Osama’s targeted assassination, Re: Osama bin Laden killed by US forces, Al Jazeera English Website, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden was an evil, despicable, pathetic, unrepentant excuse of a human being who brought untold sorrow and grief to millions upon millions of people and who would have kept on doing so as long as he had a breath left in him. Assassinating him was entirely appropriate because of the depth of his depravity and because there was no other way to keep him from carrying on with his murderous, hateful, inhuman activities. No quarter can be given to those who think and act like him because they give no quarter themselves and never will.

Getting rid of him was a very good thing indeed. The United States and the West is in a war for survival with Islamists and the religion and ideology they operate under, Islam, and his assassination sends a very clear message to the┬áhumongous hordes out there who would destroy our civilization and way of life and force everyone to live under Islamic law. We aren’t Islamic and aren’t willing to live as you do and you attack us and try to conquer and change us at your peril, that’s the message.

Congratulations to the American military personnel who assassinated him, to President Obama for authorizing the assassination and to President Bush for enabling it. Unfortunately, we cannot relax our vigilance because the war is a long way from being over and there will be setbacks along the path to victory but your actions have made us safer and brought victory closer and for that we thank you.

Congratulations go to the Israelis too because their policy of targeted assassination has just been vindicated and legitimized as well.

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