Obama’s hidden agenda in the Middle East, Re: Assad Backs Repression Over Reform, National Post, March 31, 2011

Protests and demonstrations against Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria have been large and growing and the Syrian government has put them down with brutal force. The regime has responded to peaceful calls for reform by beating, torturing and killing protesters and demonstrators and has made it crystal clear that they can expect more of the same if protests and demonstrations continue. Assad has let Syrians know that protesters and demonstrators will suffer terribly if they carry on and has shown them that he means business- there will be no quarter and no mercy from him. Both he and his father before him are well known for their vicious and violent suppression of dissent and the suppression which is going on now is in keeping with their mentality and history. People who speak out against the regime will be crushed and no one should expect anything else.

So why isn’t the United States intervening in Syria the way it is in Libya? That’s a question many people are asking at the present time. Libya after all posed no economic, strategic or national security threat to the U.S. whereas Syria poses all three. The Syrian people have suffered just as much, if not more, under Assad as the Libyan people under Gaddafi. Poverty, despair, helplessness and backwardness are every bit as entrenched and endemic in Syria as they are in Libya. Why isn’t America intervening then?

It isn’t intervening because it doesn’t have to, that’s why.¬†Obama doesn’t have to replace the old regime with a new one because the old one is helping him¬†implement his agenda and will continue to do so.

Obama’s hidden agenda in the Middle East is to weaken Israel to the point where it ceases to exist as a sovereign Jewish state, either because it loses a war to one or more of its neighbors and is conquered and destroyed or because it suffers the death of a thousand cuts, is overwhelmed by Palestinians and loses its character as a Jewish country. Being an Islamist, albeit a closet one, that is more important to him than anything, including the national security of the United States.

Obama’s animus towards Israel is well known and documented by his actions…everything he has done pertaining to the Middle East since he took office has had that agenda first and foremost in his mind. Syria is aiding and abetting him in a wide variety of ways and there is no reason for him to intervene. It could even be counterproductive. He wants the regime to stay in power so that its de facto war against Israel can continue. That might not happen if Assad was overthrown, at least on the same level anyway. Syria under Assad is a mortal enemy of Israel and carrying out all kinds of activities to bring her down and Obama wants to keep it that way. He might not be so lucky with Assad’s successor and knows it.

That is also why he won’t intervene in Iran or Saudi Arabia either. Iran’s regime wants nothing more than to wipe Israel off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth, which is why its relentlessly pursuing nuclear weapons, sponsoring and carrying out terrorist acts and generally using all of its considerable resources to undermine and topple the country. Obama wants to keep the regime in power so that it can keep on with its nefarious actions. Perhaps even more so than in Syria, a successor regime might not be nearly as antagonistic to Israel and that could defeat his purpose. Better for him to let Iranian protesters and demonstrators be crushed and their cries for reform go unheard than to risk losing his allies in Tehran. Better for him to let Iran acquire nuclear weapons rather than do anything serious to stop it because he knows they will be used against Israel.

The Saudi Arabians don’t have to worry about U.S. intervention because they are on Obama’s side in his secret war against Israel too.

Obama’s hidden agenda is also why he abandoned President Mubarak of Egypt and threw him under the bus as they say and why he wants Gaddafi’s regime in Libya to fall as well. Mubarak maintained peace with Israel, kept Islamists and Jihadists at bay and supported America in the war against terror. He was a friend of the United States and Israel and was a real force for stability in the Middle East. With him out of the way the path is clear for the Muslim Brotherhood and/or other Islamists and Jihadists to take power in Egypt, which they most assuredly will. Their hatred and disgust for Israel is indisputable and once they take over the government tensions will heighten, more and more provocations will occur and war will become inevitable, a war which Israel could very well lose. Gaddafi in Libya would also be replaced by Islamists and Jihadists.

The hidden agenda also governs his response to protests, demonstrations and cries for reform in Bahrain, Jordan, Tunisia, Yemen or anywhere else in the Islamic world.

That’s why Obama isn’t intervening in Syria the way he is in Libya. The Arab spring…not as far as he’s concerned it isn’t. The Israeli winter is more like it.

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