No they’re not, Re: Palestinian’s ready to run own state, UN says, Daily Telegraph, April 13, 2011

The United Nations is dead wrong if it thinks that the Palestinians are able to successfully establish and maintain their own state. They most certainly are not and the UN is either dreaming in technicolor or being entirely disingenuous if it thinks they are. Actually, since its the United Nations we’re talking about there’s no either about it-its both.

Palestinians have no constitution or functioning legislature and cannot hold elections because there is nothing for anyone to get elected to and no framework for governing to begin with, their current “leader” is in the seventh year of a four year term, half of the supposed new state is occupied and run by Hamas (an Islamic terrorist organization that ferments hate and war against Israel, keeps its population under a strict Islamic regime and is violently and unalteraby opposed to the Palestinian Authority, the rulers of the other half), there is no free press or independent judiciary, no one has any power or authority to implement anything, whatever institutions there are are riddled with corruption and mismanagement, society is consumed by an anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli animus, violence, poverty and internecine warfare are a part of daily life, terrorist groups operate with impunity, opposition to the ruling parties and the prevailing religion and way of thinking is crushed, the population is generally uneducated, unskilled, backward and has a mentality of entitlement, lassitude prevails and so on and so on. The Palestinians are no more able to successfully establish and maintain their own state than I am to fly to the moon and the UN is setting them up for failure if it convinces them that they are. Since the United Nations has been setting them up for failure for well over 60 years that wouldn’t be anything new at all.

With a sea change in attitude and behavior that can only come with maturity and time Palestinians are perfectly capable of successfully establishing and maintaining their own state- but they are nowhere near ready now and it is foolish to think that they are or will be in the foreseeable future.

On a related note the Palestinian Authority is seeking five billion dollars from the West over the next three years for its new development plan. Enough said. The Palestinian Authority’s long, well-documented history of financial malpractice, dishonesty, fraud, theft and incompetence doesn’t bear repeating here.

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