Indispenable on both sides, Re: Logical, but wrong, National Post, June 18, 2011

George Jonas is completely mistaken if he truly thinks that all Israel has to offer the United States is a stable democratic ally, which means a great deal in and of itself by the way, especially in the Middle East.

The two countries share much more than common values and interests, deep cultural, religious and historical ties, grave threats from the Arab/Islamic world and intertwined economies. Among other things, they also share technology, intelligence and assets which the United States depends upon to maintain its military presence in the Middle East, which in turn is essential to its survival and the survival of other allies there.

Israel is on the front line in the war against terror and its expertise has helped the United States enormously as it fights terrorism in the U.S. itself and around the world.

Israel sits on huge oil and gas deposits and is about to become a major player on the global energy scene, rivaling Saudi Arabia or anyone else. This will be of great benefit to the U.S. in any number of different ways.

Israel is also arguably America’s best, most reliable, most trustworthy friend on the planet and is probably the only country that would instantaneously and unconditionally come to her assistance if she was attacked, which is very likely indeed.

Indispensable on both sides…that’s the nature of the relationship between the United States and Israel, whether Jonas recognizes it or not. It would not be logical at all for the United States to side with the Arab/Islamic world against Israel. It would in fact be plainly against its own best interests. Aside from anything else, Israel has far more to offer now and in the future, not the least of which is peace, safety and dependability.

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