Let’s see if they put their money where their mouth is, Re: Suing Organizers and Funders of the Gaza Flotilla, FrontPage Magazine, June 9, 2011

Canadian law expressly forbids aiding and abetting designated terrorist organizations such as Hamas. A lawsuit filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice argues that two Canadian groups raising money to sponsor a ship to join the upcoming flotilla which will attempt to break Israel’s security blockade of Gaza are doing exactly that and as such are blatantly violating Canadian law.

The lawsuit was filed by a Canadian/Israeli dual citizen who is a resident of Sderot Israel that was victimized by terrorist attacks from Gaza launched by Hamas and its adherents, whose avowed purpose is to destroy Israel and remove it from the face of the earth. The lawsuit seeks just over $1,ooo,ooo in damages and an injunction prohibiting the groups from raising money for the flotilla and sending goods to Gaza. It has every chance of success as the facts of the case are clear and beyond dispute. If it is successful it will be a major setback for Canadians who want to participate in this and other misguided efforts to break the security blockade and will set a precedent for similiar lawsuits by other dual citizens in Canada and elsewhere.

It should be noted for example that federal law in the United States makes it a crime to provide material support or resources to designated terrorist organizations such as Hamas and that the Canadian lawsuit may prod the Obama administration into enforcing U.S. law in order to avoid the ignominy and embarrasment of dealing with a lawsuit of their own.

Now that they’re threatened with being hit in their wallets it will be very interesting to see if organizers, funders and potential participants will flout Canadian law, put their money where their mouth is and carry on with their misbegotten activities. Here’s betting that they don’t, except for the most brainwashed, blind, bigoted, ideologically driven one’s of course. After all, ‘principles’ are one thing, but having to pay a financial price for them is quite another. Very few ‘activists’ have the stomach for that, which makes them nothing more than hypocrites and dilettantes.

And contemptible.

Domestic and international law has been perverted and used by terrorists, ideologues, religious fanatics, politicians, officials and bureaucrats all over the world to hinder democratic nations in their fight against terrorism and to undermine and eliminate the fabric of Western societies. This misuse of the law is commonly called lawfare and it has proven to be a very efective weapon in their arsenal. This lawsuit and others which will no doubt come use the law to defend, protect and preserve Western values, institutions and countries and effectively turns lawfare on its head. That is a long overdue development and very nice to see.

Very nice indeed.

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