America Heal Thyself, Re: Obama’s Road to Nowhere, National Review Online, June 11, 2011

Barack Obama’s Presidency has been arguably the most damaging in the history of the United States. His behavior and policies have been catastrophic at home and abroad and there is no chance at all of him righting the ship because of his ideology and intellectual limitations. Never before in its history has the U.S. been on the verge of implosion like it is today and that is directly attributable to Obama’s performance in office. With all due respect to Jimmy Carter and other incompetents, no one else who has occupied the White House has ever brought America quite this close to the precipice before.

Item: The economy. Sinking fast and taking American’s jobs, homes, savings and spirit along with it.

Item: The national debt. Incomprehensibly large and growing larger as we speak.

Item: Civil liberties. Civil liberties are under attack by Islamic supremacists and apologists all over the country and fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution have been undermined and eroded.

Item: National security. America’s ability to defend itself against her enemies is questionable because of diminished military capacity. Obama has also allowed America’s enemies to grow stronger and has managed to make her friends and allies think she is no longer reliable and trustworthy and cannot be depended on in times of trouble.

Item: Domestic security. Terrorist attacks in the American homeland have become commonplace.

Item: Big government. Government intrusion into the lives of ordinary Americans has increased exponentially since Obama was elected.

Item: Tone. American life has become far more divisive, shrill, cynical, uncompromising and full of anger, hate and fear under Obama.

Item: Obamacare. The less said about that the better.

Item: Respect for the rule of law. Obama’s willingness to subvert the law and unwillingness to be bound by the constraints of the Constitution is breathtaking and worthy of impeachment in and of itself.

Item: The Middle East. How’s that outreach to the Arab/Islamic world going anyway? What about the so-called Arab Spring? The Palestinians and the Israelis? The upcoming nuclear arms race in the region? Respect for America there? The threat to America and American interests from the Middle East is far more dire under Obama than it was under any previous President.

I could go on and on but the point is made.

Americans should do everything they possibly can, legally, to curb Obama in the remainder of his first term and prevent him from being elected to a second one. The fate of the United States and the rest of the free world depends on it.

America heal thyself. Unless you do you very well might not survive and if you don’t the rest of the free world won’t either.

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