U.S. green light irrelevant, Re: No US green light for attacking Iran, Jerusalem Post, July 7, 2009

Whether the United States gives Israel a green light or not is completely irrelevant. Israel simply cannot allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. There is absolutely no doubt that Iran would attack Israel with nuclear weapons if it had them in order to eradicate it from the face of the earth. The government of Israel should be drawing up plans and preparing for a pre-emptive strike as we speak because it is exceedingly unlikely that diplomacy or anything else will persuade Iran to veer off this course. In fact, the chances of this happening are virtually nil, despite what President Obama thinks.

Israel must decide what it’s own line in the sand is and attack Iran’s nuclear facilities once it’s been crossed. While every effort should be made in the interim to convince Iran to cease and desist, once that line is crossed Israel should not hesitate for a moment to strike militarily, even if it means going against the wishes of the United States. The survival of the country depends on it. What difference does a green light make if you no longer exist? Put another way, if going through a red light means you survive and waiting for a green light means you don’t what choice do you have?


And no, the Americans don’t know better and cannot be trusted or relied upon to act in Israel’s best interests and yes, President Obama’s foreign policies have been sophomorish and naive at best and have made his own country and the rest of the free world far more vulnerable than they were before he took office.

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