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Israel’s insoluble Obama problem, Re: Obama to Netanyahu: US ‘clear-eyed’ on Iran’s nuclear program, Jerusalem Post, September 30, 2013

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel met with President Barack Hussein Obama of the United States at the White House in Washington today amid a thaw in relations between the U.S. and Iran brought on by Iranian trickery and deceit.

Iran’s nuclear weapons development program was the number one issue on the agenda.

I don’t know exactly what Netanyahu said to Obama but I do know he should have made the following points and asked the following questions.

Point number one…no matter what the Iranians say they have no intention whatsoever of halting and dismantling their nuclear weapons development program, never have, never will.

Point number two…their recent overtures to the contrary, all they are doing by showing a friendlier, more conciliatory face is using trickery and deceit to buy time to develop and operationalize nuclear weapons, which they are very close to doing, sanctions not having stopped them.

Point number three…Iran views the United States as the Great Satan, as its mortal enemy, and has spent decades trying to bring America to its knees…has spent decades killing Americans, destroying American property, sponsoring terrorist acts against America and Americans all over the world and attacking and undermining America at home and abroad…it is doing all those things as we speak and they put the lie to the friendlier, more conciliatory face it is showing.

Point number four…Iran wants to develop and operationalize nuclear weapons to use them against Israel and remove it from the face of the earth but it will also use them against the United States at the earliest possible opportunity…even if it starts off by using them to blackmail the U.S. or force the U.S. to submit to its will in some manner it will launch them against America at some point.

Point number five…Obama simply shouldn’t be taken in by Iran’s recent charm offensive…it doesn’t mean that sanctions have been working…it really means that Iran is closer than ever to developing and operationalizing nuclear weapons and is trying to buy a little bit more time to bring its efforts to fruition.

Now for the questions.

There essentially are only five.

Netanyahu to Obama…what is your red line, what line must Iran not cross?

Netanyahu to Obama…what will you do when Iran crosses that line?

Netanyahu to Obama…how will you know when it does?

Netanyahu to Obama…what will you do in the meantime?

Netanyahu to Obama…will you respect our red line if its different than yours?

Obama replied to Israeli concerns by saying that it is paramount that nuclear weapons be kept out of Iran’s hands…that Iran must put its money where it mouth is so to speak, must prove its sincerity by taking action not just by mouthing rhetoric…he also vowed to keep all options on the table, including the military one.

Therein lies the problem, the insoluble problem for Israel.

Insoluble because Obama is never going to change.

No matter what Obama says he simply cannot be depended on.

No matter what Obama says he simply cannot be trusted.

Israel has never been able to depend on Obama, cannot depend on him now and won’t be able to depend on him in the future, regardless of what he says he’ll do, regardless of whatever threats or commitments he makes.

Israel has never been able to trust Obama, cannot trust him now and won’t be able to trust him in the future, regardless of what he says he’ll do, regardless of whatever threats or commitments he makes.

His word is simply worthless and any threats or commitments he makes are meaningless.

The Iranians know this of course, which is why they’re playing him like a fool…which is why they’re getting away with it.

All of which means that Israel will have to act on its own and use its military to attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities when Iran breaches Israel’s red line.

It will have to do it soon too because while Obama is being Obama Iran is getting closer and closer every day to developing and operationalizing nuclear weapons.

For use against Israel.

For use against the United States.

Israel can’t solve Obama, but it can certainly solve the problem of Iran’s nuclear weapons development program.

It must, for its own survival.

It will too.

On its own.

Netanyahu did tell Obama that Israel reserved the right to take unilateral military action should it think its necessary.


Can’t say he wasn’t warned.

Its not unbelievable at all, Re: ‘Unbelievable savagery’ by terrorists at Nairobi mall, American Thinker, September 28, 2013

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

Reports about the treatment of hostages during the massacre at Westgate Mall in Nairobi are surfacing now that the massacre by al-Shabab Islamists is over. The reports are being made by soldiers, policemen, Doctors and other medical personnel and investigators of various sorts. The reports are not allegations. They are credible and they have been verified.

This is the way hostages were treated.

Acting in the name of Islam, al-Shabab Islamists…gouged out hostages eyes…sliced off their noses and ears…hung them on hooks…sharpened their hands and forced them to write their names in their own blood…drove knives into childrens bodies and left them in refrigerators…removed their fingers with pliers…castrated them…beheaded them…raped them…burned them to death…slashed their throats…threw them screaming to their death from third floor balconies…amputated various body parts…ripped off their noses with pliers…and on and on…the al-Shabab Islamists acting in the name of Islam tortured the hostages in unspeakable ways and put them through sheer, unmitigated hell before they died.

What the Islamists did was pure, unadulterated evil, nothing more, nothing less.

They did it because they held the hostages in total and utter contempt, because they felt that the hostages were less than human.

They felt that way because they thought that the hostages were infidels, were nonbelievers.

They acted the way they did because Islam is very clear about how believers, Islamists, should treat infidels, nonbelievers, especially Christians and Jews. They didn’t think they were doing anything wrong and according to Islam they weren’t.

Everything they did was justified, sanctioned, legitimized and indeed mandated and directed by Islam.

Everything they did has been done by believers to infidels, nonbelievers, in one way or another throughout Islamic history, for the very same reasons.

Savage, barbaric, inhuman, evil…yes.

Unbelievable…not at all.

Better watch yourself next time you go to a shopping mall aye?

What happened at the mall in Nairobi could happen in a mall (or some other public space for that matter) anywhere else too.

In Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Italy, the Scandinavian countries, Russia (remember Beslan anyone), the United States, anywhere and everywhere where there are large concentrations of believers.


In fact, its safe to say that what happened in the mall in Nairobi will happen in a mall (or some other public space for that matter) somewhere else too.

In Australia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Italy, the Scandinavian countries, Russia, the United States, anywhere where there are large concentrations of believers.


Unless of course nonbelievers come to their senses and rid themselves of the evil in their midst.

Unbelievable…not at all.

Headlines Americans Should Heed, September 27, 2013

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Here are some headlines I’ve come across yesterday and today which Americans should pay attention to.

State Department Issues Worldwide Caution for U.S. Citizens

Iran Declares Victory Over Obama

Jihad In Kenya: “Eyes Gouged Out, Bodies Hanging Hanging From Hooks, And Fingers Removed With Pliers”: Horrific Claims Of Torture Emerge As Soldiers Reveal Gory Kenya Muslim Mall Massacre

America’s ObamaCare Crisis

Russia and Iran Roll Over John Kerry

Christians No.1 target of extremists and bigots

Obama administration killing jobs pointlessly

Iran announces mass production of Shahed 129 drone

19% of health care pros say Americans ‘will die earlier’ due to Obamacare

Canada Ditches Obama’s Favorite Terror-Funding Charity

Approach climate report with caution

Why should Congress get special exemption under Obamacare?

A Small President on the World Stage

Reaching out with dishonor

U.S. Weapons and Vehicles Stolen by Libyan Terrorists

Prelude to the Boston Bombings

Parents! Here’s how you get Islam out of your public schools

Have a nice weekend everybody.

God Bless America.

Now?, Re: Christians now suffering mass martyrdom, says Archbishop of Canterbury, Daily Telegraph, September 26, 2013

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

The Archbishop of Canterbury says that Christians are now suffering mass martyrdom and being deliberately attacked because of their faith.

What does he mean now? Its not a new phenomenon at all. Its been going on for 1,400 years. What’s happening to Christians now has been happening to them ever since Islam first came into existence. Christians are suffering terribly at the hands of Islam and Islamists purely because they are Christian and that is a phenomenon as old as Islam itself.

The historical record is clear and beyond dispute. Christian churches have always been destroyed, Christian property has always been confiscated (stolen) and Christians have always been persecuted, attacked, subjugated, mutilated, raped, killed, treated as less than human, forced to convert and forced to flee for their lives by Islamists acting in the name of Islam…twas ever thus as they say. That’s what is going on now and that is what has been going on since Islam’s earliest days.

Denying that is denying history and reality.

Denying that means being ignorant at best or being disingenuous or a flat out liar at worst.

No, its not just now. Not at all.

Islamic apartheid.

Islamic ethnic cleansing.

That’s what it boils down to now and that’s what its boiled down to from the beginning.

The fact is Islam by its very nature and essence cannot abide Christianity and Christians.

The fact is Christianity and Christians are in great peril, mortal peril, wherever Islam and Islamists gain the upper hand.

Its also not just Christians.

Its Jews (especially Jews) and every other non believer too.

Islam and Islamists can’t abide them either.

By their very nature and essence.

Presidential Pinocchios, Re: Honesty And Trust, Human Events, September 25, 2013

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

President Barack Hussein Obama of the United States and President Hassan Rouhani of Iran gave separate speeches before the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week.

No one should take what either one of them said seriously.

Both of them are serial liars whose examples of duplicity, falsehoods and outright lies are well known and well documented.

Both of them are serial liars whose examples of duplicity, falsehoods and outright lies are legion.

They are both dishonest characters who cannot be trusted.

They are both dishonest characters who cannot be depended on to keep their commitments.

Each of them speaks out of both sides of their mouth, as the saying goes.

In order to trust someone you have to believe that they are honest and both of them have showed that they are anything but honest long ago.

No one should believe that they’ll actually do what they say they’ll do.

No one should believe that either one of them will actually keep their word.

Like I said, no one should take what either one of them said seriously.

Especially Americans.

Especially Israelis.

Americans should follow Egyptians example, Re: Egypt bans Muslim Brotherhood, National Post, September 24, 2013

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

An Egyptian court has just banned the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt and ordered the confiscation of all its assets as well, this after the Egyptian people rose up and tossed the Brotherhood and President Mohammed Morsi out of power last June. Morsi and the Brotherhood are Islamists who were trying to impose Sharia on Egyptians and turn Egypt into a full fledged Islamic country and Egyptians rose up in their masses and deposed them.

Now if only Americans would rise up and ban the Brotherhood from the United States.

The Brotherhood’s goal in the U.S. is the same as it was, is, in Egypt and wherever else it exists…in Americas case it is to turn the United States into a full fledged Islamic country and impose Sharia, Islamic law, throughout the land. There is no doubt about this at all.

The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States wants to turn the U.S. into a full-fledged Islamic country and impose Sharia throughout the land, period. It is treacherous and violent and treasonous and criminal and a clear threat to freedom and democracy in America, to the American way of life, to the national security of the United States. It should be banned on national security grounds because of its activities and because of the danger it presents to America and Americans. It is nothing more than Islamist terrorists in suits who abhor American values and institutions, who want to fundamentally transform the country and bring it under Islam’s fold and who will use any means at its disposal to do it, violence and treachery included.

Unfortunately, its tentacles are everywhere in the United States and its presence and influence extend to the highest levels of government, up to and including the Presidency itself. Its presence and influence is large and growing and it is becoming more and more powerful and threatening as we speak, due in no small part to President Obama.

President Barack Hussein Obama.

Whose Islamic background and Islamic sensibilities and proclivities are well known and well documented, who may very well be an Islamist himself.

President Barack Hussein Obama.

Who has contributed greatly to the surge in Islam and Islamic violence in America.

President Barack Hussein Obama.

Who may very well be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood himself.

President Barack Hussein Obama.

Who supports it at every turn both at home and abroad, to the clear detriment of the United States.

President Barack Hussein Obama.

Who aids and abets it at every turn both at home and abroad, in clear contravention of the best interests of the United States.

Egyptians tossed Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood out of office last June and banned the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt just the other day.

Americans should follow their example and toss President Barack Hussein Obama out of office and ban the Muslim Brotherhood from the United States.

Very soon.

On national security grounds if nothing else.

Westgate Mall today, West Edmonton Mall tomorrow…don’t think that can’t happen, Re: Nairobi: “All Muslims leave, we only want to kill non-Muslims!”, Bare Naked Islam, September 21, 2013

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya is an upscale mall popular with foreigners and expatriates and middle-class and well-to-do Kenyans. Yesterday afternoon it was packed with shoppers when heavily armed gunmen burst in and began shooting and killing non-Muslims…unbelievers…infidels…in cold blood. People who identified themselves as Muslims or who the gunmen thought were Muslim were allowed to leave and were unharmed. Non-Muslims…unbelievers…infidels…were shot and killed. As of this writing 69 people are confirmed dead and another 175 have been wounded. The situation is still ongoing and the number of dead and wounded is expected to rise once it becomes resolved. Women, children and the elderly are among the dead and wounded.

The gunmen are identified as belonging to al-Shabab, a Somali Islamist terrorist group that has sworn allegiance to al-Qaeda and is fighting to make Islam and Sharia supreme in Somalia. Kenya was targeted because as part of the African Union it is sending soldiers to Somalia to fight the Islamists there, the mall was targeted because of its popularity with foreigners and expatriates and because it is partially Israeli owned and non-Muslims…unbelievers…infidels were targeted because the Islamist murderers wanted to sow terror and send a message to the Kenyan government and decided that slaughtering them was the best way to do it, slaughtering non-Muslims…unbelievers…infidels being permissible, legitimate and obligatory according to Islam.

The West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is the largest shopping mall in North America and one of the largest in the world…it was the largest in the world until 2004. There are over 800 stores and services in the mall and it attracts anywhere between 60 and 150,000 shoppers per day. People come from all over Canada, the United States and the rest of the world to shop there. It is quite possibly the best example of consumerism and the consumer society one can find in North America. An Islamist who wanted to make a statement against consumerism and the consumer society or the wicked, profligate, un-Islamic ways of the West or some such thing might easily think that going into the mall and shooting and killing non-Muslims…unbelievers…infidels was a great way to do it, slaughtering non-Muslims…unbelievers…infidels being permissible, legitimate and obligatory according to Islam. An Islamist might easily do more than think about it…he or she might go ahead and do it. That’s not far-fetched or out of the question at all.

Think that can’t happen in the West Edmonton Mall or some other mall in Canada or the United States do you?

You’re wrong.

Sure it can.

Just like it happened in Nairobi.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the United States being full of Islamists.

Many of them from Somalia.

Israel’s message to America, Re: Senior Israeli minister: Iran is on course to develop a nuclear bomb in 6 months, Jerusalem Post, September 20, 2013

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Reuters has quoted a senior Israeli minister as saying that Iran is on course to develop a nuclear bomb in six months and that time has run out for negotiations to prevent this from happening.

Releasing this information is no accident. In doing so the Israelis are really telling America that Iran is very close to becoming a nuclear power and that if the Americans don’t use their military to stop them from becoming one very soon Israel will use its military to do exactly that…the use of military power being the only way to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands, negotiations, sanctions and everything else having failed miserably over the years to convince the Iranians to stop trying to develop and possess nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

The time to talk is over and if you don’t stop them soon we will. That’s the message the Israelis are sending to America.

Will the Americans get it and will they act on it? Not as long as Barack Hussein Obama is President they won’t, which means that sometime in the next six months we can expect Israel to attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons development facilities. It will do so in the name of national survival, it will do so because it knows perfectly well that Iran will attack Israel with nuclear weapons as soon as it is able to do so in an effort to destroy the country and wipe it off the face of the earth, it will do so because it has no choice.

Why are the Israelis sending this message to the Americans now?

Because newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is seducing Obama and Obama is falling for his overtures. Prior to the seduction there was a very, very small chance that the United States would use its military to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power because a nuclear Iran is a clear and present danger to the United States itself, never mind Israel. Thanks to Rouhani’s seduction and Obama’s willingness to be seduced there is no chance of that happening now.

Rouhani has expressed a desire to participate in more negotiations.

Disregarding history, religion, world events and Iran’s preeminent role in the bloodshed, destruction and death in the Middle East and beyond (including in the United States), the White House has responded by saying that the U.S. is willing to participate in talks “on the basis of mutual respect” if Iran is willing to demonstrate that its nuclear program is for civilian purposes only.

First of all, Iran doesn’t respect America. It hates America and is disgusted by everything America stands for and has always stood for…it does so on religious grounds and wants to destroy America and turn it into an Islamic country governed by Islamic law, also on religious grounds. America is the Great Satan after all. Israel, the Little Satan, is first on Iran’s hit list because it is the world’s only Jewish country and is located in the Middle East to boot but the United States is definitely second.

Second of all, the United States should not respect Iran. Everything the country stands for and has always stood for, everything it has done and continues to do since the theocrats took over in 1979, is anathema to the U.S. Respecting Iran means respecting Islam and how it manifests itself in the world, means respecting an anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Everything that isn’t Islamic country that has been and is directly responsible for destruction, bloodshed and death on an unimaginable scale, much of it American. Iran doesn’t deserve respect and the United States of all countries should not offer to respect it.

Third, Iran demonstrated a long time ago that its nuclear program has nothing to do with civilian purposes and that it is in place for one reason and one reason only…to enable Iran to possess its very own nuclear weapons…to give Iran a nuclear weapons capability of its very own. That is why Iran keeps on enriching uranium to weapons grade and keeps on developing missiles specifically designed to carry nuclear weapons, neither of which has any civilian application at all.

Fourth, Rouhani has demonstrated time and time again that he simply cannot be trusted. He has even bragged that he deceived the United States and the West in the past by holding talks while Iran was continuing to develop it nuclear weapons program. In any case, he doesn’t have the authority to stop it anyway and is obviously buying time and stringing Obama along as he has in the past.

Fifth, all this seduction is nothing more than history repeating itself. This is not the first time that a newly elected President of Iran has made overtures to the United States in order to buy time, string the U.S. along and keep its nuclear weapons development program humming along. Dangling hope is a favorite ploy of the Iranians, a ploy which they have used very successfully in the past and which they are trying to use again now. They have put a friendly face on to sucker Obama into thinking that negotiations might be fruitful, but underneath that friendly face lies a steely resolve to develop and possess nuclear weapons…that friendly face is nothing more than a ploy because they have no intention of stopping or slowing down their efforts, especially since they are now on the brink of success.

Six months. That’s the Israelis red line and you can be sure that they won’t allow Iran to cross it.

They can’t afford to be delusional, can’t afford to be seduced.

Not if they want to survive and not if they want their country to survive.

They’ll act on their own alright.

They have to.

And when they do you can blame Obama because he could have brought Iran’s nuclear weapons development program to a screeching halt a long time ago and chose not to.

Good on Israel, bad on Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama.

That could have been you. Or me. Or anyone., Re: Canada: Firefighter dies after Muslim attempts to behead him “without provocation” in Toronto Cafe, Atlas Shrugs, September 19, 2013

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Imagine having a quiet cup of tea in a neighborhood cafe.

Now imagine being attacked by a knife-wielding 23 year old Muslim who’s trying to behead you.

Horrifying isn’t it?

That’s exactly what happened to an off duty fireman in Toronto last week though.

Dominic Parker was having a quiet cup of tea in a neighborhood cafe when 23 year old Muslim Nabil Hurhuy attacked him with a knife and tried to behead him. Doctors were unable to save his life and Parker died from his wounds, leaving behind his wife of 23 years and two daughters in their late teens.

A mosque is located very close to the cafe and the cafe itself is located very close to an area that is dominated by Islam and Islamists, a pro sharia area that is anti-West, anti-Canada, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American and anti-Everything that isn’t Islamic.

Parker did nothing to provoke his attacker, according to a newspaper report of the murder.

That is true in one sense and false in another.

It is true he was doing nothing more than minding his own business and having a quiet cup of tea when he was attacked. That’s not provocative at all.

It’s also true that he was a non-Muslim, an unbeliever, in an Islamic area and that is very provocative indeed to Islamists.

Hurhey may very well have seen him, become furious that an unbeliever was desecrating an Islamic area by his very presence there and by extension insulting Islam and tried to kill and behead him as a result…or he may not have become furious at all…he may have seen Parker, decided that he was desecrating an Islamic area by his very presence there and insulting Islam by extension and tried to kill and behead him as a result, not in a fury but in cold blood.

Either way, he was acting in strict accordance with the law.

Sharia law, not Canadian law.

Without provocation?


According to Sharia there was every provocation and Hurhey was obliged to try and kill and behead him…was acting in strict accordance with Sharia.

Think about that next time you’re having a quiet cup of tea or coffee in a neighborhood cafe, especially if it is frequented by Islamists or if it is located anywhere near an Islamic neighborhood.

Somebody might try to kill and behead you too.

Or me.

Or anyone.

The true north strong and free aye?

Not if Islam and Islamists have anything to do with it.

Don’t believe me?

See my previous post (It does more than teach hate it incites violence too), follow my advice and make up your own mind.

That applies to everyone in the West, not just Canadians.

After all, its not just Canada that’s under attack by Islam and Islamists.

Every other Western country is as well.

America, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Israel, Italy, the Scandinavian countries…every last one.

It does more than teach hate it incites violence too, Re: Does the Qur’an Teach Hate?, Jihad Watch, September 18, 2013

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Does the Qur’an teach hate?

Yes it does.

There is absolutely no question about it.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Go out and get a copy and see for yourself.

Read 2:190-193.

Read 8:39

Read 8:60

Read 9:73

Read 9:123

Read 48:29

Read 3:28

Read 3:151

Read 5:17

Read 5:72

Read 9:30

Read 2:65

Read 7:166

Read 5:60

Read 2:89

Read 3:110

Read 3:112

Read 5:70

Read 5:64

Read 4:160

Read 6:146

Read 5:41

Read 6:91

Read 5:51

Read 5:82

Read 3:110

Read 98:6

Read 7:179

Read 8:55

Actually, just read the whole thing.

Actually, it does more than teach hate.

It incites violence too.

The Qur’an, Islam’s holy book.

Read it and weep.

Then go out and work as hard as you can to keep Islam and Islamists from infecting your life and your country.

Actually, go out and work as hard as you can to keep Islam and Islamists from further infecting your life and your country.

From forcing you to live under Islam.

From turning your country into an Islamic state governed by Sharia, Islamic law.