Canada doesn’t need any more….Re: Al Jazeera English’s Viewpoint, Toronto Globe & Mail, July 1, 2009

Rajeh Hayyal’s letter is an excellent example of why we most emphatically do not need Al Jazeera English on our airwaves. It is full of obvious bias, which AJE would do nothing but exacerbate.

Because Al Jazeera English’s reporting is one-sided and ideologically driven it’s content simply cannot be credible or trusted. As with the on-line version we can expect it to be critical of Israel in virtually all instances without providing accurate context for it’s statements. Thoughtful, incisive and objective it won’t be. By reducing complex issues like settlement building to their lowest common denominator it will make it that much easier for Mr. Hayyal and others to act on already existing prejudices. We already have enough of that in Canada and don’t need any more of it.

For Mr. Hayyal’s information there are many reasons why Israeli settlements are entirely legitimate and justifiable. Nevertheless, if the governments of Israel and the United States can come to a compromise on settlement building peace and a Palestinian state will be that much closer, which is surely a very good thing.

Oh, and Mr. Hayyal’s assertion that the mainstream media in Canada¬† is pro-Israeli is laughable. The exact oposite is true. The CBC and Toronto Star are but two examples of mainstream media that constantly and consistently bash Israel. There is no shortage of¬† others either.

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