Idiocy in Italy, Re: Palestinian groups threaten to “ignite” Milan over Israeli exhibit in public square, Jihad Watch, June 7, 2011

Freedom is being attacked yet again in Europe and the West as simple-minded purveyors of hate in Italy have threatened to “ignite” Milan if an exhibit¬†celebrating Israel is allowed to take place next week in the Plaza Duomo, a public square in the heart of the city. ‘Pro-Palestinian’ groups are calling on their followers to target the exhibit and have issued posters threatening to “ignite the city” if it goes ahead. The exhibit is part of Israel Week in Milan and showcases Israeli accomplishments in areas such as technology, economics and the arts. Local police have refused to provide security for the exhibit as a result of the threatened violence, even though its received all the necessary permits from the municipality and has the blessing of municipal politicians including the Mayor.

Typical isn’t it? The purveyors of hate have no accomplishments of their own to celebrate and can offer nothing to the civilized world except a return to a demented, inhuman, seventh century ‘religion’ that is completely at odds with Western values and institutions. So what do they do? Instead of bringing themselves up and trying to raise themselves out of the muck they live in they try to force us down to their level by stripping away our freedom and taking away our ability to think and act as independent human beings. Who are they to tell us that we will be harmed, perhaps maimed or killed, if we dare to go into a public square to look at and consider some of the accomplishments of a sister Western society? Brainwashed barbarians who have no interest whatsoever in living in a free society and who are using Palestinians and their false narrative as tools to return the world to the dark ages, that’s who. What right do they have to tell us that we must live according to their dictates and religious imperatives or suffer terrible consequences, which is exactly what they are saying throughout the West? None, that’s what.

Unfortunately, these attempts to impose their backward mentality and way of life on us and turn us all into good little Islamists are happening all over the West…Europe, North America, everywhere. Even more unfortunately they are succeeding in many places and the Islamization of the West is well and truly under way because we are acquiescing in our own demise and not fighting back. The threat to us all cannot be minimized. It is no exaggeration at all to say that unless we resist them with every means at our disposal freedom, democracy, secular, pluralistic societies and Western values and institutions will all be things of the past and we will all be living under Sharia law and in Islamic countries.

Let’s encourage the authorities in Milan to stand tall and go ahead with the exhibit in the Plaza Duomo and hope that they have the courage, strength and foresight to do so. If they do its to their credit. If they don’t its to their shame and puts one more nail in our collective¬†coffin.

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