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Hey Iran, are you listening?, Re: Reports: Syrian air base destroyed in missile attack from sea, Tundra Tabloids, October 31, 2013

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

A Syrian Air Force base was destroyed yesterday by missiles which were launched from the nearby sea.


Israeli media have reported that the target of the attack was a surface to air missile battery and a command center that could have been used to attack Israel, that could have cost Israeli lives and/or destroyed Israeli homes, buildings and infrastructure. Destroying the missile battery and command center was well in keeping with Israel’s policy and practice of preemptive strikes designed to keep weapons out of the hands of her enemies, weapons which would be used to sow terror, shed Israeli blood and murder Israelis.

Like I said…good.

Keeping Israelis safe and preserving the integrity of the state is the job of the Israeli military and if it has to launch preemptive strikes to do so so be it. The strikes of course would not be necessary if Israels Islamic neighbors would let her live in peace, but since they won’t and are bent on her destruction Israel is absolutely justified in carrying them out, just as she is absolutely justified in carrying out all the other activities she does to protect herself from the murderous, hate-filled, barbaric, atavistic Islamists that surround her, just as she would be absolutely justified in carrying out a preemptive attack on Iran to prevent the Iranians from developing and operationalizing nuclear weapons and using them against her in a bid to wipe her off the map, to remove her from the face of the earth, which they would most certainly try to do at the earliest possible opportunity.

Although they haven’t claimed responsibility there is no doubt in my mind that Israelis were responsible for the preemptive attack on the missile battery and command center. Good on them, as the Australians or British might say. What the hell else were they supposed to do…lie back and let their enemies attack them with impunity, lie back and let their enemies rain death and destruction on them, lie back and enjoy being bombed?

Like I said…good on them.

Hey Iran, are you listening?

None the wiser, Re: Islamic History Month Comes to Manitoba, Canada, FrontPage Magazine, October 30, 2013

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Now that Islamic History Month has come to Manitoba will Manitobans be any the wiser about the true nature, history and reality of Islam?

No they will not.

Will they be made to realize that Islam is supremacist, expansionist, hateful, misogynistic, racist, violent, cruel, savage, merciless, bloodthirsty and bent on conquest, bent on forcing everyone to become a believer and live their lives according to Sharia, Islamic law, or suffer terrible consequences including mutilation and death?

No they will not.

Will they be made to realize that there is no room whatsoever for freedom of any sort in Islam, freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, nothing, not even the freedom to leave it?

No they will not.

Will they be made to realize that oceans of blood have been shed in its name since it first came into existence 1,400 odd years ago, that millions upon millions upon millions of people have been murdered by its sword and that unspeakable cruelties have been committed in its name since it first thrust itself upon the world?

No they will not.

Will they be made to realize that the same things are being carried out in its name all over the world today?

No they will not.

Will they be made to realize that Islam is anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-Western, anti-Canadian and anti-everything and everyone that isn’t Islamic?

No they will not.

Will they be made to realize that paedophilia, polygamy, honor killing, female genital mutilation, forced marriages, spouse abuse, homosexual murder, torture, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and other such niceties are part and parcel of Islamic life, are integral to Islam?

No they will not.

Will they be be made to realize that lying and deceiving are entirely permissible in Islam, that Islam legitimizes, sanctions and mandates lying and deceiving?

No they will not.

Will they be made to realize that much of, most of, the Islamic historical narrative is based on lies, distortions and exaggerations and that it is anything but a religion of harmony and peace, that it brings conflict, war, destruction and death wherever it goes?

No they will not.

Will they come to realize that making accommodations and concessions to Islamic sensitivities and requirements is pointless and fruitless and will do nothing but lead to more and more demands, will do nothing but change the nature of their society, nothing but make their society more and more Islamic at the expense of their way of life?

Hopefully they will.

Will they come to realize that Islam shouldn’t be celebrated in Manitoba or anywhere else, that it is evil and poisonous and should be denounced and excised, that it has no place in a civilized, humane, pluralistic, multicultural, free society?

Hopefully they will.

For now though a sanitized Islamic History Month which does nothing but whitewash Islam will make them none the wiser.

The reality of the Islamic presence in Manitoba will do that soon enough.

Obama’s only foreign policy successes, Re: Obama angers U.S. allies globally, National Post, October 29, 2013

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama is arguably, no, demonstrably, the most inept President in the history of the United States.

America’s friends and allies have been mortified and angered by his performance in office and America’s internal and external enemies have manipulated him and used him to their advantage.

The recent revelations that the United States conducted unprecedented and unwarranted espionage operations on millions upon millions of foreign nationals, including the leaders of long time allies such as Germany, France, Britain and Israel, among others, are only the latest cause for criticism, only the latest revelations that have sparked mortification and anger among America’s friends and allies. There will no doubt be many more revelations about all manner of things before his Presidency comes to a merciful end.

That he is inept is beyond dispute. The full depth of his ineptitude has yet to be revealed however and until he leaves office America and Americans will be in for more shocks, America’s friends and allies will continue to be mortified and angry, America’s internal and external enemies will continue to manipulate and use him to their advantage (and thank whatever gods they pray to for providing them with such a dolt in the White House) and freedom, free nations and freedom loving people around the world will continue to be imperilled because of American weakness and intransigence under the feckless Obama.

Obama has succeeded in insulting and angering every single one of America’s friends and allies and has caused every single one of them to seriously questions the strength and utility of their relationship with the U.S., has caused every single one of them to seriously question whether the United States under him can be trusted or depended upon anymore, has caused every single one of them to seriously question whether he has the gravitas and judgement to be President and leader of the free world, has caused every single one of them to turn away from America in matters large and small, has caused every single one of them to seriously consider charting their own course (see Israel and Iran), has caused every single one of them to seriously question what, if anything, America actually stands for nowadays, has caused every single one of them to be suspicious of the United States, has caused every single one of them to suspend belief in the U.S., has caused every single one of them to scratch their heads and wonder just what is going on in Washington and what it means for them…those are Obama’s only foreign policy successes.

Pathetic, worrisome, sleazy and dangerous doesn’t even begin to describe his performance in the international arena.

In the domestic arena too for that matter.

Although I’m sure Americans have learned that by now.

At least the ones who aren’t comatose.

When does it all stop?

When Obama leaves office, that’s when.

Or when the United States and the rest of the free world go the way of the dodo bird.

Whichever comes first.

Short term gain for long term pain, Re: A rising torrent of debt and destruction, Washington Times, October 17, 2013

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

President Barack Hussein Obama won his fight with Republicans when the United States Congress voted yesterday to extend and increase the governments borrowing authority. The vote came just before the borrowing authority was due to come to an end, which would have put the U.S. on the brink of defaulting on its financial obligations, which in turn would have led to a major financial crisis in America and around the world. Republicans wanted to enact measures to begin to bring America’s horrendous financial situation under control, measures that Obama and the Democrats were dead against. Obama and the Democrats refused to negotiate or make any concessions at all, won the vote when Republicans caved in at the last minute and now have carte blanche to carry on with their disastrous policies and performance, which have brought the United States to financial rack and ruin and brought individual Americans nothing but uncertainty, grief and heartache.

Carte blanche until early in the new year that is. The vote only authorized government funding until January 15 and extending its borrowing authority to February 7, which means that unless the Republicans give up entirely and consign the country to financial armageddon or unless Obama and the Democrats show a newfound willingness to negotiate in good faith and make some concessions to financial reality the whole bitter battle starts over again in very short order.

Talk about short term gain for long term pain. A major financial crisis may have been averted in the short term but the vote did nothing to solve America’s financial problems in the long term at all. If anything it exacerbated them by allowing Obama and the Democrats to continue with their profligate spending and increase the country’s deficit and debt exponentially to even more astronomical and unsustainable figures and by putting off yet again any substantial discussions or means to bring financial sanity to the U.S.

There’s an old saying that goes ‘If something is destined to collapse it will collapse’.

The United States cannot sustain its deficit and debt load much longer,

The U.S. economy is destined to collapse and will collapse unless serious measures are taken soon to prevent a collapse from happening.

Its up to the Republicans to save the economy (and the country) because Obama and the Democrats are demonstrably incapable of doing so and will soon send America and Americans over the financial cliff unless they are stopped. The parlous state of the economy is all their fault in the first place and all they will do is make things worse, not better.

Maybe next time around the Republicans will maintain the courage of their convictions and fight a much better fight.

They’ll need to if they’re going to win because the chances of Obama and the Democrats negotiating in good faith or making concessions to financial realities unless they are forced to are zero.

Maybe next time around the outcome will be different.

Obama and the Democrats won this time around but America and Americans sure lost.

It was short term gain for long term pain alright.

They do a lot more than chant, Re: Iranians Chant Death to America and to Israel, FrontPage Magazine, October 16, 2013

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Iranians do much more than chant “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

They hate America and Americans…hate Israel and Israelis.

They despise America and Americans…despise Israel and Israelis.

They are filled with contempt for America and Americans…filled with contempt for Israel and Israelis.

They fully believe that America is the Great Satan, that Israel is the Little Satan, that America and Israel should be wiped off the map, that America and Israel should be removed from the face of the earth, and that they are just the ones to do it.

They murder Americans and sponsor and commit terrorist acts against America.

They murder Israelis and sponsor and commit terrorist acts against Israel.

They have been directly responsible for shedding huge amounts of American and Israeli blood and for countless American and Israeli deaths.

They have spread their hatred, contempt and poison all over the world.

They have spent decades trying to develop and possess nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them so that they can use them against Israel and America.

They have done this even though it has brought their economy to the brink of collapse and has led to a great deal of hardship and suffering in their own land.

They have spent decades lying about the scope and purpose of their nuclear program.

They are lying about it now.

Negotiations about Iran’s nuclear program are taking place in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

These negotiations, like all others before them will fail and will do nothing to slow down or stop Iran’s efforts to become a nuclear power.

In fact, they are enabling Iran because they are allowing her to buy time to continue her nuclear weapons development program.

Time being of the essence because by all accounts Iran is very close to success and getting closer every day.

In fact, past negotiations have always been a mask for denial, deception and delay and the negotiations in Geneva are nothing but more of the same.

In truth, there is nothing to negotiate anyway because Iran simply cannot be allowed to possess nuclear weapons.


Because it will use them, that’s why.

First against Israel and then against America.

It would be folly, it would be madness, it would be suicidal for Israelis and Americans to think that these negotiations will succeed in bringing Iran’s nuclear weapons development program to a halt when all negotiations in the past have proven to be dismal failures.

It would be folly, it would be madness, it would be suicidal for Israelis and Americans to think that anything but force can or will end Iran’s nuclear weapons development program.

America under the feckless President Obama may think like that but Israel certainly doesn’t.

America under the feckless President Obama may not have the wit, strength, courage, sense and urgency to use force but Israel certainly does.

It will have to because a preemptive Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities is the only thing that will prevent Iran from attacking Israel with nuclear weapons.

However reluctantly, Israelis will have to do it if they want to survive, if they want their country to survive.

It will have to be soon too because time really is of the essence.

Iranians do a lot more than chant alright.

In the end, they’ll suffer the consequences.

In the end, the fault is theirs and theirs alone.

Palestinian liars don’t want peace, Re: How Palestinian Hate Prevents Peace, International New York Times, October 15, 2013

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Palestinians who say they want peace with Israel are lying. Palestinians don’t want peace with Israel. They don’t want Israel at all. They are consumed by hatred and disgust for Israel and Israelis and all they really want is to destroy Israel and wipe it off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth. An honest, objective look at present day reality and the historical record, the real historical record not the false, phony Palestinian narrative, can lead to no other conclusion. In fact, anyone who looks at present day reality and the real historical record honestly and objectively and who still believes that the Palestinians want peace with Israel can only be described as blind as a bat, as an apologist (unwitting or otherwise), as a fool of the first order.

How do I know? Violence, incitement and Islam, that’s how I know.

From day one of Israels existence, actually from long before day one, Palestinians have committed horrific, bloody, murderous small and large scale violent attacks against Israel and Israelis, including civilians, including men, women and children, including the aged and infirm. The litany of terrorist attacks is endless and terrorist attacks and the threat of terrorist attacks are things that have been a fact of life Israelis have had to live with from the very beginning…it is a fact of life they have to live with today. Horrific, bloody, murderous small and large scale Palestinian violence against Israel and Israelis is unremitting, ongoing and unchanging, has always been a constant factor for Israel and Israelis and is a factor today as well.

Palestinian hatred and disgust for Israel and Israelis isn’t only expressed by the sword.

It is also expressed by the word, on television, on radio, in newspapers, books, magazines and websites, throughout Palestinian society. Palestinian hatred and disgust for Israel and Israelis is ubiquitous and ever present. Everyday Palestinians of all ages, including children, especially children, are bombarded with messages telling them that Israelis are vile, ugly, monstrous and horrible, that Israel has no right to exist, that Israelis have no historical connection to Israel, that all their problems would disappear if Israel ceased to exist, that they must do everything they can to get rid of Israel and Israelis and take over the land Israel sits on and that anything they do, no matter how savage, barbaric and inhuman, is legitimate. Everyday day Palestinians who have committed savage, barbaric, inhuman acts against Israel and Israelis are glorified, idolized, rewarded and made out to be heroes. Everyday Palestinian children are fed a diet of hate, fed a packet of lies and brainwashed. Incitement occurs everyday and everywhere and there simply is no escape from it.

All of which is rooted in Islam, all of which comes from Islam, all of which is sanctioned, legitimized and mandated by Islam. Palestinian society is Islamic and Palestinian hatred, disgust and behavior towards Israel and Israelis comes straight from Islam, comes straight from the Koran.

Palestinians want peace with Israel do they?

Like hell they do.

The proof is in the pudding.

Palestinians want peace with Israel do they?

What a great big fat humongous lie that is.

You know who prevents peace?

You know who is entirely responsible for the whole sorry state of affairs?

You know who is entirely responsible for their misery and backwardness?

Palestinians, that’s who.

To everyone else too, Re: MI5 chief Andrew Parker warns of Islamist threat to UK, BBC News, October 9, 2013

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Andrew Parker, the Director-General of MI5 ( the British Security Service) has warned the British public that there are thousands of Islamists in Britain that see it as a legitimate target for attacks.

This is stating the obvious and should come as no surprise to anyone. The British public has long been victimized by large and small scale attacks by Islamists, ranging in size and scope from the July 2005 bombings on the public transportation system in London which killed fifty two people and wounded over 700 more to car bombs to attacking and beheading military personnel in broad daylight to attacking and intimidating ordinary citizens as they go about their business. Britain is no stranger to large and small scale violence perpetrated by Islamists acting in the name of Islam and it is a phenomenon which is becoming more and more widespread as Islamists extend their reach and Islam becomes more and more prominent in the life of the country and the lives of ordinary citizens.

Parker should be congratulated for being forthright and speaking out the way he did. Islamists and Islam not only threaten the British public, they threaten the very existence of the country itself as a free, democratic, secular, pluralistic nation. From no go zones to censorship to accommodation of all sorts to Islam taking over the landscape to the crushing of dissent to halal becoming predominant to the Burka becoming commonplace to Sharia courts and so on and so forth the nature and fabric of Britain is being changed and British values, freedoms and the British way of life are evaporating before our eyes. If people don’t speak out and take back their country from Islam and Islamists they will soon find themselves living in an Islamic state governed by Islamic law and Britain as we know it will be a thing of the past.

Even though Parker did nothing more than state the obvious Islamists and their apologists will call for his head and try to get him to retract his statement…they will label him racist and Islamophobic and call for his resignation. There may even be demonstrations and protests. Or riots. Such is the state of modern day Britain. When any of that happens it is up to all of us to support and defend him to the hilt.

In the name of freedom.

In the name of Britain.

In the name of the free world, because make no mistake the whole free world is under attack by Islamists and Islam and there isn’t a country in the free world that hasn’t been infected by their poison, that couldn’t topple and become an Islamic state governed by Islamic law if its citizens aren’t vigilant.

That includes Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, the Scandinavian countries, Spain, the United States, every single one.

Obama thumbs his nose and says don’t even ask, Re: Boehner to Obama: No debt hike without concessions, Syracuse Post-Standard, October 6, 2013

Monday, October 7th, 2013

The debt ceiling of the United States government must be raised by October 17 or else the government will lose the ability to borrow money and will no longer be able to meet its financial obligations, which would be both catastrophic and unprecedented in the history of the country.

The U.S. Congress has to approve any increase in the debt ceiling and might not be able to do so in time because Democrats and Republicans in Congress are at loggerheads about what is up for approval and what should be voted on. President Obama and the Democrats are refusing to make any concessions at all, financial or otherwise, in their position and Republicans are refusing to allow a vote on the matter unless they do, particularly regarding Obamacare, Obama’s Affordable Care Act which is proving to be anything but affordable for both Americans and America itself.

President Obama and the Democrats are blaming and attacking the Republicans but it is blindingly obvious that the fault lies with them because the Republicans have made it perfectly clear that they are more than willing to sit down and negotiate whereas Obama and the Democrats have made it perfectly clear that they are unwilling to negotiate anything…theirs is the classic “all or nothing”, “take it or leave it”, “my way or the highway” position and they are clinging to it regardless of the consequences to the country. Their obstinate stance is causing a great deal of hardship and is hurting the country in all manner of ways but they are refusing to bend at all. They say they are taking the high road but they most certainly aren’t. Among many many other things for example they are vilifying the Republicans for demanding that conditions be set for approving an increase in the debt ceiling even though they themselves have done so 21 times since 1979, far far more than the Republicans have in the same period of time.

Talk about hypocrisy. Talk about misleading the American people.

Obama and the Democrats are acting like spoiled, vindictive little children who will do anything to get their way and damn the costs. They have led the United States to the brink of rack and ruin and will lead it over the edge unless they are stopped…the country simply cannot afford to allow them to keep on with their profligate spending, cannot afford to let them keep on carrying out their failed tax and spend ideology. All the Republicans are trying to do is curb President Obama and the Democrats profligate spending, cut costs, maintain or lower taxes not increase them and resurrect America’s abysmal economy, which Obama and the Democrats are virtually entirely responsible for in the first place by the way. That is exactly what they should be doing, that is well in keeping with America’s system of checks and balances. Obama on the other hand isn’t acting like a President at all…a President compromises, a President negotiates, a President convinces, a President cajoles, a President doesn’t use blunt force to get his way…Obama’s not being Presidential, he’s being dictatorial…he’s thumbing his nose and saying “don’t even ask”.

If you think things are bad now, wait and see what happens if he wins, wait and see what happens if the Republicans back down. If you think Americas in trouble now…if the Republicans back down…well, you ain’t seen nothing yet as they say.

Palestinian religious education, Re: Israel: Muslim shoots 9-year-old Jewish girl in neck at close range, Jihad Watch, October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Imagine you have a nine year old daughter. Or granddaughter. Or sister.

Now imagine her playing in the yard of her home.

Now imagine someone coming up to her and firing a bullet into her neck at point blank range.

Horrific, isn’t it.

Well, that is exactly what happened to a nine year old Jewish girl in Israel yesterday.

The girl survived, no thanks to the person who tried to kill her, who was a Palestinian from a nearby Palestinian village.

He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do.

He did it because he thought he was obligated to.

He also felt he would be rewarded in the afterlife if he himself was killed in the attempt.

Palestinians are well known for murdering and trying to murder children.

Israeli children.

Jewish children.

For celebrating wildly when they are successful.

For turning the murderers into heroes and icons.

They are also well known for indoctrinating, molesting, mutilating and murdering their own children.

All in the name of Islam.

All sanctioned, legitimized and mandated by Islam.

Doesn’t get much sicker than that, does it.

Negotiate? Who me, says Obama the bully, Re: House GOP Stands Firm on Health Law, Wall Street Journal, October 4, 2013

Friday, October 4th, 2013

The government shutdown in the United States is continuing because President Obama is refusing to negotiate changes in Obamacare, which is of course why the shutdown occurred in the first place.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have made it perfectly clear that they would vote to free up funds that would bring the shutdown to an end in return for negotiating changes to Obamacare but Obama has repeatedly refused to come to the table, just like he did before the shutdown occurred to begin with.

Obama is behaving like a bully. He is telling the American people that Obamacare is going to be implemented whether they like it or not and that there is nothing they can do about it…and make no mistake, Americans recognize Obamacare for the boondoggle and catastrophe it is for them and the economy of the country and want nothing to do with it, as evidenced by the fact that virtually no one has signed up for it since it came into effect. Americans know that it has to be fundamentally changed or eliminated altogether but Obama is saying that he doesn’t care what they think and they’ll have to live with it as is anyway. That’s how bullies behave.

He’s behaving like a bully in other ways too.

By forcing a government shutdown and making the shutdown as painful as he possibly can he is trying to bully the Republicans who are fighting against Obamacare into submission.

By trying to shift blame for the shutdown onto the Republicans he is trying to bully them into submission.

By continually speaking about the dire consequences of the shutdown he is trying to bully them into submission.

By continually trying to frighten and terrorize the American people he is trying to bully them into submission.

In the meantime, the Republicans are standing tall and refusing to bend to the enormous pressure that they are being placed under by Obama and the Democrats.

Let’s hope they continue to stand tall. By trying to rein in a rogue President and prevent him from from inflicting enormous damage on the country they are acting in the best interests of America and Americans and in the finest tradition of the American system of checks and balances. They are in fact doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing, whereas Obama most certainly is not.

In the American political system Presidents are supposed to negotiate with their fellow politicians, have always negotiated with their fellow politicians. That’s the way the system is supposed to work and that’s the way it has always worked. By refusing to negotiate Obama isn’t acting like a President at all…he’s acting like a dictator. His refusal to negotiate about Obamacare isn’t just happening now either. He has refused to negotiate about it from the very beginning, which is one of the reasons its such a colossal mess.

The Republicans should keep in mind that they are on very firm legal, ethical and historical ground and that they really are acting in the best interests of America and Americans, who in the end will thank them for it.

The Republicans should also keep in mind that the longer this travesty goes on the more Obama exposes himself for the hollow shell he is and the more Americans will become fed up with his attitude and behavior. That is already beginning to happen as poll after poll indicates that his popularity is sinking like a stone and that his performance in office leaves a great deal to be desired.

The Republicans should also keep in mind that Obama is a bully and that he will ultimately do what bullies always do when people stand up to them and don’t back down.

Cave in.

Its just too bad that he’s putting us all through this misery until he does.