Rightly so and good for the Israelis, Re: Israel rejects Palestinian unity government with Hamas, BBC News Website, April 28, 2011

Hamas is totally committed to the destruction of Israel and would like nothing better than to wipe it off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth. It has no interest at all in peaceful coexistence with Israel…its sole purpose is to destroy it. It is an Islamic terrorist organization which constantly commits atrocities against Israelis which are an affront to humanity in pursuit of its one and only goal. Its arch-rival, the Palestinian Authority, shares the same philosophy and goal and is only slightly more moderate in its stance and behavior. To think that a ‘unity government’ between the two would advance the cause of peace and bring Palestinians closer to getting their own state is madness because it would not change their attitudes and actions toward Israel in the slightest. These attitudes and actions are of course the root of all their problems.

Would a ‘unity government’ renounce terror and violence, recognize and accept Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist, stop murdering and maiming Israelis, stop vilifying and demonizing them, stop spreading the most vile, laughable and pernicious hatred and lies against them or┬ánegotiate and make necessary compromises in good faith? No, it wouldn’t do any of those things. The Israelis recognize and understand this, which is why they are rejecting the ‘unity government’. Rightly so and good for them.

Besides, we’ve all been down this road before anyway. The previous ‘unity government’ collapsed in a heap four years ago in a violent, bloody coup when Hamas booted the Palestinian Authority out of Gaza. It defies belief that the two long-time antagonists and enemies can overcome their history, differences and characters and remain ‘unified’ for very long. It hasn’t happened before and it isn’t going to happen now.

If Palestinians want peace and their own state they’re going to have to reject a ‘unity government’ between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority too because it won’t get either for them. Palestinians will have to do the things mentioned in the second paragraph to achieve those ends and Hamas and the PA are demonstrably incapable of carrying them out.

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