Israel can’t wait much longer-needs to attack Iran soon-Iran and America leave it with no choice, Re: RAND Corp: Iran 8 weeks from the Bomb, American Thinker, June 9, 2011

A RAND Corporation report released earlier this week revealed that Iran is just two months away from being able to create a nuclear weapon. The report says that Iran has the ability and resources to make enough highly enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb in that time. The RAND Corporation is a California based think tank with close ties to the Pentagon and its reports are seen as very credible.

In a related development Iran has announced that it is shifting production of enriched uranium to a specially constructed bunker designed to protect the enrichment facilities against air strikes and that it is tripling production effective immediately.

In another related development the Iranian Revolutionary Guards website has posted an entry anticipating events on the day after Iran’s nuclear explosion and preparing the Iranian people for Iran becoming a nuclear power.

It is patently obvious that Iran is going to possess nuclear weapons in very short order unless military means are taken to prevent that from happening and it is also patently obvious that Iran will use those weapons to attack Israel as soon as she can in order to annihilate the Jewish state, to remove it from the face of the earth.

The United States is the only country besides Israel that could conceivably stop Iran but to its great shame the U.S. is not going to use its military to eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat even though it is obviously in its best interests to keep nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands and a military attack is now the only way to do it thanks to President Obama’s stupidity, incompetence and moronic ideology.

That means the Israelis will have to do it on their own. They’ll have to do it soon too because they become more vulnerable to a nuclear attack by Iran with every passing day…every day that goes by brings Israel that much closer to nuclear obliteration by the Iranians.

Time is running short for the Israelis so expect them to launch a preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities before long. Iran and America have left them no choice. Their national survival depends on it.

Blame Iran, blame Islam, blame Obama, blame Americans for electing him, blame all the other nincompoops that have brought the Middle East to this point but don’t blame the Israelis. They’re the real victims, no one else.

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