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Happy Thanksgiving America, November 27, 2013

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Even at a time when most of us Americans face difficulties and problems and challenges in our personal lives and even at a time when our President is selling us and our country down the river there remains a great deal to be proud of and thankful for in this wonderful country of ours.

We shouldn’t forget that for a minute.

We also shouldn’t forget that we can, and will, lose it all if we don’t fight for it.

Freedom, democracy, civil liberties, choice, all of it.

Happy Thanksgiving America.

Happy Chanukah too.

Americans will have to rid themselves of Obama on their own, Re: The Grounds for Impeachment, Atlas Shrugs, November 24, 2013

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Yes, there are grounds to impeach President Barack Hussein Obama.

Yes, he has committed impeachable offences, lots of them.

Yes, they are clear and indisputable.

Yes, Obama deserves to be impeached, for any number of reasons.

No, he is not going to be impeached, not because he doesn’t deserve to be but because the Congress of the United States has neither the sense or the will or the courage to launch impeachment proceedings.

Impeachment is simply not going to happen because Congress isn’t going to make it happen and it would be folly to think that it will.

Nor is Obama going to be taken to court and charged for various criminal offences he has committed, fraud and sedition for example.

Therefore, if the American people are truly interested in removing him from office because he’s done (and is doing) such a lousy job in all areas or because he abuses his power regularly and frequently or because he continually lies through his teeth to them and is entirely untrustworthy and treats them with contempt and derision or because he is eviscerating America’s values and institutions and laws and rapidly destroying the fabric and future of the nation (or all of the above) they will have to rise up and force him out of office themselves…they will have to rise up and force him to resign. No one else will get him out of office for them, they’ll have to do it for themselves.

And make no mistake, resign he will if he is ridiculed enough, if he is vilified enough, if he is attacked enough.

My fellow Americans, take a close look at the man himself…take a close look at what he’s done and is doing to our lives and our country and our future…now rise up and force him out of office…now rise up and force him to resign.

It can be done and it must be done.

While its still possible.

While there’s still time.

Criminals Against Humanity-You Can Thank The P5+1 For The Coming Chaos-The Coming War, Re: Peace in our time: Deal reached on Iran nukes, Jihad Watch, November 24, 2013

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

The P5+1 (Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States) guaranteed that Iran will become a nuclear power in short order when it struck a deal with Iran in Geneva last night which will allow the Iranians to continue to develop nuclear weapons…which allows Iran to proceed on the path to becoming a nuclear power…a status which it is very close to achieving.

Once that happens you can be sure that Iran will use those weapons against the P5+1 countries, against Israel and against other countries in the Middle East as well, which is the whole point of having the weapons and the means to deliver them in the first place.

Israel may be the first country in Iran’s sites and the United States second but Iran will have no hesitation in using them against the rest of the P5+1 and other countries in the Middle East besides Israel as well and will in fact end up doing so in due course.

Make no mistake, that is exactly what’s going to happen once Iran develops and possesses nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

Make no mistake about this either…the deal struck in Geneva guarantees, guarantees, war, either a very large-scale conventional war or a nuclear war. Or both. The Iranians religion and ideology make it inevitable, make it a foregone conclusion.

That war will engulf the whole world and it is coming and coming soon thanks to the foolishness and weakness of the P5+1, led by U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted by saying that “What was achieved last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement, it was a historic mistake,” and “Today the world has become a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world took a significant step towards obtaining the world’s most dangerous weapon,”.

Netanyahu is absolutely right.

Obama reacted to the deal by saying that it blocks Iran’s path to developing and possessing nuclear weapons. He is dead wrong. A close examination of the deal reveals that it does no such thing. What it does do is keep Iran’s nuclear weapons development program very much alive…what it does do is allow Iran to keep on with its efforts to develop and possess nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them…what it does do is enable Iran to keep its nuclear weapons development program alive and to move forward to its now inevitable conclusion…what it does do is guarantee that Iran will become a nuclear power. Allowing, enabling and guaranteeing…that’s exactly what the deal does.

The deal doesn’t prevent anything. It was nothing more than a surrender of the most abject proportions. It no more blocks Iran’s path to developing and possessing nuclear weapons than Chamberlain’s Munich Agreement with Hitler blocked Hitler’s path. The Munich Agreement in fact allowed, enabled and guaranteed that Hitler could and would carry on with his sick, murderous agenda and this deal with the Iranians does the same for them. It doesn’t mean peace in our time at all…it means war, possibly, probably, nuclear war.

Iran is sworn to the destruction of Israel, the United States and Judeo-Christian civilization and the West in general. Iran is a state sponsor of terror, hatred, destruction and death and views Israel and the United States in particular as mortal enemies…as countries and peoples ripe for destruction and death.. as the Little Satan and the Great Satan respectively. Ever since the Mad Mullahs came to power in Tehran in 1979 they have sown terror, hatred, destruction and death, with the avowed goal of destroying Western Civilization and making Islam reign supreme. They have made no bones about it in the past and make no bones about it today.

The P5+1 geniuses, led by Barack Hussein Obama, just effectively put nuclear weapons in their hands.

Talk about allowing, enabling and guaranteeing.

That’s a crime against humanity and makes them criminals against humanity

That also marks them as foolish and weak, in the same way that Chamberlain and the Munich Agreement were foolish and weak.

Peace in our time.

Like hell.

Palestinians believe it will, Re: Lying About History Will Not Help the Cause for Peace, FrontPage Magazine, November 22, 2013

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Palestinians believe that lying about history will lead to peace.

Their definition of peace is very different than the Western definition of peace however.

In the West, including Israel, peace means people of different backgrounds, philosophies, ideologies, creeds, races, religions, belief systems, sexual orientations et. al. living in tranquillity and harmony together, free from violence and strife and disturbance…it means that people aren’t fighting one another and neither are countries…it means the absence of war.

Because they universally believe in and practice Islam peace for Palestinians means submission to the will of God (Allah) and his messenger (Muhammad). As Islamists, believers, they also believe it can only exist when everyone submits, when everyone believes in and practices Islam and lives their lives according to Sharia, Islamic law…as Islamists, believers, they also believe that it is the duty and responsibility of every Islamist, every believer, every Palestinian, to make that happen, through deception, violence or any other means necessary because that mandate comes straight from Allah through his messenger Muhammad. As long as there are non-believers about then there is no peace, period.

So, to the Israelis peace means tranquillity, harmony, living in safety and security with their Palestinian neighbours while maintaining the Jewish, free, democratic, pluralistic nature of Israel. To the Palestinians peace means conformity (forced conformity at that), that everyone, everyone, living in Israel has to submit to the will of God (Allah) and his messenger (Muhammad), that everyone there has to become an Islamist and live their lives according to Sharia, Islamic law, and that peace as Islam defines it and as they define it will not exist there until they make it happen, by whatever means necessary.

Two entirely different definitions.

Two entirely contradictory, mutually exclusive definitions.

Palestinians definitely believe that lying about history (and virtually everything else too for that matter) will lead to peace as Islam and they define it, which is why they do it all the time and do so much of it and why you can’t really believe a word they say.

That much is certain.

It is also certain that every other Islamist, every other believer anywhere in the world, believes that lying will lead to peace between them and non-believers…peace as Islam and they define it…non-believers being Christians, Jews, Hindus, Americans, Australians, Brits, Canadians, the French, Germans, Italians, Russians, Scandinavians and everyone else who doesn’t submit to the will of God (Allah), to Sharia, to Islam.

Which is why they do it all the time and do so much of it and why you can’t really believe a word they say either.

Taqiyya and Kitman anyone.

What are Taqiya and Kitman you ask?

Islam permits lying by believers to non-believers and is in fact the only major religion with a well developed canon sanctioning this. Lying to non-believers takes one of two forms in Islam, taqiyya or kitman. Taqiyya is lying or deceiving by saying something which isn’t true and kitman is lying or deceiving by omission, by telling only part of the truth and withholding the rest. Both come from Allah and the Koran and may be used in a wide variety of circumstances, one of them being to gain the trust of non-believers to make them weaker and more vulnerable prior to defeating them, another being to coerce or force them to comply with any of Islam’s myriad imperatives. Like Islamic peace, not Western peace, Islamic peace. Taqiyya and kitman have been used extensively by believers throughout Islam’s history to deceive non-believers and spread the rule of Islam and Islamic law, just like they are using it today.

Just like the Palestinians are using them today.

Like I said, you can’t really believe a word they say.

Barack Hussein Obama’s resignation…what a wonderful Christmas present that would be, Re: A Failed Presidency, Commentary Magazine, November 20, 2013

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama has failed as President of the United States.

He has failed domestically.

He has failed internationally.

America and Americans are worse off in every way than they were when he took office.

Economically, socially, in all areas and in all things his performance as President has been an unmitigated failure at home and around the world.

He has failed America and Americans in the past, is failing them at present and is failing future generations as well. He is jeopardizing the very future of the country everyday through his sheer incompetence. Even if he leaves office today America and Americans will be paying the bill for his folly for generations to come.

There is no hope whatsoever that anything will change for the better as time goes by either. All things considered that is not possible. Everything will only get worse as long as he remains in office, will continue to deteriorate until he leaves.

Obama is untrustworthy as well as incompetent. The list of lies and distortions he has told the American people goes on and on and no one can believe a word he says about anything…he is a serial liar and simply cannot be trusted by anyone about anything.

Harsh words but true, every single one of them.

A great number of Americans know it too and more and more of them are coming to realize it every day.

Obama says he loves America.

Christmas is fast approaching.

Christmas is the time of giving.

Resigning is the greatest Christmas present Obama could possibly give the American people.

That is exactly what he’ll do if he cares about them at all, if he cares about America at all.

If he doesn’t though Americans should launch a nationwide campaign to force his resignation and should keep it up until it succeeds, for their sake, for their children and grandchildren’s sake and for the sake of their country.

And the free world as well for that matter.

Hell, if Richard Nixon could resign so can Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama’s resignation…what a wonderful Christmas present that would be.

Memo to P5+1…stop wasting your time, Re: Khamenei vows no retreat on nuclear programme, English Al Jazeera, November 20, 2013

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

The European Union is hosting talks in Geneva between the P5+1 (Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States) and Iran about Iran’s nuclear programme. The aim of the talks is to convince Iran to accept curbs and conditions on pursuing the programme in return for the easing of sanctions which supposedly are crippling the Iranian economy and fostering unrest in the country but which nevertheless have utterly failed to prevent the Iranians from doing everything they can to bring it to fruition.

In a live televised speech to the nation on the eve of the talks Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed, reiterated, that Iran would not retreat from its nuclear programme and that it would continue on its current path regardless of threats or gestures or rhetoric or blandishments from P5+1 members or anyone else.

In other words the Iranians are going to carry on with their nuclear programme no matter what.

In other words negotiations are useless and pointless and a waste of time because the Iranians are going to carry on with their nuclear programme no matter what.

Nothing new there, nothing that the Iranians haven’t said on many many other occasions.

So what is Iran’s nuclear programme anyway?

It is to develop, possess, operationalize and use nuclear weapons in the name of Islam..

It is to bomb Israel with those weapons and wipe the country off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth.

It is to use those weapons to establish its hegemony in the Middle East and beyond.

It is to use those weapons to blackmail or bomb the United States into submission.

It is to use those weapons as tools to make Islam dominate the world at the expense of everyone and everything else, to establish a worldwide Islamic Caliphate with Iran at its apex.

The Iranians are hell bent on developing, possessing, operationalizing and using nuclear weapons in the name of Islam.

That’s their nuclear programme and if the P5+1 thinks they can get them to abandon it through negotiations or easing sanctions ( or by maintaining or increasing the current level of sanctions either for that matter) they are dead wrong.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei knows that and so should you.

You should also know that Iran is very close to developing, possessing, operationalizing and using nuclear weapons in the name of Islam and that military force is the only means of stopping them.

That’s military force, not useless and pointless negotiations.

Iran’s nuclear programme…developing, possessing, operationalizing and using nuclear weapons in the name of Islam.

Being blind to that is being blind to history, reality and Islam itself.

Iran’s nuclear programme…developing, possessing, operationalizing and using nuclear weapons in the name of Islam.

Now you know.

Only monstrous when you’re the victim, right Ali?, Re: At least 23 killed in explosions targeting Iranian embassy in Beirut, Jerusalem Post, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

A massive attack on the Iranian Embassy in Beirut killed at least 23 people and wounded at least 146 others earlier today.

The attack was carried out by the Abdullah Azzam Brigades, a Lebanese group linked to al-Qaida, which is fighting on the side of the rebels in neighboring Syria, whereas Iran and its proxy Hezbollah are fighting on the side of Syrian President Assad. The war between the rebels and Assad was already beginning to spill over into Lebanon and the attack on the embassy will no doubt lead to further fighting there between rebel groups including al-Qaida on one side and Iran/Hezbollah on the other, to more terrorist attacks by each on the other.

With innocent civilians caught in the middle of course.

With innocent civilians bleeding and dying of course.

A Hezbollah official named Ali Ammar said “Whoever did this is a monstrous terrorist”.

He should know.

Hezbollah should know.

After all, Hezbollah has committed innumerable small and large-scale acts of terrorism in the name of Islam since it came into existence and cemented its status as one the worlds most preeminent terrorist organizations long ago. Terrorism in the name of Islam is Hezbollah’s stock in trade and its history of small and large scale terrorist attacks in Islam’s name is undeniable.

Not once however has it called a terrorist attack it committed “monstrous”, not once, no matter how heinous, savage or barbaric it was.

Or is. Hezbollah is committing terrorist attacks in the name of Islam all the time, is committing them as we speak.

That means of course that Hezbollah thinks that the terrorist acts it commits aren’t monstrous at all whereas the terrorist acts committed against it are.

That’s hypocrisy of the highest order and has everything to do with the hatred and sense of supremacy over non believers at the heart of Islam.

Especially towards Christians and Jews (Americans and Israelis) but towards everyone else too.

Terrorist acts are only monstrous when they’re committed against you, not when you commit them, right Ali?


Well, according to Islam anyway.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black as the British say.

A very worthy number 700, Re: Northwestern’s Patriotic Uniform, Big Ten Network, November 16, 2013

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

At a time when patriotism and other core American values are under attack throughout the United States and patriots are ridiculed and labelled as violent and primitive Northwestern University and its football team chose to honor America and express gratitude to American servicemen and women by outfitting players in special edition uniforms for the football game against the University of Michigan on Saturday, November 16.

The special edition uniforms were covered with images of the American flag and the space on the back of the uniform which normally contains players names had one of the following seven words…Duty…Honor…Commitment…Courage…Country…Integrity…Service…they were sold after the game and proceeds were donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides programs and services for injured service members and their families as they transition from active duty to civilian life.

This is the 700th entry I have written for this website and I can think of nothing more worthy or more fitting to write about, especially between Remembrance Day and American Thanksgiving. America desperately needs patriots and heroes to speak out on her behalf, to defend and protect her and everything she stands for and has always stood for and injured American service members are patriots and heroes of the first order. Northwestern University and its football team chose to remember, honor, thank and help them in a very tangible way and both the University and the football team should be very proud of themselves for doing so.

So should we all, whether we’re Northwestern fans or not.

Patriotism…Duty…Honor…Commitment…Courage…Country…Integrity…Service…without all of these things America cannot and will not survive and neither will the rest of the free world because the survival of the free world depends on America.

Patriotism…Duty…Honor…Commitment…Courage…Country…Integrity…Service…not cheesy slogans or outdated concepts or dangerous expressions of nationalism or fanaticism or false pride…not at all.

Patriotism…Duty…Honor…Commitment…Courage…Country…Integrity…Service…all of which serve and have served America and the free world exceedingly well…exceedingly well indeed.

Patriotism…Duty…Honor…Commitment…Courage…Country…Integrity…Service…more important and necessary than ever in this day and age.

Thank you servicemen and women, thank you Northwestern University, thank you Northwestern University football players and thank you Wounded Warrior Project.

Go Wildcats!

Use it or lose it, Re: Muslim Brotherhood Members Storm University Of London And Take Over Lecture Hall, sharia unveiled, November 15, 2013

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood thugs and troglodytes shut down a speech at the University of London earlier this week because the speaker had ties to the Tamarod group. The Tamarod group opposes Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s ex-President and a member of the Brotherhood, and played a key role in his ouster last June. Approximately 30 thugs and troglodytes stormed the venue during the public discussion focusing on the challenges Egypt faces and forced the speaker off the stage, thus proving once again that the Brotherhood and its fellow Brownshirts have no interest whatsoever in dialogue and discussion or in allowing views that contradict their own to be presented and have every interest in preventing dialogue and discussion, in keeping contradictory views out of the public sphere and in preventing people from hearing them and learning from them.

That in turn means of course that the Muslim Brotherhood and its fellow Brownshirts have no interest whatsoever in freedom of speech and freedom of expression and that our right to express ourselves doesn’t exist if they don’t approve of whatever it is we’re trying to express and our right to listen to someone express themselves who isn’t toeing the party line doesn’t exist either as far as they’re concerned.

Episodes like the one at the University of London occur regularly and frequently throughout Britain and the rest of Europe and throughout the rest of the free world too, including in the United States. They are a frontal assault on two fundamental pillars of freedom and democracy, of Western civilization itself, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They take place because the Muslim Brotherhood and their fellow Brownshirts know that freedom, democracy and Western civilization itself will die if freedom of speech and freedom of expression are lost.

Remember that next time someone tries to take away your right to express yourself freely or to prevent you from listening to someone who isn’t toeing the party line, next time a Muslim Brotherhood thug and troglodyte, an Islamist, a university professor, a brainwashed student, a purported feminist, a professional victim, a Brownshirt of any kind, an ignorant fool of any stripe or anyone else tries to shut you up or shut you out or demeans you or attacks you or attaches a label like Islamophobe to you because you have the temerity to disagree with them or to listen to someone who disagrees with them or because you want to learn more about what they’re on about. If you’re interested in free speech and freedom of expression, in freedom, democracy and Western civilization itself, you simply cannot allow them to get away with it.

If you’re interested in truly learning about something, if you’re interested in being allowed to think, you simply cannot allow let them to get away with it.

Speak out and fight back because if you don’t you soon won’t be allowed to, you soon won’t be allowed to do anything except toe the party line, you’ll soon be punished, perhaps even mutilated or killed, if you do anything that doesn’t toe the party line. Freedom needs to be fought for because if it isn’t fought for it will be lost. Your freedom, my freedom, anybody’s freedom. If you want to remain free you’ll have to exercize your freedom and speak out and fight back against those who would take it away from you, like the Muslim Brotherhood thugs and troglodytes in London, like their fellow Brownshirts everywhere.

Use it or lose it.

It really is as simple as that.

I am a free citizen in a free country. How dare they take my freedom away from me. How dare they even try.

Thugs all.

Troglodytes all.

Brownshirts all.

More bad news from the Middle East courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama, Re: Egypt: Minister of Defense General Sisi meets with Russian delegation on military cooperation, Bare Naked Islam, November 14, 2013

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

The chief of the Egyptian armed forces, General Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, who is also Egypt’s Minister of Defense, just met with Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu in Cairo to discuss military cooperation between Egypt and Russia and to pave the way for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s upcoming visit to the country.

This comes as a direct result of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama’s misguided and failed policies towards Egypt and the Middle East in general and compromises and jeopardizes both the national security of the United States and the national security of America’s friends and allies in the region.

Nature abhors a vacuum and the vacuum created by Obama’s abandoning American interests in the Middle East, his leaving America’s friends and allies there to fend for themselves and his proclivity to meddle in their internal affairs for ideological reasons is rapidly being filled by the Russians and many, many others as well.

None of whom have America’s best interests at heart.

This is very bad news for America and Americans…as the United States abandons its friends and allies so too will they abandon the U.S. and the consequences for America will be very serious indeed.

Thanks to Obama the United States is already hated and mistrusted throughout the Middle East and it is rapidly becoming irrelevant too. Anyone who thinks that is beneficial for the U.S. is dreaming in technicolor.

Beneficial it isn’t, harmful as hell it is, harmful as hell it will be.

Obama’s actions and behavior in the Middle East, not his rhetoric and “commitments” but his actual actions and behavior, have caused a great deal of harm to the United States and its friends and allies there and promise to cause a great deal more.

Just look at Egypt for one example among many.

Throwing former President Hosni Mubarak under the bus, throwing his lot in with the hated Muslim Brotherhood, significantly cutting aid to Egypt, plotting to get the Egyptian Army involved in a civil war to overthrow General Sisi and who knows what else…its no wonder that Egypt is turning away from the U.S.

The same is true for America’s other friends and allies in the Middle East too.

America may not have lost them all quite yet but thanks to Obama it is very close to doing so.

Saudi Arabia purchasing nuclear weapons from Pakistan, Egypt’s new ties with Russia, Iran being this close to becoming a nuclear power, the carnage in Syria, Israel being more and more at odds with the United States every day, the rise of Islamism in Turkey…all of this and much, much more…all of which can be ascribed to Obama’s fecklessness…can he or anyone else describe how any of it is in America’s best interests?

No they can’t.

Because none of it is.

Like I said, beneficial it isn’t, harmful as hell it is, harmful as hell it will be.

Courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama.

Middle East loser.