Is Britain waking up at last?, Re: UK launches new anti-terrorism strategy, BBC News Website, June 7, 2011

Great Britain has arguably suffered more than any other nation in Europe from Islam and Islamization and their destructive effects. The British may finally be opening their eyes and seeing how Islam and Islamization have pervaded and perverted their society…they may finally be recognizing and understanding how serious a threat they are to their way of life and the survival of their nation. There are strong indications that this is so.

The British Government has just launched a new strategy for combating Islamic terrorism. 36 million pounds will be devoted to the effort which will target 25 areas around the country, including Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds, Leicester, Luton, Manchester and some boroughs in London. In announcing the new strategy in Parliament Home Secretary Theresa May said the previous strategy did not confront the ideology which “inspires would-be terrorists to seek to bring death and destruction to our towns and cities”. The new strategy is designed to do exactly that. It is comprehensive, multi-faceted, well thought out, long overdue and has wide support throughout Britain.

A Private Members Bill is about to be introduced in Parliament to ban the use of Sharia law where it conflicts with British law. The use of Sharia law has been expanding for some time, resulting in a flouting of the law of the land and widespread innate discrimination against women, in contravention of fundamental British values. The new Private Members Bill may or may not become law but its introduction indicates that Sharia law is seen as exceedingly problematic on a number of different levels and has to be dealt with. It too has wide support.

Universities in Great Britain are one of the major breeding grounds of terror, the spread of hatred and religious and ideological poison and attacks on civil liberties and the rule of law. This has been accepted by most people as an incontrovertible reality and there has been a great deal of discussion lately about why this is, how it came about and what can be done to stop it.

Does all of this mean that the British have awakened to the menace of Islam and Islamization in Great Britain? We can only hope that they have and that they will continue to fight the scourge in their country until it is defeated and Islam and Islamization no longer threaten the survival of their civilization and way of life. We can also hope that the rest of Europe and the West, including the United States (actually especially the United States) follow the British lead and fight back to save themselves while there’s still some time left.

We’re all in this together you know.

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