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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

I’ll be back in Mid-January and start posting again then. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season and start to 2013.

Canadian Supreme Court Opens The Door To Making Islam Dominant In Canada, Re: Niqab May Be Worn While Testifying, Toronto Sun, December 20, 2012

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled today that under certain circumstances a woman may wear a Niqab (a veil which hides her face) while testifying in court. Some women in Canada wear the veil as a profession of their faith, Islam, and refuse to participate in Canadian society without it.

This decision is completely wrong and needs to be reversed immediately because it has opened the door to making Islam dominant in Canada and because there are no circumstances in which a woman testifying in court should be allowed to hide her face.


Allowing a woman who is giving testimony to hide her face is a gross violation of one of the most basic, fundamental rights an accused person living in a free country has…the right to confront their accuser or anyone testifying against them in a court of law. There is no way an accused can confront their accuser or anyone testifying against them if those people are hiding behind a veil, if their faces are hidden behind a mask. The decision means that an accused right to a fair trial no longer exists in Canada and that one of the most basic, fundamental rights Canadians had has just been taken away.

It also means that Islam and Islamic practice have become factors in Canadian courts and that courts in Canada can no longer be seen as secular, impartial and free from bias, as they should be.

Because they aren’t any more.

It goes without saying that religion should not be allowed to intrude in the courts in a free, democratic, secular, pluralistic society and that the courts become compromised the minute it does because justice is no longer blind and therefore cannot be served in them.

Islam has just been allowed to intrude in Canadian courts and justice can no longer be served in them as a result.

Don’t think that Islamists will stop with this decision in their ongoing efforts to Islamize the country either. They won’t. Islam being Islam and Islamists being Islamists there will be many more demands to accommodate Islam and Islamic practice at the expense of Canadian values, practices, institutions and laws, at the expense of Canadian freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism. The decision will encourage Islamists in their efforts to transform Canadian society and will lead to more attacks on Canada and Canadians.

In fact, it opens the door to them doing exactly that.

The Supreme Court said that judges have to consider the strength of a person’s religious belief when deciding whether or not to permit them to testify while veiled. Extrapolate that to daily life. That means that Islamists will be free to practice their religion if they can demonstrate that their belief is strong enough, even if that practice contravenes Canadian values, freedom and law…it means that the door to establishing Sharia with all of its abominations and horrors has just been opened wide…it means that the door to making Islam dominant in Canada has just been opened wide.

After all, if the strength of a persons religious beliefs is a determining factor in the courts why shouldn’t it be a determining factor everywhere else too? Why shouldn’t it be a determining factor in allowing any behaviour (or curbing any behaviour for that matter) in any sphere? That is a point Islamists will seize upon…make no mistake, the Supreme Court’s decision will go far beyond the courts and will be used to justify all manner of abominations and horrors, Sharia included.

You can talk about safeguards all you want but they don’t mean a thing and won’t mean a thing, as the courts will quickly find out.

The Supreme Court’s decision is wrong alright. It is also abominable and suicidal and Canadians simply shouldn’t stand for it.

Joy to The World, Re: Saskatoon standing by Christmas signs, National Post, December 18, 2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

City officials in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada have refused to remove the words Merry Christmas from municipal buses even though a local activist has threatened to file a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission if they don’t.

The potential complainant asserts that the Christmas greeting is discriminatory and that it violates his right to be free from religion.

City council rejected the assertion and the Merry Christmas message will continue to be displayed on the buses.

Congratulations to everyone who voted to keep on displaying the message. Its nice to see that the Christmas message and the spirit of Christmas are alive and well in Saskatoon and that there are still people in this world who refuse to be threatened and bullied by the politically correct among us.

Its more than nice actually…its heartwarming and encouraging. If more people in more places had your courage and sense the world would be a much better place.

To everyone on council who voted to keep the message on the buses and to everyone else in Saskatoon as well…here’s wishing you all a big, fat, joyous, peaceful MERRY CHRISTMAS!

To the local activist who has threatened to file a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission and to all of his fellow travellers…BAH HUMBUG!

And yes, I really do understand the importance of keeping religion out of the public sphere.

Political correctness too.

From an old atheist and passionate life-long defender of civil liberties, human rights and freedom who believes in the message and spirit of Christmas, the universal, non-religious message and spirit of Christmas, the universal, non-religious message and spirit of MERRY CHRISTMAS.

On buses.

Exposure can only lead to horror and horror can only lead to rejection, Re: Lipstick On A Pig? It’s Still Jihad, Atlas Shrugs, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 17th, 2012

The vast majority of Americans have a benign view of Islam, Sharia and Jihad which is completely at variance with the truth, completely at variance with their essence and reality, completely at variance with what they really are, what they really say and what they really propound.

That benign view has contributed enormously to the advance of Islam, Sharia and Jihad in America and Islamists on the national, regional and local levels work very hard to whitewash all three and keep Americans in the dark about them in order to get rid of freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism…in order to get rid of all the things that make America America…in order to Islamize the country and eventually turn it into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law.

Most Americans have no idea that Islam and Sharia are evil, savage, violent, bigoted, misogynistic, intolerant, bloodthirsty, supremacist and expansionist (among other nasty things) and that Jihad is meant to spread Islam and Sharia wherever they don’t exist and establish their superiority and dominance, by the sword I might add. That includes Americans throughout government, Americans at the highest levels of government, Americans who serve as useful idiots that unwittingly encourage and enable Islamists to spread Islam and Sharia throughout the land. Even though America and Americans have been victimized by all three for many years and are being victimized even as we speak Americans as a whole simply do not recognize or understand any of that and Islamists want very much to keep it that way. They use deception and lies to try and blind Americans to the essence and reality of Islam, Sharia and Jihad…to keep the truth from them…to make them seem harmless…to make it easier to establish Islam and Sharia in America.

They lie through their teeth is what they do.

Fortunately however there are individuals and organizations in America which recognize and understand what Islam, Sharia and Jihad are really all about and that work very hard to inform their fellow Americans about the evil and savagery they personify and about the threat they pose to them and the country itself.

One such organization is the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which has been running advertising campaigns in New York City and elsewhere which expose all three. These campaigns are most welcome because Islam, Sharia and Jihad cannot stand up to exposure and expose them is precisely what they do. Exposure can only lead to horror and horror can only lead to rejection, which is absolutely necessary if America is going to survive as a free, democratic, secular and pluralistic country. Islamists attempt to counter AFDI’s campaigns with campaigns of their own but these are all based on untruths, as they have to be, and hopefully Americans will see them for what they are before its too late…attempts to manipulate them on the way to controlling them and forcing them to become followers and practitioners of Islam at the expense of whatever else they believe in, at the expense of however else they live their lives.

Organizations like the American Freedom Defense Initiative and others like it do America and Americans a tremendous service and are to be applauded and admired. The organizations themselves and the individuals behind them and involved with them are constantly threatened, attacked and vilified by Islamists who want to shut them up and shut them down, who try to intimidate and silence them in all manner of ways. Their work is not easy and it takes a tremendous amount of courage and commitment for them to stand up to the Islamists and carry on as they do. If American freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism do survive and the savagery, horror and reality of Islam, Sharia and Jihad are rejected and excised from America it will be due in no small measure to their efforts.

And heroics.

Thank you very much. And keep up the good work.

And none of this is Islamophobia or Islamophobic either. Its exactly the opposite.

Its Islam, its Sharia, its Jihad and its true.

That would be the decent, human thing to do, Re: 20 Children Died in Newtown, Connecticut School Massacre, Yahoo, December 14, 2012

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Earlier today twenty seven people were murdered by a deranged gunman at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty young children were killed in the carnage. It was the second deadliest school shooting in the history of the United States. Horrific and tragic don’t even begin to describe the murders…there aren’t any words that can adequately describe them.

Almost as soon as the last shot was fired the politicizing, sermonizing, posturing and recriminations began by those who decided to take advantage of the murders to advance their own particular agenda. It was ugly and self-serving and in effect treated the victims as nothing more than pawns and useful tools instead of human beings, children, who had just been murdered. President Obama was among the first to jump in when he used the phrase “And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.” in his response.

That means more gun control.

Obama wasn’t the only one trying to take advantage in the immediate aftermath of the murders. There were many, many others as well, including other politicians, the media, lobbyists, one issue know-it-alls, religious nutters and other usual suspects.

Where was the sincere, heart-felt grief among them?

Good question.

They should all be ashamed of themselves. Their actions were demeaning and insulting to the victims and their families and exposed themselves as the callous opportunists they really are.

They should also back off and give the parents and relatives of those who were murdered time to come to grips with their loss, time to grieve.

That would be the decent, human thing to do.

There will be plenty of time to examine the murders in depth later on.

In the meantime, decency and humanity demand that the parents and relatives of those who were murdered be left alone.

Don’t fool yourself – sure they would, Re: EU Leaders ‘Outraged’ over Israeli FM Liberman’s Statement That They Would Willingly Throw Israel Under The Bus To Appease The Arabs, Tundra Tabloids, December 13, 2012

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman had this to say at a Jerusalem Post sponsored diplomatic conference in Israel the other day.

“My sense is that all the promises and commitments to Israel’s security are mere words. When push comes to shove, many key leaders would be willing to sacrifice Israel without batting an eyelid in order to appease radical Islamist militants and ensure quiet for themselves.”

Liberman’s statement was correct, especially considering the virulent and growing anti-Semitism in Europe and the West, especially considering the large and growing Muslim populations in Europe and the West, especially considering the rapid Islamization of Europe and the West, especially considering the vicious anti-Israel narrative being promoted in Europe and the West and the ongoing attempts to delegitimize her, especially considering the sanctification of the Palestinians in Europe and the West and the disingenuous attempts to pin all the blame for their problems and the problems of the Middle East on Israel, especially considering Islam, the root cause of all the hatred, violence, destruction, bloodshed and death in the region and beyond.

Israel cannot depend on anyone to come to her aid militarily at the moment of truth (including the United States under America’s dear leader President Obama whose stupidity, shortsightedness and venality know no bounds) and it would be foolish of her to think otherwise. When Israel is attacked in force and the moment of truth comes, and it will thanks to Islam and her Islamic neighbors, Israel will be quite literally alone. Other countries may provide material assistance but no one will assist militarily. Israelis must recognize and understand that, must never forget that, must stay strong and capable, must act in their own best interests no matter what anyone else thinks and must do whatever they need to do to ensure their own survival.

European Union leaders may be outraged but Liberman was right…when push comes to shove they would be willing to sacrifice Israel. In fact, when push comes to shove they will abandon Israel…when push comes to shove they will be nowhere to be seen.

What are they outraged about anyway? It couldn’t be because they know that what Liberman said was true and they don’t want to admit it, could it?

Sure it could.

Whatever the case may be if they think appeasing Islamists and abandoning and sacrificing Israel will buy them quiet and peace and security they are dead wrong.

It won’t, and anyone who knows anything about Islam knows that it won’t. All it will do is reaffirm their own ignorance, blindness and weakness, encourage the Islamists in European countries to push and push and push some more in their quest to turn Europe into an Islamic continent and hasten their own demise.

Then there’s the example of Czechoslovakia.

Liberman also said “All expressions and promises of commitment to Israel’s security from all around the world remind me of similar commitments made to Czechoslovakia (in 1938) and the pressure made on the Czech president to partition the Sudetenland.

After all the promises and guarantees that were provided, Nazi Germany occupied all of Czechoslovakia, bringing an end to its existence.”

That’s something else Israel should never forget.

Freedom dies wherever Sharia, and Islam, live, Re: Sharia doesn’t pose a threat in America, USA Today, December 11, 2012

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Yes it does.

In fact, it poses the biggest threat of all because the ultimate goal of Sharia (and Islam and Islamists) as far as the United States is concerned is to turn the U.S. into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law, Sharia. That would mean the end of freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism in the U.S. and by extension the end of the U.S. as a free, democratic, secular and pluralistic country. Americans would be forced to live under Sharia, and Islam, whether they wanted to or not and would suffer terrible consequences up to and including being killed if they resisted…they would have no choice in the matter and there would be no escape because rejecting or leaving the fold is absolutely verboten.

Since Sharia, and Islam, cannot accommodate freedom of any sort and since Sharia, and Islam, are supremacist and expansionist and have already made deep inroads into American life and institutions and are making more and more every day they most certainly do pose a threat to America and Americans. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t know anything about Sharia, or Islam, about what they are and have always been, about how they manifest themselves in the world and have always manifested themselves…to think otherwise is ignorant, blind, deluded, self-defeating and ultimately suicidal.

Unless of course one wants to be forced to live as a robot, as an unthinking, unblinking automaton who has no freedom of choice or anything else and is not allowed to deviate from the norm in any way.

Unless of course one wants to see the death of America and the American narrative.

Freedom dies wherever Sharia and Islam live and that is precisely what would happen in America if Sharia, and Islam took hold…its what always happens wherever Sharia and Islam take hold and it would happen in the United States too…that’s been the story since Sharia and Islam were first foisted upon the world and that would be the story in the United States as well. So yes, Sharia, and Islam, do pose a threat to America, a terrible, large, growing life and death threat.

So what else do Sharia, and Islam, embody besides the death of freedom?

Among other things, they embody hatred, violence, barbarity, inequality, apartheid, misogyny, intolerance, closed minds, child abuse and exploitation, slavery and a way of life that is proscribed and controlled down to the smallest, most personal detail.

Like I said, Sharia, and Islam, pose a terrible, large, growing life and death threat to America and Americans.

Americans better wake up and recognize, understand and remove it soon, while they still can.

Brits, Canadians, the French, Germans, Italians and everyone else in the free, civilized, Western world too for that matter.

Sharia doesn’t pose a threat to America – what a pile of rubbish!

Denying access would be a slap in the face to the press, Americans and America itself, Re: Will Obama’s Second Oath Of Office Be Closed To The Press?, Human Events, December 10, 2012

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

January 20, 2013 is the date for President Obama’s official swearing in ceremony. The official ceremony will be followed by a purely symbolic public ceremony on January 21. There are strong indications from the inauguration committee that the official ceremony may be closed to the press, which would be unprecedented in American history. Obama being Obama you can be sure that he is keeping a close eye on the committee and its work and that his imprimatur is all over it.

The White House Correspondents Association has raised serious concerns about keeping the official ceremony closed and strongly urged the committee to make sure that it is open to the press. Regardless of whether or not one approves of Obama, and I assuredly do not, it is after all a historic occasion that should be reported on by the press. Denying the press access prevents it from doing so.

Press access shouldn’t even be an issue. Of course the press should be there to report on the occasion. Denying it access would be overriding American history, tradition and values and make it seem as if Obama wants to hide something…it would also be one more indication of Obama’s secretive nature and of his disdain for the press, the American people and America itself.

Does Obama want to hide something? Quite possibly, all things considered. Speculation has arisen that he may wish to be sworn in using the Koran instead of the Bible or that he’s changed the oath in some way, perhaps by taking out the word “faithfully”, as in “faithfully executing the office” or by altering or taking out the part about preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States. The possibility has also been raised that the official ceremony will be prohibitively expensive and that many people who made huge donations to his election campaign will be invited, none of which would play well with Americans.

There is of course also the possibility that the content of the official ceremony may be different than the content of the public one, that he will follow the example of Islamists and their fellow travellers who say one thing in Arabic to their Arab/Islamic audiences and something quite different to their American/Western ones.

President Obama came into office promising to run the most transparent administration in history. By any measure he has instead run the least transparent administration in history and kept the American people in the dark about all manner of things while causing the country enormous damage along the way. Denying the press access to the official swearing in ceremony would be one more example of his lack of transparency and a slap in the face to the press, the American people and America itself. He should not be allowed to get away with it.

Obama also came into office promising to fundamentally transform the country. He has most certainly done that, for the worse, not the better. Denying the press access to the official swearing in ceremony would be one more example of how he has done it, of how he is doing it.

Denying the press access to the official swearing in ceremony of the President of the United States…absurd, simply absurd, no matter what the reason might be.

What a bunch of lunatics, Re: US Congress bans word ‘lunatic’ in federal legislation, BBC News, December 9, 2012

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

The Congress of the United States has voted to ban the word lunatic from all federal legislation in the U.S.

Now Congress is in the business of banning words is it?

What words will it ban next?

Islam, Jihad, Koran, Sharia, Islamists?

You know, the creed and the people that want to turn America into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law…the creed and the people that are usurping American freedom, democracy, civil liberties, values and law and changing the face of America as we speak…the creed and the people that have infiltrated the federal government at the highest levels in order to Islamize the country…the creed and the people that have brought the world nothing but misery, bloodshed and death since first being foisted upon it 1,400 years ago…the creed and the people that stand for hatred, violence, barbarity, inequality, apartheid, misogyny, intolerance, closed minds and a way of life that is controlled and proscribed to the smallest, most personal detail.

You say that the Obama administration is already doing that and that the military, law enforcement, intelligence and national security communities are prevented from studying and learning about Islam, Jihad, the Koran or Sharia, that Obama and the administration is whitewashing them and has been for years.

That explains a lot doesn’t it?

What a bunch of quislings.

What a bunch of lunatics.

Reconciliation and peace not possible-Hamas leader tells all, Re: Hamas leader vows never to recognize Israel, Reuters, December 8, 2012

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal spoke before hundreds of thousands of cheering, rapturous supporters in Gaza yesterday and vowed never to recognize Israel and never to rest until Israel is destroyed and removed from the face of the earth…never to rest until the destruction of Israel is complete and all of the land Israel sits on is in Arab/Islamic hands. He spoke before a huge replica of a type of rocket that Hamas uses in its attacks on Israel and said that Jihad and armed resistance are the right and the real way to make this happen. Invoking Islam he effectively told the world clearly and unequivocally that as far as Hamas is concerned reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis is not possible, that peace between Israelis and Palestinians is not possible, that a ‘two state solution’ is not possible because Israel cannot be allowed to exist and that Hamas will not be satisfied until Israel is obliterated and wiped off the map.

None of this is new of course. Hamas was founded twenty-five years ago and its feelings and goals have been plain from the beginning. What is new is that it has never been quite so blatant about what it wants to do and is trying to do, what it has always wanted to do and what it has always been trying to do. If there were any doubts in anyone’s mind about Hamas’s true intentions they have just been removed by Hamas itself in no uncertain terms.

How has the world reacted to this expression of hatred…to this call for genocide…to this rejection of reconciliation and peace…to this declaration of war…to the monstrous anti-Semitism rooted in Islam it is all based on?

With dead silence that’s how. Even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton haven’t condemned Meshaal’s remarks, even though both are well-known for reflexively issuing condemnations at the drop of a hat, especially towards Israel.

Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. Silence implies consent and consent is sick no matter what it is based on, weakness, agreement, political posturing or maneuvering, Islam, whatever.

Its also tragic, revealing and self-defeating, tragic because it means more destruction, bloodshed and death in the Middle East and beyond, revealing because it shows just how venal and atavistic Islamists and other anti-Semites really are and self-defeating because Islam is a supremacist, expansionist, violent doctrine that cannot abide Western freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism and wants to get rid of them wherever they are found, not just in Israel. .

You can be sure that Israel got the message and that she will act accordingly though.

Rightfully so. Her survival depends on it.

When Palestinians bleat or when Palestinian blood is shed or when Israel is criticized for the lack of progress in the so-called ‘peace process’ don’t blame Israel or Israelis. They’re not the ones refusing to live in peace and security with their neighbors, they aren’t the ones responsible for all the destruction, bloodshed and death. They’re just defending themselves, as they have every right to do.

Put the blame where it belongs…on Hamas, on Islam, on the Arab/Islamic world.

Meshaal’s speech made that clear and unequivocal too.