Confronting Evil Not Enough, Re: Confronting Ahmadinejad, Jerusalem Post, June 17, 2011

The Jerusalem Post says Iran’s evil President Ahmadinejad must be confronted. If our goal is to eliminate the threat he and his evil fellow atavists pose to our way of life and very existence we’ll have to do an awful lot more than simply confront them. We’ll have to force them out. Militarily.

Merely confronting evil is not enough and never has been. It must be excised, removed, cut out, destroyed, got rid of and confrontation won’t do that. Evil must always be forced out and unless people of sound mind and good heart are willing to act forcibly it will fluorish. Evil cannot be exorcized through words or threats or imposing inconveniences on evildoers. If history tells us anything it is that force must always be used. Ahmadinejad and his evil fellow atavists are providing us with a very clear example of this.

There is no doubt that Ahmadinejad and his fellow atavists are evil people full of hate and disgust for the United States, Israel and the West who have brought a great deal of death and destruction to the Middle East and beyond. There is also no doubt that they will bring much, much more if they are allowed to. Israel is already in grave danger and the United States and the West aren’t far behind. Iran’s military capability is increasing daily and she continues to sponsor and carry out terrorism against the U.S., Israel and other Western countries with impunity. American and Wstern interests in the Middle East and beyond have already been severely compromised and the region is in the midst of a nuclear arms race and on the brink of nuclear war because of Ahmadinejad and his evil fellow atavist’s mentality, intent and activities.

Confrontation hasn’t stopped any of this…Ahmadinejad and his evil fellow atavists have been confronted in any number of ways on the international stage to no avail. Sanctions, approbation, threats of various kinds and other sorts of confrontation have all failed miserably, which was entirely predictable. No, more of the same, more confrontation, won’t stop Ahmadinejad and his evil fellow atavists. Only military force will.

That’s something the Israelis well understand. Thank goodness for them. As it stands now they are the only ones with the sense and courage to take meaningful action against Ahmadinejad and his evil fellow atavists, which is why we can expect a unilateral Israeli attack in due course. It will be totally justified. For them its a matter of national survival as they know perfectly well that confrontation won’t stop Ahmadinejad and his evil fellow atavists from attacking them with nuclear weapons as soon as they can.

The Americans should thank the Israelis when they do attack because after Israel they’re next on Ahmadinejad and his evil fellow atavist’s hit list, even though they haven’t quite realized it yet. Getting rid of Ahmadinejad and his evil fellow atavists will do more than keep Israel alive…it will also save the United States and the West from their depredation.

Get rid of evil by confronting it? Not enough, not nearly enough. Force, that’s the way, the only way. Kill or be killed. Terrible but true.

Thanks in advance Israel.

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