Oh no he’s not, Re: Obama The Same As Bush: Iran, National Post, June 26, 2009

Obama most certainly isn’t like George Bush. Unfortunately. As President…..

Bush was proud of his country. Obama isn’t.

Bush understood his country’s achievements and their importance to the world. Obama doesn’t.

Bush understood the true nature of regimes like the ones in Iran and North Korea. Obama doesn’t.

Bush stood up to the Ahmadinejads and Kim Jong-ils of the world. Obama doesn’t.

Bush knew who America’s friends and enemies are. Obama doesn’t.

America’s allies could count on Bush. No one can count on Obama.

Obama has a gigantic ego and believes he can change anyone or anything. Bush knew better.

Obama is open to anything. Bush understood that others aren’t, no matter what they might say.

Obama is a very slippery character who sacrifices for the sake of expediency. Bush was much more resolute. He could be trusted. Obama can’t.

Obama is a micro-manager who doesn’t understand the big picture. Bush saw the big picture very clearly.

Obama believes everything needs to be changed and that he is precisely the person to do it. Bush understod that some things are worth fighting for and defending and that real change does not come easily or quickly or through displays of powerlessness or repentence.

Does Obama have the ability to fullfill his promise and end up as one of the great Presidents in the history of the United States? Because of his enormous gifts he certainly does. He is off to a terrible start however because he doesn’t understand the nature of man, has little or no humility, has shown no inclination to lead and no willingness to use America’s strength to the world’s advantage.

Unless he can recognize and overcome these characteristics it is entirely possible that he will be a one term President and that his time in office will be seen as a great waste full of missed opportunities. That would be tragic. The world has also become a much more dangerous place during his first few months on the job because of his performance and the consequences of that could be tragic as well.

While George Bush had a great deal to answer for and could be crticized for a great many things everyone always knew where he was coming from and where they stood with him. He didn’t pussyfoot around and was very honest and straightforward in that sense. Obama has to be the same.

Can he do it? I sure hope so. I did vote for him after all.

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