Good Week for Iran, Bad Week for Everyone Else, Re: United Nations Praises Terrorist-Sponsoring Iran, Canada Free Press, June 28, 2011

Iran and the racist, war-mongering terrorists it sponsors have just had a good week, which makes it a bad week for everyone else, especially the United States, Britain and Israel.

First, the United Nations General Assembly elected Iran as one of its vice presidents, which means that the UN has given the Iranians its stamp of approval for the hateful bile they constantly spew against the U.S., Israel and the West as well as a prominent platform to keep on spitting out their vicious, poisonous rhetoric. The election also means that the UN approves of all the terrorism which Iran sponsors and carries out and the concomitant bloodshed, cruelty and death, of which there is a great deal as Iran is indisputably the world’s leading terrorist state.

Iran followed this up by hosting a United Nations supported two day ‘anti-terrorism’ conference in Tehran which was attended by terrorist luminaries from around the world who spent their time assaulting the West in general and America, Britain and Israel in particular and turning reality upside down by accusing them of being the world’s leading practitioners of terrorism…the United States was accused of manufacturing the Holocaust and 9/11 as pretexts to suppress Muslims, Britain was accused of formenting terrorism and blindly supporting the U.S. and Israel was subjected to the usual anti-Semitic vitriol. Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader and one of its two chief lunatics (the other being President Ahmadinejad), also stated that Islam is the solution to the worldwide terrorist threat and called for attacks against those three countries when he said “it was a duty for all Muslims to confront and fight this inauspicious offspring.”

That my friends is a declaration of war.

Lest anyone mistake what is coming Iran followed up the conference by starting 10 days of war games and revealing the existence of deep underground silos which protect launch pads and medium and long range missiles, silos which satellites can’t detect and missiles which can hit all of Israel, parts of Europe, the whole of the Middle East and American bases throughout the region.  There will also no doubt be other revelations before the games are concluded (perhaps even about its nuclear weapons development program which is close to fruition) as Iran puts the United States, Israel, other Middle Eastern countries and the rest of the world on notice, particularly the U.S. and Israel. As the Great Satan and the Little Satan it is they who will have to be eliminated first before Iran can establish its hegemony in the Middle East and beyond, which is precisely what the Iranians will try to do as soon as they are able to.

A blind, morally bankrupt United Nations and a powerful, perverse Iran bent on obliterating Israel and on world conquest and domination under the rubric of Islam…what a terrible combination that is. Is there any way to stop Iran except militarily? No there isn’t. Can the Israelis stop the Iranians on their own? That’s really the question of the day. They’re going to have to act unilaterally because President Obama being what he is they sure won’t be getting any help from the United States and no one else is interested or capable enough to be of any use.

We’d better hope they can, that’s for sure.

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