France first European country to enforce ban on wearing face veils in public, Re: Women in face veils detained as France enforces ban, BBC News Europe, April 11, 2011

It is now illegal in France for a woman to hide her face behind a veil in public. The new law primarily affects French Muslim women, although foreign women are also prohibited from publicly concealing their faces behind a veil. Women caught breaking the law are subject to a fine of 150 euros and a citizenship course and people who force women to wear a veil in public are subject to a much higher fine and a prison sentence of up to two years. The rationale was two-fold according to the French government. It said that “the face-covering veil undermines the basic standards for living in a shared society and also relegates its wearers to an inferior status incompatible with French notions of equality.”

The government is absolutely correct. Wearing a face mask in public has very sinister connotations in Western countries. People shouldn’t walk around with their faces covered in secular, pluralistic societies because doing so refutes their norms and values. The Muslim face veil does ascribe an inferior status to the wearer and signals that her allegiance to Islam supercedes her allegiance to her country of residence, whether Muslims admit to this or not. If she is being forced to wear the veil in public against her will it means that whoever is forcing her rejects the host countries norms and values as well and practices Islamic law even though it contradicts the law of the land. In this instance, wearing a face veil in public in France or forcing a woman to wear one there means ‘Islam first, France second’ and that is patently an unacceptable state of affairs, for France or any other free country.

Good for the French for instituting this new law. Islamization in France is a large and growing problem and a serious threat to the countries free, secular, pluralistic, democratic nature and the principles it is built on. The new law is a clear statement that the French recognize and understand the depth of the problem and are willing to do what they must to combat and overcome it, to take their country back as it were.

Let’s hope that the rest of Europe follows the French lead. Islamization is a large and growing problem everywhere and banning face veils in public could have a real mitigating effect, especially if such laws are combined with other laws which preclude Islam from becoming predominant. Bans look likely in the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland and the Belgians may even start enforcing the one that is already on the books.

Nothing yet in Britain though, the European country that arguably needs it the most. Oh well, perhaps the British will wake up and come to their senses and take serious steps to deal with their immigration/Islamic problem if there’s a security incident at the upcoming Royal Wedding. There very well could be as several Islamic groups have already made credible threats.

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