What a load of rubbish, Re: Canada should wake up to the Arab spring and new democracy, Toronto Globe & Mail, April 22, 2011

This editorial in the Globe & Mail is full of assumptions and statements that have no basis whatsoever in reality or truth and are a complete denial of history. It shows that the Globe & Mail has a profound ignorance about the Middle East and Islam and tells us that the Globe cannot be relied on to provide knowledgeable, accurate, in-depth, up-to-date coverage of either. Words like inaccurate, wrongheaded, sophomoric, simpleminded, superficial and blind don’t even begin to describe the content of the editorial.

For the Globe’s information there is no Arab spring in the Middle East and the chances of true democracy developing in Arab states are nonexistent. Islam is the dominant, overriding, all encompassing entity in Arab states and Islam simply won’t permit democracy to establish itself. Democracy fluorishes in pluralistic, secular, free societies. By definition it cannot exist or function in Islamic states because democracy and Islam are polar opposites and fundamentally contradictory. Pluralistic, secular, free… none of this is possible under Islam and therefore democracy isn’t either.

The Globe cites Tunisia and Egypt as two countries where a transition to democracy may happen. Its wrong. In a very short period of time both countries will become full-fledged Islamic states governed by Islamic law, sharia, which is the absolute antithesis of democracy and freedom. To a very limited extent the previous regimes in both countries kept Islamists at bay. Now that they have been removed Islamists, e.g. al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, whatever they call themselves, are free to take over and make them even more backward than they were before, which is exactly what’s going to happen. You can bet on it. In Tunisia and Egypt Arab winter is coming and Arab spring never really existed.

The same applies to other Arab countries in the Middle East. If the regimes in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya or anywhere else fall rest assured that they will not be replaced by democratic governments operating under the rubric of democratic values, institutions, principles and procedures. Islamists will take over everywhere, sharia will be unchallenged and reign supreme and the region will be plunged into a darkness that’s blacker than the one which exists today. Islamists are working very hard to undermine and overthrow regimes everywhere in the Middle East because they know they will take over and implement their Islamic agenda once the regimes are gone. They’re succeeding too. Arab democracies aren’t emerging. Arab Islamic theocracies are.

The editorial says that “Canada maintains that it wishes to project its democratic values abroad.” If Canada were really interested in doing that it would tackle Islam head on and insist that everyone it dealt with in the Middle East operate according to said democratic values. Since its plainly not going to do that any talk of projecting democratic values abroad is just that, talk.

The editorial also says that “Egypt has maintained a stable, if cold, peace with Israel for more than three decades. The people, aroused and giving voice to their feelings, will certainly have something to say about that.” They already have, loudly and clearly. Throughout the demonstrations and protests in Cairo and other Egyptian cities signs and placards with Death To Israel, Death To The Jews, Death To America and other similiar sentiments were everywhere. Hatred of Israel and Jews is bred in the bone and endemic in Egypt and the Egyptian people have made no secret of their feelings since the regime was challenged and fell. That is another thing which is mandated by Islam and something else which the regime kept from boiling over. And boil over it will once the Islamists take power as is inevitable, make no mistake. Does that mean war? Yes, it does.

As an aside, the Egyptian people have also made their feelings known about Christians, women and infidels in general. It wasn’t, and isn’t, pretty, believe me. Ask Coptic Christians. Ask Lara Logan.

So Canada should wake up to the Arab spring and new democracy should it? Nonsense. What it should wake up to is the fact that there is no Arab spring or new democracy and the fact that every country in the Middle East except for Israel will soon be an Islamic state governed by sharia law, unalterably opposed to Western countries like Canada and bound by Islam to conquer them. What it should wake up to is the extent of Islamization which already exists in Canada, the fact that it is becoming more and more prevalent every day and the implications this has for Canadians and the country itself.

Like the survival of a free people living in a free country for instance.

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