Not quite yet, Re: Is The Fate of the Infidels Tied to the Buddhas?, American Thinker, July 10, 2011

Demolition by the Taliban of the colossal 1,500 year old Bamiyan Buddhas (the world’s largest) in central Afghanistan 10 years ago was an especially egregious example of how Islam treats the religious and cultural manifestations of people it wishes to conquer and convert e.g. infidels e.g. everyone who is a non-believer.

It destroys them.

That includes Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, secular, democratic and pluralistic institutions and anything else that is non-Islamic, religious, cultural or otherwise. Islam is an expansionist, supremacist religion and culture¬†whose mission is to replace infidel’s religion and culture with itself…to make Islam supreme and inviolate everywhere. Destroying infidel’s religious and cultural manifestations is part and parcel of destroying their religion and culture and turning them into believers. Its what Islam does. It has happened continuously since Islam first came into existence and is occurring all over the world even as we speak.

Its called Islamization and Western countries in particular are infested with it. Throughout the West, the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, everywhere, Islamists are trying to fundamentally change host societies by insisting that Islamic practices take precedence over their own, by insisting that Islam’s imperatives take place even if they conflict with the host societies laws, values and way of life. There are many areas where Islam already predominates in all Western countries…Islamization is already a large and growing phenomenon throughout the West and a serious threat to its very existence. If things keep on going the way they are Western countries will become Islamic and we will all live under Islam and Islamic law, Sharia, pure and simple.

Even those of us in the United States, the bastion of freedom and democracy.

Does this mean that our fate is sealed, that our countries and institutions and way of life will be destroyed like the Bamiyan Buddhas were, that we infidels and non-believers will be forced to submit to Islam or suffer terrible consequences up to and including torture and death if we don’t? Not quite yet is the correct answer. That will happen if we don’t beat back the scourge of Islam and Islamization. Fortunately we still have some time to do so, although not nearly as much as we might think.

What can we do? Three things come to mind.

Properly educate ourselves and everyone we know about the true nature of Islam and about what it actually dictates and stands for.

Look around the world and see how it manifests itself, how it has always manifested itself.

Speak out vociferously against attempts at Islamization in your community and country, especially those involving women and children, public services and institutions, the imposition of Sharia law and the curtailing or elimination of things like freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Better get on with it while you still can.

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