Freedom of speech and freedom of expression still exist in the Netherlands, Re: Dutch politician acquitted of hate speech charges, EuropeNews, June 24, 2011

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who has been very critical of Islam and the negative effect that it is having in Holland and Europe in general. Even though everything he ever said about Islam was factually correct and entirely true and accurate and even though he has made it clear that his criticism pertained to Islam and not Muslims as such he was nevertheless charged with inciting hatred and discrimination against them through the criticism. The Judge in the trial just┬áruled that criticism or expressions of concern about Islam and Islamization aren’t incitements to hatred or discrimination in and of themselves and acquitted Wilders on all charges.

The acquittal was a major victory for free speech and freedom of expression in the Netherlands and will have repercussions in the rest of Europe as well. Islamists all over the continent are attempting to turn it into an Islamic entity, to establish Islam’s supremacy there and make Europeans subject to Islamic law and practice. Criminalizing and shutting down criticism, expressions of concern and debate is a basic, fundamental tactic of theirs in trying to establish Islam’s superiority. Their efforts just failed in the Netherlands and the Dutch are still perfectly free to express themselves against against Islam and the Islamic menace in their country as they see fit. Similiar efforts in other European countries will also find it much more difficult to succeed as a result of the decision in Holland.

The use of ‘hate speech’ laws and regulations to eliminate freedom of speech and freedom of expression relating to Islam, Islamization and Islamists has been repudiated in the Netherlands and the decision in Holland will be used as a basis to do the same in other European countries. It truly was a victory for freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe and a significant setback for the Islamic forces of darkness, submission and conquest there. Wilders deserves congratulations and gratitude for taking up the battle on freedom’s behalf, which is no easy thing to do. Among other things, threats on his life are constant and he is one of the most heavily guarded politicians in Europe because he could be killed at any time.

In his remarks on the acquittal Wilders said ” Today is a victory for freedom of speech. The Dutch are still allowed to speak critically about Islam, and resistance against Islamization is not a crime. I have spoken, I speak and I shall continue to speak.”

Well done and thank you Geert. People like you are needed more than ever because Islamists are such implacable foes and Islam and Islamization are such threats to Western Civilization wherever it exists. The same Islamic forces of darkness, submission and conquest are attempting to use ‘hate speech’ laws and regulations in the United States and Canada to eliminate freedom of spech and freedom of expression and eventually turn North america into an Islamic continent. Islamization is an extremely serious problem in the U.S. and Canada just like it is in Europe and will do nothing but grow unless it is stopped dead. Hopefully your acquittal will have a positive effect on this side of the Atlantic as well.

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