are trying to take away our right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the name of Islam, that Islamists in America are trying to fundamentally change the country and make Islam and Islamic law predominant.

Angry and upset that Islam and Islamists have infiltrated our governments and institutions and that the country is becoming more and more Islamized every day.

Angry and upset that our diplomats are being mutilated, sodomized and murdered, that our embassies and consulates are under siege, that our flag is being burned.

Angry and upset that we are giving huge amounts of money, goods and humanitarian aid to countries whose people and governments hate us and want to bring us to our knees, to countries that are doing nothing to protect Americans or prevent anti-American violence and are inciting and inflaming it instead.

Angry and upset that our governments response to the anti-American violence we are faced with has been groveling and useless and that Obama and his administration have misled us about events and have exacerbated not mitigated them.

You should be angry and upset at all of this, and much, much more.

The question is are you angry and upset enough to cast your vote against Obama in Novembers presidential election? Voting him out of office is essential because if he wins the election everything is going to get worse, much, much worse. There’s even a very good chance that we won’t survive, not as a free people living in a free country anyway.

None of this is happening in a vacuum you know.

Barack Hussein Obama has got to go.


Now get out and vote.


Rioters are responsible, no one else, Re: ‘I’m not the one going into the streets with stones and Kalashnikovs’: Charlie Hebdo editor rejects responsibility for violence over naked Mohammad cartoons, National Post, September 19, 2012

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical magazine with a long history of passionately defending free speech and freedom of expression and satirizing and skewering anyone and anything it decided needed to be satirized and skewered. No one and nothing is off limits to them, nor has anything ever been.

The magazine has just published several cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad which Islamists (followers of Islam, most of whom are Muslims) found offensive. They responded with massive, violent, deadly protests and riots all over the world, with many more to come…the massive, violent, deadly protests and riots haven’t played themselves out by any means and will no doubt become bigger, louder and even more violent and deadly in the coming days.

Islamists and their apologists are trying to place the blame for these outbursts, this mob behaviour, on Charlie Hebdo and its staff. They are saying that Charlie Hebdo and its staff are responsible for them because they published offensive material in the first place and that the perpetrators bear no responsibility for their actions.

They are wrong, utterly and completely wrong. The perpetrators are fully responsible for their actions because each and every one of them is a human being with the ability to choose how to act. If they act in a certain way it is because they choose to and that makes them responsible for their actions. That really is the essence of what it means to be human…the ability to make choices and act on them.

Islamists who say that perpetrators bear no responsibility for their actions and blame them on others are really saying that they are not human because they cannot choose how to act, that they have to act in certain ways, that Islam has reduced them to unthinking automatons. That is what Islam tries to do but in the end everyone is a human being with the innate ability to make choices, whether Islam, Mohammad, Allah or Islamists and their apologists like it or not.

The editor of Charlie Hebdo is right. He isn’t responsible for the violence over the naked Mohammad cartoons. The perpetrators and only the perpetrators are. If you believe otherwise you believe that the perpetrators aren’t human at all, that they do not have the innate ability to choose how to act, that Islam has reduced them to unthinking automatons.

Not so. Despite what Islam has done to them the perpetrators are still human and still remain responsible for their actions. The editor of Charlie Hebdo isn’t, I’m not, you’re not, other Islamists aren’t, Islam, Mohammad, Allah aren’t, our right to free speech and freedom of expression aren’t, no one and nothing are. They are human and they can choose and that makes them responsible for whatever their choice is.

That also makes them accountable for their actions, for their choices.

Accountable to us, to our values and laws, not to Islam and Islamic law. We live in free, secular, pluralistic, democratic societies and if we want to keep it that way we must ensure that our values and laws prevail, not theirs. The two can’t live side by side and it is long past time we recognized and understood that.

The editor of Charlie Hebdo and his staff are heroes and I salute them. Freedom loving people everywhere owe them a great deal of gratitude.

Hey, all you Islamists out there…if you come and kill me because I’ve written this does that make me responsible for my own death?

No, it does not.

It makes you responsible, not me.

Accountable too. And not to Islam and Islamic law either.

Obama is vulnerable because he’s made America vulnerable…hammer away Mitt, Re: Mitt jabs O over video affair, New York Post, September 19, 2012

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Someone surreptitiously videotaped Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaking at a private fundraising dinner last May during which he made some supposedly intemperate remarks about supporters of President Obama and the culture of entitlement that has sprung up in the United States during his presidency. Obama and his acolytes in the media and elsewhere have used the remarks to attack Romney and have accused him of being out of touch with the American people.

Romney responded to the attacks by saying that the remarks may have been inelegantly worded and poorly phrased but that they were true and he stood by them. He also released an audio tape of Obama speaking at a conference in 1998 during which he advocated redistributing wealth in the U.S., which is of course what he has been trying to do during his presidency and which has led to the culture of entitlement that has been so damaging to America in so many ways.

Obama and his acolytes no doubt hope that Romney’s remarks last May will hurt his chances of winning the election in November, that they may even prove fatal to them. They are wrong. Except for the portion of the electorate that blindly support Obama and will vote for him no matter what he does or doesn’t do Americans know that Romney was speaking the truth, respect him for speaking it and believe that he can right America’s ship and restore American hope, pride, productivity and wealth if he is elected. As long as he doesn’t equivocate or back down Romney’s remarks will help him not hurt him because the vast majority of Americans know that he is right, because the vast majority of Americans have seen their lives and the life of their country significantly diminish since Obama became president, because they are sickened by what has happened to them and their country under Obama and because they know that the decline will continue if he is granted another four years, that things will get immeasurably worse, not better.

The surreptitious videotape won’t hurt Romney…it will help him.

On the other hand the 1998 tape of Obama advocating a redistribution of wealth in the United States could be the death knell for Obama and Romney should use it at every opportunity.

Redistributing wealth as Obama advocates is opposite to everything America stands for and has always stood for and the entire American experience and narrative. It cannot be achieved without destroying American values, principles, institutions and representative government. If Obama wants to continue to try and redistribute wealth in America, and he plainly does, he has to keep on changing the nature, essence and face of the country and that is something Americans won’t accept. They’ve had enough of it already and don’t need or want any more. The United States isn’t a socialist/communist/big government/top down country even though Obama has tried to make it one.

Use that 1998 tape Mitt, use it.

Here’s some other advice.

Don’t jab at Obama and let him off lightly, hammer away at him and hold him responsible for the state of the nation and the state of people’s lives. Economically, socially, internationally, in every important area anyone can think of America is more vulnerable now than it has ever been and that makes Obama vulnerable too. His presidency has been a complete disaster and you shouldn’t be afraid to say so. Use his terrible, catastrophic track record against him and don’t pussyfoot around and you’ll win the election. Don’t be manipulated into defending yourself, attack him instead, that’s the ticket. There is, after all, so much to attack and he is ripe for the taking.

So go out and take him.

Oh, and use his sleazy tactics against him too. Why do you think the tape of the fundraiser was released now? The democrats have had it for months and could have released it anytime. They released it now because they thought it would deflect attention away from the anti-American protests and riots which are occurring around the world and Obama’s utterly inadequate response to them, at his utter failure to even see them coming and protect American lives and property.

That’s something else you should talk to Americans about.