No one’s will-didn’t you know that?, Re: PA on Congress speech: PM’s policies won’t bring peace, Jerusalem Post, May 24, 2011

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel gave a speech to a joint session of the United States Congress yesterday and talked about how peace could be achieved between Israelis and Palestinians, about how Palestinians could attain statehood and about the sacrifices and concessions Israel was prepared to endure to make all of this a reality. He was given a four minute standing ovation before he began and was applauded 30 odd times during the course of his speech, many of these being accompanied by other ovations. It was an extremely warm reception by anyone’s standards and the enthusiastic response to the speech spoke to acceptance of its content and the strong and enduring bond between the U.S. and Israel, notwithstanding President Obama’s well known antipathy towards the Jewish State and his misguided attempts to curry favor with Palestinians and the Islamic world by bringing it to its knees. The initial and ongoing response was in fact an unmistakable bi-partisan reproach of Obama and his policies towards Israel and the Middle East in general and could not possibly be taken for anything else.

Naturally, the speech was rejected virtually instantaneously by the Palestinian Authority and the rest of the Islamic world. If I was Netanyahu I wouldn’t take it personally however. Nothing he or anyone else could have said or offered would have been acceptable to the PA or other Islamists, nothing at all. That is because they don’t want peace with Israel, they want to destroy it. That has been their single abiding message and goal all these many years and no Israeli action will change that, no matter how helpful, encouraging or benign. Peaceful coexistence in a state of their own next to Israel? That’s not their goal and never has been. Their goal has always been to wipe Israel off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth, nothing more and nothing less. No, Netanyahu shouldn’t take the Palestinian rejection personally at all because it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with the Palestinian’s hatred, bias, intransigence, stupidity, seventh century mindset, lack of foresight and vision and inability and unwillingness to raise themselves out of the mire they live in.

If I was Obama I’d take the reaction of the Congress very seriously indeed though…if I wanted to get elected to a second term that is and if I wanted to prevent another bloodbath in the Middle East, which is exactly where his policies are taking us.

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