Iran smells blood, Israel must respond, Re: 1 dead, 39 injured in Jerusalem bus station bombing, Jerusalem Post, March 23, 2011

There is no doubt Iran was behind the bombing in Jerusalem earlier today which killed one person and injured 39 others, all of them civilians. Even though the investigation into the bombing has barely begun as of this writing it has evidently become obvious that Iran’s fingerprints are all over it.

Speculation is that Iran is trying to provoke Israel into launching a massive attackĀ on PalestiniansĀ because it wants to foil talks between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to form a unity government. Iran is supposedly concerned that Hamas may moderate some of its positions during the talks and it wants to prevent that from happening. The Iranians have apparently concluded that the best way to accomplish this is to goad Israel into attacking Palestinians, thereby making more moderate positions impossible and that the best way to get Israel to attack is by committing terrorist acts against Israelis, the more horrific the better.

While there may of course be some truth to this speculation there is a deeper, more sinister reason behind the bombing. The reason is simple and obvious.

Iran smells blood.

In the recent past Iran has, among other things, sent warships through the Suez Canal, been caught red-handed trying to smuggle weapons designed to kill Israeli civilians into Gaza, authorized and backed increasingly large-scale rocket attacks on Israel and used its proxies to commit terrorist attacks against ordinary Israelis (including the inhuman attack in Itamar which killed five people, two adults and three children, one of whom was a three month old baby girl who had her throat slit), all the time relentlessly pursuing nuclear weapons which have one purpose and one purpose only-to annihilate the Jewish state and remove it from the face of the earth.

Except for the usual meaningless pro forma condemnations and messages of condolence by the usual suspects the international community, especially the United States, has done absolutely nothing to prevent Iran from carrying out these nefarious activities. It has basically left Israel to its own devices and given Iran de facto permission to ferment destruction, death and war because it has refused to take meaningful steps to stop to it from doing so. Iran thinks it has nothing to fear from the U.S. or anyone else in the international community and that it has approval and license to keep carrying on exactly as it has.

Iran is doing all this because it believes it can get away with it. Israel has reacted with remarkable restraint but the time has come to respond in force and show the Iranians and their proxies that they cannot. Restraint hasn’t kept the country from being attacked and Israelis from being murdered and maimed. Iran and her proxies have left Israel with no choice. Israelis have to make them pay heavily for this latest outrage and all the ones that came before it because if they don’t more and more attacks on Israel will occur and more and more Israeli blood will be shed. Iran and her proxies have to pay a heavy price because in the end that’s the only thing which will deter them.

That’s the way things are in the Middle East. Strength is respected and feared and weakness is taken advantage of and gets you killed.

Bomb the savages right back Israel. Back to the stone age where they belong.

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