Excuses, excuses, Re: “Uncontrollable” Muslim Violence: The Latest Excuse, Canada Free Press, April 4, 2011

Condemn has been one of the signature words of President Obama and his administration since he was elected in 2008. He has used the word on countless occasions to express his dismay and dissatisfaction with behavior and events, nationally and internationally. Friends, allies, organizations, institutions, movements, fellow politicos…all have been condemned by him and his administration at one point or another. No one and nothing has been immune.

No one except Muslims who perpetrate violence and nothing except Islam which fuels it that is.

Muslim violence is a large and growing problem in the United States and around the world and there are ample opportunities virtually every day to condemn the people who carry it out. Not once has he done so since he took office, not once has he condemned the individual perpetrators themselves for committing or attempting to commit heinous crimes, including mass murder. He has blamed circumstances for their actions and utterly failed to hold them responsible as individuals. He has also utterly failed to condemn Islam, the hateful, poisonous doctrine they operate under, the contemptible, seventh century creed which validates, justifies, excuses and mandates their behavior.

The recent violence in Afghanistan which occurred in response to the Koran burning in Florida is a case in point.

Riots and demonstrations took place all over the country, scores of people were killed and many more injured and a huge amount of property was destroyed, with more to come as of this writing. Instead of condemning the rioters, thugs and murderers Obama and his officials condemned the Koran burning and the Pastor and his flock who did it (even though they were perfectly within their rights to do so), thereby absolving the individuals who carried out these horrific acts from personal blame and responsibility and giving an element of justification and understanding to their actions. They’re not responsible after all. The source of their wrath is. Islam gives them no choice to react differently. Its blaming the victim and excusing the behavior of the criminal, Obama style. His failure to hold Islam responsible for being the source of the perpetrators behavior is more of the same.

There’s something very wrong here. Why do you suppose Obama has failed to condemn violent Muslims as individuals and absolved them of personal responsibility for their acts? Why do you suppose he has in effect excused their behavior? Why do you suppose he has failed to condemn Islam?

It wouldn’t be because he’s an Islamist himself would it?

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