Moral equivalency folly, Re: Bus blast heralds new cycle of violence, National Post, March 24, 2011

Moral equivalency means that distinct events are seen as similar or equivalent regardless of their scale, type, ferocity, horrific nature or the motivation of the perpetrator. Specific circumstances are not taken into consideration. Killing a person in self defense is considered to be on the same level as mass murder and terrorists murdering and maiming civilians is seen as equivalent to soldiers killing enemy combatants for example. No act is seen as evil in and of itself and every act is justifiable in one way or another, no matter how savage or inhuman. Moral equivalency means that relativism reigns supreme…nothing is ever right or wrong because everything is relative.

Reporting on the war between Israelis and Palestinians is full of moral equivalency and has been since day one in 1948. It gives a terribly inaccurate, incomplete, unbalanced and slanted picture of the conflict and is a major contributing factor to ongoing Palestinian barbarity because it excuses their behavior and lets them off the hook. They are simply not held to account by the international community or anyone else regardless of how outrageous or unsupportable their demands are and regardless of whatever atrocities they commit. It is no stretch at all to think that moral equivalency in reporting precludes peace and prolongs the war, helps keep Palestinians downtrodden, servile and backward and causes anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli sentiments and activities which are detrimental to civilized human beings everywhere.

The story in the Post illustrates the point.

The author mentions that nine Palestinians and one Israeli have died since last Tuesday the 22nd. What he doesn’t mention is that five of the Palestinians were killed by the Israeli Defense Force because they were a terror cell caught launching grad rockets into populated areas of Israel in an attempt to murder, maim and terrorize Israeli civilians. Grad rockets have multiple warheads, a range of 25 kilometers and are lethal killing machines. The other Palestinians were killed by accident because they were in close proximity to the terror cell. If they weren’t human shields they were the next best thing.

Hardly the same as setting off a bomb in a crowded bus station in order to kill and mutilate as many Israelis, Jews, as possible is it? The fact that only one person died and 39 were injured is irrelevant and doesn’t take away from the barbarity of the act and the mentality and religion behind it.

The first is defensible by any measure. No civilized human being could possibly defend the second.

Earlier this month five members of an Israeli family were murdered in their sleep, a father and mother in their mid-30′s and three children aged 11 years, four years and three months. The father and baby had their throats slit and the others were stabbed to death. Palestinians reacted to the murders by taking to the streets and celebrating and passing out candies and sweets. What was that morally equivalent to? Nothing the Israelis have ever done, although you’d find that impossible to realize from the mainstream media, which is where most people get their information from. Does that make it complicit? You bet it does.

Moral equivalency is more than just sloppy and lazy thinking and reporting. It is folly and beneath us all as thoughtful, well informed, moral individuals.

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