United States under attack, Re: Is Sharia really benign?, Wake up., Jihad Watch, June 21, 2011

The United States is a free, democratic, secular, pluralistic country. It is under attack by Islam, an intolerant religion cum tyrannical political system cum supremacist ideology cum all encompassing way of life that is totally uncompromising and does not allow for freedom, democracy, secularism, pluralism or any other law except Islamic Law, Sharia.

It is very difficult to find words that adequately express the horror that is Sharia. Suffice it to say that it is cruel, brutal, hateful, merciless, misogynistic and has no place in a modern, civilized society. Benign it isn’t. Malignant it is. Wherever it takes root freedom disappears and is replaced by suffering, bloodshed, cruelty, intolerance,¬†ruin and death.

Islamists are attempting to establish it in the U.S. and are having a certain amount of success because the American people as a whole have no idea how horrible it really is and don’t understand that its establishment would mean the destruction of the American way of life and therefore the country itself. Unless Americans wake up and see Sharia for what it actually is and stop it from taking over they could find themselves living in an Islamic country governed by Islamic law.


Anyone who cares to look can see that the Islamization of the United States is already well and truly underway and anyone who knows anything about the true nature of Sharia, and Islam, can see what America is headed for unless it is stopped.

Islamists constantly whitewash and sugarcoat Sharia, and Islam itself, and threaten and intimidate those who speak out against them. Americans have to overcome ignorance, fear and political correctness and rise up and fight back if they want their country as they know it to survive, if they want to live as free, independent human beings able to think and act for themselves. They’ll have to do it on their own too. Because of President Obama the rot starts in the White House and has worked itself down to politicians, government officials, pundits, apologists and other useful idiots throughout the land.

The United States is under attack alright. By Islamists, Sharia and Islam.


Dearborn, Fort Hood, Portland, New York, CAIR, hundreds of other examples…can’t whitewash and sugarcoat those, can we?

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