Israel left with no alternative, Re: Naksa Day: 6 reported dead, 12 hurt on Israel-Syria border, Jerusalem Post, June 5, 2011

Palestinians and other Arabs trying to breach Israel’s border with Syria have just been repulsed by Israeli troops after several hours of clashes. They kept on trying to breach the border despite numerous warnings in Arabic that they would be fired upon if they didn’t stop. In the end Israel was left with no alternative and had to fire to keep the invaders out and protect her sovereignty and people, leaving 6 dead and 12 hurt as of this writing. The number of dead and injured could easily have been much higher but Israeli troops acted with restraint in spite of fierce provocations. Ostensibly the Arabs were trying to breach the border to mark ‘Naksa Day’, the start of the 1967 six day war between Israel and her neighbors, but that is not what they were doing at all.

Acting under the direction of the dictatorship in Damascus their purpose was really three-fold…1) to divert attention away from Syria’s ongoing brutal crackdown against its citizens which has resulted in the civilized world’s approbation against the regime there because of all the atrocities that have been committed, 2) to provoke Israel into some sort of large-scale response which would lead to condemnation by the international community, the usual gaggle of blind apologists and ideologues who always react to each supposed transgression with knee-jerk indignation and 3) to test Israel’s resolve and willingness to use force to defend and protect herself in the face of such provocations. They failed miserably on the first two counts and received a very clear answer on the third. The civilized world’s attention has not been diverted away from Syria, Israel acted with admirable self-control, discipline and professionalism and achieved her aims at the same time and her resolve and willingness to use force to defend and protect herself has been affirmed.

Its a shame that people were killed and injured but in the eyes of their masters they were nothing more than tools, guinea pigs and expendable anyway, just like the Palestinians themselves are in the eyes of the wider Arab/Islamic world as it pursues its goal of wiping Israel off the map, of destroying the Jewish state and removing it from the face of the earth. Some people never learn and its also a shame that the ‘Naksa Day’ events will do nothing to prevent provocations in the future, including the planned flotilla at the end of June which will attempt to breach Israel’s unfortunate but entirely necessary and justified blockade of Gaza. Like ‘Naksa Day’ the planned flotilla has nothing to do with improving the lives of Palestinians and everything to do with media manipulation, public relations and destroying Israel and the Israeli military will have to use force to stop it as well.

Good, because given the atavistic Arab/Islamic/Palestinian mentality and its roots and imperatives in Islam, Israel’s survival depends on force and the willingness and ability to use it. Its a very sad but very old truth. 1400 years old.

‘Naksa Day’? Don’t be fooled. Be angry at the Arab/Islamic/Palestinian narrative and its misguided enablers, but don’t be fooled.

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