Freedom Flotilla Not About Freedom Or Delivering Humanitarian Aid At All, Re: As the Freedom Flotilla Readies to Set Sail this Week…Commentary Magazine, June 26, 2011

The so-called Freedom Flotilla that is sailing to Gaza later this week in an attempt to break Israel’s maritime security blockade has nothing to do with freedom or delivering humanitarian aid. Its really nothing more than a public relations gesture designed to embarass and de-legitimize Israel. Freedom Flotilla is a complete misnomer and no one should be misled by it.

Freedom is in short supply in Gaza to be sure but that is because Hamas rules Gazans with an iron fist and ruthlessly suppresses dissent or criticism and forces everyone to conform to their way of thinking and acting whether they want to or not upon pain of torture or death. There is also no history, tradition or true commitment to freedom among Gazans to begin with and never has been. Freeing Gaza from the ‘clutches’ of the Israelis won’t lead to freedom for Gazans and it is naive and ignorant in the extreme to think that it will.

There is also no need to deliver aid in this manner because thanks to the Israelis Gazans receive huge aid shipments regularly through legitimate channels and the humanitarian crisis the flotilla is purporting to relieve simply does not exist. Gazans are among the most well-fed, prosperous people on earth and enjoy long life spans and excellent health, if they don’t stray from the party line that is. To say that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza is a lie and has no basis in reality.

So why do Freedom Flotilla organizers and participants want to embarass and de-legitimize Israel? Simple. Its because they are anti-Israeli (and anti-American too for that matter) morons who think that Israel’s existence is the root of all the problems in the Middle East and that the region would be transformed into some sort of earhly paradise if Israel no longer existed. Forcing Israel to defend itself by implementing its maritime security blockade is a steppingstone to that goal because of the approbation which will be engendered. The flotilla really is nothing more than a public relations gesture and really doesn’t have anything to do with freedom for Gazans or delivering humanitarian aid to them. Ultimately getting rid of Israel is what its about in the end.

That and anti-Semitism and Islam’s poisonous dictates towards Jews.

The Freedom Flotilla isn’t intended to free Gazans from Israelis. It is intended to free the Middle East from Israel.

Ships of fools, every one.

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