Liar, liar pants on fire, Re: PA continues to deny Israel’s right to exist, Palestinian Media Watch, May 31, 2011

Liar, liar pants on fire is a phrase that children scream at people who are lying to them. The Palestinian Authority is made up of delusional, inveterate liars and everyone who supports Israel and is truly interested in seeing her survive and prosper and in peace in the Middle East should shout this phrase at the PA as loudly as they can, children and adults alike.

The Palestinian Authority has been lying to the West since its inception. Hamas at least openly denies Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist in both English and Arabic whereas the PA says one thing in English and the exact opposite in Arabic…in English it professes to recognize Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist whereas in Arabic it totally denies both.That’s lying, pure and simple.

This lying is rooted in Palestinian’s and the rest of the Arab/Islamic world’s hatred and disgust of Jews and Israelis and is sanctioned by the Islamic precepts of Taqiyya and Kitman, both of which are based on verses from the Koran which encourage and permit Muslims to deceive others for a greater purpose, the purpose in this case being to wipe Israel off the map, to remove the country from the face of the earth.

Taqiyya, Kitman and Palestinian’s well documented track record of constantly spouting lies and falsehoods in pursuit of this purpose make it impossible to believe anything they say, especially since virtually all of the time they are contradicting established historical facts and a historical record which is beyond dispute. We believe them at our peril and to our discredit, at our peril because believing them and thereby enabling them to wallow in their own bilge and carry out their nefarious, inhuman actions brings bloodshed, war,┬ádestruction and death┬áto the Middle East and beyond and to our discredit because even a cursory example of their claims exposes them for the liars they are.

Every time the Palestinian Authority says anything at all about Israel, Israelis, Jews, peace in the Middle East, the history of the region or anything related everyone shout ‘liar, liar pants on fire’ because lying is exactly what it will be doing. What it has always done for that matter.

Trustworthy, reliable, honest? Partners for peace? People who are interested in their own state next to a safe, secure Israel? Democrats? Plutocrats? Rational, civilized, compassionate human beings? The Palestinian Authority and Palestinians in general are none of those things and the sooner we recognize and understand this and make our recognition and understanding clear to all concerned the better off everyone will be, including of course Palestinians themselves.

Why? Because change can’t come without honesty, that’s why and without change on their part we’re all doomed to more bloodshed and war, war and bloodshed, death and destruction, destruction and death.

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