Palestinians shatter relative lull, Re: Fighting flares in Gaza, shattering lull, Reuters UK, April 7, 2011

On April 7 an anti-tank missile was fired by Palestinians from Gaza at an Israeli school bus, severely injuring a 16 year old boy. Forty schoolchildren had just got off the bus or else the toll would have been much higher. The Palestinians from Gaza who fired the long-range missile could not have known that the schoolchildren had exited. It was the first time an anti-tank missile has been used against a civilian target, and a school bus at that.

On March 23 a bomb was set off at a crowded bus station in Jerusalem by Palestinians from Gaza, killing one person and injuring 39 others. The number of dead and injured could easily have been much higher.

On March 11 Palestinians from Gaza slaughtered an Israeli family as they slept, a father and mother in their mid 30′s and three children aged 11, 4 and three months. The father and three month old had their throats slit and the others were stabbed to death.

Throughout the month of March right up to the present time Palestinians from Gaza have been firing large numbers of rockets into Israel in an effort to murder, maim and terrorize as many Israelis as possible. Many of the rockets have exploded in populated areas and caused significant property damage in addition to the human cost. A high and growing percentage of the rockets in the barrage have been grad rockets. Grad rockets have multiple warheads, a range of 25 kilometers and are lethal killing machines.

There was a lull in fighting prior to these atrocities taking place but only in relative terms. At no point since the end of the war in Gaza in 2009 has Israel been free from attack, have Israeli civilians been able to feel safe and secure in their homes and communities. The attacks have increased in frequency, intensity and lethality since early March however and Israel has had to increase its military response accordingly, which accounts for the rise in fighting.

Its as if Palestinians at the behest of their Iranian masters have decided to try and provoke Israel into retaliating on a massive scale to defend and protect Israeli civilians the way it did in 2008. This is entirely possible given the byzantine world of Middle East politics, the de facto disavowal of Israel by President Obama and the United States and its obvious reluctance to come to Israel’s assistance and the sense of opportunity and a moment in time this has given to those who would destroy her. Israelis have held back but the time is fast aproaching when they will no longer be able to do so.

The relative lull has been shattered alright. What can make the atrocities and the fighting stop? Palestinians and the rest of the Arab/Islamic world have got to recognize and accept the legitimacy and existence of Israel, stop trying to murder, maim and terrorize Israelis and allow them to live in peace and security and stop trying to destroy the Jewish state.

Good luck with that…its just not going to happen, not in the foreseeable future anyway. Since Palestinians and the rest of the Arab/Islamic world are consumed by anti-Israel and anti-Semitic beliefs and feelings and are intractable in their animus the atrocities and the fighting are going to go on and on and on.

With a relative lull once in a while.

Blame the Palestinians. Blame the rest of the Arab/Islamic world. Blame Islam most of all. Don’t blame the Israelis though. They’re just trying to survive.

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