Islamists terrible victory in Turkey, Re: Erdogan re-elected for third term, Vancouver Sun, June 14, 2011

The victory in Turkey’s elections by Prime Minister Erdogan and his Islamist Justice and Development Party, otherwise known as the AKP, is a terrible result for the United States, Israel, the West in general and Turkish democracy and secularism. Turkey under Erdogan and the AKP has become increasingly hostile to the U.S., Israel and the West in general and has moved much closer to the Arab/Islamic/Muslim world at the same time, particularly Iran. Erdogan and the AKP now control all three branches of government and there is little in place to prevent them from re-writing the Turkish constitution and keeping power indefinitely. The Turkish military has traditionally been the guardian of democracy and secularism in the country and it has effectively been emasculated and sidelined…now that it is out of the way Erdogan and the AKP are free to turn Turkey into an Islamic nation, which is exactly what they want to do, what they are well on the way to doing. Democracy in Turkey? Goodbye. Secularism? Goodbye to that too. There’s none of that in Islam or in Islamic states and Turkey will be no exception.

All this doesn’t bode well at all for the U.S., Israel and the West in general (especially because she is a major military power in her own right) and puts her recent actions into perspective. Among other things, Turkey has opposed sanctions on Iran, refused to participate in the campaign against Libya, been a vocal critic of the United States, unequivocally supported the Palestinians and provided material assistance to them, conducted operations against Israel designed to embarrass and weaken the Jewish state, aligned itself with Iran and generally moved away from the democratic, secular West to Islam and an Islamic state.

We can expect much more of this kind of behavior in the future now that Erdogan and the AKP have consolidated their power. They are Islamists, which means that their hatred and disgust for America, Israel and the West in general is visceral and implacable and that they will do everything they can to make the Middle East and the rest of the world uniformly Islamic. That explains Turkey’s involvement in the 2010 Gaza flotilla and its attempt to breach the Israeli security blockade and her involvement in the upcoming 2010 attempt as well. That is the kind of thing Islamists do. They try to take over, to destroy people, places and institutions which are antithetical to Islam. In the Middle East, that means wiping Israel off the map and removing  the country from the face of the earth and supporting and participating in flotillas are means to that end.

Like I said, a terrible result.

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