Yes they do General, Re: U.S. ‘ready’ for N. Korean missile, Washington Times, July 3, 2004

The Commander of the United States Northern Command, General Victor Renuart, believes that North Korea’s missiles do not pose a real threat to America because he could shoot down any of them before they “caused huge damage to any U.S. territory,”.

Does he not think that a North Korean nuclear attack on Japan or South Korea would pose a real threat to the United States? Is he not aware that a pre-emptive strike by the Japanese or South Koreans could easily drag the U.S. into a war that most certainly would seriously threaten it, not to mention the rest of the planet? Doesn’t he realize that President Obama’s policies have put either scenario squarely within the realm of possibility?

North Korea’s nuclear program must be eliminated immediately. If it isn’t Pyongyang will soon have the ability to use nuclear weapons against the United States and/or it’s allies, which it would undoubtedly do. Sanctions, multi-lateral talks, United Nations censures, threats of various kinds, huge amounts of aid and rhetoric et. al. have all failed to stop North Korea from continuing on with it’s activities and show no sign of succeeding in the future. Unilateral American action is the only route left. President Obama needs to understand this and act accordingly, now. Not doing so would have enormous consequences for all of us.

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