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Ideas anyone?, Re: The Sick Middle East, National Post, January 28, 2014

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Canada’s National Post newspaper published an article by the estimable Daniel Pipes the other day entitled The Sick Middle East. The article is a litany of past, present and future narratives, attitudes and behaviors which plague the region and the world beyond as well. The gist of the article is that the Middle East is the “Sick Man of the World”, that its narratives, attitudes and behaviors are intractable, ancient, deep-rooted and basically manmade, that it has always been thus more or less and that transportation of its narratives, attitudes and behaviors threaten to overwhelm and destroy the West, Canada included. With the exception of Israel, the Middle East is very sick indeed and has been for a very long time…transportation of that sickness to the West, which has been going on for quite some time now throughout the West, including Canada, could very well spell its demise.

Rather than recite the litany of narratives, attitudes and behaviors Pipes wrote about I would simply refer readers to the article and ask them to read it themselves. It is short and concise and won’t take much time to read at all. It is excellent, accurate and frightening and well worth reading, digesting and acting upon.

I do have one major objection however.

Pipes fails to offer any ideas as to how the outside world, including Canada, can protect itself from threats emanating from the Middle East, especially Islam and Islamization.

Pipes writes “the outside world is best advised not to expend blood and treasure to redeem the Middle East-a hopeless task-but on protecting itself from the region’s manifold threats,”.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t explain how that might be done.

Here are two thoughts.

Islam is on the march throughout the West and it is easy to make the case that the Islamization of Western countries is the biggest single threat there is to their existence as free, democratic, secular, pluralist nations. The Islamization of the West is well and truly underway and unless it is stopped and reversed Western countries will turn into Islamic states governed by Sharia, Islamic law. It’s already in effect in many places and is spreading as we speak. Westerners, including Canadians, can help turn the tide by speaking out and rejecting any attempt to accommodate Islamic practices in their communities at the expense of Western values, beliefs, institutions, laws (including by-laws) and practices and by insisting that existing Islamic activities which contravene the law (including by-laws) cease and desist immediately and their perpetrators be prosecuted and held accountable.

Those are just two things that can be done. There are of course many many other things that can be done as well.

So, if you’re a Westerner, Canadians included, read, think and act.

Thats read, think and act.

Within the law of course.

Western law, not Islamic law.

While you still can.

Ideas anyone?

State of the union summed up in one word…crappy, Re: The execrable state of the union, New York Post, January 27, 2014

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

President Obama is scheduled to give the 2014 State of The Union speech tonight.

I can spare him the trouble, or at least spare readers the trouble of listening to it.

After five years of Obama in office, the state of the union is…crappy.

Crappy, crappy, crappy.

Its not going to get any better as long as he remains in office either.

It will only get worse.

Obama can lie, distort, cover up, blame, prevaricate, obfuscate, ignore, gloss over, bully and threaten all he wants to (as he has done so often in the past and as he no doubt will do tonight) but that’s the plain truth of the matter

Enough said.

Comments on a cold winter day, January 22, 2014

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Re: Letter to The Editor, Toronto Globe & Mail, this date

The following letter appeared in today’s edition of the newspaper.

“Our Prime Minister is a hero. In a world of appeasement, double standards, moral relativism and anti-Semitism, he stood up and called it like it is.”

The author is talking about Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and is referring to remarks Harper made in support of Israel during the trip he just made there.

The author could have added the terms historical revisionism and religious fanaticism and unrepentant violence and blind, visceral hatred of the West to appeasement, double standards, moral relativism and anti-Semitism and wouldn’t have been off the mark in doing so at all.

The author is right. Harper is a hero and a man of strength and principle. Calling a spade a spade takes guts and that’s exactly what he’s done.

Palestinians and their Arab brethren are preventing peace and have always prevented it. That’s the plain truth of the matter. Israelis aren’t to blame for the fact that the Palestinians are mired in ignorance, poverty and war. The blame lies with them and their Arab brethren, no one else, and nothing will change until they do.

Re: Letter to The Editor, National Post, this date

The following letter appeared in today’s edition of the newspaper.

“The race card is part of the United States’ deck of cards (and it probably always will be). If anyone has the right to play that particular card, it is the current President of the United States.”

President Obama recently blamed his unprecedented unpopularity on the fact that he is black. That is what’s meant when its said he played the race card.

Obama is dead wrong. He isn’t unpopular because he’s black, he’s unpopular because he’s a lousy President. The fact that he’s black has nothing to do with the way Americans think of him.

America and Americans have become worse off in every possible way since he became President. Along the way he has consistently run roughshod over the law, lied through his teeth, abdicated his responsibilities, denigrated Americans and the country itself and turned the Presidency into a virtual fiefdom. He has been a lousy President by any measure…he has been untrustworthy by any measure…he has treated America and Americans with nothing but contempt and derision since he took office…he has jeopardized the future of the country and everyone in it…he has weakened and diminished America on the world stage…he has become a laughingstock and made America into a laughingstock..he has filled his government with Islamists and ideologues who want nothing more than to destroy the country…all of that and much, much more. The list of his transgressions and failures is endless. No one believes or trusts him any more, no one has any faith in him or in anything he says any more. Its not because he’s black…its because of his track record…its because he’s a lousy President and has clearly failed on every level.

Re: American Blood on Iranian Hands, FrontPage Magazine, January 22, 2014

There is no doubt whatsoever that Iran is a state sponsor of terror around the world, that it has been a state sponsor of terror around the world for many years, that it has sponsored and committed many, many terrorist acts against the United States over the years, including many in the U.S. itself, that it is doing so as this is being written and that it is directly responsible for thousands of American deaths and the shedding of rivers of American blood.

There is also no doubt whatsoever that Iran views America as the Great Satan, that it hates and reviles and is disgusted by the American way of life and by everything America stands for and has always stood for, that it views America as its mortal enemy and that it considers America as the major impediment to its goal of making Islam supreme throughout the world, as an impediment which must be conquered and removed.

There is also no doubt whatsoever that Iran is on the cusp of becoming a nuclear power, that the United States has failed utterly in its efforts to keep nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands, that President Obama’s policy of appeasement and feckless “leadership” has in fact aided and abetted Iran’s efforts to develop and possess nuclear weapons and that Iran will use those weapons against the United States as soon as it is possible to do so, which is very soon indeed.

Unless of course the Israelis stop it from happening. No one else will, that’s for sure.

Thousands of American deaths and rivers of American blood are on Iran’s hands alright.

On President Obama’s too.

And if Iran does become a nuclear power…well, you ain’t seen nothing yet, as the saying goes.

The wrong answer means the West is finished, Re: The question to haunt the West, Washington Times, January 18, 2014

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

The West is in deep, deep trouble.

Freedom, democracy, civil liberties, secularism, pluralism, Western values and institutions and the Western way of life are being attacked and submerged in every single Western country there is without exception. Political ideologues, religious fanatics, charlatans and ignorant simplistic fools, thugs and hangers on of all sorts are trying to fundamentally transform the West in their own image throughout the Western world and are succeeding in doing exactly that. Freedom, democracy, civil liberties, secularism, pluralism, Western values and institutions and the Western way of life have been and are being shredded everywhere in the West and the situation is becoming more and more dire every day.

If Westerners, Americans, Australians, Brits, Canadians, the French, Germans, Italians, Scandinavians, Spanish, all of us, don’t wake up soon and take our countries and our freedom and values and institutions back we will soon find that we left it too late and that we are living under dictators or quasi dictators like U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama or that our countries have been turned into Islamic states and Islamic law, Sharia, is governing and controlling all of our lives. Or some combination of both. None of us are immune and none of us have been unaffected by these attempts to fundamentally transform our countries and our lives. None of us. From the growth of socialism and big government to the rise of Islam to accommodations that are being forced upon us all the evidence is everywhere. From government rot to total disregard for the law and the Constitution from President Obama on down to government intrusion into every aspect of life in my home country, the United States to the Islamization that we are all being subjected to to the freedoms and civil liberties we are all losing our countries are being changed before our eyes and one would have to be blind or walking around in a fog not to see it.

Its bad now and its only going to get worse until we reach the point of no return.

Unless of course we do something about it.

What can we do you ask?

Here are some things that come to mind. I’m sure you can think of others as well.

We can vote out dishonest, incompetent politicians like President Obama who lie to us and don’t reflect our values, cultures and needs or like Prime Minister Cameron of Great Britain or President Hollande of France who have no understanding of the dark forces which are trying to take over their countries and are too weak and compliant to deal with them in any event. In the case of President Obama we can insist that he be impeached or charged and get rid of him that way.

We can refuse to let anyone take away any of our freedoms and civil liberties and fight against them in the public arena with passion and strength…we can make our voices heard. Loudly.

We can refuse to accommodate those who demand that we change our way of doing things to meet their religious or cultural needs.

We can take back our streets and our cities from the Islamists who have made non-believers unsafe and unwelcome in them…we can get rid of no go zones and make sure that the law applies equally to everyone everywhere. Our law, not Sharia.

We can hold the mainstream media to account for being partisan and whitewashing or simplifying the difficulties we face…for lying to us and withholding a great deal of information from us to begin with.

We can expose Islam to the light of day, which is the last place it wants to be.

We can expose Islamists to the light of day, which is the last place they want to be.

We can support those who are in the forefront of the battle for freedom, democracy and civil liberties, who speak out and put their lives on the line every single day…people like Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz and all the others who are in the front lines of the battle to keep us free.

We can make sure that our militaries are strong and effective and able to defend and protect us, able to keep enemies like the Iranians at bay.

Like I said, those are just some of the things that come to mind and I’m sure readers can think of others as well. None of them are easy but all of them are necessary for survival’s sake.

The West is in deep, deep trouble alright. The question is whether Westerners can summon up the will, courage and strength to get them out of it.

To survive.

The answer better be yes or else the West is finished.

The answer better be yes or else we’re finished.

Ariel Sharon, The Lion of Israel, 1928-2014, Rest In Peace, Re: Ariel Sharon leaves behind powerful legacy, New York Post, January 12, 2014

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was a fierce defender of Israel and a man of great vision and courage. He was a true hero and a statesman who was larger than life in every sense of the word and he left an indelible mark on the history of Israel, the Middle East and the world. He was a warrior who never stopped striving for peace and was also a realist and a pragmatist who was fully aware of who, and what, were and are the true obstacles to peace between Israel and her neighbors. No one knew the landscape of the Middle East better than he did and he took enormous risks in pursuit of peace while fully understanding that Israel had to be both stronger than its enemies and prepared to use its strength against them if it wanted to survive. He suffered a massive stroke in 2006 and just died after spending eight years in a coma.

Prior to his stroke he was asked if the conflict with the Palestinians would ever end. The answer he gave had great resonance then and is every bit as true now as when he gave it.

Here it is.

“The problem at the heart of the conflict is that the Arab world does not recognize the Jews’ inherent right to have a Jewish state in the land where the Jewish people began. This is the main problem. This also applies to Egypt, with which we have a cold peace. It also applies to Jordan, with which we have a very close strategic relationship, but this is a relationship between governments, not between peoples. The problem is not 1967. The problem is the profound nonrecognition by the Arab world of Israel’s birthright. This problem will not be signed by an agreement. It will not be solved by a speech. Anyone who promises that it’s possible to end the conflict within a year or two years or three is mistaken. Anyone who promises peace now is blind to the way things are. Even after the disengagement, we will not be able to rest on our laurels. We will not be able to sit under our fig tree and our vine.

“It may be that we will never have peace,” he went on. “And it may be that it will take a great many years to have peace. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t talk. It’s better to talk than not to talk. It’s important to conduct negotiations. Maybe it’s possible to solve one thing or another. But it has to be understood that the conflict may never be resolved. If it is ever resolved it will be a very long process.”

The disengagement Sharon was talking about is the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. Look where that got Israel. Fat lot of good it did the Israelis, didn’t it?

Sharon believed that peace was dependent on Palestinian reforms and not Israeli concessions and he was of course absolutely correct.

He went on to say “The greatest danger is in signing some document and believing that as a result we will have peace. This is not going to happen….Instead, we have to build a process that will enable us to ascertain that indeed a change is taking place in the Arab world. It is necessary to teach all the teachers that Israel is a legitimate entity. And it is necessary to replace all the Palestinian textbooks. And this is beyond the elementary demand for the cessation of terror and the cessation of incitement and the implementation of reforms in the security organizations and the implementation of governmental reforms. It is necessary not to omit a single one of these steps….”

Wise words indeed and Israel’s current leaders should heed them and not be intimidated and bullied by people like United States President Barack Hussein Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry into making concessions that would in effect concede Israel out of existence.

Want peace between Israelis and Palestinians? Get the Palestinians to change their attitudes and behavior, attitudes and behavior which are rooted in Islam and have nothing to do with Israel per se. There is no other way-nothing else will do. Sharon knew that and it remains true even if Obama, Kerry and others of their ilk don’t recognize or understand it, or won’t admit it for political or ideological reasons.

Ariel Sharon.

The Lion of Israel.

Rest In Peace.

We can only hope that Israels current leaders prove to every bit as lionhearted as you were.

York University Should Be Ashamed of Itself…And Censured Too, Re: York defends response to religious request, Toronto Globe & Mail, January 10, 2014

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

A male student at York University in Toronto wanted his professor to exempt him on religious grounds from carrying out an assignment which involved him meeting and working with female students. The male student felt that his religion prohibited him from doing so and asked for permission to be exempted. The professor refused and the male student met with the female students and completed the assignment. The University disagreed with the professor’s decision and ordered the professor to rescind it, which he of course did not do.

The University has since said that it stands by its decision to order the professor to accommodate the male students religious beliefs and that the order still stands even though the incident took place last year and is long since over. The decision effectively means that York believes that accommodating its students religious beliefs is more important than affirming and protecting bedrock Canadian values such as gender equality, that York has slapped the faces of its female students and effectively turned them into second class students, second class citizens, that York has clearly and unequivocally violated everything a university is supposed to stand for, free enquiry and freedom of expression included, that the university has diminished the educational experience for all of its students as well the value of a York degree, that it has set a terrible precedent and that it effectively means that York can no longer honestly call itself a secular university.

The University should be ashamed of itself, should cancel the order immediately, should apologize to the professor involved and its female students as well, should state that imposition of religion has absolutely no place on its campus, should enshrine this in principle and practice and should take steps to ensure that it will be respected and upheld by everyone. Unless it does all of these things it will be a secular university in name only and the quality of the education it offers will be questionable at best…until it does all of those things females who are considering attending there should seriously consider going somewhere else and females who are already attending there should seriously consider transferring. Why go somewhere that discriminates against you after all? If I had a daughter or granddaughter I would certainly advise her to stay away from York under the present circumstances.

Actually, I would advise anyone that wants a university experience free from bias, prejudice, intimidation, indocrination and the imposition of religion to stay away from there.

What’s next at York? Muslim students refusing to be taught by Jewish professors or participate in classes with Jewish students, heterosexual students refusing to be taught by gay professors or participate in classes with gay students, gay students doing the same, students of any particular persuasion refusing to be taught by anyone they disagree with or don’t like or refusing to participate in classes with those they disagree with or don’t like, imposition of dress codes and other practices in the name of religion, changing course material in the name of religion, incitement of hatred and violence in the name of religion and so on and so forth. York’s ludicrous order opens the door to all of that and more and it is a door which purveyors of all of that and more will try and stampede through, make no mistake. They will succeed too because the University really has set a terrible precedent by issuing the order in the first place and defending it in the second.

Care about York University, gender equality, academic integrity and keeping secular universities secular?

Then make sure York rescinds the order and institutes the steps outlined in paragraph three.

Two Things Americans Must Never Forget, January 5, 2014

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

The other day I wrote a piece for this site entitled Two Things Israelis Must Never Forget. I’ve decided to write a follow-up piece entitled Two Things Americans Must Never Forget.

Here it is.

There are two things Americans must never forget because if they forget them they will lose their civil liberties and their individual freedom and the United States will no longer be a free country…they will no longer be a free people living in a free country and will find themselves living under the tyrant’s boot with the American way of life being nothing more than a relic of the past.

The first is that freedom is fragile and must be fought for every single day or else it will be lost and the second is that a strong military which can defend and protect the United States is absolutely essential to their survival and the survival of their country.

Freedom, democracy, American institutions and values and the American way of life are being denigrated and attacked all over the U.S. even as this is being written. The attacks on freedom, democracy, American values and institutions and the American way of life have been going on for many years and have met with more than a modicum of success. Americans are nowhere near as free as they have been in the past and more and more of their freedom and civil liberties are disappearing rapidly. Everyone from President Obama and the Federal Government to academics who worship political correctness to Islamists who want to turn the U.S. into an Islamic state governed by Islamic law (Sharia) to militant gays to militant feminists to anti-religious zealots to socialists who think the nanny state needs to be imposed on everyone for their own good to zealots of all shapes, sizes, races, creeds, colors and persuasions to historical revisionists to economic illiterates to doctrinaire environmentalists to opportunists to charlatans to simpletons to plain old thugs to everyone in between wants to take away Americans right to think, act, choose, advocate or reject, wants to force Americans to live according to their particular dictates. Basic, fundamental rights like freedom of speech and freedom of expression have been and are being stripped away and lost and Americans who choose to speak out against things like ObamaCare or the intrusion of government into every aspect of their lives or the encroachment of Islam and the threat it poses in the United States or any number of other things pay a terrible price for doing so. Many Americans have in fact chosen not to speak out or fight back because of intimidation and the fear of retribution. Don’t think its quite as bad as all that do you? Try it and you’ll see that it most certainly is.

All of which means that it is more important than ever for Americans who value freedom, democracy and the American way of life to stand up, speak out, fight back, defend and protect them and recoup their losses because unless they do they will most assuredly be lost and lost forever. Like I said, Americans are nowhere near as free as they have been in the past and more and more of their freedom and civil liberties are disappearing rapidly. Freedom is fragile and must be fought for every single day or else it will be lost and Americans forget that at their peril…that is one of the great lessons of history and if Americans forget it they will no longer be a free people living in a free country. Period.

The other lesson Americans must never forget is that a military strong enough to deter foreign powers from attacking the United States in force and able to respond with lethal, overwhelming force of its own if they do is essential to their survival and the survival of their country. The U.S. has enemies all over the world who would love to attack it in force and destroy it on religious, ideological or political grounds, who would love to bring it to its knees because of envy, greed, blame, victimhood, a visceral hatred of freedom and democracy or a misplaced sense of entitlement. The only thing preventing them from attacking the United States in force is the American military and the minute the American military becomes too weak to deter external threats or to respond to them in force is the minute attacks become inevitable, the minute Americans die in large numbers and the minute freedom and democracy die along with them. America’s politicians, led by President Barack Hussein Obama, don’t seem to recognize or understand this…they have weakened the American military considerably over the past few years and it is becoming weaker and less capable with every passing day. This must be stopped and reversed and the American military must be returned to its former strength or it will soon lose the ability to defend and protect America and Americans and America’s enemies will take full advantage of the militarys weakness and attack with everything they have, including nuclear weapons. They are already taking advantage of American weakness in many ways and unless things change it is only a matter of time before all-out, large-scale attacks are launched and America bites the dust and gets overrun like so many other great powers of the past…good guys with guns, in this case the American military, is the only thing standing between Americans and the bad guys with guns and if the good guys with guns can’t keep the bad guys with guns away the results are inevitable, are a foregone conclusion. That too is a great lesson of history.

American freedom and American might…Americans better restore them soon.

While they still can.

For themselves and for the rest of the free world too because the rest of the free world cannot possibly survive if America doesn’t.

That’s a piece for another day though.

Two Things Israelis Must Never Forget, Re: Jihadists Flock to Israel’s Borders, FrontPage Magazine, January 2, 2014

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

There are two things Israelis must never forget because if they forget them their country will be destroyed and they will die along with it.

The first is that if they compromise anymore with Palestinians they will lose and if they lose they’re finished and the second is that the good guys with guns (i.e. the Israeli military) are the only thing standing between them and the bad guys with guns (i.e. Islamists of all stripes, including Palestinians).

Israelis have done nothing but compromise and give things up for generations in a vain effort to secure a lasting peace with Palestinians. Israel has done everything it possibly could over the years to secure a lasting peace with Palestinians, to no avail.

Despite all the compromises and concessions Israel has made over the years Palestinians still refuse to recognize and accept Israel’s right to exist, continue to shed Israeli blood through terrorist attacks (and then celebrate them and their perpetrators), continue to spread vile, hateful, disgusting anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli bilge throughout their society and continue to do everything they can to wipe Israel off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth.

Despite all the compromises and concessions Israelis have made to Palestinians their national security is more precarious than ever, in large part because Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in being neighbors with a viable Jewish state, have no interest whatsoever in having a viable Jewish state in their neighborhood, have no interest whatsoever in living in peace and security with Israel…because all Palestinians are interested in doing is getting rid of Israel, not living in harmony with it. This is the way it is now and this is the way its always been.

That’s a lesson which has been made abundantly clear time and time again since Israel came into existence in 1948. Compromises and concessions are pointless, are fruitless. All they have done so far, all they will ever do, is lead to more terrorism, destruction, bloodshed, destruction and death in Israel, not less…all more compromises and concessions will do is hasten the demise of the Jewish state, not enhance its security or anything else.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry is currently in Israel trying to bully the Israelis into making more compromises and concessions to Palestinians because he thinks that is the only way to bring about peace between the two. He’s an ignoramus who is dead wrong and Israelis should flat out refuse to make any more compromises and concessions because they will be the death of them if they do. Kerry and his fellow ignoramus President Barack Hussein Obama want Israel to effectively compromise itself out of existence and Israel has to say no to their demands if it wants to survive.

That’s one lesson of history.

The other is that the Israeli military is the only thing standing between Israel and oblivion. The minute the Israeli military becomes unable to defend and protect the country is the minute Israel ceases to exist…the minute the Israeli military becomes unable to deter Israels enemies from launching full-scale, all-out attacks against the country is the minute they will, successfully…the minute the Israeli military loses the ability to inflict overwhelming damage on its enemies is the minute Israel dies…the minute the Israeli military becomes weaker than its enemies is the minute the country is destroyed. Kerry and Obama are trying to take away Israels ability to defend and protect itself and deter its enemies and their efforts must be resisted at all costs. A weak, or weaker, Israel is a dead Israel, period. Kerry and Obama might not recognize or understand that but Israelis certainly should.

Certainly must.

History tells them so and history never lies.

Not honest, objective, factual history anyway.

As opposed to the Palestinian kind.